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Ford offers the power of choice with fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive vehicles.

Ford Electrified Vehicles Put the
Power in Your Hands
Whether you want to save on fuel, reduce your carbon footprint or be part of the electric evolution, you have an Learn more online
interest in electrified vehicles (EVs). No matter the reason, Ford has one that's perfect for you. Our lineup includes a variety of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and
all-electric vehicles, each designed to fit a specific lifestyle.
That means there's no need to compromise on comfort, capabilities or convenience.
Use this playbook to get started on your journey to an electrified lifestyle. C-MAX HYBRID

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Compare Ford EVs at a Glance "Microsoft Tag" in your phone's app store. Then scan the tag to get extra content! Data rates may apply. Ford Plug-In Hybrids Ford All-Electric Eco-conscious Inside and Out Smart Collaborations Discover more about EVs
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Dollars & Incentives charging options, innovative features, onboard technology and more. Links to Learn More Microsoft is a registered trademark of C-MAX ENERGI
The Transformation of Transportation
Building on over a decade of experience with hybrid technologies,
Ford is committed to being a world leader in rechargeable electric
vehicle technology:
• Electrified vehicles offer additional fuel choices for consumers and protection against price fluctuations at the pump • A more fuel-efficient vehicle means a reduced carbon footprint and fewer tailpipe emissions, which can lead to cleaner air and a future where we can be less dependent on fossil fuels Giving you the power of choice
We've made a conscious decision to offer a wide range of electrified vehicles instead of concentrating on a single technology. Our reasoning is simple: a vehicle should be made to fit your lifestyle, not the other way around. And when more people choose to drive electrified vehicles, we all benefit. Ford is committed to
progressive technology
We're continuing to develop
additional eco-conscious transportation solutions with substantial investments in research, development and manufacturing. • We've dedicated 285,000 sq. ft. in Dearborn, Michigan, to a new Advanced Electrification Center where engineers • We've refurbished and revitalized the Michigan Assembly Plant to build five fuel-efficient powertrain technologies • We've invested in solar energy to help power our manufacturing facilities Ford is dedicated to remaining on the leading-edge of the EV industry, offering additional transformative transportation choices. The Ford Family of EVs
Powered by a gasoline engine and battery-driven electric motor, the state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery is automatically charged when the gas engine runs. Also, energy from braking is captured to recharge the battery. Uses hybrid technology with the ability to plug in to enhance your hybrid Plug-In Hybrid
experience and maximize the battery's capability. Charge from a standard 120-volt or available 240-volt charging station. By fully charging, greater fuel savings may be achieved while minimizing your carbon footprint.
100% electric means zero CO 2 emissions. Powered completely by a rechargeable battery, with no need for a drop of gas or any oil changes. Fusion Ener P
Compare Ford EVs at a Glance
• Focus Electric • Fusion Hybrid • Fusion Energi Gas Engine
Braking Recovers
(1) Actual mileage will vary. (2) MPGe is the EPA equivalent measure of gasoline fuel efficiency for electric mode operation. advanced technology partial zero emissions vehicle (3) EPA-estimated rating of 42 city/37 hwy/40 combined mpg, 13.5-gallon fuel tank. Range calculations based on Actual mileage will vary. electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (4) EPA-estimated rating of 44 city/41 hwy/42 combined mpg, 13.5-gallon fuel tank. Range ultra low emissions vehicle II calculations based on Actual mileage will vary. (5) Actual range varies with conditions such as external elements, driving behaviors, vehicle super ultra low emissions vehicle II maintenance and lithium-ion battery age. zero emissions vehicle (6) EPA-estimated rating of 40 city/36 hwy/38 combined mpg, 14.0-gallon fuel tank; 19 miles electric. Range calculations based on Actual mileage will vary. • 2014 C-MAX Hybrid • 2014 C-MAX Energi • 2014 Focus Electric • 2014 Fusion Hybrid • 2014 Fusion Energi C-MAX Hybrid
C-MAX Energi
88 combined MPGe(2) 110 city/99 hwy/ Fusion Hybrid
Fusion Energi
105 combined MPGe(2) 42 combined MPG(4) 88 combined MPGe(2) C-MAX Energi(6)
C-MAX Hybrid(3)
19 all-electric miles Total Driving
76 all-electric miles Fusion Hybrid(4)
Fusion Energi(6)
19 all-electric miles No need to plug in! 120V — 7 hours 120V — 20 hours Charge Time
(automatically charges 240V — 2.5 hours 240V — 3.6 hours (if you choose to plug in) 120V — standard 120V — standard No need to plug in! 240V — available 240V — available (if you choose to plug in) Top Speed in
Electric Vehicle
Zero CO emissions Ford Hybrids C-MAX Hybrid
Why you should select a hybrid
• You want to reduce your carbon footprint• You do a lot of driving where you can take full advantage of regenerative braking• You want a vehicle with room to fit your lifestyle Ford hybrids are powered with the latest technologies
C-MAX Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid feature a highly efficient internal combustion engine, electric traction motor, state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery and regenerative braking system.
• Hybrid transmission seamlessly manages power between the electric traction motor and gasoline engine for maximum efficiency • Both C-MAX Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid offer a top speed of up to 85 mph in all-electric mode• In addition to providing some electric drive capability, the electric motor provides added power as needed to allow the gasoline engine to run at its most efficient • Electric power is primarily used for idling, vehicle launch and power assist• A hybrid does not need to be "plugged-in"• Regenerative Braking System captures brake energy normally lost during braking and uses it to help recharge the battery C-MAX HYBRID
Benefits you can bank on
Ford hybrids can deliver a significant improvement in mpg when compared to comparable gasoline-only vehicles: • 2014 C-MAX Hybrid — EPA-estimated rating of
42 city/37 hwy/40 combined mpg(1)
2014 Fusion Hybrid — EPA-estimated rating of
44 city/41 hwy/42 combined mpg(1)
Also, the C-MAX Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid achieved ultra low emissions vehicle standards,(2) so driving one can help make a difference to the environment.
(1) Actual mileage will vary. (2) Achieved ULEV II Tier 2 Bin 3 standard. C-MAX Energi
Ford Plug-In Hybrids Fusion Energi
Why you should select a plug-in hybrid
• You want to be able to offset your fuel usage with electricity by plugging in
• You want to take advantage of a plug-in hybrid's all-electric driving capability of EPA-estimated 19 miles for your daily drives
• You want the freedom to take longer trips when recharging stations may be scarce
• You want a vehicle with the room to bring along the people and things that matter most
Ford plug-in hybrids give you the "best of both worlds"
C-MAX Energi and Fusion Energi are plug-in hybrids that offer drivers the opportunity to offset their fuel usage with electricity by using either a 120-volt outlet or an available 240-volt home charging station. By fully charging, you may realize fuel savings and minimize your carbon footprint.
• Can drive like an electric vehicle for short trips and • Both C-MAX Energi and Fusion Energi offer a top like a hybrid for longer trips speed of up to 85 mph in all-electric mode – 550 miles of EPA-estimated total driving range, • Plug-in hybrid vehicles offer the flexibility of up to 19 all-electric miles(1) gasoline or electric power. If you choose to drive • EV Mode button gives you the freedom to choose using electric power, the battery can be: whether to drive in all-electric now, all-electric later – Recharged overnight in 7 hours using a standard or drive as a regular hybrid • Regenerative Braking System captures – Recharged in just 2.5 hours using the available brake energy normally lost during braking and uses Ford-branded AeroVironmentTM it to help recharge the battery 240-volt home charging station AeroVironment is a trademark of AeroVironment, Inc.
"Hybrid-plus" benefits
Ford plug-in hybrids offer a combination of hybrid technology
and all-electric technology, giving you added flexibility in how to power your vehicle:
2014 C-MAX Energi — EPA-estimated rating of
95 city/81 hwy/88 combined MPGe(2)
2014 Fusion Energi — EPA-estimated rating of
95 city/81 hwy/88 combined MPGe(2)
C-MAX Energi and Fusion Energi are EPA-estimated for 19 miles of electric-only driving. (1) After the electric-mode range is exceeded, the vehicle operates like a conventional hybrid vehicle, blending power from the gasoline engine and electric traction motor, to maximize efficiency. (1) EPA-estimated rating of 40 city/36 hwy/38 combined mpg, 14.0 gallon fuel tank; 19 miles electric. Range calculations based on Actual mileage will vary. C-MAX ENERGI
(2) MPGe is the EPA equivalent measure of gasoline fuel efficiency for electric mode operation. Actual mileage will vary. Ford All-Electric Focus Electric
Why you should select an all-electric vehicle
• You use your vehicle primarily for city driving and daily commutes that fall within the car's battery EPA-estimated driving range of 76 miles(1) • You want to run completely on electricity — no gasoline or oil changes required, ever• You want your vehicle to generate zero CO emissions • You want a five-passenger car with plenty of room to fit your lifestyle Gas-free driving starts here
The 2014 Focus Electric runs completely by rechargeable battery power so you'll never need a drop of gas or an oil change! The available AeroVironmentTM 240-volt home charging station, recommended by Ford, delivers a full battery charge in just 3.6 hours. As you drive, the Regenerative Braking System can help maximize your range by capturing brake energy and recycling it to recharge the battery. During errands, if you need it, you can also use the rapidly expanding network of public charging stations. The Focus Electric gauge cluster provides valuable details to help you get the most from every ride. At the end of each trip, you'll see the total amount of gasoline you saved by driving electric.
• Provides a 100% CO -free driving experience • Owner plugs in the vehicle to fully charge the • Features an electric motor, charge port and lithium-ion battery state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery AeroVironment is a trademark of AeroVironment, Inc.
Your technology-enhanced,
progressively powered vehicle
• Using a national average electricity price of 12 cents per
kWh,(2) it would cost an estimated $2.40 to $3.00 to fully charge your plug-in vehicle's battery. If you have the opportunity to establish value charging, the cost could be reduced even lower • Electric vehicles generally have fewer moving parts than gas-powered vehicles, reducing the cost and time spent on regularly scheduled maintenance • 2014 Focus Electric — EPA-estimated rating of
110 city MPGe(3)
(1) Actual mileage will vary. (2) U.S. Energy Information Administration; (3) MPGe is the EPA equivalent measure of gasoline fuel efficiency for electric mode operation. Actual mileage will vary. EV Connectivity
With Ford electrified vehicles, owners have a great deal of control over how their electric vehicle
drives, charges and operates.
SmartGauge® with EcoGuide®
SYNC® with MyFord Touch®
Standard on Ford hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric SYNC with MyFord Touch(1) is an available in-vehicle system that can help enhance the vehicles, SmartGauge with EcoGuide enables drivers to EV experience.
tailor vehicle information and serves as an onboard "coach" to encourage more efficient driving habits.
• Fully integrated, voice-activated(2) communications, hands-free calling, • Greater driving efficiency is indicated by green leaves entertainment features that synchronize growing on a lush vine (efficiency screens in Focus Electric with Bluetooth®-enabled phones feature blue butterflies) • Customizable LCD touch screens to access and display an array of helpful vehicle features • Innovative instrument gauge cluster and information including EV-specific content • Built-in tutorials on braking and driving efficiency • Access to SYNC Services,(3) which provides traffic information, directions • Customizable information with MyView and business search • Easy-to-use, five-way steering wheel controls (1) See Dealer for feature availability. (2) Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Only use SYNC/ MyFord Touch/other devices, even with voice commands, when it is safe to do so. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones. (3) SYNC Services varies by trim level and model year and may require a subscription. Traffic alerts and turn-by-turn directions available in select markets. Message and data rates may apply. Ford Motor Company reserves the right to change or discontinue this product service at any time without prior notification or incurring any future obligation. (4) MyFord Mobile subscription is complimentary for five years from the vehicle sale date as recorded by the dealer. Subscription fees apply after five years. MyFord Mobile requires a compatible 2G independent cellular network. Evolving technology and cellular networks may affect future availability and functionality. (5) Based on your local utility's participation.
The Bluetooth word mark is a trademark of the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
MyFord® Mobile Smartphone App(4) and Website
Designed exclusively for Ford plug-in vehicles — C-MAX Energi, Fusion Energi and Focus Electric — the MyFord Mobile smartphone app and website enable drivers to connect with their vehicle in a whole new way. Using a smartphone or computer, you can:• Remotely control select key features of the vehicle• Check on the charge status• Schedule the vehicle to charge when it's convenient and with Set Value Charging(5) — when the most cost-effective electricity rates are available • Warm up or cool down the cabin interior before hitting the road• Plan a fuel-efficient route to your destination• Locate nearby charging stations• View both estimated CO2 emissions and gallons of gas saved, based on your driving style Anyone can visit MyFord Mobile as a guest. Visit your smartphone's app store to download the MyFord Mobile app. You can also
visit Data rates
may apply
Eco-conscious Inside and Out Smart Collaborations
Our commitment to the environment doesn't
To make it even easier for customers to choose end with offering electric vehicles and advanced an electrified vehicle, Ford has assembled a team engine technologies. It starts there. Ford uses of experts to lend their support.
eco-conscious materials in some surprising places.
240-volt Home Charging Stations
• All Ford electrified vehicles feature soy-based foam in For faster charging of your plug-in vehicle, Ford the seat cushions recommends installation of the Ford-branded • Plastic bottles, milk jugs and other post-consumer AeroVironmentTM 240V home charging station.
recycled materials show up in underbody shields, wheel arch liners and air cleaner assemblies 1. You can purchase the Ford-branded AeroVironment charging station in conjunction with AeroVironment • The Fusion Hybrid and Focus Electric standard cloth seats are made with REPREVE ® recycled fiber 2. An AeroVironment Certified Installer can perform a pre-installation survey and provide an estimate prior to final installation scheduling.
3. You may also purchase the AeroVironment charging station and have it shipped to a residence for Check out a quick installation by any licensed electrician. video on it! Data rates may apply. Call (888) 219-6747 or visit
AeroVironment is a trademark of AeroVironment, Inc.
Value Charging
To help owners of electrified vehicles optimize AT&T® Wireless
the way they charge their Connection
vehicles and manage their SunPower® Residential
Ford has teamed with home energy use, Value AT&T to wirelessly Charging is available. Owners can charge their connect the C-MAX This tool lets owners electrified vehicles using Energi, Fusion Energi and automatically schedule the power of solar energy Focus Electric through charging during the most with the SunPower the MyFord® Mobile app, cost-effective time — the high-efficiency rooftop allowing customers to off-peak hours — and system. The high- use their smartphone or when there is less strain efficiency solar panels mobile device to remotely provide clean, renewable control their car's settings.
energy to offset the electricity used during Charging Station Locator
Through MyFord Mobile, all 2.5-kilowatt system can Ford plug-in vehicles now produce an average of use Plugshare® as a charging 3,000 kilowatt hours(1) of electricity annually. Call
800-786-7693 or go to
(1) Actual solar production varies by location, orientation and roof pitch. com/ford for additional
(2) Based on your local utility's participation. SUNPOWER and the SUNPOWER logo are registered trademarks of SunPower Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
REPREVE is a registered trademark of Unifi, Inc.
2013 AT&T and the AT&T logo are trademarks of AT&T intellectual property.
We Have You Covered

While your Ford dealer is the best place to start for complete warranty details, here is a quick overview: • Focus Electric • Fusion Hybrid • Fusion Energi New Vehicle Limited Warranty
3 yr./36,000 miles 3 yr./36,000 miles 3 yr./36,000 miles 5 yr./60,000 miles 5 yr./60,000 miles 5 yr./60,000 miles Unique components(1),(2) 8 yr./100,000 miles 8 yr./100,000 miles 8 yr./100,000 miles High-voltage Battery(2) 8 yr./100,000 miles 8 yr./100,000 miles 8 yr./100,000 miles In addition, the available Ford-branded AeroVironmentTM 240-volt home charging station includes limited manufacturer
warranty coverage of 3 years. Visit for details.
The best sources of maintenance information are always the owner manual and
Keep in mind, repairs to your vehicle should only be performed by a Ford Certified Technician.
The lithium-ion battery is designed to be recyclable. See your Ford dealership for more information.
(1) Refer to vehicle-specific Warranty Guide at (2) 10 years/150,000 miles in California and other California Emissions States. AeroVironment is a trademark of AeroVironment, Inc.
Where to Buy
While Ford hybrid vehicles are available at all Ford
dealerships, Ford plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles
are available exclusively at Ford Certified EV Dealerships.
To locate an EV certified dealer, visit and select
"Locate a Dealer" and choose "Advanced Search". On the
resulting page, type in your ZIP code and select "Electric
Vehicles" from the Dealer Specialty section.
Dollars & Incentives
Ultimately, everyone benefits from lower emissions and cleaner air.
And that's why U.S. federal tax incentives, and possibly state or local incentives, may be available. For example, plug-in vehicle owners may be eligible for a U.S. federal income tax credit through the new Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit: $7,500 for all-electric vehicles and $4,007 for plug-in hybrids. Learn more at
In addition, many states and local utility companies offer hybrid/
electrified vehicle purchasers such benefits as:• Financial rebates• Tax incentives• Lower charging rates• The use of HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) lanes as a single occupant • Exemption from clean-air Links to Learn More
It's always a good idea to do your own research
when choosing a new vehicle — especially a new
electrified vehicle. Take the time to explore the
information available.
About Ford EVs
YouTube channel:
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