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This notice is being published only as an abundant precaution and is not an open
invitation to quote in the Tender. Participation in this tender is by invitation only and
is limited to the selected BRBNMPL's approved Bidders for the item, who have been
sent this Tender by Post/ Courier. Unsolicited offer are liable to be ignored.


(Procurement of Goods)
BHARATIYA RESERVE BANK NOTE MUDRAN PRIVATE LIMITED (Wholly owned Subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India)
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Security Classification: Non-Security Items


Tender No.108/MYS/MMD/2014-15 dated 16/01/2015
This tender document contains 46 pages.
The tender document is sold to:

Details of Contact person in BRBNMPL regarding this tender:
Name: Shri B.V.Pagar, Designation: Assistant General Manager

Wholly owned Subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India)
Note Mudran Nagar, Mysore 570003

Telephone No: 0821-2469023
Email: [email protected]
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List of Contents
Section I:
Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) Section II:
General Instructions to Tenderers (GIT) Part I: General Instructions Applicable to all
Types of Tenders Applicable to Specific Types of Tenders: Section III:
Special Instructions to Tenderers (SIT) Section IV:
General Conditions of Contract (GCC) Section V:
Special Conditions of Contract (SCC) Section VI:
List of Requirements Section VII:
Technical Specifications Section VIII:
Quality Control Requirements Section IX:
Qualification / Eligibility Criteria Section X:
Section XI:
Section XII:
Section XIII:
Bank Guarantee Form for EMD Section XIV:
Manufacturer's Authorization Form Section XV:
Bank Guarantee Form for Performance Security Section XVI:
To be downloaded from website: Section XVII:
Letter of Authority for attending a Bid Opening Section XVIII: Shipping Arrangements for Liner Cargoes
‗Downloads‘ Section A. In Respect of C&F CIF Turnkey / F.O.R.
Contracts For Import B. In Respect of F.O.B. / F.A.S Contracts For
Section XIX:
Preformat of Bills for Payments
Please read the instructions given in Page No.4 of this regarding guidelines for filling up
and submitting Two-Part bid carefully. Please contact us for any clarification.

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Section I: Notice Inviting Tender (NIT)
BHARATIYA RESERVE BANK NOTE MUDRAN PRIVATE LIMITED (Wholly owned Subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India)
Note Mudran Nagar, Mysore 570003
Phone: 0821-2582905, 2582915, 2582925, FAX: 0821- 2582099

Tender No.108/MYS/MMD/2014-15
DATE: 16/01/2015 1. Sealed tenders are invited from eligible and qualified tenderers for supply of medicines to BRBNMPL Health Center, Mysore on Annual Rate Contract for a period of two years on yearly renewable basis: Schedule Brief Description of Goods / Services Supply of Medicines Indicative list In the price bid, Supplier has to
BRBNMPL of Medicines indicate only "maximum rate of
Center, required discount" can be offered on
Mysore on Annual every month Nil printed MRP of medicines. Offer
Rate Contract Basis is furnished in should be valid for Two years.
for a period of two SECTION-VI Conditional discount will not
be accepted.

The enclosed Medicine list in SECTION-VI is only indicative and not exhaustive
Estimated Annual Requirement of Medicines : Rs.18,00,000/-(Rupees Eighteen lakhs only)
Type of Tender (Two Bid / PQB / EOI / RC EXPRESS –LIMITED SINGLE BID / Development / Indigenization / Disposal of (Techno –Commercial & Price Bid together) Scrap / Security item etc. Date of Sale of tender documents From 20/01/2015 to 03/02/2015 during office hours Price of the Tender Document Place of sale of tender documents Purchase section, Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note
Mudran Private Limited, Note Mudran Nagar, Mysore
570003 or
Closing date and time for receipt of tenders 04/02/2015 at 14.30 hours
Place of receipt of tenders Administrative Building, Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited, Note Mudran Nagar, Mysore 570003. Time and date of opening of tenders 04/02/2015 at 15.00 hours
Place of opening of tenders Administrative Building, Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited, Note Mudran Nagar, Mysore 570003. Nominated Person / Designation to Receive Assistant General Manager (General Administration), Bulky Tender (Clause 21.21.1 of GIT) Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited, Note Mudran Nagar, Mysore 570003. Page 3 of 46
2. Interested tenderers may obtain further information about this requirement from the above
office selling the documents. They may also visit our website mentioned above for further
3. Tender documents may be purchased on payment of non-refundable fee of Rs.500/-
(Rupees five hundred only), if applicable (refer: Clause Price of Tender document mentioned
above) per set in the form of account payee demand draft/ cashier's cheque / certified cheque,
drawn on a scheduled commercial bank in India, in favour of Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note
Mudran Private Limited Payable at Mysore.
4. If requested, the tender documents will be mailed by registered post/ speed post to the
domestic tenderers and by international air-mail to the foreign tenderers, for which extra
expenditure per set will be Rs. 100/- for domestic post and Rs. ………. (Will be fixed based
on actual) for international air-mail. The tenderer is to add the applicable postage cost in the
non-refundable fee mentioned in Para 3 above.
5. Tenderer may also download the tender documents from the web site and submit its tender
by utilizing the downloaded document, along with the required non-refundable fee as
mentioned in Para 3 above.
6. Tenderers shall ensure that their tenders, duly sealed and signed, complete in all respects as
per instructions contained in the Tender Documents, are dropped in the tender box located at
the address given below on or before the closing date and time indicated in the Para 1 above,
failing which the tenders will be treated as late and rejected.
7. In the event of any of the above mentioned dates being declared as a holiday/ closed day
for the purchase organization, the tenders will be sold / received / opened on the next working
day at the appointed time.
8. The tender documents are not transferable.
9. Tender will be finalized on the basis of L1 & L1 shall be declared based on the maximum
discount offered by the eligible tenderers on MRP of the medicine to be supplied.

Guidelines for filling up Single bid tender:
The sealed cover should contain the required EMD amount if any , cost of tender form (Rs 500/- (Price of
the tender document)), technical offer (catalogue/brochure etc.), supportive documents related to
eligibility criteria, Tax related documents etc. along with the following applicable annexure of this tender
Section-I,II, III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX, X, XII,XIII,XIV,XV,XVI,XVII : All the above mentioned
documents should be signed & stamped and to be submitted as acceptance of terms & conditions and the
required formats to be maintained. This sealed cover should be clearly superscribed with „Single Bid –
(Techno-commercial & Price Bid together) against the tender No.
108/MYS/MMD/2014-15 for the Supply
of Medicines to BRBNMPL Health Center, Mysore, due date of opening on 04/02/2015 and should be
addressed to "The GENERAL MANAGER," BRBNMPL, Mysore 570003.
Offer with counter conditions are liable for rejection.

Please contact us for clarification, if any.

For & on behalf of BRBNMPL, Mysore
Note Mudran Nagar,
Mysore 570003
Telephone: 0821-2582069 Fax : 0821-2582099
(To be signed & stamped and submitted along with Single Bid tender documents)ection II:
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1. Introduction
Definitions and abbreviations, which have been used in these documents, shall have the meanings as indicated in GCC. For sake of convenience, whole of this Standard Bidding Document (including all sections) is written in reference to Procurement of Goods Tenders. However this SBD would be utilized for all types of Tenders e.g. EOI, PQB, Rate Contract, Tenders involving Samples, Sale / Disposal of Scrap Material and Development / indigenization etc, Procurement of Services etc. Therefore the construction of all clauses are to be interpreted in the context of particular type of tender beyond the letter of the clause, read with the additional clauses for the specific type of tenders in Part II GIT/ GCC. These tender documents have been issued for the requirements mentioned in Section - VI - "List of Requirements", which also indicates, inter-alia, the required delivery schedule and terms & place (i.e. destination) of delivery. This section (Section II - "General Instruction to Tenderers" - GIT) provides the relevant information as well as instructions to assist the prospective tenderers in preparation and submission of tenders. It also includes the mode and procedure to be adopted for receipt and opening as well as scrutiny and evaluation of tenders and subsequent placement of contract. With this limited objective, GIT is not intended to be complete by itself and the rest of this document - SIT, GCC and SCC in particular may also be thoroughly studied before filling up the Tender Document. There would be certain topics covered in GIT/SIT as well as in GCC/ SCC from different perspectives. In case of any conflict between these, provisions of GCC/ SCC would prevail. The tenderers shall also read the Special Instructions to Tenderers (SIT) related to this purchase, as contained in Section III of these documents and follow the same accordingly. Whenever there is a conflict between the GIT and the SIT, the provisions contained in the SIT shall prevail over those in the GIT. Language of Tender
The tender submitted by the tenderer and all subsequent correspondence and documents relating to the tender
exchanged between the tenderer and BRBNMPL, shall be written in English or Hindi language, unless otherwise
specified in the Tender. However, the language of any printed literature furnished by the tenderer in connection
with its tender may be written in any other language provided the same is accompanied by Hindi or English
translation. For purposes of interpretation of the tender, the English translation shall prevail.
Eligible Tenderers
This invitation for tenders is open to all suppliers who fulfill the eligibility criteria specified in these documents.
Please refer to Section IX: Qualification/ Eligibility Criteria
Eligible Goods and Services
All goods and related services to be supplied under the contract shall have their origin in India or other countries,
subject to any restriction imposed in this regard in Section III (SIT). The term "origin" used in this clause means
the place where the goods are mined, grown, produced or manufactured or from where the related services are
arranged and supplied.
Tendering Expense
The tenderer shall bear all costs and expenditure incurred and/ or to be incurred by it in connection with its tender
including preparation, mailing and submission of its tender and for subsequent processing the same. BRBNMPL
will, in no case be responsible or liable for any such cost, expenditure etc regardless of the conduct or outcome of
the tendering process.
Content of Tender Documents
The tender documents include:
Section I - Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) – Section II - General Instructions to Tenderers (GIT) Section III - Special Instructions to Tenderers (SIT) Section IV -General Conditions of Contract (GCC) Section V - Special Conditions of Contract (SCC) Section VI - List of Requirements Section VII - Technical Specifications Section VIII - Quality Control Requirements Section IX — Qualification/ Eligibility Criteria Section X - Tender Form Section XI - Price Schedule Section XII - Questionnaire Section XIII - Bank Guarantee Form for EMD Section XIV - Manufacturer's Authorization Form Section XV - Bank Guarantee Form for Performance Security Section XVI - Contract Form Page 5 of 46
Section XVI I: Letter of Authority for attending a Bid Opening Section XVIII: Shipping Arrangements for Liner Cargoes (NOT APPLICABLE TO THIS TENDER) Section XIX: Proforma of Bills for Payments Note: Section-I,II, III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX, X, XII,XIII,XIV,XV,XVI,XVII :These Annexures to be signed & stamped and to be
submitted along with the technical offer as acceptance of terms & conditions and the required formats to be maintained. Section XI – Price schedule to be used for submitting financial bid. The relevant details of the required goods and services, the terms, conditions and procedure for tendering, tender evaluation, placement of contract, the applicable contract terms and, also, the standard formats to be used for this purpose are incorporated in the above-mentioned documents. The interested tenderers before formulating the tender and submitting the same to BRBNMPL, should read and examine all the terms, conditions, instructions etc. contained in the tender documents. Failure to provide and/ or comply with the required information, instructions etc. incorporated in these tender documents may result in rejection of its tender. Amendments to Tender Documents
At any time prior to the deadline for submission of tenders, BRBNMPL may, for any reason deemed fit by it, modify the tender documents by issuing suitable amendments) to it. Such an amendment will be notified in writing by registered/ speed post or by fax / telex / e-mail, followed by copy of the same by suitable recorded post to all prospective tenderers, which have received the tender documents and will be binding on them. In order to provide reasonable time to the prospective tenderers to take necessary action in preparing their tenders as per the amendment, BRBNMPL may, at its discretion extend the deadline for the submission of tenders and other allied time frames, which are linked with that deadline. Pre-Bid conference
If found necessary, a pre-bid conference may be stipulated in the SIT, for clarification/ amendment to Technical
specifications/techno-commercial conditions in two bid tender.
Clarification of Tender Documents
A Tenderer requiring any clarification or elucidation on any issue of the tender documents may take up the same
with BRBNMPL in writing or by fax / e-mail. BRBNMPL will respond in writing to such request provided the
same is received by BRBNMPL not later than twenty one days (unless otherwise specified in the SIT) prior to the
prescribed date of submission of tender. Copies of the query and clarification shall be sent to all prospective
bidders who have received the bidding documents.
Documents Comprising the Tender
The tender to be submitted by Tenderer shall contain the fallowing documents, duly filled in, as required: a) Tender Form and Price Schedule along with list of deviations (ref Clause 19.19.4) from the clauses of this SBD, if any. Documentary evidence, as necessary in terms of GIT clauses 3 and 16 establishing that the tenderer is eligible to submit the tender and, also, qualified to perform the contract if its tender is accepted. Documents and relevant details to establish in accordance with GIT clause 17 that the goods and the allied services to be supplied by the tenderer conform to the requirement of the tender documents along with list of deviations if any (ref clause 17.17.3 of GIT). Earnest money furnished in accordance with GIT clause 18.18.1 alternatively, documentary evidence as per GIT clause 18.18.2 for claiming exemption from payment of earnest money. and Questionnaire as per Section XII. Manufacturer's Authorization Form (ref Section XIV, if applicable NB: The tenderers may also enclose in their tenders, technical literature and other documents as and if considered necessary by them. A tender, that does not fulfill any of the above requirements and / or gives evasive information / reply against any such requirement, shall be liable to be ignored and rejected. Tender sent by fax/email/ telex/ cable shall be ignored. Tender currencies
Unless otherwise specified, the tenderer shall quote only in Indian rupees. Where the tender condition specifies acceptance of quotations in different currencies, then, for domestic goods, prices shall be quoted in Indian rupees only and for imported goods, prices shall be quoted either in Indian rupees or in the currency stipulated in the SIT, mentioning, inter-alia, the exchange rate Page 6 of 46
adopted for converting foreign currency into Indian Rupees. As regards price(s) for allied services, if any required with the goods, the same shall be quoted in Indian Rupees if such services are to be performed / undertaken in India. Commission for Indian Agent, if any and if payable shall be indicated in the space provided for in the price schedule and quoted in Indian Rupees only, Tenders, where prices are quoted in any other way shall be treated as unresponsive and rejected. Tender Prices
The Tenderer shall indicate on the Price Schedule provided under Section XI all the specified components of prices shown therein including the unit prices and total tender prices of the goods and services it proposes to supply against the requirement. All the columns shown in the price schedule should be filled up as required. If any column does not apply to a tenderer, same should be clarified accordingly by the tenderer. If there is more than one schedule in the List of Requirements, the tenderer has the option to submit its quotation for any one or more schedules and, also, to offer special discount for combined schedules. However, while quoting for a schedule, the tenderer shall quote for the complete requirement of goods and services as specified in that particular schedule. The quoted prices for goods offered from within India and that for goods offered from abroad are to be indicated separately in the applicable Price Schedules attached under Section Xl. While filling up the columns of the price schedule, the following aspects should be noted for compliance: For goods offered from within India, the prices in the corresponding price schedule shall be entered separately in the following manner: a) The price of the goods, quoted ex-factory, ex-showroom, ex-warehouse or off-the-shelf, as applicable, including all taxes and duties like sales tax, VAT, custom duty, excise duty etc. already paid or payable on the components and raw material used in the manufacture or assembly of the goods quoted ex-factory etc or on the previously imported goods of foreign origin quoted ex-showroom etc. Any sales or other taxes and any duties including excise duty, which will be payable on the goods in India if the contract is awarded. Charges towards inland transportation, insurance and other local costs incidental to delivery of the goods to their final destination as specified in the List of Requirements and The price of incidental services, as and if mentioned in List of Requirements. For goods offered from abroad, the prices in the corresponding price schedule shall be entered separately in the following manner: a) The price of goods quoted FAS / FOB port of shipment, CIF port of entry in India or CIF specified place of destination in India as indicated in the List of Requirements, Wherever applicable, the amount of custom duty and import duty on the goods to be imported. The charges for inland transportation, insurance and other local costs incidental to delivery of the goods from the port of entry in India to their final destination, as specified in the List of Requirements. and The charges for incidental services, as and if mentioned in the List of Requirements. Additional information and instruction on Duties and Taxes:
If the Tenderer desires to ask for excise duty, sales tax, custom duty etc. to be paid extra, the same must
be specifically stated. In the absence of any such stipulation the price will be taken inclusive of such
duties and taxes and no claim for the same will be entertained later.
Excise Duty:
If reimbursement of excise duty is intended as extra over the quoted prices, the supplier must specifically say so also indicating the rate, quantum and nature of the duty applicable. In the absence of any such stipulation it will be presumed that the prices quoted are firm and final and no claim on account of excise duty will be entertained after the opening of tenders. If a Tenderer chooses to quote a price inclusive of excise duty and also desires to be reimbursed for variation, if any, in the excise duty during the time of supply, the tenderer must clearly mention the same and also indicate the rate and quantum of excise duty included in its price. Failure to indicate all such details in clear terms may result in statutory variations being denied to the tenderer. Subject to sub clauses 12.8 {a) & (b) above, any change in excise duty upward/ downward as a result of any statutory variation in excise duty taking place within original Delivery Period shall be allowed to the extent of actual quantum of excise duly paid by the supplier. In case of downward revision in excise duty, the actual quantum of reduction of excise duty shall be reimbursed to BRBNMPL by the supplier. All such adjustments shall include all reliefs, exemptions, rebates, concession etc. if any obtained by the supplier. Sales Tax/ VAT/ CST/ GST:
If a tenderer asks for sales tax/ VAT/ CST/ GST to be paid extra, the rate and nature of such taxes applicable
should be shown separately. Such taxes will be pad as per the rate at which it is liable to be assessed or has actually
been assessed provided the transaction of sale is legally liable to such taxes and is payable as per the terms of the
Page 7 of 46
Wherever Value Added Tax is applicable, the following may be noted:
The tenderer should quote the exact percentage of VAT that they will be charging extra. While quoting the rates, tenderer should pass on (by way of reduction in prices) the set off/input tax credit that would become available to them by switching over to the system of VAT from the existing system of sales tax, duly stating the quantum of such credit per unit of the item quoted for. The tenderer while quoting for tenders should give the following declaration: "We agree to pass on such additional set off/input tax credit as may become available in future in respect of all the inputs used in the manufacture of the final product on the date of supply under the VAT scheme by way of reduction in price and advise the purchaser accordingly." The supplier while claiming the payment shall furnish the following certificate to the paying authorities: We hereby declare that additional set offs / input tax credit to the tune of Rs……. has accrued and accordingly the same is being passed on to the purchaser and to that effect the payable amount may be adjusted . Octroi and Local Taxes:
Unless otherwise stated in the SIT, the goods supplied against contracts placed by BRBNMPL are not exempted
from levy of Town Duty, Octroi Duty, Terminal Tax and other Levies of local bodies. In such cases, the supplier
should make the payment to avoid delay in supplies and forward the receipt of the same to the purchasing
department for reimbursement and, also, for further necessary action.
In cases where exemption is available, suppliers should obtain the exemption certificate from the purchasing
department to avoid payment of such levies and taxes.
Duties/ Taxes on Raw Materials
BRBNMPL is not liable for any claim from the supplier on account of fresh imposition and / or increase (including
statutory increase) of excise duty, custom duty, sales tax etc. on raw materials and/or components used directly in
the manufacture of the contracted goods taking place during the pendency of the contract, unless such liability is
specifically agreed to in terms of the contract.
Imported Stores not liable to Above-mentioned Taxes and Duties:
Above mentioned Taxes and Duties are not leviable on imported Goods and hence would not be reimbursed.
Customs Duty:
In respect of imported stores offered from abroad, the tenderer shall specify the rate as well as the total amount of
customs duty payable. The tenderer shall also indicate the corresponding Indian Customs Tariff Number applicable
for the goods in question.
12.14.1. For transportation of imported goods offered from abroad, relevant instructions as incorporated under
GCC Clause 11 shall be followed.
12.14.2. For insurance of goods to be supplied, relevant instructions as provided under GCC Clause 12 shall be
12.14.3. Unless otherwise specifically indicated in this tender document, the terms FOB, FAS, CIF etc. for
imported goods offered from abroad, shall be governed by the rules & regulations prescribed in the current edition
of INCOTERMS, published by the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris
12.14.4. The need for indication of all such price components by the tenderers, as required in this clause (viz., GIT
clause 12) is for the purpose of comparison of the tenders by BRBNMPL and will no way restrict BRBNMPL's
right to award the contract on the selected tenderer on any of the terms offered.
Indian Agent
If a foreign tenderer has engaged an agent in India in connection with its tender, the foreign tenderer, in addition to
indicating Indian agent's commission, if any, in a manner described under GIT sub clause 11.2 above, shall also
furnish the following information:
The complete name and address of the Indian Agent and its permanent income tax account number as allotted by the Indian Income Tax authority. The details of the services to be rendered by the agent for the subject requirement One manufacturer can authorize only one agent/ dealer. Also one agent cannot represent more than one supplier or quote on their behalf in a particular tender enquiry. Such quote is likely to be rejected. There can be only one bid from The principal manufacturer directly or one Indian agent on his behalf The foreign principal or any of its branch/ division Indian/ Foreign Agent on behalf of only one Principal. Firm Price / Variable Price
Unless otherwise specified in the SIT, prices quoted by the tenderer shall remain firm and fixed during the currency of the contract and not subject to variation on any account. Page 8 of 46
In case the tender documents require offers on variable price basis, the price quoted by the tenderers will be subject to adjustment during original Delivery Period to take care of the changes in the cost of labour and material components in accordance with the price variation formula to be specified in the SIT. If a tenderer submits firm price quotation against the requirement of variable price quotation, that tender will be prima-facie acceptable and considered further, taking price variation asked for by the tenderer as zero. However, as regards taxes and duties, if any, chargeable on the goods and payable, the conditions stipulated in GIT clause 12 will apply for both firm price tender and variable price tender. Subject to provisions of Clause 11 above, where prices are quoted in foreign currencies, involving imports - Foreign Exchange Rate Variation (ERV) would be borne by the Purchaser within the original Delivery Period. The offer of the Tenderer should indicate import content and the currency used for calculating import content. Base Exchange rate of each major currency used for calculating FE content of the contract should be indicated. The base date of ERV would be contract date and variation on the base date can be given up to the midpoint manufacture, unless firm has already indicated the time schedule within which material will be imported by the firm. In case delivery period is refixed/ extended, ERV will not be admissible, if this is due to default of the supplier. Documents for claiming ERV: i. A bill of ERV claim enclosing working sheet Banker's Certificate/debit advice detailing F.E. paid and exchange rate Copies of import order placed on supplier Invoice of supplier for the relevant import order Alternative Tenders
Unless otherwise specified in the Schedule of Requirements, alternative tenders shall not be considered.
Documents Establishing Tenderer's Eligibility and Qualifications
Pursuant to GIT clause 10, the tenderer shall furnish, as part of its tender, relevant details and documents establishing its eligibility to quote and its qualifications to perform the contract if its tender is accepted. The documentary evidence needed to establish the tenderer's qualifications shall fulfill the following requirements: a) In case the tenderer offers to supply goods, which are manufactured by some other firm, the tenderer has been duly authorized by the goods manufacturer to quote for and supply the goods to BRBNMPL. The tenderer shall submit the manufacturer's authorization letter to this effect as per the standard form provided under Section XIV in this document. The tenderer has the required financial, technical and production capability necessary to perform the contract and, further, it meets the qualification criteria incorporated in the Section IX in these documents. In case the tenderer is not doing business in India, it is/ will be duly represented by an agent stationed in India fully equipped and able to carry out the required contractual functions and duties of the supplier including after sale service, maintenance & repair etc. of the goods in question, stocking of spare parts and fast moving components and other obligations, if any, specified in the conditions of contract and/ or technical specifications. In case the tenderer is an Indian agent quoting on behalf of a foreign manufacturer, the Indian agent is already enlisted under the Compulsory Enlistment Scheme of Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India, operated through Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals (DGS&D), New Delhi. Documents establishing good‟s Conformity to Tender document
The tenderer shall provide in its tender the required as well as the relevant documents like technical data, literature, drawings etc. to establish that the goods and services offered in the tender fully conform to the goods and services specified by BRBNMPL in the tender documents. For this purpose the tenderer shall also provide a clause-by-clause commentary on the technical specifications and other technical details incorporated by BRBNMPL in the tender documents to establish technical responsiveness of the goods and services offered in its tender. In case there is any variation and/ or deviation between the goods & services prescribed by BRBNMPL and that offered by the tenderer, the tenderer shall list out the same in a chart form without ambiguity along with justification, and provide the same along with its tender. If a tenderer furnishes wrong and/ or misguiding data, statement(s) etc. about technical acceptability of the goods and services offered by it, its tender will be liable to be ignored and rejected in addition to other remedies available to BRBNMPL in this regard. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)
Pursuant to GIT clause 10.1(d) the tenderer shall furnish along with its tender, earnest money for amount as shown in the List of Requirements. The earnest money is required to protect BRBNMPL against the risk of the Tenderers unwarranted conduct as amplified under sub-clause 23.23.2 below. The tenderers who are currently registered and, also, will continue to remain registered during the tender validity period with DGS&D or with National Small Industries Corporation, New Delhi all with BRBNMPL are exempted from payment of earnest money. In case the tenderer falls in these categories, Page 9 of 46
it should furnish certified copy of its valid registration details (with DGS&D or NSIC or BRBNMPL as the case may be). The earnest money shall be denominated in Indian Rupees. The earnest money shall be furnished in one of the following forms: a) Account Payee Demand Draft or b) Fixed Deposit Receipt or c) Banker's cheque or d) Bank Guarantee, only in the case of Global Tender The demand draft, fixed deposit receipt or banker's cheque shall be drawn on any scheduled commercial bank in India, in favour of Account specified in the Clause 3 of NIT. in case of bank guarantee, the same is to be provided from/confirmed by any scheduled commercial bank in India as per the format specified under Section XIII in these documents. The earnest money shall be valid for a period of forty five days beyond the validity period of the tender. Unsuccessful tenderers' earnest monies will be returned to them without any interest, after expiry of the tender validity period, but not later than thirty days after conclusion of the resultant contract. Successful Tenderer‘s earnest money will be returned without any interest, after receipt of performance security from that tenderer. Earnest money of a tenderer will be forfeited, if the tenderer withdraws or amends its tender or impairs or derogates from the tender in any respect within the period of validity of its tender. The successful tenderer's earnest money will be forfeited if it fails to furnish the required performance security within the specified period. Tender Validity
If not mentioned otherwise in the SIT, the tenders shall remain valid for acceptance for a period of 90 days (Ninety days) in case of single bid tender system and 120 days in case of two-bid system after the date of tender opening prescribed in the tender document. Any tender valid for a shorter period shall be treated as unresponsive and rejected. In exceptional cases, the tenderers may be requested by BRBNMPL to extend the validity of their tenders upto a specified period. Such request(s) and responses thereto shall be conveyed by surface mail or by fax /email /telex /cable followed by surface mail. The tenderers, who agree to extend the tender validity, are to extend the same without any change or modification of their original tender and they are also to extend the validity period of the EMD accordingly. In case the day upto which the tenders are to remain valid falls on/ subsequently declared a holiday or closed day for BRBNMPL, the tender validity shall automatically be extended upto the next working day. Compliance with the Clauses of this Tender Document: Tenderer must comply with all the clauses of this Tender Document. In case there are any deviations, these should be listed in a chart form without any ambiguity along with justification. Signing and Sealing of Tender
An authenticated copy of the document which authorizes the signatory to commit on behalf of the firm shall accompany the offer. The individual signing the tender or any other documents connected therewith should clearly indicate his full name and designation and also specify whether he is signing, (a) As Sole Proprietor of the concern or as attorney of the Sole Proprietor; As Partner (s) of the firm; as Director, Manager or Secretary in case the of Limited Company duly authorized by a resolution passed by the Board of Directors or in pursuance of the Authority conferred by Memorandum of Association. The authorized signatory of the tenderer must sign the tender at appropriate places and initial the remaining pages of the tender. The tenderers shall submit their tenders as per the instructions contained in G1T Clause Unless otherwise mentioned in the SIT, a tenderer shall submit two copies of its tender marking them as "Original" and "Duplicate". The original and other copies of the tender shall either be typed or written in indelible ink and the same shall be signed by the tenderer or by a person(s) who has been duly authorized to bind the tenderer to the contract. The letter of authorization shall be by a written power of attorney, which shall also be furnished along with the tender. All the copies of the tender shall be duly signed at the appropriate places as indicated in the tender documents and all other pages of the tender including printed literature, if any shall be initialed by the same person(s) signing the tender. The tender shall not contain any erasure or overwriting, except as necessary to correct any error made by the tenderer and, if there is any such correction; the same shall be initialed by the person(s) signing the tender. The tenderer is to seal the original and each copy of the tender in separate envelopes, duly marking the same as "Original", "Duplicate" and so on and writing the address of BRBNMPL and the tender reference number on the envelopes. The sentence 'NOT TO BE OPENED" before (The tenderer is to put the date & time of tender opening) are to be written on these envelopes. The inner envelopes are then to be put in a bigger outer envelope, which will also be duly sealed, marked etc. as above. If the outer Page 10 of 46
envelope is not sealed and marked properly as above, BRBNMPL will not assume any responsibility for its misplacement, premature opening, late opening etc. For purchasing capital equipment, high value plant, machinery etc. of complex and technical nature, tender document will seek quotation in two parts (Two Bid System)- first part containing the relevant technical details of the equipment / machinery etc., and in the second part, price quotation along with other allied issues. First part will be known as 'Technical Bid', and the second part 'Financial bid'. Tenderer shall seal separately 'Technical Bid' and 'Financial bid' and covers will be suitably super scribed. Both these sealed covers shall be put in a bigger cover and sealed and evaluation would be done as described in clause 25.24.4 below. Further details would be given in SIT, if considered necessary. If permitted in the SIT, the tenderer may submit its tender through e-tendering procedure. SUBMISSION OF TENDERS

Submission of Tenders
Unless otherwise specified, the tenderers are to deposit the tenders in the tender box kept for this purpose at a place as indicated in para 1 of NIT. In case of bulky tender, which cannot be put into tender box, the same shall be submitted by the tenderer by hand to the designated officers of BRBNMPL, as indicated in clause 1 of NIT. The officer receiving the tender will give the tenderer an official receipt duly signed with date and time. The tenderers must ensure that they deposit their tenders not later than the closing time and date specified for submission of tenders. In the event of the specified date for submission of tender falls on / is subsequently declared a holiday or closed day for BRBNMPL, the tenders will be received upto the appointed time on the next working day. Late Tender
A tender, which is received after the specified date and time for receipt of tenders will be treated as "late"
tender and will be ignored.
Alteration and Withdrawal of Tender
The tenderer, after submitting its tender, is permitted to alter / modify its tender so long as such alterations / modifications are received duly signed, sealed and marked like the original tender, within the deadline for submission of tenders. Alterations / modifications to tenders received after the prescribed deadline will not be considered. No tender should be withdrawn after the deadline for submission of tender and before expiry of the tender validity period. If a tenderer withdraws the tender during this period, it will result in forfeiture of the earnest money furnished by the tenderer in its tender besides other sanctions by BRBNMPL. TENDER OPENING

Opening of Tenders
BRBNMPL will open the tenders at the specified date and time and at the specified place as indicated in clause 1 of NIT. In case the specified date of tender opening falls on / is subsequently declared a holiday or closed day for BRBNMPL, the tenders will be opened at the appointed time and place on the next working day. Authorized representatives of the tenderers, who have submitted tenders on time may attend the tender opening, provided they bring with them letters of authority as per the format in SBD XVII from the corresponding tenderers. The tender opening official(s) will prepare a list of the representatives attending the tender opening. The list will contain the representatives' names & signatures and corresponding tenderers' names and addresses. During the tender opening, the tender opening official(s) will read the salient features of the tenders like description of the goods offered, price, special discount if any, delivery period, whether earnest money furnished or not and any other special features of the tenders, as deemed fit by the tender opening official(s). In the case of two bid system mentioned in clause 20.8 above, the technical bids are to be opened in the first instance, at the prescribed time and date. These bids shall be scrutinized and evaluated by the competent committee / authority with reference to parameters prescribed in the tender document. Thereafter, in the second stage, the financial bids of only the technically acceptable offers (as decided in the first stage) shall be opened for further scrutiny and evaluation. Other financial bids would be returned unopened to the respective bidders under Registered AD/ Reliable Courier or any other mode with proof of delivery. SCRUTINY AND EVALUATION OF TENDERS

Basic Principle
Tenders will be evaluated on the basis of the terms & conditions already incorporated in the tender
document, based on which tenders have been received and the terms, conditions etc. mentioned by the
tenderers in their tenders. No new condition will be brought in while scrutinizing and evaluating the
Preliminary Scrutiny of Tenders
The tenders will first be scrutinized to determine whether they are complete and meet the essential and important requirements, conditions etc. as prescribed in the tender document, The Page 11 of 46
tenders, that do not meet the basic requirements, are liable to be treated as unresponsive and ignored. The following are some of the important aspects, for which a tender may be declared unresponsive and ignored; a) Tender is unsigned. Tenderer is not eligible. Tender validity is shorter than the required period. Required EMD has not been provided. Tenderer has quoted for goods manufactured by a different firm without the required authority letter from that manufacturer. Tenderer has not agreed to give the required performance security. Goods offered are sub-standard, not meeting the required specification etc. Tenderer has not agreed to essential condition(s) specially incorporated in the tender enquiry. Against a schedule in the List of Requirement (incorporated in the tender enquiry), the Tenderer has not quoted for the entire requirement as specified in that schedule. (Example: In a schedule, it has been stipulated that the Tenderer will supply the equipment, install and commission it and also train BRBNMPL 's operators for operating the equipment. The Tenderer has however, quoted only for supply of the equipment). Minor Infirmity / Irregularity / Non-Conformity
If during the preliminary examination, BRBNMPL find any minor infirmity and/ or irregularity and/ or
non-conformity in a tender, BRBNMPL may waive the same provided it does not constitute any material
deviation and financial impact and, also, does not prejudice or affect the ranking order of the tenderers.
Wherever necessary, BRBNMPL will convey its observation on such 'minor' issues to the tenderer by
registered/ speed post etc. asking the tenderer to respond by a specified date. If the tenderer does not
reply by the specified date or gives evasive reply without clarifying the point at issue in clear terms, that
tender will be liable to be ignored.
Discrepancy in Prices
If, in the price structure quoted by a tenderer, there is discrepancy between the unit price and the total price (which is obtained by multiplying the unit price by the quantity), the unit price shall prevail and the total price corrected accordingly, unless BRBNMPL feels that the tenderer has made a mistake in placing the decimal point in the unit price, in which case the total price as quoted shall prevail over the unit price and the unit price corrected accordingly. If there is an error in a total price, which has been worked out through addition and / or subtraction of subtotals, the subtotals shall prevail and the total corrected; and If there is a discrepancy between the amount expressed in words and figures, the amount in words shall prevail, subject to sub clause 28.1 and 28.2 above. If, as per the judgment of BRBNMPL, there is any such arithmetical discrepancy in a tender, the same will be suitably conveyed to the tenderer by registered / speed post. If the tenderer does not agree to the observation of BRBNMPL, the tender is liable to be ignored. Discrepancy between original and copies of Tender
In case any discrepancy is observed between the text etc. of the original copy and that in the other copies
of the same tender set, the text etc. of the original copy shall prevail. Here also, BRBNMPL will convey
its observation suitably to the tenderer by register! Speed post and, if the tenderer does not accept
BRBNMPL‘s observation, that tender will be liable to be ignored.
Clarification of Bids
During evaluation and comparison of bids, purchaser may, at its discretion ask the bidder or clarification
of its bid. The clarification should be received within 7 days from the bidder from date of receipt of such
request. The request for clarification shall be in writing and no change in prices or substance of the bid
shall be sought, offered or permitted. No post bid clarification at the initiative of the bidder shall be
Qualification / Eligibility Criteria
Tenders of the tenderers, who do not meet the required qualification/ eligibility criteria prescribed in
Section IX, will be treated as unresponsive and will not be considered further.
Conversion of tender currencies to Indian Rupees
In case the tender document permits the tenderers to quote their prices in different currencies, all such
quoted prices of the responsive tenderers will be converted to a single currency viz., Indian Rupees for
the purpose of equitable comparison and evaluation, as per the B.C. selling exchange rates established by
the State Bank of India for similar transactions, as on the date of tender opening.
Schedule-wise Evaluation
In case the List of Requirements contains more than one schedule, the responsive tenders will be
evaluated and compared separately for each schedule. The tender for a schedule will not be considered if
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the complete requirements prescribed in that schedule are not included in the tender. However, as already mentioned in GIT sub clause 12.2, tenderers have the option to quote for any one or more schedules and offer discounts for combined schedules. Such discounts, wherever applicable, will be taken into account to determine the tender or combination of tenders offering the lowest evaluated cost for BRBNMPL in deciding the successful tenderer for each schedule, subject to that tenderer(s) being responsive. Comparison on CIF Destination Basis
Unless mentioned otherwise in Section-III — Special Instructions to Tenderers and Section-VI — List of
Requirements, the comparison of the responsive tenders shall be on CIF destination basis, duly delivered,
commissioned, etc. as the case may be.
Additional Factors and Parameters for Evaluation and Ranking of Responsive Tenders
Further to GIT Clause 33 above, BRBNMPL 's evaluation of a tender will include and take into account the following: a) in the case of goods manufactured in India or goods of foreign origin already located in India, sales tax & other similar taxes and excise duty & other similar duties, which will be contractually payable (to the tenderer), on the goods if a contract is awarded on the tenderer; and b) In the case of goods of foreign origin offered from abroad, customs duty and other similar import duties/ taxes, which will be contractually payable (to the tenderer) on the goods if the contract is awarded on the tenderer. BRBNMPL's evaluation of tender will also take into account the additional factors, if any, incorporated in SIT in the manner and to the extent indicated therein. As per policies of the Government from time to time, the purchaser reserves its option to give price preference to Small Scale Industries in comparison to the large scale Industries. This price preference cannot however be taken for granted and every endeavor need to be made by such firms to bring down cost and achieve competitiveness. If the tenders have been invited on variable price basis, the tenders will be evaluated, compared and ranked on the basis of the position as prevailing on the day of tender opening and not on the basis of any future date. Tenderer's capability to perform the contract
BRBNMPL, through the above process of tender scrutiny and tender evaluation will determine to its satisfaction whether the tenderer, whose tender has been determined as the lowest evaluated responsive tender is eligible, qualified and capable in all respects to perform the contract satisfactorily. If, there is more than one schedule in the List of Requirements, then, such determination will be made separately for each schedule. The above mentioned determination will, inter-alia, take into account the tenderer's financial, technical and production capabilities for satisfying all the requirements of BRBNMPL as incorporated in the tender document. Such determination will be based upon scrutiny and examination of all relevant data and details submitted by the tenderer in its tender as well as such other allied information as deemed appropriate by BRBNMPL. Cartel Formation / Pool Rates
Cartel formation or quotation of Pool/ Co-ordinated rates, leading to 'Appreciable Adverse Effect on
Competition" (AAEC) as identified in Competition Act, 2002, as amended by Competition
(Amendment) Act, 2007, would be considered as a serious misdemeanor and would be dealt accordingly
as per Clause 44 below.
Normally there would be no price negotiations. But BRBNMPL reserves its right to negotiate with the
lowest acceptable bidder (L1), who is technically cleared/ approved for supply of bulk quantity and on
whom the contract would have been placed but for the decision to negotiate, under special circumstances
in accordance with CVC guidelines. i.e. Normally there should be no negotiation. Selection of
contractors by negotiations should be a rare exception rather than the rule and may be resorted to only in
the exceptional circumstances under the following circumstances:--
Where the procurement is done on proprietary basis Items to be procured are supplied by only a limited sources of supply Items where there is suspicion of cartel formation. Contacting BRBNMPL
. From the time of submission of tender to the time of awarding the contract, if a tenderer needs to
contact BRBNMPL for any reason relating to this tender enquiry and / or its tender, it should do so only
in writing.
39.2. It will be treated as a serious misdemeanor in case a tenderer attempts to influence BRBNMPL's
decision on scrutiny, comparison, evaluation and award of the contracts. In such a case the tender of the
tenderer shall be liable for rejection in addition to appropriate administrative actions being taken against
that tenderer, as deemed fit by BRBNMPL, in terms of clause 44 of GIT.
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BRBNMPL's Right to Accept any Tender and to Reject any or All Tenders BRBNMPL reserves the right to accept in part or in full any tender or reject any tender without assigning any reason or to cancel. the tendering process and reject all tenders at any time prior to award of contract, without incurring any liability, whatsoever to the affected tenderer or tenderers. Award Criteria
Subject to GIT clause 36 above, the contract will be awarded to the lowest evaluated responsive tenderer
decided by BRBNMPL in terms of GIT Clause 34.
Variation of Quantities at the Time of Award
No variation of quantities at the time of awarding the contract.
Parallel Contracts
BRBNMPL reserves its right to conclude Parallel contracts, with more than one bidder (for the same
tender). If this is foreseen at the time of Tendering, a clause would be included in SIT giving further
Serious Misdemeanors
. Following would be considered serious misdemeanors:
Submission of misleading / false/ fraudulent information/ documents by the bidder in their bid Submission of fraudulent / unencashable Financial Instruments stipulated under Tender or Contract Condition. iii. Violation of Code of Ethics laid down in Clause 32 of the GCC. iv. Cartel formation or quotation of Pool / coordinated rates leading to "Appreciable Adverse Effect on Competition" (AAEC) as identified under the Competition Act, 2002. Deliberate attempts to pass off inferior goods or short quantities. vi. Violation of Fall Clause by Rate Contract holding Firms. vii. Attempts to influence BRBNMPL's Decisions on scrutiny, comparison, evaluation and award Besides, suitable administrative actions, like rejecting the offers or delisting of registered firms, BRBNMPL would ban/ blacklist Tenderers committing such misdemeanor, including declaring them ineligible to be awarded BRBNMPL contracts for indefinite or for a stated period. Notification of Award

Before expiry of the tender validity period, BRBNMPL will notify the successful tenderer(s) n writing, by registered / speed post or by fax/email / telex/ cable (to be confirmed by registered / speed post) that its tender for goods & services, which have been selected by BRBNMPL, has been accepted, also briefly indicating therein the essential details like description, specification and quantity of the goods & services and corresponding prices accepted. The successful tenderer must furnish to BRBNMPL the required performance security within twenty one days from the date of this notification. Relevant details about the performance security have been provided under GCC Clause 6 under Section IV. The notification of award shall constitute the conclusion of the contract. Issue of Contract

Within seven working days of receipt of performance security, BRBNMPL will send the contract form (as per Section XVI) duly completed and signed, in duplicate, to the successful tenderer by registered / speed post. Within seven days from the date of issue of the contract, the successful tenderer will return the original copy of the contract, duly signed and dated, to BRBNMPL by registered / speed post. Non-receipt of Performance Security and Contract by BRBNMPL
Failure of the successful tenderer in providing performance security within 21 days of receipt of
notification of award and / or returning contract copy duly signed in terms of GIT clauses 45 and 46
above shall make the tenderer liable for forfeiture of its EMD and, also, for further sanctions by
BRBNMPL against it.
Return of EMD
The earnest money of the successful tenderer and the unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them
without any interest, whatsoever, in terms of GIT Clause 18.6.
Publication of Tender Result
The name and address of the successful tenderer(s) receiving the contract(s) will be mentioned in the
notice board/ bulletin/ web site of BRBNMPL.
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Part II: Additional General Instructions Applicable to Specific Types of Tenders:
Rate Contract Tenders

In addition to GIT in Part I above, following GIT will be applicable to rate contract Tenders: Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) is not applicable. In the Schedule of Requirement, no commitment of quantity is mentioned; only the anticipated requirement is mentioned without any commitment. iii. BRBNMPL reserves the right to conclude more than one rate contract for the same item. iv. Unless otherwise specified in SIT, the currency of a Rate Contract would normally be for one During the currency of the Rate Contract, BRBNMPL may withdraw the rate contract by serving suitable notice. The prescribed notice period is generally thirty days. vi. During the currency of the Rate Contract, BRBNMPL would have the option to renegotiate the price with the rate contract holders. vii. During the currency of the Rate Contract, in case of emergency, BRBNMPL may purchase the same item through ad hoc contract with a new supplier. viii. Usually, the terms of delivery in rate contracts are FOR dispatching station. ix. Supply orders, incorporating definite quantity of goods to be supplied along with all other required conditions following the rate contract terms, will be issued by nominated Direct Demanding Officers (DDO) for obtaining supplies through the rate contract. BRBNMPL is entitled to place supply orders up to the last day of the validity of the rate contract and, though supplies against such supply orders will be affected beyond the validity period of the rate contract, all such supply will be guided by the terms & conditions of the rate contract. xi. The rate contract will be guided by "Fall Clause" as described below. Fall Clause
If the rate contract holder reduces its price or sells or even offers to sell the rate contracted goods, following conditions of sale similar to those of the rate contract, at a price lower than the rate contract price, to any person or organization during the currency of the rate contract, the rate contract price will be automatically reduced with effect from that date for all the subsequent supplies under the rate contract and the rate contract amended accordingly. Any violation of the fall clause would be considered a serious misdemeanor under clause 44 of the GIT and action, as appropriate, would be taken as per provision of that clause. 50.3 Performance Security
Value of Performance Security would be stipulated in the SIT. Performance Security shall, however, not be demanded again in the individual supply orders issued subsequently against rate contracts.
50.4 Renewal of Rate Contracts
In case it is not possible to conclude new rate contracts before the expiry of existing ones, due to some special reasons, the existing rate contracts would be extended with same terms, conditions etc for a suitable period, with the consent of the rate contract holders. Rate contracts of the firms, who do not agree to such extension, will be left out, Period of such extension would generally not be more than three months. Prequalification Bidding

Prequalification Bidding is for short listing of qualified Bidders who fulfill the Prequalification criteria as laid down in SIT or in Section IX of SBD — "Qualification Criteria" for procurement of Goods or Services as listed in Section VI of SBD — "List of Requirements". Short listed Bidders would be informed of their qualification and short listing in accordance with the stipulations laid down in the SIT. Unless otherwise stipulated in the SIT the PQB short listing would be valid only till the next procurement tender. Further conditions will be elaborated in the SIT. If stipulated in the SIT, only these short listed qualified bidders would be invited to participate in the Procurement of the requirements. Otherwise SIT may also indicate that instead of floating a separate PQB tender, it may be combined with the Procurement Tender, as a three bid tender. Initially the first Packet containing PQB would be opened and evaluation would be done. Thereafter the rest of tender would be handled as a two bid system for only those bidders who succeed in PQB. Tenders involving Samples
Normally no sample would be called along with the offer for evaluation. Purchaser's Samples: If indicated in the SIT, A Purchaser's sample may be displayed to indicate required characteristics over and above the Specifications for perusal of the bidders. Name and Designation of the Custodian, Place, Dates and Time of inspection of Purchaser's sample will be indicated in the SIT. The supplies in the contract will have to meet the indicated required characteristics for which the Purchaser's sample was displayed, besides meeting the specification listed in Section VII — "Technical Specifications" of the SBD. He would be issued a sealed Purchaser's sample for the purpose at the time of award of the contract. Page 15 of 46
Pre-Production Samples: If stipulated in SIT, successful contractor would be required to submit a Pre-
Production sample(s) to the Inspecting Officer/ or the nominated authority mentioned in the contract
within the time specified therein. If the Contractor is unable to do so, he must apply immediately to the
Office issuing the acceptance of tender for extension of time stating the reasons for the delay. If the
Purchaser is satisfied that a reasonable ground for an extension of time exists, he may allow such
additional time as he considers to be justified (and his decision shall be final) with or without alteration
in the delivery period stipulated in the contract and on such conditions as he deems fit. In the event of the
failure of the Contractor to deliver the pre-production sample by the date specified in the acceptance of
tender or any other date to which the time may be extended as aforesaid by the Purchaser or of the
rejection of the sample, the Purchaser shall be entitled to cancel the contract and, if so desired, purchase
or authorize the purchase of the stores at the risk and cost of the Contractor {unless specified otherwise
in the SIT). In such an event, in case of Security Items where urgency develops due to such delays,
BRBNMPL reserves its right to procure not more than one year's requirement against this "Risk & Cost"
tender from existing pre-qualified and security cleared firms. Bulk production and supply will only be
allowed if this sample(s) pass the Tests laid down in the Section VIII "Quality Control Requirements" in
the SBD.
Testing of Samples: Tests, procedures and testing laboratories for testing samples would be detailed in
the Section VIII — "Quality Control Requirements" in the SBD.
Validation/ Prolonged Trials: If specified in SIT or in the Section VIII — "Quality Control
Requirements" in the SBD, pre-production samples may have to undergo validation or extended trial
before their performance can be declared satisfactory.
Parameters Settings and duration of Validation Tests would be indicated in the Section VIII — "Quality Control Requirements" in the SBD. It would also stipulate the period or event marking end of validation trials. It would also be indicated therein whether the Permission to start bulk production will have to wait full validation or it can go on in parallel. Expression of Interest (EOI) Tenders:
EOI tenders are floated for short fisting firms who are willing and qualified for: i. Registration of Vendors for Supply of particular Stores or certain categories of Stores. ii. Development of new items or Indigenization of Imported stores The qualification / eligibility criteria required and the format of submission of such Data would be indicated in the Section IX - "Qualification Criteria" in the SBD. Objectives and scope of requirement would be indicated in the Section VI -"List of Requirements" in the SBD. Indicative quantity required yearly and its future requirements would also be indicated. In case of EOI for Development of new Items or for Indigenization, prospective firms would be given opportunity to inspect the Machine/ Item at the place of installation at the place, dates and Time mentioned in SIT. In case EOI is for registration of vendors, Registration Fees and validity period of registration would be detailed in the SIT. Short List of Suppliers: The suppliers shall be evaluated for short listing, inter-alia, based on their past experience of supplying goods in similar context, financial strength, technical capabilities etc. Each supplier will be assigned scores based on weightages assigned to each of the criteria mentioned in the Section IX — "Qualification Criteria" in the SBD. If stipulated in the SIT, the Firm's capacity and Capability may be assessed by a nominated Committee or by a third party nominated by BRBNMPL. All suppliers who secure the minimum required marks (normally 50% unless otherwise specified in the Section IX) would be short listed. Section IX may alternatively specify minimum qualifying requirement for each of the criteria i.e. minimum years of experience, minimum number of assignments executed, minimum turnover etc. Under such circumstances, all suppliers who meet the minimum requirement, as specified, will be short listed_ In case of EOI for registration of vendors, registration letters would be issued to the short listed tenderers. In case of EOI for development/ indigenization, these shortlisted tenderers would only be allowed to participate in the subsequent development/ indigenization tenders. Tenders for Disposal of Scrap
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Introduction: The tender is for Sale of Scrap material lying at various locations. Details of scrap for sale including Description, Present Condition, Lot Size and its Location would be given in the Section VI — "List of Requirements". "As Is; Where Is; Whatever Is" Basis of This Sale:
This sale of Scrap is strictly on "As Is; Where Is; Whatever Is" basis. Tenderer must satisfy himself on all matters with regard to quality, quantity; nature of stores etc., before tendering as no
complaint or representation of any kind shall be entertained after the safe contract is concluded.
The description of lot in the particulars of sale has been given for the purpose of identification thereof only and the use of such description shall not constitute the sale thereof to be sale by description
and no sale shall be invalid by reason of any defect or deviation or variation in any lot or on account of
any lot not being exactly described and the purchaser shall not be entitled to claim any damage or
compensation whatsoever on account of such fault, error in description, weight or the like.
All quantities of scrap whether by weight or measurement mentioned in the Tender notice are only approximate and should the quantity, on actual weight or measurement basis as the case may be and
whenever delivered on such basis, works out less than the advertised and for projected quantity, the
BRBNMPL shall not under any circumstances be liable to make good any such deficiency
BRBNMPL reserves right to increase or decrease the quantity of any item or items or terminate the contract at any stage by giving one week's notice. No claim whatsoever shall lie against the
BRBNMPL on account of such termination of the contract or variation in the quantity.
BRBNMPL shall have the right to remove certain items which it feels were not intended for sale but were inadvertently made a part of the scrap material or of the lot offered for sale lying at the
premises or were joined or attached to the material offered for sale.
Tenderers desirous of purchasing and participating in the tender must visit the site before submitting the offer, after taking due permission from the concerned Stock Holders. The Tenderers
submitting the offers shall be deemed to have visited the site and acquainted themselves thoroughly with
materials intended for sale in all respect.
Any person giving offer shall be deemed to have made himself fully conversant with the Terms and Conditions of the Tender Sale, as well as the location and condition of the materials being sold and shall be deemed to have agreed to all the stated terms and conditions herein under. Submission of Offer:
54.3.1 Unless specified otherwise in the SIT, tenders shall hold good for acceptance for a minimum
period of 90 days (ninety days) from the date of opening of the tenders. The offers of the tenderers shall
be irrevocable.
54.3.2 The BRBNMPL reserves right to reject any offer without assigning any reason there for.
54.3.3 Unless otherwise stated in the SIT, the amount of EMD in such tenders would be 5% of the value
of the tender. The Earnest Money shall be forfeited if the tenderer unilaterally withdraws amends,
impairs or derogates from his offer in any respect within the period of validity of his offer.
54.3.4 If the offer of the tenderer is not accepted by the BRBNMPL, the Earnest Money deposit made by
the tenderer shall be refunded to him. No interest shall be payable on such refunds. The EMD deposited
by the successful tenderer shall remain with the BRBNMPL till payment of the security deposit (SD)
money, as stipulated in relevant Clause, has been made. It may be adjusted as part of the total SD money
at the discretion of the BRBNMPL.
54.3.5 Commercial tax / terminal tax, Octroi, municipal tax or any other taxes / duties etc. whatever in
force shall be payable extra by the purchaser as per rules applicable to BRBNMPL. Current and valid
PAN and sales / commercial tax registration number wherever applicable must be provided in the Bid of
the Tenderer.
54.3.6 All arrangement for lifting and transportation of scrap material, including manpower, crane,
transport vehicle and trolley etc, if required shall be made by the purchaser concerned only and the
BRBNMPL shall not provide or help in providing any such arrangements and the rate quoted by the
purchaser must include such and all incidental charges.
54.3.7 Registered dealers who are exempted from payment of Sales Tax must submit copies of their
Registration certificate of concerned authority and shall be required to submit necessary form duly
completed in all respect to BRBNMPL or its representatives before obtaining delivery order, duly signed
by the partner of the firm or the person authorized to do so.

Evaluation of tenders for Disposal of scrap will be done on similar basis as Tenders for
Procurement of Goods, except that the selection of the bidders shall be on the basis of the highest
Page 17 of 46
responsive Bidder (Hi). In case full quantity is not offered to be taken by the Highest Bidder, parallel contracts would be placed. 54.4 Notification of Acceptance and Award of Contract:
54.4.1 The successful tenderer, herein after referred to as purchasers, shall have to submit security
deposit (SD) @ 10% of the total sale value of the contract within 5 working days of issue of the sale
contract (excluding the date of issue of sale contract). The SD shall be deposited in the form of bank
draft/pay order, drawn on any nationalized or recognized bank in favour of same officer as mentioned in
clause 3 of NIT in connection with EMD.
54.4.2 The purchaser has to pay balance payment within 20 days from the date of notification of
acceptance, which is to be issued by BRBNMPL or his authorized representative, in form of Bank draft
drawn on any nationalized or recognized bank in favor of same authority as mentioned above. In case of
any, default to deposit balance payment, BRBNMPL reserves right to terminate the contract and forfeit
the security deposit.
54.5 Disposal Tenders for Security and Sensitive Machinery and Items:
Non-Misuse Declaration: The bidder is required to give an undertaking that he or his
employees or legal heirs will ensure that such items purchased from BRBNMPL, will be utilized only for
scrap recovery and will not be misused for any other purpose. He will also ensure that this undertaking is
honoured and it got underwritten from further down the line scrap processors/ re-purchasers, if any. In
case his firm changes hands, it will be his responsibility to ensure that the new owners honour and
underwrite this undertaking.
If stipulated in SIT delivery would be given only in dismantled / cut-up condition. Development and Indigenization Tenders:

Already developed firms or firms who have already received development orders for the item (with whatever results) would not be considered in such tenders.
If specified in SIT the contract documents may be issued free of cost, and submission of earnest money deposit and security deposit may be relaxed.
If specified in SIT, The Tenderers may quote separately for i. Price / rate for bulk supply of item in development / indigenization supplies and
ii. Separately, cost of development including cost of pre-production samples. Firms would be paid only
for the number of samples specified in the Tender. If he has to manufacture more samples due to failure
of earlier one, he would not be paid for it.
L1 would be determined on the basis of rate of item quoted including reference to total cost of the development cost (including the cost of prototype) plus the notional total cost of quantities that will
be required over next three years, wherever applicable.
Development contracts may, as far as feasible, be concluded with two or more contractors in parallel.
The ratio of splitting of the supply order between various development agencies / firms in cases of parallel development, including criteria thereof, would be specified in the SIT.
However, in case the requirement is meager and complex technology is involved, or quantity of the equipment/ spares is limited/small/ uneconomic if distributed between two vendors, the entire
order could be placed upon the Ll vendor only.
If specified in SIT, Advance and Intermediate Payment to Suppliers may be allowed. Quantity for Development Commitment In Next three years, after the newly developed firm is able to successfully complete Development orders
with +5% tolerances, 20% of annual quantity requirement may be reserved for Newly Developed firms.
Period of Development Commitment A newly developed firm would be granted this facility till only three years after completing the initial Development order. However this facility is not a bar to the firm from competing with already established firms for quantities larger than 20% provided their prices and performance so warrant. Thereafter they would have to compete on equal terms with other already developed firms. (To be signed & stamped and submitted along with Single Bid) Note: 4 pages per sheet can be downloaded to avoid wastage of paper. Page 18 of 46
Section III: Special Instructions to Tenderers (SIT)
The following Special Instructions to Tenderers will apply for this purchase. These special instructions will modify/ substitute/ supplement the corresponding General Instructions to Tenderers (GIT) incorporated in Section II. The corresponding GIT clause numbers have also been indicated in the text below: In case of any conflict between the provision in the GIT and that in the SIT, the provision contained in the SIT shall prevail. (Clauses of GIT listed below include a possibility for variation in their provisions through SIT. There could be other clauses in SIT as deemed fit.) SIT Provision
Clause No.
PREAMBLE-Introduction, Language of Eligible NO CHANGE Goods and Services (Origin of Goods), Tendering DOCUMENTS, Amendments to Tender Documents Pre-bid Conference Not applicable to this tender Time Limit for receiving request for clarification of Tender Documents In the price bid, Supplier has to indicate only ―maximum rate of discount‖ can be offered on printed MRP of medicines. Offer should be valid for Two years. Discount with conditions will not Applicability of Octroi and Local taxes PVC Clause & Formula 90 days from the opening of the tender. Number of Copies of Tenders to be Additional Factors for Evaluation of Purchaser‘s right to accept tender Parallel Contracts Annual Rate Contract basis for Tender For rate Contracts Two years on yearly renewable basis. Tenders involving Purchaser's and Pre- NO CHANGE Production Samples Page 19 of 46
Tenders for Disposal of Scrap Development / Indigenization Tenders SIT- Special Instructions to Tenderer, GIT- General Instructions to Tenderer, PQB- Pre qualification bidding, PVC- Price variation clause. (To be signed & stamped and submitted along with Single Bid tender documents) Page 20 of 46
Section IV: General Conditions of Contract (GCC)
Part I: General Conditions of Contract applicable to all types of Tenders
Definitions; Interpretation and Abbreviations: In the contract, unless the context otherwise requires: 1.1 Definitions and Interpretation: "Contract" means the letter or memorandum communicating to the Contractor the acceptance of this tender and includes "Intimation of Award" of his tender; "Contract" includes and Bid Invitation, Instructions to Tenderers, Tender, Acceptance of Tender, General Conditions of Contract, Schedule of Requirements, particulars and the other conditions specified in the acceptance of tender and includes a repeat order which has been accepted or acted upon by the Contractor and a formal agreement, if executed; "Contractor" or "Supplier" means the individual or the firm supplying the goods and services. The term includes his employees, agents, successors, authorized dealers, stockists and distributors. Other homologous terms are: Vendor, Firm, Manufacturer, OEM etc.; "Drawing" means the drawing or drawings specified in or annexed to the Specifications; "Government" means the Central Government or a State Government as the case may be; The "Inspecting Officer" means the person, or organisation specified in the contract for the purpose of inspection of stores of work under the contract and includes his / their authorised representative; "Purchase Officer" means the officer signing the acceptance of tender and includes any officer who has authority to execute the relevant contract on behalf of the Purchaser; The "Purchaser" means BRBNMPL — the organization purchasing goods and services as incorporated in the documents; "Signed" includes stamped, except in the case of an acceptance of tender or any amendment thereof; "Test" means such test as is prescribed by the particulars or considered necessary by the Inspecting Officer whether performed or made by the Inspecting Officer or any agency acting under the direction of the Inspecting Officer; The delivery of the stores shall be deemed to take place on delivery of the stores in accordance with the terms of the contract, after approval by the Inspecting Officer if so provided in the contract — a. The consignee at his premises; or Where so provided, the interim consignee at his premises; or A carrier or other person named in the contract for the purpose of transmission to the consignee: or The consignee at the destination station in case of contract stipulating for delivery of stores at destination station. "Writing" or "Written" includes matter either in whole or in part, in manuscript, typewritten, lithographed, cyclostyled, photographed or printed under or over signature or seal, as the case may be. (xii) Words in the singular include the plural and vice-versa. Words importing the masculine gender shall be taken to include the feminine gender and words importing persons shall include any company or association or body of individuals, whether incorporated or not. (xiv) The heading of these conditions shall not affect the interpretation or construction thereof. Terms and expression not herein defined shall have the meanings assigned to them in the Indian Sale of Goods Act, 1930 (as amended) or the Indian Contract Act, 1872 (as amended) or the General Clauses Act, 1897 (as amended) as the case may be. (xvi) PARTIES: The parties to the contract are the "Contractor" and the "Purchaser", as defined above; "Tender" means quotation / bid received from a firm / supplier. "Goods" means the articles, material, commodities, livestock, furniture, fixtures, raw material, spares, instruments, machinery, equipment, industrial plant etc. which the supplier is required to supply to BRBNMPL under the contract. Other homologous terms are: Stores, Materials etc. (xix) "Services" means services allied and incidental to the supply of goods, such as transportation, installation, commissioning, provision of technical assistance, training, after sales service, maintenance service and other such obligations of the supplier covered under the contract. (xx) "Earnest Money Deposit" (EMD) means monetary guarantee to be furnished by a Tenderer along with its tender. "Performance Security" means monetary guarantee to be furnished by the successful Tenderer for due performance of the contract placed on it. Performance Security is also known as Security Deposit or Performance Bank Guarantee. "Consignee" means the person to whom the goods are required to be delivered as specified in the Contract. If the goods are required to be delivered to a person as an interim consignee for the purpose of dispatch to another person as provided in the Contract then that "another" person is the consignee, also known as ultimate consignee. "Specification" or "Technical Specification" means the drawing / document/ standard that prescribes the requirement to which product or service has to conform. "Inspection" means activities such as measuring, examining, testing, analyzing, gauging one or more characteristics of the product or service and comparing the same with the specified requirement to determine conformity. "Day" means calendar day. 1.2 means "Appreciable Adverse Effect on Competition" as per Competition Act means Bank Guarantee "BL or B/L" means Bill of Lading means Custom Duty means Cost, Insurance and Freight Included means Chairman and Managing Director Page 21 of 46
means Central Public Sector Undertaking means Central Sales Tax means Direct Demanding Officer in Rate Contracts means Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals means Delivery Period means Electronic clearing system means Excise Duty means Earnest money deposit means Expression of Interest (Tendering System) means Exchange rate variations means Free alongside shipment means Freight on Board means Free on Rail means General Conditions of Contract means General Instructions to Tenderers means Goods and Services Tax which will replace Sales Tax "H1, H2 etc" means First Highest, Second Highest Offers etc in Disposal Tenders means International Commercial Terms, 2000 (of ICC) "L1. L2 etc" means First or second Lowest Offer etc. means Letter of Credit "LD or L/D" means Liquidated Damages means Large Scale Industry means Notice Inviting Tenders. means National small industries corporation means Pre qualification bidding means Public Sector Undertaking means Price variation clause means Rate contract "RR or R/R" means Railway Receipt "SBD" or "T D" means Standard Bid Document / Tender Document means Special Conditions of Contract means Special Instructions to Tenderers "BRBNMPL" means Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited means Small Scale Industry means Value Added Tax The General Conditions of Contract incorporated in this section shall be applicable for this purchase to the extent the same are not superseded by the Special Conditions of Contract (SCC) prescribed under Section V of this document. 2.2. General Conditions of the contract shall not be changed from one tender to other. Other Laws and Conditions that will govern the Contract: Besides GCC and SCC following conditions and Laws will also be applicable and would be considered as part of the contract: Indian Contracts Act, 1872 Sale of Goods Act, 1930 Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 Competition Act, 2002 as amended by Competition (Amendment Act), 2007 Page 22 of 46
Contractor's Tender Submissions including Revised Offer during Negotiations if any Conditions in other parts of the Tender Documents Correspondence including counter-offers if any; between the Contactor and BRBNMPL during the Tender Finalization Notification of award and Contract Documents Subsequent Amendments to the Contract 3. Use of contract documents and information The supplier shall not, without BRBNMPL's prior written consent, disclose the contract or any provision thereof including any specification, drawing, sample or any information furnished by or on behalf of BRBNMPL in connection therewith, to any person other than the person(s) employed by the supplier in the performance of the contract emanating from this tender document. Further, any such disclosure to any such employed person shall be made in confidence and only so far as necessary for the purposes of such performance for this contract. 3.2. During the process of procurement of Security or Sensitive Machinery and Items, Tender Documents and the specifications/ drawings of such items would be issued only to Vendors having security clearance within the validity of such clearance and he shall maintain absolute secrecy and strictly control the number of copies and access to the documents and copies thereof, in addition to safeguards mentioned in sub-para above. 3.3. Further, the supplier shall not, without BRBNMPL's prior written consent, make use of any document or information mentioned in GCC sub-clause 3.1 above except for the sole purpose of performing this contract. 3.4. Except the contract issued to the supplier, each and every other document mentioned in GCC sub-clause 3.1 above shall remain the property of BRBNMPL and, if advised by BRBNMPL, all copies of all such documents shall be returned to BRBNMPL on completion of the supplier‘s performance and obligations under this contract. 4. The supplier shall, at all times, indemnify BRBNMPL, free of cost, against all claims which may arise in respect of goods & services to be provided by the supplier under the contract for infringement of any right protected by patent, registration of designs or trademarks. In the event of any such claim in respect of alleged breach of patent, registered designs, trademarks etc. being made against BRBNMPL, BRBNMPL shall notify the supplier of the same and the supplier shall, at his own expenses take care of the same for settlement without any liability to BRBNMPL. 5. Country of Origin All goods and services to be supplied and provided for the contract shall have the origin in India or in the countries with which the Government of India has trade relations. 5.2. The word "origin" incorporated in this clause means the place from where the goods are mined, cultivated, grown, manufactured, produced or processed or from where the services are arranged. 6. Performance Bond / Security Within twenty-one days after the issue of notification of award by BRBNMPL, the supplier shall furnish performance security to BRBNMPL for an amount equal to ten per cent (10%) of the total value of the contract, valid up to sixty days after the date of completion of all contractual obligations by the supplier, including the warranty obligations. 6.2. The Performance security shall be denominated in Indian Rupees or in the currency of the contract and shall be in one of the following forms: a. Account Payee Demand Draft or Fixed Deposit Receipt drawn on any commercial bank in India, in favour of the same official of BRBNMPL as indicated in the clause 3 of NIT in reference to EMD. b. Bank Guarantee issued by a commercial bank in India, in the prescribed form as provided in section XV of this document. In the event of any loss due to supplier's failure to fulfill its obligations in terms of the contract, the amount of the performance security shall be payable to BRBNMPL to compensate BRBNMPL for the same. 6.4. In the event of any amendment issued to the contract, the supplier shall, within twenty-one days of issue of the amendment, furnish the corresponding amendment to the Performance Security (as necessary), rendering the same valid in all respects in terms of the contract, as amended. 6.5. Subject to GCC sub-clause 6.3 above, BRBNMPL will release the performance security without any interest to the supplier on completion of the supplier's all contractual obligations including the warranty obligations. 7. Technical Specifications and Standards The Goods & Services to be provided by the supplier under this contract shall conform to the technical specifications and quality control parameters mentioned in 'Technical Specification' and 'Quality Control Requirements' under Sections VII and VIII of this document. 8. Packing and Marking The packing for the goods to be provided by the supplier should be strong and durable enough to withstand, without limitation, the entire journey during transit including transshipment (if any), rough handling, open storage etc. without any damage, deterioration etc. As and if necessary, the size, weights and volumes of the packing cases shall also take into consideration, the remoteness of the final destination of the goods and availability or otherwise of transport and handling facilities at all points during transit upto final destination as per the contract. 8.2. The quality of packing, the manner of marking within & outside the packages and provision of accompanying documentation shall strictly comply with the requirements as provided in Technical Specifications and Quality Control Requirements under Sections V11 and VIII and in SCC under Section V. in case the packing requirements are amended due to issue of any amendment to the contract, the same shall also be taken care of by the supplier accordingly. 8.3. Packing instructions: Unless otherwise mentioned in the Technical Specification and Quality Control Requirements under Sections VII and VIII and in SCC under Section V, the supplier shall make separate packages for each consignee (in case there is more than one consignee mentioned in the contract) and mark each package on three sides with the following with indelible paint of proper quality: contract number and date brief description of goods including quantity packing list reference number country of origin of goods consignee's name and full address and supplier's name and address 9. Inspection and Quality Control BRBNMPL and / or its nominated representative(s) will, without any extra cost to BRBNMPL, inspect and/ or test the ordered goods and the related services to confirm their conformity to the contract specifications and other quality control details incorporated in the contract. BRBNMPL shall inform the supplier in advance, in writing, BRBNMPL's programme for such inspection and, also the identity of the officials to be deputed for this purpose. Page 23 of 46
The Technical Specification and Quality Control Requirements incorporated in the contract shall specify what inspections and tests are to be carried out and, also, where and how they are to be conducted. If such inspections and tests are conducted in the premises of the supplier or its subcontractor(s), all reasonable facilities and assistance, including access to relevant drawings, design details and production data, shall be furnished by the supplier to BRBNMPL's inspector at no charge to BRBNMPL. 9.3. If during such inspections and tests the contracted goods fail to conform to the required specifications and standards, BRBNMPL's inspector may reject them and the supplier shall either replace the rejected goods or make all alterations necessary to meet the specifications and standards, as required, free of cost to BRBNMPL and resubmit the same to BRBNMPL's inspector for conducting the inspections and tests again. 9.4. In case the contract stipulates pre-despatch inspection of the ordered goods at suppliers‘ premises, the supplier shall put up the goods for such inspection to BRBNMPL's inspector well ahead of the contractual delivery period, so that BRBNMPL's inspector is able to complete the inspection within the contractual delivery period. 9.5. If the supplier tenders the goods to BRBNMPL's inspector for inspection at the last moment without providing reasonable time to the inspector for completing the inspection within the contractual delivery period, the inspector may carry out the inspection and complete the formality beyond the contractual delivery period at the risk and expense of the supplier. The fact that the goods have been inspected after the contractual delivery period will not have the effect of keeping the contract alive and this will be without any prejudice to the legal rights and remedies available to BRBNMPL under the terms & conditions of the contract. 9.6. BRBNMPL's contractual right to inspect, test and, if necessary, reject the goods after the goods' arrival at the final destination shall have no bearing of the fact that the goods have previously been inspected and cleared by BRBNMPL's inspector during pre-despatch inspection mentioned above. 9.7. Goods accepted by BRBNMPL and/ or its inspector at initial inspection and in final inspection in terms of the contract shall in no way dilute BRBNMPL's right to reject the same later, if found deficient in terms of the warranty clause of the contract, as incorporated under GCC Clause. 10. Terms of Delivery Goods shall be delivered by the supplier in accordance with the terms of delivery specified in the contract. Transportation of Goods The supplier shall not arrange part-shipments and/ or transshipment without the express / prior written consent of BRBNMPL. Instructions for transportation of domestic goods including goods already imported by the supplier under its own arrangement: In case no instruction is provided in this regard in the SCC, the supplier will arrange transportation of the ordered goods as per its own procedure. 11.3. Shipping Arrangement for Foreign Contracts: In the case of FOB/FAS contracts, shipping arrangements shall be made by the Ministry of Shipping & Transport (Chartering Wing), New Delhi, INDIA, in accordance with details given in SBD Section XVIII. The Contractor shall give adequate, notice to the Forwarding Agents/Nominees about the readiness of the cargo from time to time and at least six weeks' notice in advance of the required position for finalising the shipping arrangements. In the case of C&F contracts, the Contractor shall arrange shipment in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Shipping & Transport, New Delhi, INDIA, indicated in the same SBD section (as applicable). 12. Unless otherwise instructed in the SCC, the supplier shall make arrangements for insuring the goods against loss or damage incidental to manufacture or acquisition, transportation, storage and delivery in the following manner. 12.2 In case of supply of domestic goods on CIF destination basis, the supplier shall be responsible till the entire stores contracted for arrive in good condition at destination. The transit risk in this respect shall be covered by the Supplier by getting the stores duly insured. The insurance cover shall be obtained by the Supplier in its own name and not in the name of BRBNMPL or its Consignee. 12.3 In the case of FOB and C&F offers for import of Goods, insurance shall be arranged by the Purchaser. However, the supplier must give sufficient notice to the Purchaser prior to the date of shipment, so that the Insurance Cover for the shipment can be activated. The Supplier must co-ordinate so as to ensure that the Shipment sails only with Insurance cover in place. 12.4 In case of Import of Goods, even in case where the insurance is paid by the Purchaser, and loss or damage shall be made good by the Contractor free of cost, without waiting for the settlement of insurance claim. The payment after settlement of insurance claim shall be reimbursed by the Purchaser to the Contractor. It will be entirely the responsibility of the Contractor to make good loss/damage without waiting for settlement of insurance claim so that machine is commissioned within the time specified in the contract. 13. If specified in the List of Requirements and in the resultant contract, the supplier shall supply / provide any or all of the following materials, information etc. pertaining to spare parts manufactured and/ or supplied by the supplier: The spare parts as selected by BRBNMPL to be purchased from the supplier, subject to the condition that such purchase of the spare parts shall not relieve the supplier of any contractual obligation including warranty obligations; and In case the production of the spare parts is discontinued: i. sufficient advance notice to BRBNMPL before such discontinuation to provide adequate time to BRBNMPL to purchase the required spare parts etc., and ii. immediately following such discontinuation, providing BRBNMPL, free of cost, the designs, drawings, layouts and specifications of the spare parts, as and if requested by BRBNMPL. 13.2. Supplier shall carry sufficient inventories to assure ex-stock supply of consumable spares for the goods so that the same are supplied to BRBNMPL promptly on receipt of order from BRBNMPL. 14. Incidental services Subject to the stipulation, if any, in the SCC (Section-V) and the Technical Specification (Section — VII), the supplier shall be required to perform any or all of the following services: Providing required jigs and tools for assembly, start-up and maintenance of the goods Supplying required number of operation & maintenance manual for the goods Installation and commissioning of the goods Training of BRBNMPL's operators for operating and maintaining the goods Providing after sales service during the tenure of the contract Providing maintenance service after expiry of the warranty period of the goods if so incorporated in the contract 14.2. Prices to be paid to the supplier by BRBNMPL for any of the required incidental services, if not already included in the contract price during the placement of the contract, shall be settled and decided in advance by BRBNMPL and the supplier. However, such prices shall not exceed the contemporary rates charged by the supplier to other customers for similar services. 15. Distribution of Despatch Documents for Clearance/ Receipt of Goods The supplier shall send all the relevant despatch documents well in time to BRBNMPL to enable BRBNMPL to clear or receive (as the case may be) the goods in terms of the contract. Unless otherwise specified in the SCC, the usual documents involved and the drill to be followed in general for this purpose are as follows: Page 24 of 46
For Domestic Goods, including goods already imported by the supplier under its own arrangement Within 24 hours of despatch, the supplier shall notify BRBNMPL, consignee, and others concerned if mentioned in the contract, the complete details of despatch and also supply the following documents to them by registered post / speed post (or as instructed in the contract): Supplier's Invoice indicating, inter alia description and specification of the goods, quantity, unit price, total value; Packing list; Insurance certificate; Railway receipt / Consignment note; Manufacturer's guarantee certificate and in-house inspection certificate; Inspection certificate issued by BRBNMPL's inspector Expected date of arrival of goods at destination and Any other document(s), as and if specifically mentioned in the contract. 15.3. For Imported Goods, within 3 days of dispatch, the supplier will Notify BRBNMPL, consignee and other concerned if mentioned in the contract, the complete details of dispatch and also supply the following documents to them by Courier (or as instructed in the Contract), besides advance intimation by Fax/ email: Clean on Board Airway Bill/Bill of Lading (B/L) Original Invoice Packing List Certificate of Origin from Seller's Chamber of Commerce Certificate of Quality and current manufacture from OEM Dangerous Cargo Certificate, if any. Insurance Policy of 110% if CIF/CIF contract. Performance Bond / Warranty Certificate 16. The supplier warrants that the goods supplied under the contract is new, unused and incorporate all recent improvements in design and materials unless prescribed otherwise by BRBNMPL in the contract. The supplier further warrants that the goods supplied under the contract shall have no defect arising from design, materials (except when the design adopted and / or the material used are as per BRBNMPL's specifications) or workmanship or from any act or omission of the supplier, that may develop under normal use of the supplied goods under the conditions prevailing in India. 16.2 This warranty shall remain valid for twelve months after the goods or any portion thereof as the case may be, have been delivered to the final destination and installed and commissioned at the final destination and accepted by BRBNMPL in terms of the contract or for fifteen months from the date of despatch from the supplier's premises for domestic goods (including goods already imported by the supplier under its own arrangement) or for eighteen months after the date of shipment from the port of loading in the source country for imported goods offered from abroad, whichever is earlier, unless specified otherwise in the SCC. 16.3. In case of any claim arising out of this warranty, BRBNMPL shall promptly notify the same in writing to the supplier. Upon receipt of such notice, the supplier shall, with all reasonable speed (or within the period, if specified in the SCC), repair or replace the defective goods or parts thereof, free of cost, at the ultimate destination. The supplier shall take over the replaced parts/ goods after providing their replacements and no claim, whatsoever shall lie on BRBNMPL for such replaced parts/ goods thereafter. 16.5. In the event of any rectification of a defect or replacement of any defective goods during the warranty period, the warranty for the rectified/ replaced goods shall be extended to a further period of twelve months from the date such rectified / replaced goods starts functioning to the satisfaction of BRBNMPL. 16.6. If the supplier, having been notified, fails to rectify / replace the defect(s) within a reasonable period (or within the period, if specified in the SCC), BRBNMPL may proceed to take such remedial action(s) as deemed fit by BRBNMPL, at the risk and expense of the supplier and without prejudice to other contractual rights and remedies, which BRBNMPL may have against the supplier. 17. The Supplier shall not assign, either in whole or in part, its contractual duties, responsibilities and obligations to perform the contract, except with BRBNMPL's prior written permission. 18. 18.1. The Supplier shall notify BRBNMPL in writing of all sub contracts awarded under the contract if not already specified in its tender. Such notification, in its original tender or later, shall not relieve the Supplier from any of its liability or obligation under the terms and conditions of the contract. 18.2. Sub contract shall be only for bought out items and sub-assemblies. 18.3. Sub contracts shall also comply with the provisions of GCC Clause 5 ('Country of Origin"). 19. Modification of contract 19.1. Once a contract has been concluded, the terms and conditions thereof will generally not be varied. However if necessary, BRBNMPL may, by a written order given to the supplier at any time during the currency of the contract, amend the contract by making alterations and modftications within the general scope of contract in any one or more of the following: Specifications, drawings, designs etc. where goods to be supplied under the contract are to be specially manufactured for BRBNMPL, mode of packing, incidental services to be provided by the supplier mode of despatch, place of delivery, and any other area(s) of the contract, as felt necessary by BRBNMPL depending on the merits of the case. 19.2. In the event of any such modification/ alteration causing increase or decrease in the cost of goods and services to be supplied and provided, or in the time required by the supplier to perform any obligation under the contract, an equitable adjustment shall be made in the contract price and/ or contract delivery schedule, as the case may be, and the contract amended accordingly. If the supplier doesn't agree to the adjustment made by BRBNMPL, the supplier shall convey its views to BRBNMPL within twenty one days from the date of the supplier's receipt of BRBNMPL's amendment / modification of the contract. 19.3. Option Clause: By a suitable provision in the SCC, the Purchaser may reserve the right to increase the ordered quantity by 25% at any time, till final delivery date of the contract, by giving reasonable notice even though the quantity ordered initially has been supplied in full before the last date of Delivery Period. 20. 20.1. Prices to be charged by the supplier for supply of goods and provision of services in terms of the contract shall not vary from the corresponding prices quoted by the supplier in its tender or during negotiations, if any, and incorporated in the contract except for any price adjustment authorized in the SCC. 21. Taxes and Duties Supplier shall be entirely responsible for all taxes, duties, fees, levies etc. incurred until delivery of the contracted goods to Further instruction, if any, shall be as provided in the SCC. Page 25 of 46
Terms and Mode of Payment: Unless specified otherwise in SCC, the terms of payments would be as follows: Unless otherwise specified in SCC, usual payment term is 100% on receipt and acceptance of goods by the Purchaser and on production of all required documents by the supplier. 22.2. For Domestic Goods: Unless otherwise specified in the SCC, payments to suppliers are usually made by account payee cheque or multi-city cheque or through ECS/RTGS only. 22.2.1. Where the terms of delivery is FOR dispatching Station, the payment terms, depending on the value and nature of the goods, mode of transportation etc. maybe 60% to 90% (as specified in SIT) on proof of dispatch and other related documents and balance on receipt at site and acceptance by the consignee. 22.2.2. Where the terms of delivery is CIF destination / delivery at site/FOR destination, usual payment term is 100% on receipt and acceptance of goods by the consignee and on production of all required documents by the supplier. 22.2.3. Where goods to be supplied also need installation and commissioning by the supplier, the payment terms are generally as under: (a) For a contract with terms of delivery as FOR dispatching station i. 60% on proof of dispatch along with other specified documents ii. 30% on receipt of the goods at site by the consignee and balance iii. 10% on successful installation and commissioning and acceptance by the user department (b) For a contract with terms of delivery as CIF destination/ Delivery at site/FOR destination 90% on receipt and acceptance of goods by the consignee at destination and on production of all required documents by the 10% on successful installation and commissioning and acceptance by the consignee. For Imported Goods: Unless otherwise specified in SCC, payments are made through an irrevocable Letter of Credit {LC). Cases where Installation, Erection and Commissioning (if applicable) are not the responsibility of the Supplier — 100 % net FOB/FAS price is to be paid against invoice, shipping documents, inspection certificate (where applicable), manufacturers' test certificate, etc. Cases where Installation, Erection and Commissioning are the responsibility of the Supplier — 80% to 90% net FOB/FAS price (as specified in the SCC) will be paid against invoice, inspection certificate (where applicable), shipping documents etc. and balance within 21-30 days of successful installation and commissioning at the consignee's premises and acceptance by the consignee. Payment of Agency Commission against FOB/FAS Contract — Entire 100% agency commission is generally paid in Indian Rupees after all other payments have been made to the supplier in terms of the contract. 22.4. Unless specified otherwise in the SCC, the following general conditions will apply for payment to the supplier. The payment shall be made in the currency / currencies authorized in the contract. 22.6. The supplier shall send its claim for payment in writing as per Section XIX - "Proforma for Bill for Payments", when contractually due, along with relevant documents etc., duly signed with date, as specified in SCC and in a manner as also specified therein. 22.7. While claiming payment, the supplier is also to certify in the bill that the payment being claimed is strictly in terms of the contract and all the obligations on the part of the supplier for claiming that payment has been fulfilled as required under the contract. 22.8. The important documents which the supplier is to furnish while claiming payment are: Original Invoice Packing List Certificate of country of origin of the goods from seller's Chamber of Commerce. Certificate of pre-dispatch inspection by BRBNMPL's representative/ nominee Manufacturer's test certificate Performance/ Warrantee Bond Certificate of insurance Clean on Bill of lading/ Airway bill/ Rail receipt or any other dispatch document, issued by a government agency (like postal department) or an agency duly authorized by the concerned ministry/ department Consignee's Certificate confirming receipt and acceptance of goods Dangerous Cargo Certificate, if any, in case of imported goods. Any other document specified. 22.9. While claiming reimbursement of duties, taxes etc. (like sales tax, excise duty, custom duty) from BRBNMPL, as and if permitted under the contract, the supplier shall also certify that, in case it gets any refund out of such taxes and duties from the concerned authorities at a later date, it (the supplier) shall refund to BRBNMPL, BRBNMPL's share out of such refund received by the supplier. The supplier shall also refund the applicable amount to BRBNMPL immediately on receiving the same from the concerned authorities. 22.10. In case where the supplier is not in a position to submit its bill for the balance payment for want of receipted copies of Inspection Note from the consignee and the consignee has not complained about the non-receipt, shortage, or defects in the supplies made, balance amount will be paid by the paying authority without consignee's receipt certificate after three months from the date of the preceding part payment for the goods in question, subject to the following conditions: The supplier will make good any defect or deficiency that the consignee (s) may report within six months from the date of despatch of goods. Delay in supplies, if any, has been regularized. The contract price where it is subject to variation has been finalized. The supplier furnishes the following undertakings: ―I/We, certify that It We have not received back the Inspection Note duly receipted by the consignee or any communication from BRBNMPL or the consignee about non-receipt, shortage or defects in the goods supplied. I / We agree to make good any defect or deficiency that the consignee may report within three months from the date of receipt of this balance payment or six months from the date of dispatch whichever is later. 23. Delay in the supplier's performance 23.1. The time for and the date specified in the contract or as extended for the delivery of the stores shall be deemed to be the essence of the contract and the supplier shall deliver the goods and perform the services under the contract within the time schedule specified by BRBNMPL in the List of Requirements and as incorporated in the contract. 23.2. Subject to the provision under GGG clause 28, any unexcused delay by the supplier in maintaining its contractual obligations towards delivery of goods and performance of services shall render the supplier liable to any or all of the following sanctions besides any administrative action: imposition of liquidated damages, forfeiture of its performance security and Termination of the contract for default. 23.3. If at any time during the currency of the contract, the supplier encounters conditions hindering timely delivery of the goods and performance of services, the supplier shall promptly inform BRBNMPL in writing about the same and its likely duration and make a request Page 26 of 46
to BRBNMPL for extension of the delivery schedule accordingly. On receiving the supplier's communication, BRBNMPL shall examine the situation as soon as possible and, at its discretion, may agree to extend the delivery schedule, with or without liquidated damages for completion of supplier's contractual obligations by issuing an amendment to the contract. 23.4. When the period of delivery is extended due to unexcused delay by the supplier, the amendment letter extending the delivery period shall, inter alia contain the following conditions: BRBNMPL shall recover from the supplier, under the provisions of the clause 24 of the General Conditions of Contract, liquidated damages on the goods and services, which the Supplier has failed to deliver within the delivery period stipulated in the contract That no increase in price on account of any ground, whatsoever, including any stipulation in the contract for increase in price on any other ground and, also including statutory increase in or fresh imposition of customs duty, excise duty, sales tax or on account of any other tax or duty which may be levied in respect of the goods and services specified in the contract, which takes place after the date of delivery stipulated in the contract shall be admissible on such of the said goods and services as are delivered and performed after the date of the delivery stipulated in the contract. But nevertheless, BRBNMPL shall be entitled to the benefit of any decrease in price on account of reduction in or remission of customs duty, excise duty, sales tax or any other duty or tax or levy or on account of any other grounds, which takes place after the expiry of the date of delivery stipulated in the contract. 23.5. The supplier shall not despatch the goods after expiry of the delivery period. The supplier is required to apply to BRBNMPL for extension of delivery period and obtain the same before despatch. In case the supplier despatches the goods without obtaining an extension, it would be doing so at its own risk and no claim for payment for such supply and / or any other expense related to such supply shall lie against BRBNMPL. 24. Liquidated damages Subject to GCC clause 28, if the supplier fails to deliver any or all of the goods or fails to perform the services within the time frame(s) incorporated in the contract, BRBNMPL shall, without prejudice to other rights and remedies available to BRBNMPL under the contract, deduct from the contract price, as liquidated damages, a sum equivalent to the 0.5% percent (or any other percentage if prescribed in the SCC) of the delivered price of the delayed goods and/ or services for each week of delay or part thereof until actual delivery or performance, subject to a maximum deduction of the 10% (or any other percentage if prescribed in the SCC) of the delayed goods' or services' contract price(s). During the above mentioned delayed period of supply and / or performance, the conditions incorporated under GCC sub-clause 23.4 above shall also apply. 25. Custody and Return of BRBNMPL‘s Materials/ Equipment/ Documents loaned to Contractor 25.1. Whenever stores are required to be issued to the firm/contractor for fabrication or prototypes or sub-assemblies are issued for guidance in fabrication, these would be issued against appropriate Bank Guarantee as specified in SCC. In addition to the Bank Guarantee, appropriate insurance may be asked if specified in the SCC. 25.2. All drawings and samples issued to the contractor in connection with the contract must be returned by him. Final payment will be withheld if this is not done, besides any other sanction deemed fit by BRBNMPL. 26. Termination for default 26.1. BRBNMPL, without prejudice to any other contractual rights and remedies available to it (BRBNMPL), may, by written notice of default sent to the supplier, terminate the contract in whole or in part, if the supplier fails to deliver any or all of the goods or fails to perform any other contractual obligation(s) within the time period specified in the contract, or within any extension thereof granted by BRBNMPL pursuant to GCC sub-clauses 23.3 and 23.4. 26.2. In the event of BRBNMPL terminates the contract in whole or in part, pursuant to GCC sub-clause 26.1 above, BRBNMPL may procure goods and/ or services similar to those cancelled, with such terms and conditions and in such manner as it deems fit at the "Risk and Cost" of the supplier and the supplier shall be liable to BRBNMPL for the extra expenditure, if any, incurred by BRBNMPL for arranging such procurement. 26.3. Unless otherwise instructed by BRBNMPL, the supplier shall continue to perform the contract to the extent not terminated. Termination for insolvency If the supplier becomes bankrupt or otherwise insolvent, BRBNMPL reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time, by serving written notice to the supplier without any compensation, whatsoever, to the supplier, subject to further condition that such termination will not prejudice or affect the rights and remedies which have accrued and / or will accrue thereafter to BRBNMPL. 28. In the event of any unforeseen event directly interfering with the supply of stores arising during the currency of the contract, such as war, hostilities, acts of the public enemy, civil commotion, sabotage, fires, floods, explosions, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, strikes, lockouts, or acts of God, the Contractor shall, within a week from the commencement thereof, notify the same in writing to the Purchaser with reasonable evidence thereof. Unless otherwise directed by BRBNMPL in writing, the supplier shall continue to perform its obligations under the contract as far as reasonably practical, and shall seek all reasonable alternative means for performance not prevented by the Force Majeure event. If the force majeure condition(s) mentioned above be in force for a period of 90 days or more at any time, either party shall have the option to terminate the contract on expiry of 90 days of commencement of such force majeure by giving 14 days' notice to the other party in writing. In case of such termination, no damages shall be claimed by either party against the other, save and except those which had occurred under any other clause of this contract prior to such termination. 28.2. Notwithstanding the provisions contained in GCC clauses 23, 24 and 26, the supplier shall not be liable for imposition of any such sanction so long the delay and/ or failure of the supplier in fulfilling its obligations under the contract is the result of an event of Force Majeure. 28.3. In case due to a Force Majeure event BRBNMPL is unable to fulfill its contractual commitment and responsibility, BRBNMPL will notify the supplier accordingly and subsequent actions taken on similar lines described in above sub-paragraphs. 29. Termination for convenience BRBNMPL reserves the right to terminate the contract, in whole or In part for its (BRBNMPL's) convenience, by serving written notice on the supplier at any time during the currency of the contract. The notice shall specify that the termination is for the convenience of BRBNMPL. The notice shall also indicate inter-alia, the extent to which the supplier's performance under the contract is terminated, and the date with effect from which such termination will become effective. 29.2. The goods and services which are complete and ready in terms of the contract for delivery and performance within thirty days after the supplier's receipt of the notice of termination shall be accepted by BRBNMPL following the contract terms, conditions and prices. For the remaining goods and services, BRBNMPL may decide: get any portion of the balance completed and delivered at the contract terms, conditions and prices; and / or b. to cancel the remaining portion of the goods and services and compensate the supplier by paying an agreed amount for the cost incurred by the supplier towards the remaining portion of the goods and services. 30. Governing language The contract shall be written in Hindi or English language following the provision as contained in GIT clause 2. All correspondence and other documents pertaining to the contract, which the parties exchange, shall also be written accordingly in that language. 31. Page 27 of 46
Notice, if any, relating to the contract given by one party to the other, shall be sent in writing or by cable or telex or facsimile and confirmed in writing, The procedure will also provide the sender of the notice, the proof of receipt of the notice by the receiver. The addresses of the parties for exchanging such notices will be the addresses as incorporated in the contract. 31.2. The effective date of a notice shall be either the date when delivered to the recipient or the effective date specifically mentioned in the notice, whichever is later. 32. BRBNMPL as well as Bidders, Suppliers, Contractors, and Consultants under BRBNMPL contracts shall observe the highest standard of ethics during the procurement or execution of such contracts. In pursuit of this policy, for the purposes of this provision, the terms set forth below are defined as follows: "Corrupt practice" means the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting, directly or indirectly, of anything of value to influence the action of a public official in the procurement process or in contract execution; 'Fraudulent practice" means a misrepresentation or omission of facts in order to influence a procurement process or the execution of a contract; "Collusive practice" means a scheme or arrangement between two or more Bidders, with or without the knowledge of the Purchaser, designed to establish bid prices at artificial, non competitive levels; and "Coercive practice" means harming or threatening to harm, directly or indirectly, persons or their property to influence their participation in the procurement process or affect the execution of a contract. A particular violation of ethics may span more than one of above mentioned unethical practices. 32.1. The following policies will be adopted in order to maintain the standards of ethics during procurement: (a) A proposal for award will be rejected if it is determined that the Bidder recommended for award has, directly or through an agent, engaged in corrupt, fraudulent, collusive or coercive practices in competing for the Contract in question. (b) A contract will be cancelled if it is determined at any time that BRBNMPL representatives/ officials have directly or indirectly, engaged in corrupt, fraudulent, collusive or coercive practices during the procurement or the execution of that contract (c) In case any individual staff is found responsible, suitable disciplinary proceedings should be initiated against such staff under the applicable government conduct rules. The existing provisions under the Indian law including the instructions of Central Vigilance Commission should be followed in this regard. (d) Firms or individuals shall be banned/ blacklisted after following due process, including declaring them ineligible, either indefinitely or for a stated period of time, to be awarded a BRBNMPL contract, if it at any time determines that they have, directly or through an agent, engaged in corrupt, fraudulent, collusive or coercive practices in competing for, or in executing, a BRBNMPL contract. 33. Resolution of disputes If dispute or difference of any kind shall arise between BRBNMPL and the supplier in connection with or relating to the contract, the parties shall make every effort to resolve the same amicably by mutual consultations. If the parties fail to resolve their dispute or difference by such mutual consultation within twenty one days of its occurrence, then, unless otherwise provided in the SCC, either BRBNMPL or the supplier may seek recourse to settlement of disputes through arbitration as per The Arbitration and conciliation Act 1996 as per following clause. 33.2. Arbitration Clause:- If both parties fail to reach such amicable settlement, then either party (the Purchaser or Seller) may within 21 days of such failure give a written notice to the other party requiring that all matters in dispute or difference be arbitrated upon. Such written notice shall specify the matters which are in difference or of difference of which such written notice has been given and no other matter shall be referred to the arbitration in accordance with the conciliation and arbitration rules of International Chamber of Commerce {ICC}/United National Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRL) by three arbitrators appointed in accordance with the procedure set out in clause below. The arbitration proceeding shall be held in New Delhi and shall be conducted in English language. All documentation to be reviewed by the arbitrators and/ or submitted by the parties shall be written or translated into English. Venue of arbitration shall be New Delhi. The arbitrator or arbitrators appointed under this article shall have the power to extend time to make the award with the consent of the parties. Pending reference to arbitration the parties shall make all endeavours to complete the contract/work in all respects and all disputes, if any, will finally be settled in the arbitration. 34. The contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of India. 34.2. Irrespective of the place of delivery, or the place of performance or the place of Payments under the contract, the contract shall be deemed to have been made at the place from which the notification of acceptance of the tender has been issued. 35. 35.1. The Contractor shall take all reasonable steps necessary to ensure that all persons employed in any work in connection with the contract, have full knowledge of the Official Secrets Act and any regulations framed thereunder. 35.2. Any information obtained in the course of the execution of the contract by the Contractor,: his servants or agents or any person so employed, as to any matter whatsoever, which would or might be directly or indirectly, of use to any enemy of India, must be treated secret and shall not at any time be communicated to any person. 35.3. Any breach of the aforesaid conditions shall entitle the Purchaser to cancel the contract and to purchase or authorise the purchase of the stores at the risk and cost of the Contractor, In the event of such cancellation, the stores or parts manufactured in the execution of the contract shall be taken by the Purchaser at such price as he considers fair and reasonable and the decision of the Purchaser as to such price shall be final and binding on the Contractor. (To be signed & stamped and submitted along with single bid) Note: 4 pages per sheet can be downloaded to avoid wastage of paper. Page 28 of 46
Section V: Special Conditions of Contract (SCC)
The following Special Conditions of Contract (SCC) will apply for this purchase. The corresponding clauses of General Conditions of Contract (GCC) relating to the SCC stipulations have also been incorporated below. These Special Conditions will modify / substitute / supplement the corresponding (GCC) clauses. Whenever there is any conflict between the provision in the GGC and that in the SCC, the provision contained in the SCC shall prevail. (Clauses of GCC listed below include a possibility for variation in their provisions through SCC. There could be other clauses in SCC as deemed fit) SCC Provision
Clause No.
Abbreviations, Application, Use of contract information, Patent Rights, Country of Origin Performance Security Standards, Packing and Marking, Inspection and Quality Control, Terms of Delivery, Transportation of Goods, Insurance, Spare parts, Distribution Documents for Clearance/ Receipt of Goods Assignment, Sub Contracts Modification of contract (Option clause is not applicable) Prices, Taxes and Duties No change Supplement following: Supplier must spell out the tax break ups in the Bill/Tax Invoice for the material supplied. Terms and Mode of Payment 22.1. Unless otherwise specified applicable in SCC, usual payment term is 100% on receipt and acceptance of goods by the Purchaser and on production documents by the supplier. Note: Bidders‘ attention is invited to (Performance Security) & Clause No.16 (Warranty ) Page 29 of 46
supplier's No Change performance, Liquidated damages, Custody Equipment/ Documents loaned to Contractor, Termination for default, Termination for insolvency, Force Majeure, convenience, Governing language, Notices, Code of Ethics, Resolution of disputes will be held at Mysore and venue of arbitration will be Mysore. Applicable Law, Secrecy, Disposal / Sale of Scrap by Tender NOT APPLICABLE TO THIS TENDER Note: Warranty and performance security clause is applicable to this tender. Please read the terms given in the correspondence clauses before submitting offer. (To be signed & stamped and submitted along with single bid) Page 30 of 46
Section VI: List of Requirements
SL.NO. Description
Bandage roll(cloth) 7.5cm,10cm,l5cm.
Bandage than
Cotton 5OOgm(net) packing
Hand wash
Dispovan syringe 2ml,3ml,5ml,10ml.
Dispovan needle 20,22,24,26
IV canula 20,22 etc Distilled water 2ml,5ml,10ml DNS, Dextrose5%, RL Hydrogen peroxide Wokhadine (Betadine) solution, wokhadine mouth gargle Oint wokhadine (povidine iodine) Big and small size Oint silverex big and small size Surgical gloves (non-sterile) and sterile(sometime)
Dressing pads (non-sterile) and sterile (sometimes) Surgical instrument like surgical blades, suturing needles,suturing thread etc All-out, Goodnight like mosquito repellent solution Acuchek strips 50's (for Acuchek Glucometer) Sofra Tulle dressing pads Injn. Paracetamol 30ml vials Injn. Diclofenae 30ml vials Injn. CPM 30ml vials Injn. Cycloparn 30ml vials Injn. Avil10ml vials Injn. Voveran 3ml amps Injn. Avil2ml amps Injn. onderm amps Injn. Spasmoproxyvan amps Injn. Deriphylline amps Injn. Betnesol amps Injn. Lassix amps Injn. stemetil amps Injn. Diclo+pava amps (lnjn Servomol) Injn. Neurobion forte amps Injn. M.V.110ml amps Injn. B-Camplex(Biplexforte) vials Injn. Dexona 2ml vials Injn. Rantac amps Gentamyain (Genticin) eye drops Ciprofloxacin (ciplox) eye drops Ocurest eye drops Chloromycetin eye applicaps Otrivin, Nasivion nasal drops- paedia & adult Page 31 of 46
Otrivin, Nasivion Nasal spray- paedia & adult Waxolve, Waxiclean, clear wax etc eardrops Otek Ac, otorex ear' drops Otogesic ,otain, otilan etc ear drops Dexona ear drops, Paraxin ear drops Zytee lotion I orosep gel etc Asthalin Respiratory solution 10ml Ipravent Respiratory solution 10ml Neosporin oint small size Neosporin like powder (dressing) Dicloran gel, Atnac gel Voveran gel etc Mycogel, Mycogel-f, Fungitop etc cream Oint. Quadriderm,Dipgenta,Dipsalic etc Etan GM, Aclob GM, cloben.G etc cream Burnol, Silverex like cream Shield cream & other Anti-piles creams etc Proctosydyl cream Proctosydylrectal appllcaps Thrombophob cream Dulcolax suppository Electral powder - Big size, small size Sporlac sachets, Sporlac DS Glucose powder 50gm, 100gm I.V.20Dextruse amp & 100m11.V. soln. Few Examples of cough syp.
Syp Ephedrex plus, Syp .Benedryl Exp. Syp. Ambrodil Exp. Syp. Ambrodil- 5 Syp. Ambrodil Plus Syp. X-cure.x-cure-D Syp. TusQ, Tusq-D,Tusq-X Syp. Tuspel, Tuspel-Plus Syp. Alkof Junior Syp. Coscopin Paediatric Syp. Asthalln Exp. Syp. Servil junior Syp. Sudin kid & other verities of cough syp. Anti- Pyretic like Syp. Oolo,Crocin,Calpol, Febrex, Fepanil,Atpar,Meftal-p etc 125ml,250ml syp. Anti-pyretic and Anti-cold syp. Like Sinarest,Febrex plus,wicoril, X- cure PI Sneez, 0010 cold etc etc Anti- Spasmodicis like Syp. Cyclopam, Cyclo-Meff etc etc Anti- Emetics like Syp. Vomikind, Emiset,X-set, Oomstal etc ete Anti-Cold like Syp. Tlxillx, Mextra, Reeofast, Alerid ete ete Anti-Allergies like Syp Cetrtzlne.Alerid, Laveta,Levosiz ete Antacids like Oigene, Gelusilmps, X-Cid, Polyfate,Reflux etc . Anti- Worms like Zenteel, Zeebee, Albenz, etc Alkalizer like Syp. Citralka, Cital etc Anti-Amoebics like Nor-flex TZ, Metrogvl-P, Of cor plus etc Liver prepn. Like Liv-S2, Liv Fit.Sorbiline etc Digestives like Syp. Digeplex, Unienzyme etc Iron prepns. Like Ferradol, Sharkoferol etc Page 32 of 46
Multivitamins like Syp, Visvneral, VidayJine-M etc Apptizers like Syp. Oraxin, Apeat etc Anti-Biotics-Tablets & Syrups Azithromycin-AzithrafJ Azjwo MazythJPathozi etc 250 & 5OOmg Cefizime-Cefi,Zofix, Zime etc Cefadroxyl 250 & 500mg like Droxil Cefpdoxime like Atodex etc Cefpdoxime+Clavulanic Acid like Atodex CV,Lactosar CV etc Ofloxacin 100 & 200mg like Of I ox/Of cor etc Ofloxacin+Ornidazole like Of cor plus} Systaflox-O etc Ciprofloxacin 250 & 500mg like Ciprobid, Ciflox etc Levofloxacin 250 & 500mg like Levofloxac etc Amoxycillin 250 & 500mg like Max, Cormox etc Amoxycillin plus Dicloxacillin like Cormox plus, Amoxy DC etc Amoxycillin+Clavulanic acid like Moxydav, Systaslav etc Cefuroxime 250 & SOOmg like Taxim, etc Septran and Sepmax etc Cefixime plus Azithromycin like Trisys-AZ etc Cefixime plus Ofloxacin like Trisys- XL etc Erythromycin 250/500 like Aithrocin etc Cephalosporin like Cephaxin etc Doxycycline like Doxyetc Any other advanced drugs Antidiabetics
Metformin 250/500/1000 like Glycomet etc Metformin plus Glimipiride like Glycomet GPl & GP2 etc Metformin plus Glimipiride plus Pioglttazone like Triglycomet etc Glibenclamide 2.5/5mg like Daonil Metformin plus Glibenclamide like Dibizide-M etc vogllbose-u.z.u.s like Vogli, Voglicad etc Pioglitazone 7.5/15mg like Pio etc Injn. Insulin -Mixtard,Basalog etc Other advanced drugs Anti-Hypertensives
Atenolol 25/50/100 like Aten etc Atm odipine 2.5/5 like Stamlo,Amlong I Amlokind etc Amlodipine plus Atenolol llke Amlokind At, Amlong AT,Stmio ,- Beta etc Telmisartan 20/40/80 like Telmikind, Tefma etc Telmisartan plus Amlodpine like TeimaAM, TelmikindAM etc Losartan Potasium 25/50/H like Losar 25/50/H etc Cilnidipine 5/10mg like Cilacar etc Methyldopa like Emdopa, Alodomet etc Clonidine like Arkamin/H etc Reserpine with/without Duiretic like Adelphane/Esidrex Proprarnolol, Metoprolol etc Any other advanced drugs Antipyretics
Dolo 500/650 1 Dolopar Medomol 300/500/650 Meftal, Meftal-P Antipyretics plus Anticold
Page 33 of 46
Antipyretics plus Anticold plus Anticough
Tus-O, Cof-QJ Sudin, Strepsils etc Anticold / Anti Allergic
Cetrizine-Okacet, Cetrin, Setrizine etc Leocetrizine-Leostz, Laveta, LCD, Leocet etc Leocetrizine plus Montelukast-Levosiz-M,Laveta-M, Xcure-M etc Recofast, Recofast plus, Actifed etc Avil 25/50, Incidal, Polararntne, Cosavil Anti-Emetic
Domstal.ondern, Vmlklnd, X-cet, Perinorm.Avomine etc Stemetil, Vertin, Stugeron etc Antacids
Digene, GelusilMPS, Reflux etc Anti Spasmodic
Cyclopam, Meftalspas,Spasmoproxyvon etc Anti-Gastric
a) Ranitidine 150/300 like Rantac, Aciloc etc b) Omeprazole 20/40 like Orne, Ornez-D etc c) Pantoprazole 20/40 like Pan,Apan,Pantocid, Pan-D etc Rabeprazole like Rab, Arab, Rab-D etc Didestive
Unienzyme,Enzyplex,Digeplex etc Laxatives
Dulcolax,Dulcoflex, Purgolex, Cremaffin etc Mucolytics
Mucolite.Mucocld.Ambrodtl etc Anti- Malerial
Lariago,Resochin,Reziz, Mefocide etc Antl-Diararrhoel
Lopamide,Andial, Eldopar,Furoxone, Flagylf-F etc Anti-Amoebic
Norflox-TZ, Norflox 200/400, Tini 150/300, Metrogvl, onox-rz, Bronchodilator
Deriphylline,Salbutamol,Albutamol, Terbutaline etc Antiworm
Albendazole(Zentel,Zeebee,Albenz ete) Mebendazole(Mebex ete) Albendazole + Leomarkazole (Banyiplus ete) Multi-Vitamne
Beeozyme C Fort, Basitone Fort,Beeosule, Supradine,Beeelac ete Anti-Migrain
Dart,Vasograin,Migranil, Medopar,Sedopar ete Calcium Supplement
T.Shelcal 250/500, ATeal 250/500 ete Iron plus Folicacid
Fersolate,Zofer,Fefol, Atofer-Z ete Iron plus Vitamin
Cap. Fesovit, Atofer-C ete Pregneney vomiting
Doxinate,Pregnidosine ete Ovral, Primulut-N, Cyclonorm, Sustanon, Durabolin ete Page 34 of 46
Anxiolytic & Tranguillisers
Calmpose, Anxit,Alprax, Librum, Serenaee, Fluril ete Angised, Sorbitrate, Duvadilan etc Systemic Alkasers
Citralka, Cital etc Hemostatics
Vitamine C, K, Styptovit, Styptichrome etc Anti- Reumatic & Anti-Inflammtori
Voveran 50/100, Rumatin I Piroxicam, Brufen200/400, Imol plus, Combiflam, Diclomol, Ibugesic plus J Aceclofenac, Aceclofrnac plus Paracitamol combination Muscle Relaxant
Hyfenac-MR, Serofen-MR, Dolostat-MR etc Anti-oedema
Emanzen-D, Dolostat SPI Space SP etc Pre & Pro Biotic
Folic Acid
Neurobione Forte,Neurokind LCI Neurocare-G, Atobion plus etc Protein suppliments
Proteinex, Protinuls, D-Protein etc Anti- Fungals
Tab. Flucon lSD, Fungivin Any more additions if necessary.  Estimated Annual Expenditure : Rs.18,00,000/-(Rupees Eighteen lakhs only)
EMD : Nil
Required Delivery Schedule: The medicine should be supplied within 7 days from the date
of issue of the intimation letter to Supply of medicine enclosed with the indented list of
medicine at our Health Center/ Stores, BRBNML, Mysore before 1600 hours on any working
Required Terms of Delivery, Destination and preferred mode of Transportation:
F.O.R.BRBNMPL, MYSORE inclusive of delivery as per the specification and scope of
work given in Schedule VII and Price bid should be as per Section: XI.
Wholly owned Subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India)
Note Mudran Nagar, Mysore 570003.
Mode of Transportation: As desired by the bidders which should be in safe and secured

(To be signed & stamped and submitted along with single bid) Page 35 of 46
Section VII: Scope of work & Specific Terms & Conditions of the Tender
1) Price: Tenderers has to indicate only maximum rate of discount can be offered on Maximum Retail Price (MRP) printed on medicines in price bid. The offer should be valid for Two years from the date of contract on yearly renewable basis. Conditional discount will not be considered. 2) Delivery: The medicine should be supplied within 7 days from the date of issue of the intimation letter to Supply of medicine enclosed with the indented list of medicine at our Health Center/ Stores, BRBNML, Mysore before 1600 hours on any working day. 3) Validity of Tender/Contract & extension thereof: Tender/Contract, on finalization, will be valid for a period of Two years on yearly renewable basis. However, Tender/Contract can be extended by further one more year on mutual consent with the same terms & conditions. 4) Validity of tender bid: Bid should be valid for 90 days from the date of opening. 5) Payment Terms: Bill will be settled based on the actual order placed, material received & accepted at our Health Center/Stores and on submission of bills based on MRP price printed on the medicines & supplied. Payment will be made after deducting the rate of discount offered by you. Sales tax as applicable will be paid extra at actual on submission of bill. Payment is made through A/c Payee cheque drawn on SBM. Demand Drafts will be issued only against specific requests after deducting necessary bank charges. 6) E.M.D: Nil. Refer Clause no.50.1, Part II of Section II General Instructions to Tenderer 7) Security Deposit: The successful Tenderer shall furnish a Security Deposit for an amount equivalent to 10% on the estimated annual procurement cost. The Security Deposit is liable to be forfeited, if the party fails to supply the medicine as per the specification and the delivery schedule prescribed in the Supply order/Purchase Order and/or if the party not able to supply the medicine as per quoted discount rate. Please Refer Clause No.6 of Section IV General Conditions of Contract (GCC) 2. Medicine list: Medicines listed in Section VI is only indicative and not exhaustive.
The items may vary at the time of placement of Purchase order as per our requirement.
BRBNMPL shall have the right to foreclose the order before the expiry of the validity
depending upon need or if the supplies are not as per delivery schedule or the supply is
found to be unsatisfactory.

(To be signed & stamped and submitted along with Single Bid tender documents) Page 36 of 46
Section VIII: Quality Control Requirements
1) As mentioned in the Specification & Scope of work in Section VI & VII of this 2) Expiry date: Medicine to be supplied should have date of expiry clearly mentioned and should have minimum one year date of expiry from the date of delivery. We will be returning the unused medicines before their life expiry date and you have to replace the medicines with fresh stock. 3) Indemnity: The supplier shall at all times indemnify BRBNMPL against all claims which may arise in respect of the stores/materials/medicines for infringement of any right protected by patient, Registration of design or trademark and shall take all risk of accidents or damage which causes a failure of the supply. Supplier should always make sure that right supply is made and shall indemnify the purchaser against all risks and claims/damages thereof arising out of wrong and /or substandard supply. (To be signed & stamped and submitted along with Single Bid tender documents) Page 37 of 46


We will supply the material strictly as per specifications and compliance statement given below.
Requirements of BRBNMPL
OFFERED / Agreed by
the party (YES/No)
Supply of item as per the specification in Section VII above Delivery (within 8 Weeks) Performance Security clause as given the tender(ref. clause No.6 of GCC) Warranty Clause as given in the tender Payment terms as mentioned in the tender Accepted all the terms and conditions and do not have any counter conditions Have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions mentioned in Section II – GIT and Section IV – GCC. Supply of items as per the dimensions mentioned in the sketch
Authorised signatory and stamp

To be signed & stamped and submitted along with Single Bid tender documents) Page 38 of 46
Section IX: Qualification/ Eligibility Criteria.
I. Experience & Past Performance:
The bidder should be in the field of tendered item business.
Bidder should have, manufactured / supplied at least 30% of (the estimated value) the similar
items during last five years.
Note: Documentary proof (copies of POs executed/work completion certificate) for the above
qualifying criterion should be submitted along with your offer duly signed by authorized
signatory of your company.
II. Capability –Manufacturing/Supplying facilities
Note: Documentary proof for manufacturing/Supplying facilities, Manpower available for
the above qualifying criterion should be submitted along with your offer duly signed by
authorized signatory of your company.
III. Financial standings

 Bidders should not have suffered any financial loss for more than one year during last  The minimum average turnover of the bidding firm for last three years should be Rs. 6.0 Lakhs All financial standings data like P/L accounts, Balance sheets, etc. for 12-13, 13-14 & 14-15 as 31st March of year---- should be duly certified by certified accountants i.e. Chartered Accountants (CA).  (Pl. submit duly audited last three years balance sheets & P/L accounts
along with your Single bid)

FY ……………
FY ……………
FY ………….
(as on 31st March.
(as on 31st March
(as on 31st March.
Net Profit

IV. General

 The firm should give a declaration in annexure-B that they have not been blacklisted / debarred by BRBNMPL/Government of India in the past 5 years as on today. Also they should not have been blacklisted at present.  Original Manufacturer may submit their offer through their authorized distributor/dealers. Necessary authorization certificate should be supplied to this effect.  The Tenderer should be registered in INDIA under State VAT Act / Central Sales Tax Act / also to be registered under Central Excise Act (if applicable).  The firm should confirm that they are competent and legally authorized to submit the tender and / or to enter into legally binding contract.  The tenderer shall enclose a confidentiality statement duly signed and stamped. Page 39 of 46
"The information, which is contained in this document will not, in whole or in part
be reproduced, transferred to other documents/electronic media or disclosed to
others without written consent of BRBNMPL". Bidder shall also undertake to
maintenance secrecy, exclusivity and confidentiality of the high security currency
printing environment of BRBNMPL.

Bidder to furnish stipulated documents is support of fulfillment of qualifying criteria. Non-submission or incomplete submission of documents may lead to rejection of offer. We _(name of the company) have enclosed
Supportive documents pertaining to the above requirements.
Authorized signature with stamp

(To be signed & stamped and submitted along with Single Bid tender documents) Annexure - B
We, M/s . hereby
declare that our firm has not been blacklisted either by BRBNMPL or
Government of India as on date.
Signature with stamp affixed.
(To be signed & stamped and submitted along with Single Bid tender documents) Page 40 of 46
Section X: Tender Form
Date ……………………… To
Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited
Wholly owned Subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India)
Note Mudran Nagar,
Mysore 570003

Ref: Tender No 108/MYS/MMD/2014-15 dated 19/01/2015 FOR SUPPLY OF MEDICINE

We, the undersigned have examined the above mentioned tender enquiry document, including
amendment No. ------, dated (if any), the receipt of which is hereby
confirmed. We now offer to supply and deliver ………………. (description of goods and
services) in conformity with your above referred document for the sum of refer our Price
submitted in Section XI (total as shown in the price schedule(s), attached herewith and
made part of this tender.
If our tender is accepted, we undertake to supply the goods and perform the services as
mentioned above, in accordance with the delivery schedule specified in the List of
We further confirm that, if our tender is accepted, we shall provide you with a performance
security of required amount in an acceptable form in terms of GCC clause 6, read with
modification, if any, in Section V — "Special Conditions of Contract", for due performance
of the contract.
We agree to keep our tender valid for acceptance for a period up to
as required in the GIT clause 19, read with modification, if any in Section-III — "Special Instructions to Tenderers" or for subsequently extended period, if any, agreed to by us. We also accordingly confirm to abide by this tender up to the aforesaid period and this tender may be accepted any time before the expiry of the aforesaid period. We further confirm that, until a formal contract is executed, this tender read with your written acceptance thereof within the aforesaid period shall constitute a binding contract between us. We further understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any tender you may receive against your above-referred tender enquiry. Dated this _ day of For & on behalf of (Signature with date) (Name and designation) Duly authorized to sign tender for and on behalf of ……………………. (To be signed & stamped and submitted along with Single Bid tender documents) Page 41 of 46
Section XI: Price Schedule
Company Name,
BRBNML VENDOR REGISTRATION NO:. (If provisionally registered)
The General Manger,
BRBNMPL, Note Mudran Nagar,
MYSORE - 570 003.
Dear Sir,
ON YEARLY RENEWABLE BASIS. We have received your tender enquiry cited and we are pleased to offer following percentage of discount for
your kind consideration.
Maximum rate of Discount offered on
Item to supply
Maximum Retail Price (M.R.P) printed on
Medicines (as per tentative list
mentioned in Section VI)
Note: Price/Discount bids with conditions/ counter conditions are liable to be rejected
1) We confirm that the medicines will be delivered with in 7days at your Health Center/General Stores from the date of receipt of your intimation letter to supply of medicines on F.O.R. BRBNMPL, General Stores, and Mysuru inclusive of all with delivery charges but excluding applicable VAT/Sales Tax. 2) We confirm that there would not be any price discount revision during the period of Two years for any reason whatsoever as also for the
extended period, if any. 3) We confirm that on being successful in the Contract/Tender, we will supply the items as indicated in the Tender. 4) We also confirm that we will abide by all the tender conditions and we do not have any counter conditions. In case any column is not applicable, please write as ‘ NA' without fail. TOTAL AMOUNT IN WORDS:. Page 42 of 46
Tender will be finalized on L1 basis.L1 shall be selected based on eligible bidders offering maximum discount on medicines to be supplied Bidders may enclose separate sheet, if required, to give price break up &
We confirm that the price quoted will be valid till the completion of supply of entire quantity.

Thanking you, Yours faithfully, ( Name
Signature with date.
Note : i) Price should be quoted exactly as per the format given above .
ii) Price bids with conditions /Counter conditions are liable for rejection (To be signed & stamped and submitted along with Single Bid tender documents) Page 43 of 46
Section XII: Questionnaire
The Tenderer should furnish specific answers to all the questions/ issues mentioned below. In case a question / issue do not apply to a tenderer, the same should be answered with the remark ―not applicable". Wherever necessary and applicable, the tenderer shall enclose certified copy as documentary proof/ evidence to substantiate the corresponding statement. In case a tenderer furnishes a wrong or evasive answer against any of the under mentioned question / issues, its tender will be liable to be ignored. Brief description and of goods and services offered: Offer is valid for acceptance up to : 90 days from date of tender opening Your permanent Income Tax A/ C No. as allotted by the Income Tax Authority of Government of India Please attach certified copy of your latest/ current Income Tax clearance certificate issued by the above authority. Also submit copy of VAT/CST registration certificate (TIN No.). Are you currently registered with the Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals (DGS&D), New Delhi, and/ or the National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), New Delhi, and/ or the present BRBNMPL and/ or the Directorate of Industries of the concerned State Government for the goods quoted? If so, indicate the date up to which you are registered and whether there is any monetary limit imposed on your registration. Are you currently registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 or any other similar Act? Please attach certified copy(s) of your registration status etc. in case your answer(s) to above queries is in affirmative. Please indicate name & full address of your Banker(s) Please state whether business dealings with you currently stand suspended/ banned by any Ministry / Deptt. of Government of India or by any State Govt. Whether Technical & Financial Bid is kept in a sealed cover with clear superscription on the envelope. Whether required EMD & cost of tender documents is submitted along with the technical bid. We _name of the company confirms that we abide by all the terms & conditions of this tender and we don‘t have any counter conditions. We also confirm that we have submitted the financial bid I in prescribed format (Schedule XI – Price Schedule). …………………………… (Signature with date) (Full name, designation & address of the person duly authorized sign on behalf of the tenderer) For and on behalf of ………………………………… ………………………………… (Name, address and stamp of the tendering firm) (To be signed & stamped and submitted along with Single Bid tender documents) To be filled and enclosed with the tender documents for fast transaction of EMD/ Security deposit refund. NATIONAL ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER
Model Mandate Form
(Investor / customer's option to receive payments through Credit Clearing Mechanism) Name of the Scheme and the periodicity of payment Investor / Customer's Name Particulars of Bank account Name of the Bank Name of the branch Whether Bank branch is NEFT enabled Code number of the bank and branch appearing on the MICR Cheque issued by the bank Type of the account (SB, Current or Cash Credit) Ledger and Ledger Folio number Account number (as appearing on the Cheque book) RTGS / IFSC Code No.
(In lieu of the bank certificate to be obtained as under, please attach a blank canceled cheque or photocopy of a cheque or front page of your Savings bank passbook issued by your bank for verification of the above particulars) I hereby declare that the particulars given above are correct and complete. If the transaction is delayed or not effected at all for reasons of incomplete or incorrect information, I would not hold the user institution responsible. I have read the option invitation letter and agree to discharge the responsibility expected of me as a participant under the scheme. Signature of the Investor / Customer Date: Certified that the particulars furnished above are correct as per our records. (…………….…….………….) Signature of the authorized official of the Bank SECTION XIII: BANK GUARANTEE FORM OF EMD

(The above Sections shall be downloaded website: under the section
‗Downloads‘ and signed & stamped and to be submitted along with the Techno-Commercial
& Price bid
as acceptance of terms & conditions. (Offer submitted without the signed copies
of these sections shall liable to be rejected)

(To be signed & stamped and submitted along with Single Bid tender documents)


Aquaculture information pack

AQUACULTURE INFORMATION PACK FEBRUARY In this document The Sustainable Inshore SIFT is a Scottish charity (Registered Scottish Charity Number SC042334) founded in 2011 with the aim of achieving the sustainable management of Scotland's inshore waters so that they provide the maximum long term benefits to all coastal communities.

The Coffee RoasTeR's Table of Contents Acknowledgments vii Preface ix Introduction xi 1 Why We Roast Coffee Beans 1 2 Green-Coffee Chemistry 2 Alkaloids: Caffeine and Trigonelline Moisture Content Gases and Aromatics 3 Green-Coffee Processing and Storage 4 Primary Processing Methods