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Thank you for joining us for An Influx of Reflux: Managing GERD and
Other Debilitating Digestive Conditions
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An Influx of Reflux: Managing GERD and
Other Debilitating Digestive Conditions
September 11, 2013 Proudly Hosted by

Our Presenter:
Dr. Daniel Kalish, DC

Founder of the Kalish Method: A
Functional Medicine Training Program
based on his 20 years of clinical

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An Influx of Reflux: Managing GERD and Other
Debilitating Digestive Conditions

Presented by Dr. Daniel Kalish KALISH INSTITUTE Educational Webinar • Hiatal hernia • Constipation • Abdominal pain WHAT YOU'LL GET OUT OF TODAY • Demystifying GERD • Clear course of action THE KALISH METHOD APPROACH… 1. Reduce inflammation through diet and lifestyle changes 2. Strengthen SIgA levels through adrenal protocols 3. Kill bugs Lab testing + diet and lifestyle coaching = health 2 COMMON FAILURES 1. Practitioners use wrong sequence with treatments • Treat GI first? 2. Most often used tests vs. most accurate tests • Learn how chronic stress effects cortisol levels and SIgA (Secretory Immunoglubulin A), leading to GERD • Learn why H. pylori treatment protocols frequently fail and how to design nutritional programs to increase your success rate by integrating: • Mastica gum • GI anti-inflammatory and gut repair supplements • Probiotics CAUSES OF STRESS • Pain & hidden inflammation FUNCTIONS OF CORTISOL • REGULATES SIgA PRODUCTION IN GI TRACT • Counters inflammation • Maintains mood and emotional stability STEROID HORMONE PATHWAYS Acetyl CoA
17α - Hydroxylation
17 - Hydroxyprogesterone
17- Hydropregnenolone
Dehydro -
11 - Deoxycortisol
5α - Dihydro -
19 - Hydroxy - 19 - Hydroxy -
Estradiol - 17α
Estradiol - 17β
MUCOSAL BARRIER FUNCTION • Mucous membranes comprise the primary interface between the external environment and the internal environment of the body • Most absorption of nutrients AND toxins occurs across mucous membranes • Most pathogens enter the body by binding to and penetrating mucous membranes • Secretory immunoglobulin A (SIgA): a mucous membrane surface antibody produced by immunocytes in mucous membranes • SIgA provides first physical barrier of defense protecting against pathogens (parasites, bacteria, yeast) COMMON GERD TRIGGERS • Problems in small intestine • Food reactions • Positioning of stomach • Stress • What about stomach cancer? SYMPTOM CLUSTERS • Patients relate to clusters of symptoms (i.e. fatigue, heartburn, bloating), not to body systems or process at work • Symptoms change over time and may not parallel original • Key points - how do you uncover the origin of their health problem, the two most important questions to ask every patient CORRECT BODY SYSTEMS IN ORDER THAT PROBLEMS OCCUR -Stress management Correct Adrenal Hormones -Healing diet -Spiritual/emotional -Exercise -Sleep Nutrient replacement: -Amino acids -EFAs, -Minerals Detox/Nutrient Replacement -Treat h. pylori - Replace missing nutrients, -Support stomach repair with: especially amino acids GI repair products • Causes damage to stomach lining and reduces stomach acid • Common in patients with heartburn, GERD, bloating • Easily acquired infection, leads to increased risk of ulcers and • Acquired from food • Acquired from kissing TYPICAL COURSE OF H. PYLORI Usually precipitated by one of the following events: Hormonal System: increased cortisol -death in family -divorce -overwork Decreased immune response in stomach tissue/low HCL Digestive System: H. pylori acquired nutrient depletion, especially amino acids GUIDELINES FOR H. PYLORI • Test for h. pylori – stool antigen/blood antibodies • Eliminate pathogen • Replace healthy bacteria • Retest to verify bugs gone and probiotics have • Repair leaky gut • I promise this works • Endoscopic exams • Stool antigen testing • H. pylori treatment • Gluten free diets • Treating other pathogens H. PYLORI TREATMENT • Treat with prescriptions • Support h. pylori treatment with: • Mastica Gum, Slippery Elm • Probiotics: multi-strain, high potency • GI Repair powder– Glutamine Plus • There are several prescription regimens that can be used to treat H. Pylori. The most common combination is a PrevPac: amoxicillin, clarithromycin (Biaxin) and Prevacid for 14 days. Other combinations might use metronidazole or tetracycline, or an acid reducer other than Prevacid. CHILDREN WITH GERD • Fatigue/depression • Unable to attend school • Stomach pain • Nausea • Unable to focus, concentrate or exercise DAVID - IS THERE AN INFECTION PRESENT? • Awakened at night with stomach pain/GERD • Sleep disorder • Neurotransmitter (AA) depletion • Connection with blastocystis hominis • Problems first started at age one after trip to Caribbean TREATMENT PROGRAM Step 1: Anti-inflammatory/Digestive System Healing Phase: • GI repair products, addressing food allergies - 60 days Step 2: Treatment Phase: • Antibiotics to treat, assisted by herbs to Step 3: Re-colonization: • Introduction of healthy bacteria - 30 days STEP 1: HEALING DIET HEALTHY NUTRITION, INCLUDING ADDRESSING FOOD ALLERGIES • Start patient on proper diet for two months using one of two • Healing diet: eliminating gluten and dairy, and rotating foods • Use lab tests to determine specific food allergies, presence of gluten intolerance and leaky gut • Start anti-inflammatory repair supplement program STEP 2: KILLING BUGS CLEANSING STOMACH •Eliminate (this is in small type on purpose) STEP 2: CLEARING PATHOGENS • Antibiotic and herbal protocols • Medications used at proper time • Mastica Gum to facilitate rapid • Treat as appropriate after 60 days of successful adherence to proper diet from Step One STEP 3: PROBIOTICS • Recolonization of intestines with healthy bacteria to encourage GI repair process • May need further GI repair supplements to assist complete recovery as well • Retest two months after completion of pathogen protocols GLUTEN INTOLERANCE • Genetic autoimmune disorder that destroys mucous membrane tissue, damages SIgA production, and creates an overly permeable GI tract • Under-diagnosed condition • Common in those with alcohol and food-related disorders INTESTINAL VILLUS THE CONTRIBUTING FACTORS In order to be gluten intolerant, a patient must have: 1. The gene for gluten intolerance (most commonly English, Irish, Scandinavian, Scottish, Eastern European) 2. Sufficient gluten in the diet 3. Triggers such as physical trauma, severe emotional stress, surgery, infection STRENGTHENING SIGA LEVELS THROUGH ADRENAL PROTOCOLS AND STRESS • Test adrenal hormones • Determine stage of adrenal exhaustion • Treat adrenals and clean up lifestyle stressors KALISH METHOD TIMELINE Gluten free, anti-inflammatory diet for at least 60 days First Round Adrenals Second Round Adrenals Treatment of H. Pylori (from 1st stool tests) Anti-Candida Program Nutrient Replacement, Esp. AA HOW CAN YOU LEARN ALL OF THESE TECHNIQUES? The Kalish Method Mentorship
Program begins tonight! • 6-month Functional Medicine training program • All online • Based in Adrenal Hormones, GI, Detoxification, Diet and Lifestyle Coaching • Class is open to anyone, but is designed for licensed practitioners The Kalish Method Mentorship
Program begins Wednesday, September 11th
Substantive, recorded content 24 weekly lectures detailing all aspects of the Three Body Systems:
Adrenal and Female Hormones, GI, and Detoxification
You can do as much learning as you want: 2-5 hours per week, more? Live, practical application 24 live, weekly, small-group practical Q&A calls Send in all of your lab results and practice questions You'll have 4 possible times to choose from for your Q&A call All Q&A calls are recorded and available to listen to for up to a year Discount for Emerson customers… …Regular Price: • $499/month for 12 months ($5988) ***Special Offer:
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I hope to connect with you in class… Visit for… • Information about courses • A detailed syllabus for each program • More free live webinars and events Thank you for joining us for: An Influx of Reflux: Managing GERD and
Other Debilitating Digestive Conditions
Learn more about Dr. Kalish and the 6 Month Mentorship program at Go to periodically to view any upcoming webinars that we will be hosting. Proudly Hosted by


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