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TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 9: Rogaine Rogaine is commonly recommended for male- and female- SECTION ONE: WHY AM I LOSING MY HAIR?
Contraindications: not for progressive conditions Chapter 1: Consult Your Doctor Right Away Understand hair's normal growth cycle Chapter 10: Laser Hair Therapy What is laser hair therapy? Chapter 2: Simple Reasons for Hair Loss Laser hair therapy is recommended for male- and female- Contraindications: not for chemotherapy- or autoimmune- disease-related hair loss conditions Chapter 11: Specific Treatments for Specific Hair Loss Trichotillomania (TTM) Chapter 3: Your Styling Habits Can Cause Hair Loss Traction alopecia Traction alopecia and CCCA Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA) Menopause and aging Chapter 4: Autoimmune Diseases That Cause Hair Loss Alopecia areata, totalis and universalis Chapter 12: Alternative and Complementary Treatments for Hair Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture Scalp massage and essential oils Chapter 5: Is It All in My Head? Trichotillomania (TTM) Chapter 13: Commonsense Nutrition for Healthier Hair SECTION ONE TO-DO LIST Eat high-quality proteins SECTION TWO: I WANT MY HAIR BACK!
Consume essential fatty acids Avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks Chapter 6: The Emotional Impact of Hair Loss Role of hair in society Confidence: It's my problem Is bald beautiful for you? Chapter 14: Cut and Style to Minimize Thinning Hair Do I have to cut it short? Chapter 7: Don't Go Anywhere Without a Doctor's Diagnosis Wear hair forward to accentuate facial features See a dermatologist and a primary care physician Notched and irregular ends Consult a hair loss treatment or hair replacement specialist Use products made for fine and thinning hair Warning: Do not diagnose and treat your problems yourself! Color safely … only in the salon Tools to create volume SECTION TWO TO-DO LIST Use heated tools effectively and properly SECTION THREE: NON-SURGICAL TREATMENTS
Chapter 8: Propecia
What is Propecia? Propecia is commonly prescribed for male-pattern baldness Contraindications: not for women

Chapter 15: What Is Hair Transplant Surgery? Chapter 19: Perform Your Due Diligence How to choose a hair replacement or hair loss treatment Chapter 16: Special Considerations in Hair Transplant Surgery center: referrals, FDA or Health Canada approval, Hair transplant surgery and women Racial differences in hair transplant surgery How to find a skilled hair transplant surgeon Contraindications: not for progressive conditions SECTION SIX TO-DO LIST SECTION FOUR TO-DO LIST SECTION SEVEN: FEEL GOOD NO MATTER WHAT
Chapter 20: Make the Choice Chapter 17: High-End, Custom Hair Systems Surgical, non-surgical or nothing at all … Wigs and hairpieces: How do they stay on? Use social networking to reach out Extensions: covering the bald spots Volumizers: using your existing hair SECTION SEVEN TO-DO LIST What's a membership plan? Chapter 18: Mail-Order Hair Systems SECTION FIVE TO-DO LIST

INTRODUCTIONHair loss is such a personal journey – and nobody ever signs up for that trip. So once you find yourself losing your hair, the first thing you need is answers. Answers to your questions about why you are losing your hair. Answers to your questions about who can help you find solutions. Answers to your questions about all the solutions and options available. Answers to your ques-tions about which are the proven hair loss treatments and solutions and which are not. The hair loss industry has come a long way, with FDA or Health Canada-approved pharmaceutical and topical treatments and beautiful, exacting technology and workmanship in the most natural, sur-gical and non-surgical hair replacements ever depending on your hair loss situation. But where to start? We've laid out the information in the order you might want to start investigating your options, and we've given you a handy to-do list to prod you into action after each section.
But first things first, right? Why is this happening to me?

Why Am I Losing My Hair?The reasons for hair loss vary from person to person and can range from the mundane and simple, such as aging or stress, all the way to incurable autoimmune disease or mental health issues. But finding out why you are losing your hair is the key to a Chapter 1: Consult shaft. The new hair shaft pushes out the Once you notice hair falling "dead" hair shaft; this is called the exogen
Your Doctor Right phase. It is perfectly normal to shed 50 to out or thinning, a diagnosis 100 dead telogen hairs every day in your
from a medical doctor is a
comb, brush or shower drain. Typically must for the quickest, most about 10 percent of scalp hair follicles
are normally in the telogen phase at any effective, most successful
If you notice changes in your hair, given time if the scalp is healthy and not your first line of defense can be your affected by any condition that causes hair hairstylist if he or she has known you for many years. However, once you notice hair falling out or thinning, a diagnosis is a very predictable pattern, though it's What happens when you experience hair from a medical doctor is a must for the one easily disrupted by genetics, diseases, loss or thinning is that your hair has fallen quickest, most effective, most successful medications, infections or other, more out normally but has not grown back in treatment. If you wait, your condition can common factors that may cause hair loss. degenerate, and that's a general rule of The normal growth rate of scalp hair is thumb when it comes to hair loss.
about one-fourth to a one-half an inch every month. Hair growth is a repeating UNDERSTANDING HAIR'S
cycle that starts with the anagen growth NORMAL GROWTH CYCLE
phase. During anagen, a follicle actively grows hair until reaching the catagen In addition, by understanding your hair's phase, in which the follicle slows down normal growth cycle, you can gain a growth. During the next phase (telogen), better understanding of your own hair loss the follicle rests prior to the start of a new or thinning issue. The hair growth cycle anagen phase, or growth of a new hair Chapter 2: Simple thinning but can be more localized. Many SCARS
physicians identify stress as a trigger for Reasons for Hair the autoimmune hair loss disease alopecia Any physical follicle trauma can cause permanent hair loss in the form of a scar, or bald spot. "Scarring alopecia" is the medical term for permanent hair loss due to scarring, whether from scalp infections, The medical community currently accepts While your hairstylist can first alert you to fungal infections, autoimmune diseases, certain types of hair loss as perfectly such scalp problems as product buildup, styling trauma or an accident. normal and successfully treatable and sebum plugs and fungal infections, for reversible because they are common, easy example, ringworm (tinea capitis), or to diagnose and respond to treatment. other infections, a dermatologist will need Chapter 3: Your You'll want to be sure that your hair loss to confirm the diagnosis and prescribe is caused by one of these reasons before treatment. These conditions can all reduce Styling Habits Can you adopt any type of treatment plan. cell respiration at the bulb, the base of Stop here first to see if one of these may the hair follicle. Sticky styling products be a contributing factor to disrupting your not removed well enough attract dirt and hair's normal growth cycle bacteria that plug up pores and follicles. Did you know that how you treat your This can lead to serious infections and hair and scalp can actually cause damage scarring alopecia, a condition in which to hair follicles to the point of permanent follicles are destroyed at the site of a scar. hair loss? If you think you have either of Many different hormone fluctuations, the following conditions because of your abnormalities, birth control regimens and hairstyling habits, stop this hairstyle at hormone medications can be associated once and see a dermatologist, who can Sticky styling products not
with hair loss. If you can see no other prescribe a treatment plan to reverse your reason why hair loss would be occurring, removed well enough attract hair loss, if possible.
check in with your primary care physician dirt and bacteria that plug up
and/or an endocrinologist (hormone pores and follicles. This can
doctor) for blood testing. Pregnancy, birth, and menopause are normal, hormonal lead to serious infections and This condition results from any hairstyle
reasons that can cause temporary hair loss (for example, a simple daily ponytail) worn so tightly that it actually pulls out the hairs from the roots and causes inflammation and trauma to the follicles. Traction alopecia can go on for years, Many medicines such as steroids and and it is most commonly seen in African- chemotherapy have a side effect of hair Hair thinning and loss are also common American women who wear tightly loss. Check with your physician if you signs of aging as natural hormones braided styles. This trauma throws the notice hair loss, especially when starting a reduce and the hormonal by-product follicles into a resting state prematurely, new medication regimen.
DHT (dihydrotestosterone) increases and hair does not regrow as long as the production, which attacks hair follicles area is being pulled too tightly. Traction and causes male-pattern baldness and alopecia is usually evident in a thinning female-pattern baldness. Women are and receding at the hairline because Everyday stress and physical and predisposed to general, diffused thinning, that's where hairs are pulled the hardest, emotional trauma can affect your hair while men have genetically predisposed and sometimes infections, pustules, and the same way they affect other major receptors located in certain areas of the papules will appear at the site of the organs, such as the heart. Sometimes scalp. This results in a specific pattern of damage. Because of the constant tension, hair loss is sudden (anagen effluvium), balding that can be identified. In women, many hairs will just break off midshaft. and sometimes it can be delayed up to sometimes hair loss due to aging can be In addition there is pain at the site of six months after a traumatic event has mistakenly attributed to menopause, as the the pulling. Traction alopecia can also occurred (telogen effluvium). Usually body adjusts to new hormone levels and be caused, in both men and women, by stress-related hair loss will reverse itself fluctuations during this time. a hairpiece attached with clips or links once the body has normalized. Hair loss that are pulling too tightly, from hair due to stress usually presents as a general extensions that are too heavy for the

existing hair they are attached to, from Sometimes hair fall-out is accompanied a weave that's too tight or even from by a scalp rash that can scar and harm dreadlocks that have grown too heavy for follicles permanently, and sometimes the scalp and hair to support. hair loss is only temporary and the hair regrows if the disease can be brought CENTRAL CENTRIFUGAL
under control.
Along with causing traction alopecia, Get started on finding out why styling and grooming practices This autoimmune disease affects the you are experiencing hair loss: specifically place African-American connective tissues and skin, manifesting women at risk for another form of itself in a hardening of the skin, which Make a list of symptoms "traumatic" hair loss – central centrifugal can affect hair follicles to the point of you notice about your hair cicatricial alopecia, or CCCA, from destruction, scars and permanent hair loss.
constant heat styling close to the scalp and irritating chemical processes such as relaxers. This type of hair loss typically Chapter 5: Is It All medications you are occurs at the crown area of the head and currently taking.
can go unnoticed until patients report pain, scarring or hair loss. Make a written list of questions about your hair loss that you want Pronounced trik'oh-till'oh-may'nee-ah, or "trich" for short, this mental disorder is characterized by the compulsion to pull Make an appointment and talk with your hairstylist.
hair out from the head or body. Hair loss can affect any head, facial, or body hair Make an appointment with and results in noticeable bald patches and a dermatologist. serious hair loss in severe cases. Trich is usually diagnosed by a dermatologist, Make an appointment ALOPECIA AREATA, TOTALIS
and experienced hair loss professionals with your primary care can also feel the telltale stubble of hairs growing back where they have been Alopecia areata is caused by your body's pulled out, as opposed to alopecia areata immune system mistakenly attacking your bald patches, which are smooth. There own hair follicles, which disrupts the hair aren't many statistics on trich because growth phase. Usually the hair loss from sufferers try to keep it a secret for as long this disease results in patchy bald areas as possible.
and is lost in no determinable pattern. When hair loss involves the total head, it is called alopecia totalis, and when it extends to total body hair loss, it is called alopecia universalis. There is no proven cure for the conditions, but many doctors prescribe medications to help control the episodes.
Lupus is another disease where your
body's immune system mistakenly attacks your body. Often hair loss is one of the first symptoms a patient will notice because it may be sudden and profuse.

I WANT MY HAIR BACK!After reading about all the reasons for hair loss, get a doctor's diagnosis in order to achieve the most successful solutions and treatments. You'll also need to get a new attitude that is proactive. You must face who you are today, and it can be very emotional when you don't recognize the person in the mir- ror who is staring back at you.
It's easier said than done to just change Emotional Impact Experts say that a lack
your hairstyle or lose it entirely and be left of confidence is the big-
with nothing. And it is so personal how we feel about our hair and hair loss that gest problem that hair loss it's not even something you can decide
patients have, and who can on before it happens. Because once it
blame them?
happens, your whole world changes! Hair has been an indicator of beauty, CONFIDENCE: IT'S MY
social standing, rites of passage, marital status, geography, health and style since often gravitate to this type of hairstyling the ancient civilizations. And working option. It becomes a style issue … one of Of course your hair loss is a main focus with hair is a cultural art and a skill, self-esteem, too. Not only do the braids in your life but not in everybody else's too. Just look at the intricately braided themselves have social and personal life. In fact, you may never have given styles worn by modern African-American significance, but the actual braiding has hair loss a second thought, that is, until women. While many wear braided styles always been a ritual performed among it happened to you. Most people are not to celebrate their cultural heritage, another families and friends, and it continues to looking to recognize your hair loss or important aspect of modern-day braiding the present day. Because some styles can figure out if your hair is thinning or if is that it embraces an African-American take many hours to create, getting together you are wearing a hair replacement. It's woman's "natural" hair texture. Those to braid is the ultimate act of friendship up to you to represent yourself in the who choose not to straighten or relax as well as taking pride in the skill and best light so people see your personality their hair with chemicals or heat will heritage involved.
and your smile. Experts say that a lack of confidence is the biggest problem CONSULT A HAIR LOSS
that hair loss patients have, and who can Chapter 7: Don't TREATMENT OR HAIR
blame them? But as with any issues you may have in life, whatever the problem, it Go Anywhere will rise to the surface as insecurity if you If your hair loss is noticeable or upsets let it. Others can smell insecurity a mile Without a Doctor's you, and you've decided that bald is away, so, how can you rise above your not for you, you'll want to seek out an hair and let the real you show through? experienced reputable hair loss treatment center and/or a hair replacement studio for IS BALD BEAUTIFUL FOR YOU?
SEE A DERMATOLOGIST AND A help in navigating your options. An expert
can guide you in choosing the appropriate There is definitely a difference, though, hair loss prevention and restoration between choosing a bald look and having A dermatologist can diagnose any protocols or the hair replacements that to deal with baldness caused by a hair loss scalp infection or fungus in addition are currently available for both men and disease or cancer. When you first begin to examining hair follicles under a to lose your hair from chemotherapy or microscope. He or she can prescribe alopecia areata and patches fall out, the approved medications and refer you to Warning: Do not diagnose and treat your hair gets frizzy and bald spots appear; the proper physician who can further this can happen to both men and women. diagnose and rule out any autoimmune And in talking with hair loss sufferers and conditions or diseases and prescribe any By embarking on treatments without a hair replacement specialists alike, there additional medications needed. A medical diagnosis from your doctor and a hair loss really is a difference in the way you may doctor is the only one who can write you professional, you can actually make your be treated when your hair loss issues are a prescription for a "cranial prosthesis" situation so much worse – and not even noticeable. You feel as if people's eyes rise (a medically necessary wig), which may realize it. In addition, you are delaying above yours to what's on top, right? But be covered under your health insurance treatment, and research has proven that what it all boils down to is that if you're policy. A primary care doctor can also time is of the essence when it comes to not confident in whatever choice you check for hormone imbalance, side-effects shrinking hair follicles. The earlier you make for yourself – whether it is being of any medications, malnutrition and treat any hair loss condition, the better. bald and proud or wearing a wig or a new Once follicles are dead, there is nothing hairstyle – then you are discriminating you can do about it short of hair transplant against yourself before anyone else ever Your diagnosis and prognosis determine surgery. As soon as you become concerned a successful hair loss treatment and about your hair loss, you should see a replacement plan.
professional. And there are so many options for treatment and replacement: prescription medications, laser hair therapy, wigs, surgical transplants, non- surgical hair systems, correcting product SECTION TWO TO-DO LIST: regimens and more.
Get a doctor's diagnosis for your hair loss condition. Get a second opinion, if necessary.
Make a list of your recent accomplishments that have nothing to do with Visit your hairstylist to see what can be done in terms of cutting and styling to improve your situation while you decide what to do.
Decide whether being bald or buzzing down to bald is right for you.
Make an appointment at a hair loss treatment center and learn about your Read on to learn more about treatments and solutions for every type of SECTION THREE:
NON-SURGICAL TREATMENTS AND SOLUTIONSAs recently as the 1980s there was nothing for hair loss sufferers except wigs, toupees and hair plugs. But now there are so many choices and treatments available, and no matter what type of hair loss you are experiencing, technology has brought hair loss prevention, restoration and replacement up to date. If you're experiencing hair thinning or loss for any reason, you may not even be aware of all the avenues available to you – until you visit a hair replacement studio and meet with a hair loss or hair replacement professional. The biggest benefit in learning about your treatment and solution options is for you to realize you're not the only one in the world this is happening to and that there are people who can help you.
Chapter 8: Propecia Propecia is commonly prescribed for Contraindications: Propecia is not for male-pattern baldness women because it is based on male WHAT IS PROPECIA?
Propecia was developed to treat mild to moderate male-pattern baldness on Propecia is an oral daily medication the top and middle scalp areas of the Chapter 9: Rogaine approved by the FDA and Health Canada head, although it is not proven to work as a hair loss treatment and prescribed by on receding hairlines. Usually it will be WHAT IS ROGAINE?
your doctor or dermatologist. The drug prescribed in conjunction with topical works to block DHT, a normal hormonal Rogaine and in addition to hair transplant Rogaine was created from the generic drug by-product that increases production as we surgery and laser hair therapy. Propecia minoxidil, which was originally developed age; DHT attacks hair follicles, causing is a long-term commitment and treatment as an oral blood pressure medication male-pattern baldness. The medication plan, and results are cumulative over time with the strange side-effect of hair blocks DHT from accumulating on but will be lost if you discontinue taking growth. Now, Rogaine is the only FDA follicles so they can keep growing hair. the medication.
and Health Canada-approved, over-the- counter, brand-name topical medication hair therapy is often used in conjunction for men who want to halt additional hair Chapter 10: Laser with other treatments, such as Propecia loss and possibly regrow some hair that (for men) so the hair loss can be attacked has been lost. This topical daily treatment from inside the body and from the surface, for hair loss increases blood flow to the as well. If your hair loss condition is follicles, depending on the concentration WHAT IS LASER HAIR
temporary, a medical side effect or a of the liquid, which can improve hair result of hormonal change or trauma, laser growth. It does not stimulate dead follicles hair therapy will regrow hair faster and to grow and works best in conjunction Because hair is meant to fall out and healthier. But, if your hair loss condition is with Propecia (if you're a man) and laser regrow from the roots, when follicles progressive and you discontinue therapy, hair therapy, for either men or women, begin to shrink and degenerate, the hair your hair loss will revert to what it to prevent future hair loss and strengthen does not grow back and hair loss occurs. would have been if you had not done any existing hair and follicles. FDA studies undertaken in the United- treatment at all.
States have shown that low-level laser Rogaine is commonly recommended for light therapy, when used on a regular Contraindications: Laser hair therapy male- and female-pattern baldness.
basis, stimulates follicles to repair is not recommended for hair loss due to themselves and grow again. This slows chemotherapy or alopecia areata (or any While you can expect a marginal down hair loss and in many cases reverses autoimmune disease) or if you have had improvement, most doctors do not the degenerative cycle and stimulates a extensive hair loss for more than five years. recommend Rogaine as the most effective live follicle to produce thicker, stronger approach to male-pattern baldness. Rogaine and more hair. Laser hair therapy can be has no hormone-blocking effects that administered through a hand-held unit at Chapter 11: Specific can improve hair growth, like Propecia's home or under a stronger, standing unit at DHT-blocking action. Results from the use a laser hair treatment center or hair loss of Rogaine are also temporary, though the treatment studio or clinic. The at-home newest foam applications are more effective unit looks like a hairbrush or comb with Specific Hair Loss at putting the medication where it's needed. diodes and LED lights that distribute laser While employing Rogaine in conjunction light to the scalp. Some units have comb with other treatments, some hair loss teeth or bristles that simultaneously part professionals have had good results using your hair so that light reaches the scalp. it at a higher concentration than what is The more laser diodes, the stronger the approved by the FDA or Health Canada.
Research into treatments for TTM has grown as awareness has yielded For women with diffuse (widespread) Laser hair therapy is recommended for an increasing number of options, thinning hair beginning at the part line, male- and female-pattern baldness.
but still none of the treatments work many doctors find Rogaine more effective for all patients, and children and for them than for men. Rogaine is a adolescents have different needs than successful treatment with permanent results FDA studies have shown that adults do. Experimenting with different
for temporary hair loss problems in cases of low-level laser light therapy, combinations of treatments, medications
traction alopecia and CCCA if follicles are and tools is common to find what works when used on a regular
still alive. It can stimulate these traumatized best. Search out a specialist to explain follicles to grow hair, and then the follicle basis, stimulates follicles to and diagnose the condition and to make
takes over its job once the trauma is repair themselves and grow referrals for well-documented treatments
removed. Note that women's Rogaine has to reduce hair pulling and support groups not received the required approvals and thus to help with emotional issues. If you can it is not currently available in Canada.
find a hair replacement specialist who This treatment has been approved by has experience working with TTM, he Contraindications: Rogaine is not the FDA, and in Canada certain laser or she can also provide ways to cover up recommended for: older men with treatment tools, such as the Hairmax the disease and bring about improvement progressive, excess balding, as they will not laser comb, are approved by Health in the condition by blocking the pulling see the benefit, and for anyone suffering Canada to promote hair growth in males of live hairs with a natural-looking hair from alopecia areata (or any autoimmune with male-pattern baldness who have replacement. The specialist can provide disease) or cancer. Norwood-Hamilton Classifications of I to a solution that covers just the bald patch V and females with diffuse female-pattern or offers whole-head protection and the baldness. If your hair loss is severe, laser beautiful, natural-looking coverage of a human hair wig. Once the hair pulling is reversibility of the hair loss depends so that your hairstylist does not repeat under control, a hair loss treatment expert on how much breakage or thinning has the mistake. If you have no success with can show you approved treatments that occurred and whether the follicles have your stylist, you may need to find a more help stimulate your live follicles to regrow been damaged over time to the point of skilled one.
a healthy head of hair.
death. Trim longer hair lengths to reduce excessive weight and stress on follicles. Will my hair grow back?
In addition to medical treatment, relief If your hair has noticeable bald patches, has been found through dietary changes, breakage toward the upper half of the hair In most cases hair grows back, but meditation, hypnosis, prayer, yoga and shafts and/or severe thinning around the it can take about six months or more herbal remedies. (See also Chapters 12 hairline, a short, chic haircut is the best and a dramatic change in hairstyle to way to maximize the style of curly hair achieve healthy regrowth. For stubborn naturally while letting hair follicles rest.
cases involving infected follicles, the most common treatment is oral and If follicles have been damaged and topical antibiotics followed by cortisone Your scalp undergoes changes as hair is stressed for a prolonged period of time, injections and/or topical cortisone falling out, and it becomes very sensitive permanent hair loss can occur in those cream to reduce the inflammation that is from chemotherapy. You may notice areas. A dermatologist who specializes damaging the follicles. After infection hair loss in clumps or the texture of your in hair loss issues can examine follicles and inflammation are under control, remaining hair changing, becoming Rogaine or laser hair therapy works best thin and fuzzy. Stylists and hair loss to stimulate quicker regrowth for live professionals are there to help ease your Successful treatment and
follicles. Once follicles regain their health fears and deal with hair loss issues as they and start growing, no other treatments reversibility of the hair loss
should be necessary.
depends on how much break-
For oncology-related hair loss, you age or thinning has occurred ALOPECIA AREATA
can choose any of the usual wig types and whether the follicles have
or you can investigate actual medical There are treatment options available for prostheses for medically related hair loss. been damaged over time to mild, patchy alopecia areata (less than 50
These breathe like your own skin and the point of death.
percent scalp hair loss), such as cortisone are capable of giving you a more natural, injections, but none of the acceptable healthier appearance. These devices can treatments work in all cases. Many replace all of your hair and allow you under a microscope to look for signs of hairstylists are using laser hair therapy to to sleep, shower and perform normal life, and you should try all the treatments stimulate the follicles to create new hair, daily activities with them on, which can available to coax follicles back to health. which works only for clients who still go a long way toward helping you feel If your hair loss is severe, a wig is your have active hair follicles at the beginning better. Many insurance companies that best option, both to cover your hair stages of hair loss. In all forms of alopecia, cover prostheses of any kind will also loss and to let follicles rest and heal. A the hair follicles remain alive and are cover a medically necessary wig, or hair replacement specialist can help in ready to resume normal hair production cranial prosthesis. Having your medically choosing an appropriate wig. Lace or whenever they receive the appropriate necessary wig covered by your insurance hand-tied cap styles let in oxygen and signal from the body. In all cases, should be a goal of yours in order to get avoid sebum and sweat buildup so you hair regrowth may occur even without the best, highest-quality wig you can avoid further infections. An alternative treatment and even after many years. afford; you'll need a written prescription style to tight braiding and tight ponytails Currently, there are experiments occurring from your oncologist.
is soft twists on either side, which will in the treatment of alopecia areata using be full at the front and top to give your stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) TRACTION ALOPECIA AND
hairline a rest. Any soft accessories also that experts are optimistic about.
can help during this time. The key to remember is not to wear anything tight Hair replacement for alopecia areata
Early detection, proper diagnosis and in your hair. If you notice any signs of making the appropriate style change oversensitivity, such as itchiness, redness Investigating your options for hair as soon as possible are the keys to or flaking directly after a treatment at replacement is an excellent choice. With successfully overcoming traction alopecia the salon, immediately have your stylist today's technology and artistry, hair and CCCA. "Style change" means no try to neutralize or reverse the process. replacements are designed to suit your more hair relaxing, straight irons or And always make a note of any salon particular hair color, texture, density, tight braiding. Successful treatment and process that did not work for your hair, length, style and hair loss needs with accuracy and care. Although it is your most expensive option, you can even have individual extension strands sewn into the custom-designed hair solution, one strand at a time. This creates a system that can be integrated into your existing hair to cover only the missing patches. These sewn-in extensions are virtually undetectable and last several years, with regular care, and they can be washed, styled, colored and cut to change your style whenever you MENOPAUSE AND AGING
When it comes to hair loss that is due to menopause, once medications, stress and hormone levels become more stable, the hair loss very often corrects itself. Hair thinning, dryness and brittleness associated with aging may remain. Except in retrospect, it's difficult to know whether your hair loss symptoms are caused by that if yang energy is too great, one loses aging or by your body going through the hair. A deficiency in the kidneys can also change of menopause. A year after you get cause hair loss, and both cause "heat" in your last period and determine that you the body to rise until hair falls out and have gone through menopause is the time does not grow back. Acupuncture may to look back and decide whether changes help rid your body of this excess heat in your hair were due to menopause. and amplify yin energy in certain kidney No matter what options you decide on Treatments for Hair meridians. Chinese medicine practitioners regarding hormone replacement therapy, believe that the condition of your hair supplements and medications, following follicles is directly related to your general health guidelines is especially blood toxicity, so organs responsible for important during menopause, since your When you first start to experience hair cleansing the blood, such as kidneys, will body needs all the regulation it can get loss that takes you by surprise, you may be checked for deficiencies.
in terms of sleep, nutrition and exercise. be dismayed to hear about some of the Beyond this time period, once your body treatment choices available for: FDA and SCALP MASSAGE AND
stabilizes, if your hair loss is still troubling Health Canada-approved medications to you, make an appointment with a hair loss take for as long as you want to keep hair treatment specialist to determine treatment loss at bay, surgical methods of replacing options for improving your situation. hair you've lost, and non-surgical hair Scalp massage, when applied gently, is Laser hair therapy is a Health Canada- replacement systems. But for those of you part of the overall care plan, depending approved way to treat female hair thinning who are accustomed to trying and using on the actual diagnosis of your hair loss and hair loss.
different alternative therapies to treat your condition. Scalp massaging, with or health issues, try them for your hair loss, without the use of natural botanicals and/ or essential oils, is a practice that has been used throughout history by many The most obvious benefit of TRADITIONAL CHINESE
cultures. The most obvious benefit of MEDICINE AND ACUPUNCTURE
scalp massaging is an instant increase scalp massaging is an instant
in blood flow and circulation, which nourishes the hair follicles. Stress and increase in blood flow and
According to Chinese medicine, the tension, which can restrict blood flow circulation, which nourishes opposite yin and yang energies in your
to the follicles, along with sebum plugs the hair follicles.
body must be balanced; otherwise negative and excess dead skin, which can block health effects can occur. Practitioners say hairs from exiting the follicles, can all be improved by massaging the scalp on a CONSUME ESSENTIAL FATTY
daily basis. Benefits of scalp massage can ACIDS
be greatly increased by adding essential A diet very low in calories (fewer than oils to the regimen because of their ease These nutrients are essential to shiny, 600 calories per day) deprives hair, as well of absorption and their anti-bacterial, anti- vibrant, healthy hair and the cellular as the rest of your body, of the necessary fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. function necessary for hair growth, but nutrients for health and growth and will Many essential oils render well-known they are not produced within the human result in breakage and dull hair.
energizing, invigorating effects to body and must be consumed instead. The both skin and the underlying cellular daily use of seeds and nuts and the cold- pressed oils from them, such as flax seed oil, on salads and in any dishes that do Chapter 14: Cut and not require heating will bring the essential omega-6 fatty acids to your diet. Omega- Style to Minimize 3s, the other important fatty acids, are contained in oily fish and walnuts. AVOID CAFFEINE AND
Whether you are biding your time while deciding what treatment to begin, letting hair follicles rest or undergoing treatment, These empty-calorie drinks actually leach there is much your hairstylist can do While the quality, quantity and distribution of important vitamins and minerals from through cut, color and care to minimize your hair are genetically predetermined and your body and provide nothing your the effects of hair thinning and hair cannot be changed, solving hair malnutrition body needs in return. They also take the loss. You've probably noticed that after problems can make a big difference in the place of healthier choices such as water, washing and styling, fine and thinning health and appearance of your hair. decaffeinated black or green tea and fresh, hair loses natural volume quickly, flattens all-natural fruit juices. out and does not keep its intended shape. AVOID JUNK FOOD
Since you can't "work out" your hair DRINK YOUR WATER
follicle muscles to make them stronger, Steer clear of sugary, fatty foods, which you will have to increase the volume of fill you up with calories that have no The human body needs about 64 ounces the hair artificially. If your hair is naturally nutritional value to your body. These of water (that's eight 8-ounce glasses) to thin and fine or you've just noticed a "empty calories" contain nothing your maintain healthy body systems, including change in your hair for any reason, you body needs for building and maintaining hair growth. Are you getting enough? should head straight to your hairstylist healthy skin and hair.
After urinating the first time upon waking and discuss your observations with a up, your urine should be colorless and professional. He or she will know when to EAT HIGH-QUALITY PROTEINS
odorless for the remainder of the day. If refer you to a doctor or a hair replacement it is a concentrated yellow or has a strong specialist and exactly what hairstyles Since hair is made of keratin protein, a odor, increase your water intake.
make the most of thinning hair. Plus, the diet deficient in protein will show up in stylist can use the tricks of the trade to hair thinning and loss along with dulling bring out the best in your new hair type and breakage. Increase your intake of and your facial features.
high-quality, protein-rich foods such as lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy DO I HAVE TO CUT IT SHORT?
products, soy, nuts, grains, beans and It's a myth that fine hair needs to be cut supershort, even though most stylists GET AMINO ACIDS
agree that shorter hair is stronger than longer hair. Just talk with your stylist There are eight essential amino acids about bringing up the length or trying a included in "complete proteins," which new, shorter style that is as short as you are necessary on a daily basis for overall can handle. Bobs and pixie styles are great healthy hair growth. Some complete for making the most of thinning hair and proteins include meat, fish, poultry, milk accentuating facial features. It's important and milk products such as yogurt and to remember that the actual lines of the cheese, soybeans and eggs.
cut support your fine hair, and as soon as it grows (in about six to eight weeks), it stylist to show you some techniques for TOOLS TO CREATE VOLUME
loses its shape and your style will fall flat. helping thinning hair look a little thicker. Trims must be kept up! Start with wet (not dripping-wet) hair Create volume at the roots by using a because the hair shaft is swollen and the round brush and aiming the blow-dryer at WEAR HAIR FORWARD
cuticle is open, so it will accept what you roots as you move the brush away from TO ACCENTUATE FACIAL
the scalp. Use a ceramic-barrel round brush to flip hair up or under at ends. The COLOR SAFELY … ONLY IN THE ceramic barrel holds the heat, thereby
Try a style with a forward-moving angle making the brush more effective in styling. at the front that flips up or under at the Try setting curlers in a zigzag pattern so ends to add the look of volume. Beware Never color thinning hair at home because that each section holds up the ones on the mistake of brushing hair up and away fine or thinning hair is more susceptible either side, instead of laying flat on top of from the face, which only accentuates to chemical breakage and damage. Only one another.
the scalp showing through hair. Blow-dry a professional hairstylist knows how the and brush styles forward to maximize chemicals will interact, how to use color USE HEATED TOOLS
thinning hair, especially on a cut with a formulas correctly to expand the actual EFFECTIVELY AND PROPERLY
forward line. This will bring hair toward diameter of thin hair and how to give the face to "point out" positive facial the effect of fuller hair while protecting It's the amount of exposure to heat that hair from damage during the process. damages fine hair to the point of breakage. Adding lowlights or highlights using Actually, correct usage of hot styling tools NOTCHED AND IRREGULAR
demipermanent and semipermanent will yield longer hold for fine hair because color reduces the amount of exposure the high heat changes the structure of the to the damaging peroxide and ammonia hair. Follow the recommendations that Irregular "choppy" or notched ends of permanent color while adding the come with your heat appliances for your including bangs also visually plump up the illusion of volume. When applied properly, type of hair.
look and help soften the long, flat look of and artistically, highlights will contrast fine and straight hair on any face shape, a darker base and lowlights will add especially oval.
dimension so hair looks thicker but feels the same. Never mix color with other USE PRODUCTS MADE FOR
processes such as perms or relaxers FINE AND THINNING HAIR
on fine or thinning hair types, because the probability for damage is so high. Hairstyling products made for thin and Remember, whatever process you choose fine hair actually make hair strands needs to be repeated at specific intervals to fatter because they coat and increase the keep the effect, just as for a trim. diameter of each hair strand. Ask your SECTION THREE TO-DO LIST: Be sure you have gotten a doctor's diagnosis for your hair loss so you can begin an approved treatment.
If you meet the requirements for a medically necessary wig because of hair loss due to alopecia areata or chemotherapy, contact your insurance company and find out what will be covered and the process required for achieving coverage. Your specific budget will depend on your personal situation, diagnosis, insurance benefits, out-of-pocket limits and Reminder: Visit at least two hair loss treatment (or hair replacement) centers to ask your questions and have specialists describe and show you how specific treatments and solutions you've read about can work for your condition.
Visit your hairstylist again for a new trim to make the most of your thinning hair while you begin hair loss treatments and to learn about new techniques and products for styling your thinner hair.
Examine your diet to see where you can strengthen your hair follicles through your daily diet.
HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGERYReplacing hair on your head with your own hair has come a long way, and today's hair transplant surgery does not involve the telltale plugs of the past. Technology, medical science and surgical artistry have combined to create a method of excis- ing live whole follicles and inserting them wherever hair is missing to give you a second chance at a whole new you. Hair transplant surgery is more successful than ever before, and results are so natural because it is your hair, only better.
Chapter 15: What First you'll need to make sure your The best part about hair
hair loss is not a medically progressive Is Hair Transplant transplant surgery is that
condition. You'll need plenty of healthy hair follicles, called a donor site, usually the final results are your real
found at the back of the head, for optimum hair, so there's no special
results. You will also need to determine the stage and pattern of your male Hair transplant surgery is the permanent, baldness, which depends largely on your surgical solution to hair loss anywhere on age and heredity. For example, if you are your head or body. If you've thought about The technique is so precise that it involves very young and hair loss is prominent life without all or parts of your hair and a new kind of artistry on the part of the in your heredity – but your own balding have decided unequivocally that you want surgeon in creating any hairline desirable. pattern is not well established – then you the hair back permanently where it used This surgery is based on the scientific might fill in a receding hairline or crown to be, hair transplant surgery is a great theory of donor dominance, which states area only to find the areas around the option. Surgical techniques today have that the hair growth life cycle is contained transplant thinning or lost later on. There evolved so far as to be able to remove in the follicle, not in the location on the is no existing technology for predicting a hair follicle, with its hairs and roots head. It is the basis for all hair transplant the future of your balding.
intact, from where it was growing healthy surgery because the healthy follicle will and insert it in a place where hair is not grow in its new transplanted location. Hair transplantation is more expensive currently growing. This surgical technique Hair transplant surgery is a permanent than a hairpiece or treatment plans and is performed under a microscope and is solution for male-pattern baldness, CCCA, usually involves the continued use of called follicular unit extraction, or FUE. traction alopecia or scars.
Rogaine and/or Propecia or laser hair therapy, as determined by your doctor, to suitable donor area and use densitometry does not work with kinky hair that does halt any additional hair loss. Considering to measure and magnify follicles to look not lie flat. The technique in extraction that the results are permanent, however, for miniaturization of each hair (a change and implantation is trickier, too, because most people deem it a good investment in its diameter), which is the hallmark of African-Americans' follicular units in their future happiness. The best part genetic hair loss. If hair loss is diffuse are curved under the skin, unlike in about hair transplant surgery is that the and progressive, the transplanted hair Caucasians or Asians. Some hair loss final results are your real hair, so there's will continue to fall out and degenerate diagnoses are a little more racially no special care afterward. The surgery in the new area. Some causes of hair determined, such as traction alopecia, is usually completed in one day with loss in women that do make them good seen mainly in African-American women minimal recovery time. candidates for the surgery are traction who wear tightly braided hairstyles. alopecia, CCCA, physical scarring, face Another form of "traumatic" hair loss in Chapter 16: Special lift scars and eyebrow restoration.
predominantly black women is central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA), Considerations in RACIAL DIFFERENCES IN HAIR
which stems from constant heat styling close to the scalp and irritating chemical processes. Both of these diseases are Hair transplant surgery is such a delicate typically reversible if the woman surgery with so many variations that discontinues her damaging hair practices, ethnicity can make all the difference in thereby removing the need for surgery. its success. Racial differences have an However, if the hair loss was permanent HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGERY
effect on every phase of the procedure. in those areas (as determined by a scalp AND WOMEN
The bottom line is that patients need to be biopsy), these women would be very good aware of ethnic and racial differences and candidates for hair transplant surgery, While the majority of men are good be sure to choose a skilled surgical team owing to the health of donor hair areas not transplant candidates because they have that has experience with exactly your type affected by the trauma.
a stable donor area on the back and sides of the scalp and predictable patterns of Contraindications: Hair transplant hereditary balding, women are prone In African-Americans, there is a greater surgery is not recommended for treatment to diffuse thinning all over the head. incidence of keloids, or raised, thickened of alopecia areata or in progressive male- There is no stable donor area, which scars, and scalp flexibility is limited to or female-pattern baldness. makes women a poor candidate for a excise a strip of donor hair, so there is successful hair transplant surgery. A hair an increased risk of greater scarring. If patches have had no hair growth for transplant surgeon will work very hard Also the finished design is much less three to five years, a transplant can be to determine whether women have a forgiving because the comb-over method considered. Hair transplant surgery is not recommended for those suffering from trichotillomania because the patient may still be pulling his or her hair, or for anybody with an autoimmune disease that SECTION FOUR TO-DO LIST: is not stable.
Determine whether you definitely want your hair back permanently.
Learn about the surgical procedure and develop a list of personal questions to ask a hair transplant surgeon about your specific hair loss treatment needs.
Visit and consult with at least two hair transplant surgeons to determine your candidacy for the procedure and get your questions answered.
Decide whether you have the budget available for the procedure, or apply If you are a woman or an African-American seeking hair transplant surgery, find a skilled surgeon who specializes in the procedure for your SECTION FIVE:
Don't want surgery but still want hair where it is missing on your head? Investigate all the advancements in non-surgical hair replacements. These are not the "rugs" you may have overlooked in the past; non-surgical hair replacements have become so refined and natural looking, using 100 percent human hair, that people now wear them just for the fashion aspect. But if you have medical hair loss issues, you owe it to yourself to see how these hair systems can work for you, for your hair loss and with any hair you do have.
Chapter 17: High- patches resulting from alopecia areata. No matter what your hair loss situation and No matter what your hair loss
End, Custom Hair depending on your budget, there are many situation and depending on ways available to find as natural-looking
your budget, there are many a solution as possible to cover the missing
spots. The quality and price depend on the ways available to find as
type of hair, the base chosen, how it will A "hair system" is just another word for natural-looking a solution as be attached and how it will be serviced
a portion of hair made to take the place possible to cover the missing and maintained. You'll want to consult
of missing hair. A high-end hair system in person with more than one hair loss will usually be created and custom made professional at a hair replacement studio.
specifically for you using 100 percent human hair and the finest, natural-looking, So the real decision becomes: Which type breathable-cap types available. For men for women it can lie on the top of the head is right for me? a hairpiece can be situated on the crown at a thinning part line or wherever they to camouflage male-pattern baldness, and are missing hair, as in the random bald WIGS AND HAIRPIECES: HOW
These "integration units" are meant to DO THEY STAY ON?
combine replacement hair with your existing hair to fill in missing spots – great Typically, selecting how your hair When it comes to the bald patches of for those with alopecia areata. Volumizers replacement should be attached is your alopecia areata, custom-created extensions also work well if you are suffering from biggest decision, and it is dependent on are a desirable, natural-looking solution as female-pattern baldness and have diffuse your lifestyle, whether you want to take it long as bald patches have been stable and hair loss or if your hair loss occurs at the off every day and your time constraints.
hair loss is not diffuse (or all over your part line. "Reprieve" is another term for head). You'll want to look for 100 percent this sort of non-surgical, glueless system The use of double-sided tape results in a human or Remy hair that is colored to where your existing hair is pulled through hairpiece that is removable about every match yours exactly and attached in a the holes and permanently attached so it one to three days and is usually not strong manner in keeping with your budget and provides for a natural-looking scalp. You enough to hold if you are very active in maintenance wishes. Hair extensions can can sleep in them, wash them and partake sports. Medical-grade adhesives come be attached with hot or cold adhesive in normal activities with an integration in your choice of a soft-bond adhesion that cannot be reused and must be unit. These units must be professionally that lasts two weeks and a hard-bond maintained professionally. Extensions applied and maintained at least monthly type lasting up to a month. You can get can also be attached using removable, by a hair loss professional.
them wet and partake in normal activities, replaceable "microlinks," which are and these adhesives are safe for skin and virtually undetectable, tiny cylinders WHAT'S A MEMBERSHIP PLAN?
your health. Professionally maintained made from aluminum or copper and lined and applied hard-bond adhesives help to with silicone that clamp on to existing If your hair loss is a long-term avoid the risk of developing fungus from hair. They, too, need to be maintained situation, you will most likely be put improper placement. Clips can be used professionally but can be reused and on a membership plan for your hair to attach a hairpiece to existing hair you recustomized. Sewn-in extensions are replacement and your maintenance have around the perimeter of your head, the most natural-looking, customizable service. You might have to buy 6 or but they should be professionally applied solution, with good results for alopecia even 12 units of service, and every hair the first time so you can learn how to do areata sufferers. They can last many years loss treatment situation is different. A attach them correctly. Use care because but are expensive and time consuming to client must evaluate his or her personal you don't want the clips pulling on the maintenance factor and budget: Do you healthy hair, which can cause traction want to visit the studio every week? alopecia, and clips can be tricky to clip VOLUMIZERS: USING YOUR
Biweekly? Monthly? Every two months? and unclip by yourself every day.
Do you want a do-it-yourself hairpiece, or would you prefer professional help every SECTION FIVE TO-DO LIST: Chapter 18: Mail- If you have chosen hair replacement, determine your level of care-and- Order Hair Systems maintenance needs. Mail-order services exist for you if you're Determine your lifestyle needs.
looking to reduce expenses associated with your hair replacement or want the Research and find some hair loss treatment or hair replacement centers in privacy of doing everything yourself. your area and visit at least two.
These work best if you have already had Make a list of specific questions you have about solutions and treatments your hair loss diagnosed by a doctor, and your particular hair loss situation.
gotten a treatment plan designed by a hair loss treatment professional and had Determine your monthly budget for hair replacement or hair loss a visit with a hair replacement expert. But even if you aren't, choose a Web site/ service that has live customer service and Take notes on what each professional suggests for you and compare technicians to answer all your questions. quality, service, price and how you feel about the overall studio and its Be sure they will accept a photo of you in order to provide you with the most natural-looking hair replacement solution.
You will find many hair replacement services if you only search the local yellow
pages. If you search further online, you'll be bombarded with options.
Since your hair loss is distressing to you, you might try anything that sounds plausible, but don't be tempted. If you're researching online for hair replacement services, you may find that it's hard to compare products and services, because every company offers different products and options for service, appointment times and pricing. Be on the lookout for questionable hair loss products that use misleading marketing techniques, such as claims, testimonials and photos that you cannot verify. Evaluate your options, depending on your budget, your type of hair loss and your maintenance needs, but do this in person to make an informed decision (unless you have decided on a mail-order service).
There's no one right way of making a selection, but a reputable studio will try to match your needs with an array of solutions and choices that will work for your situation and fit your budget and will honestly answer all your questions. Many current solutions, such as laser hair therapy, Propecia and Rogaine, are FDA or Health Canada- approved with studies backing them up, a sign of a proven treatment for hair loss. And a reputable hair replacement studio will gladly give you client referrals. Hair replacements and restoration solutions and treatments have become so sophisticated that each can be perfectly tailored to your look, lifestyle and hair loss needs.
Chapter 19: Perform to develop a long-term relationship with set up an appointment for a consultation this company and professional, so your with several hair replacement specialists your due diligence due diligence should go way beyond and/or hair loss treatment centers before simply checking with the Better Business deciding. Resist the urge to choose Bureau, looking up the company history quickly and listen carefully. Go to each and asking for referrals.
appointment armed with your diagnosis This is where you make your choice, and be prepared to talk honestly about meet the specialists, talk to referrals, HOW TO CHOOSE A HAIR
your lifestyle and your expectations. Make get all your questions answered and REPLACEMENT OR HAIR LOSS
a list of questions you have and get the take responsibility for choosing a hair answers from each business so you can replacement studio or hair loss treatment compare the services and products and professional to help you with your hair As with any large purchase or service their solutions to your hair loss issues. loss solutions successfully. You may need agreement you might make or enter into, A reputable hair replacement studio will provide you with several referrals to clients suffering from a similar hair loss condition and evaluate your specific situation as well as spend the SECTION SIX TO DO LIST: time to educate you about your personal solutions depending on your budget Make up a list of questions for prospective hair replacement/hair loss and lifestyle. That studio will rely only treatment specialists or for hair transplant surgeons that includes the on the proven treatments and products outlined in this e-book. Find out about the staff's experience and ongoing training, • How long have you been performing hair replacement, surgery or hair loss? because in the world of hair replacement, technology is constantly making advances • How long has your company been in business? in techniques and products.
• What training certifications or memberships do you have as a hair loss treatment or hair replacement specialist or as a hair transplant surgeon? HOW TO FIND A SKILLED HAIR
• May I be treated in private? In addition to the suggestions outlined • May I come in for a quick fix in between appointments, if necessary? above, because hair transplant surgery is a specialty requiring medical training, • May I see some current before-and-after photographs of clients with hair loss skill and experience, choose a specialist conditions similar to mine? with an experienced team and ask many • May I have some recent client referrals? questions about training. He or she should be a member of one of the associations for • What are your payment options? Do you offer in-house financing or hair transplant surgeons. The International CareCredit? Do you offer monthly service payments? Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) is the largest and most respected Look out for those who prescribe off-label medications and unproven hair hair restoration educational organization. loss treatments. Ask about FDA studies or FDA approval for suggested Further, a surgeon could be board- treatment. Verify on Health Canada's website that these treatments are certified by the American Board of Hair also approved in Canada.
Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), the only Be sure to visit at least two different places and evaluate two different certifying entity that proves qualifications service options for your hair loss condition.
for hair transplant surgery through a board exam. You'll want to ask about the Pass over anyone who makes you feel as if you need to fit into his or her experience of every staff member and be rigid treatment plans. The specialist should custom-design a plan just for given referrals to current clients with your you that outlines several different options.
type of hair loss and lifestyle, as well as Pass over anyone who does not honestly and properly answer all of your before-and-after pictures of the surgeon's current work.
Contact the referrals or meet them personally to see and touch their hair.
YOU CHOOSEAfter going through this whole process, you will certainly have some opinions about your best course of action, but the goal of all of this research is to get you feeling better about your hair loss condition.
With Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and hair loss forums worldwide (including SURGICAL, NON-SURGICAL OR Forums), you can reach
out to an ever-growing community of hair loss confidants so you can talk about You may opt for some sort of hair what's important to you. Post your current replacement, some combination of hair pictures on your professional profiles. Join the loss treatments or hair transplant surgery, Then there will be no surprises when or you might opt for a head wrap or scarf you meet someone new (or old). The Upload current pictures to while your situation adjusts, if temporary. same goes for job hunting; when you all of your online profiles.
You may decide to just go bald gracefully, show up for the interviews, you won't male or female. No matter what you have to worry about how you look – the Compare notes with other choose, stick to it and give it time to settle interviewer already knows how you look hair loss confidants.
in. Don't rush the decision. Research and and wants to hear how you can benefit the evaluate each option thoroughly. Once you company. If you have special skills that Commit to a hair loss commit to a choice, get on board with it. relate to hair loss, such as buzz-trimming, treatment plan or Realize that you are more than just your tying a hair scarf, taking care of your wig, replacement choice and feel hair – you're a whole person. So make explaining about extensions, share your good about it.
a mental note to smile more often and knowledge on YouTube. Remember you let your personality show. When dealing are not alone – millions of people are Remember that you are with others, try to focus on them and their living with hair loss.
more than just your hair! needs and what they are doing – instead of your hair (or lack thereof).
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