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January—April 2013 AfCiC News
Action for Children in Conflict (AfCiC) "Working towards a world of equal and sustainable opportunities for every Child From street freedom to a life of Hope
Who is AfCiC?
The Interim Care Centre for street chil- sional authority. They are incorporated in streets, things were not different. We Action for Children in Conflict dren (ICC) provides holistic and intensive (AfCiC) is a registered non- the making of the new rules which clearly had no rules to govern us and we did residential rehabilitation to the most governmental organisation that drawn consequences for violations. The what we wanted. My friends abused drugs abused and vulnerable children who have has been working in Thika, Kenya, children are helped to fol ow a structured and they would do anything to get money suffered severe forms of abuse, neglect since 2004. We operate a range of programme of non-formal education, to buy food. But things changed when I and exploitation on the streets. These programmes aimed at preventing, counseling, creative art therapy, life was taken out of the streets, for example children have complex issues and often supporting and rehabilitating skil s, sports and recreational activities. I have teachers who guide me in every- come from dysfunctional families who street and other acutely vulner- These activities are combined with on- thing that I do." are in difficulty. They have learned many able children in the local area, and going home visits and parent support antisocial behaviors including drug we are focused on addressing the True to the child's sentiments, there is a with the aim of reintegrating the children abuse, use of abusive language, bul ying, root causes of conflict that force structured way of doing things at the ICC. back into their communities. children into exploitative and teasing and an uncontrol ed own sense of Children are not al owed to take drugs or abusive situations including those freedom; a freedom without responsibil- In March 2013, we recruited 21 children engage in any antisocial behaviors. Order entailing abuse, neglect, poverty ity. The children have developed a false from the streets of Ruiru, Thika, Makon- is maintained at al times and as Morgan perception that they can do anything they geni, Gachagi, Kenol, Maragua and Juja adds, "We don't jostle for food anymore so wish regardless of any law, rule or aged between 7 and 16 years. One of but fol ow an orderly queue. " And on these children is Morgan Wathuge who is freedom, the child says "I am al owed to Inside this issue:
7 years. Morgan was picked from Juja enjoy my freedom but that comes with After the children are identified by the Township. The child says; "My mother is responsibility, guidance and close super- outreach workers, they are welcomed to From street freedom to 1
an alcoholic .When I was at home she the ICC where they undergo 6 to 8 never took care of me. I went to nursery months rehabilitation. At the centre, they There are peer leaders who help us in school at Juja but I sometimes missed find a total y new setting where they are enforcing the set rules. Health education for school and she did not know about it. gradual y introduced and orientated to a stronger families When I joined some children on the AfCiC work is to listen, learn and assist in daily routine of responsible and profes- re-socializing, re-integrating and re- Working boys and girls 2
unifying children with their families and given a new lease of life communities; giving them a chance to be children once more. Play therapy for reha- Gertrude's Children Hospital lends a hand AfCiC One-to-One— questions to an AfCiC stakeholder Health education for stronger families
Annual y on 8 March, thousands of events from the urban slums and rural areas e.g the creation of awareness that children are held throughout the world to inspire Maragua and Kenol. Al these factors put of both genders are equal. In addition, women and celebrate achievements these women and their families at risk the community has a responsibility of during the International Women's Day. which unless urgently addressed may safeguarding the rights of children and lead to the issues of cervical cancer, empowering them and this was mani- This year, Action for Children in Conflict HIV/AIDs and complications during fested by the declaration to appoint (AfCiC) brought together women living in the rural areas of Maragua, Kenol and Kabati to educate them on their repro- This year, the UN Women International In regard to HIV/AIDs, the situation is no ductive health rights. This action was Day declared the theme "A promise is a different from other rural vil ages where guided by the fact sexual reproductive promise: Time for action to end violence daughters and mothers go in search of health rights is a human right and AfCiC against women". AfCiC conducted two greener pastures and end up bringing being a human right organization seeks sessions in Maragua and Makuyu where children home to their aging parents. In to adhere and advance attainment of 145 women were reached. Gender based addition, they later settle back home these rights for a healthy and prosper- violence which is rampant in the area is a sickly from opportunistic infections. thorny issue since the women are afraid Participants were encouraged to talk to Women from rural areas are at higher of discussing for fear of embarrassment. their daughters to negotiate for safe sex risk of exposure to sexual and reproduc- Women were taught how to deal with thus avoiding unwanted pregnancies and tive health risks than their urban coun- domestic violence at home by talking STDs. Final y, it was clear that the par- terparts due to inadequate awareness about the matter with their husband ticipants had misinformed ideas about and poor standards of education. AfCiC's through negotiation and if the matter cervical cancer and other STDs. work with vulnerable children and their worsens they were encouraged to in- families is directly affected by the above volve the local administrator for help. In conclusion, it is very important to chal enges since most of the children are Child rights issue was tackled through focus attention on these women if the country and the world at large is to attain the four Mil ennium Development Goals aligned to health, gender equity "A woman is the
and women empowerment, maternal health, child mortality and HIV/Aids. full circle. Within
her is the power
to create,
nurture and
Diane Mariechild
Working boys and girls given a new lease of life
Action for Children in Conflict supports cation in the area. These needy children four. She lives with her grandmother who children to access vocational skil s with are identified with the support of the rescued her together with her siblings an aim of empowering them economical y community and the principals of the local (who are al younger than her) after their in future. Some of the skil s offered are public schools. The list of the children is parents abandoned them in Gatundu. tailoring, hair dressing and mechanic. given to the artisan who makes the Caroline is training to become a tailor at uniform together with the trainees. The Kamwangi shopping centre. She walks The training is offered though appren- training is community based as fol ow up 6kms to work every day. Caroline says,
ticeship where trainers are sourced is conducted by the community own I'm forever indebted to the community
local y and the trainees are placed on job resource persons together with the health worker who identified me when
training. In the case of tailoring, local teachers of the specific schools. I was working as a domestic worker
artisans are identified through the com- and introduced me to AfCiC. I'm also
munity own resource persons and are One of the trainees who have benefited grateful to AfCiC for giving me this
contracted to provide training as wel as from the economic empowerment pro- chance to pursue a course. This way,
make uniforms for the children sup- gramme is Caroline Nyambura. She is 16 I'm able to support my siblings
ported by AfCiC to access primary edu- years old, and the oldest in a family of through school".
Play therapy for rehabilitation
The third week of March 2013 marked the periences and behaviors through play. at home. He several y dreamt that he second month of rehabilitation for chil- The child's natural medium of communi- died and became a frog. It happened very dren at the Interim Care Centre. They cation for optimal growth and develop- often and therefore he left home to the were introduced to a new rehabilitation streets for safety of which he landed into activity, Play Therapy. According to the Most adults are able to put their feelings, other problems. The therapist is helping centre therapist, Florence Kaberi, play frustrations ,anxieties and personal this child and the others as wel to re- therapy is the use of interactive material problems into some form of verbal solve their issues. e.g. puppets, sand and water. This is expression and unlike the children, play Joseph Karanja, 12 "I used to abuse hard aimed at engaging children in a healthy is a medium for expressing feelings drugs and would get very anxious and way of interaction, self expression exploiting relationship and self fulfil - angry whenever I had a craving. For the (emotions, feelings and fears) building ment. It provides a means through which last two months I have not taken any confidence and self esteem. conflicts can be communicated to by drug including glue. To my surprise, child feelings and altitudes that may be Teacher Florence came to me one after- Play therapy is a dynamic interpersonal too threatening for the child to express noon after therapy session and asked me relationship between a child or person of directly can be safely projected through why I was so anxious. I knew it was time any age and a therapist. It involves self-chosen toys. for me to speak of my past. Since then, selected materials and the therapist The therapist picks issues from the child some boys have also told me that facilitates the development of a safe through play and hence addresses them. Teacher Florence seems to have some relationship for the child to ful y express One boy aged 10years expressed a trau- power since she can tel what you are and explore self feelings, thoughts ex- matizing occurrence he was experiencing going through once you touch those therapy toys". "It is easy to understand
Some of the ICC boys why children embrace
during a therapy ses-sion Some of the ICC boys play therapy over other
during a therapy session modalities as they often
don't perceive play in a
negative light; difficult or
Gertrude's Children's Hospital lends a hand
AfCiC in col aboration with Gertrude's children. The severe anemia caused by il nesses that cause death among chil- the infections results in disability, pain, Children's Hospital conducted a free dren under 5 years. Food security in and under nutrition, thereby reducing the slum areas is not certain as most par- medical camp for the children of Kian- chances of children reaching their 5th ents work as casual labourers in the dutu and the neighbouring slums attend- nearby industries. A synergistic relation- ing the April holiday camp at Garissa ship between malnutrition and common Road Primary. The camp gave an oppor- Therefore, periodic deworming in chil- childhood il nesses has been wel estab- dren from the slums who are at high risk tunity for the children to be screened for lished as nutritional deficiencies increase ensures that the levels of infections are the risk of the child suffering from infec- weight, height, blood pressure and kept below those associated with il tious diseases such as diarrhea, fever, deworming. The camp gave the holiday health. Deworming results to immediate and malaria; and these il nesses in turn club a unique kickoff with more than 220 improvements in child health. During the contribute to worsened nutritional status children screened and treated. camp, children were given a dose of through loss of appetite or a lack of Children attending the holiday club Albendazole deworming tablets as a 3 essential nutrients. comes from Kiandutu slum where they months measure before the August Gertrude's medic check-
face many problems making them vulner- holiday club when another medical camp With the dawn of a new government, able to infections. wil be conducted. AfCiC hopes that issues of food security, ing the weight and height
The infections caused by roundworms, which include free school feeding with the BMI (body mass
whipworms, and hookworms—known as Malnutrition, which is a lack of essential programmes and slum upgrading helminth infections—prevent the physical food nutrients in the body, is an underly- index) tool of a boy
growth and educational advancement of ing factor in about 70 percent of the programme wil be attained. back to the community by using my very strong linkage between children AfCiC One-to-One
experience of working with the most at working and HIV and AIDS .To address the risk children, and their families and situation of the two categories of chil- Each month, we are asking questions to building linkages with the stakeholders in dren, there is need to address the root someone who is involved or affected in the sector. I believe this wil help to causes of the situation and provide some way by the work of AfCiC, be it a ensure children are protected and they sustainable solutions. There is dire need Action for Children in Conflict staff member, a volunteer, a member of participate in decisions on issues that to empower the children to be able to 3rd Floor, Imara Plaza the community or a child. This month, we affect their lives , leading to develop- claim their rights as wel as empowering are talking to the Children Lead the
the duty bearers to meet their obliga- Way Project (CLTW) Manager,
tions to children. Rebecca Wainaina.
Hi Rebecca. What is your involvement
How can we help change the situation
Working children of the school going age with AfCiC? CLTW is a 5years
Phone: +254 722 753 137 faced by WBG and children affected by
need to be encouraged and supported to programme implemented by Save The E-mail: [email protected] HIV/AIDs?
go to school while the over aged children Children sudistricts. The project focuses need to be supported to acquire market- on working children and children affected able skil s to enable them to access by HIV and AIDS in Gatanga, Kamwangi, dignified work. The teachers and trainers Ruiru and Thika Districts. My work in- needs to be trained to be able to support volves day to day management of the the children to complete school and community partnership activities. I training respectively. The parents of the provide management leadership in the children need to be supported with programme through co-ordination and sustainable livelihoods to be economi- supervision of the implementation of the cal y empowered. The community needs project activities and staff supervision CLTW conducted a baseline survey on the to be empowered through sensitization to report as required. situation of working children and children be able to protect its children. There is affected by HIV and AIDS. According to also need to improve on the implementa- Why, and for how long, have you been
the survey, children work to supplement tion of government policies affecting involved? I have a passion for children
their family income. The working environ- working children and children affected by and I enjoy working with the communities ment is however not child friendly as Action for Children to make positive and lasting change. I am there is a lot of abuse and the working a believer of the proverbial saying that conditions are hash. In a nutshel , empowering the children, you give a fish then show how to fish and their families and communities with final y improve on the systems that affect According to a rapid assessment further creation and improvement of sustainable the fishing industry to make the whole conducted by AfCiC on working children, structures and systems to support the process sustainable. most of the children are engaged in process wil effectively and efficiently I have been working with the children and scrap metal, fol owed by quarry jobs and address children issues in Thika. the community for over 10 years .As a a few in sex work which are hazardous. Thika resident, I felt it was good to give The two studies found out that there is a We couldn't survive as a working charity if it weren't for the support and generosity of the partners who we work with. We thank you for al you do and we would like you to know that your partnership with us is invaluable as we con- Photography: Images
tinue to work towards providing opportunities for street and other vulnerable children in the Thika district. Special used are courtesy of , unless mentioned, our own staff photo library. David & Sue Harries Pop Media Digital Signage The images depict chil- Mr. Ndiba Gathumbi Sizzle ‘n' Grill dren who, in the recent past, have been part of Kenya Institute of Manage- Gertrude's Children Hospital Mr and Mrs Kingori Mwangi one of our programmes and do not necessarily Mr and Mrs Kamata Tuskys Supermarket depict children who are Mathai Supermarket currently either living or The Patel Family Leens Supermarket working on the streets of Kenya Registered Charity number: OP218/051/2002/0209/2436


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