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What is Aura-Soma? Other Colour Treatments Aura-Soma is a remarkable Colour Therapy System, based Full Spectrum Colour Healing on over a hundred vibrant dual-coloured bottles of ‘oil Uses the healing arts of intuitive and colour healing combined over water.' These natural oils are known as "Equilibriums" with the therapeutic use of the Aura-Soma chakra colours. holding an energetic content of crystals, organic plant This deeply relaxing, but energising experience incorporates extracts, essential oils and natural derivative of colour. pressure point massage to help release blocked chakras, hands- This magical colour system is known in the industry as one on spiritual healing and colour breathing to help activate the of the top Colour Therapy Systems in the world.
body to heal itself. 1 ¼ hours (Allow 1 ½ in total) The practice of Aura-Soma was developed by Vicky Wall Holistic House Doctor / Business Interior Consultancy (1918-1991) in Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks. Sensitive to subtle Holistic Interior Consultancy involves a survey of the property energies from childhood she was able to perceive energies /room in question, by analysing any areas that are in need surrounding an individual. As an adult her energetic of an aesthetic or energetic lift!! It redresses balance and sensitivity was amplified as her physical sight diminished harmony by creating a healthy and uplifting environment and was eventually lost.
using natural elements, colour therapeutics, feng shui, placement of furniture, space clearing and much more. She drew upon the medicinal and healing qualities of living plants that she had learned from her father. She had been a chiropodist by trade and an apprentice to a pharmacist. Colour Breathing / Meditation Classes Her understanding of the importance of combining Colour Breathing is an exciting new relaxation class! Every substances resurfaced as she created the first of these participant uses a personal easle chart of ‘coloured disks' coloured bottles. In 1984 ‘The Aura-Soma Colour System' which work synergistically with deep breathing, relaxation was born. It became firmly established as a new healing and meditation techniques, colour therapy and positive modality before Vicky died. There are several thousand affirmations. You can expect to feel very calm and relaxed, practitioners in over 85 countries worldwide.
but the ongoing effect from this session is re-energising and balances the chakra system.
Private therapy based session 1 ¼ hours Group Session 1 hour (Minimum of 6 people) Clothing Colour Analysis A once in a lifetime experience! This session will determine the colours that suit your individual natural genetic colouring. "If there is a little voice in your head saying ‘This is Hocus Learning what colour shades suit you will enhance your looks, Pocus!' Get rid of it! I have found this to be a very powerful by bringing out the best in your overall image. Wearing the and accurate, moving and life enhancing experience. I have left right colours will take years off you and win you compliments feeling energised, smiling and ready to embrace change for the better, Thank you!" Sarah Patterson – U.K.
1 hour (Includes colour swatch to take home) "A whole new world has opened for me. I cannot wait to start Aura-Soma Colour Therapy the Colour Therapy at home! Everything that Jane said gave the This is a remarkable colour therapy system carried out perfect picture of where I am right now and where I want to go. through self selecting four dual-coloured bottles of oil, Thank you Jane." Charlotte Belner – Denmark
followed by a thought provoking and inspiring consultation. The interpretation of your colours will allow you to reflect on "Wow! It blew me away. Hadn't expected such in depth and spot the real inner you, recognising yourself on a deeper level and on analysis of who I am and where I'm at. Jane really touched learning more about where you are in life and where you're a nerve and I felt quite emotional. She didn't know me or going and how to reach your potential. anything about my life and yet everything she said was so true. I had been excitedly anticipating this session but it exceeded my
" Mo Gooch - U.K.
"Thank you! It was an incredibly accurate and very interesting IACBPT Dip. HDI Col Th. PASIACT DIP. Holistic Design CIBTAC therapy. It was amazing how much the bottles could say For prices please ask a member of staff at the Reception/ Tel: 01494 871090 about you. I would recommend this therapy to anyone." Counter or visit:- Mob: 07790 634668 Richard Blomberg – Spa Manager, Six Senses Spa, Hua Hin, Thailand.
How does it work? What happens during a How does it help? Universal life-force energy is understood by us in its purest The Consultation itself creates a fantastic opportunity form as light. Without natural daylight the plants, animal for self-discovery, which is the foundation of all healing kingdom and ‘hue-man-kind' would eventually die. We In the Aura-Soma consulting room there is a magnificent programmes. The products offer you the most pleasurable need the sun to bring light into our lives. The sun holds display of over 100 dual-coloured bottles of oil, illuminated and effective way of maintaining your own energetic the full spectrum of colours which reflect on the earth, by natural daylight bulbs. The brilliance of the bottles balance every single day. They involve you in a self-healing awakening the vibrancy of colours around us which, quite comes alive, allowing you to choose your true colours with programme which reminds you of the importance of all the literally, nourishes our being. In modern-day life our issues you have become aware of. At the same time, the energetic output is so high, we don't always manage to colour products make addressing these issues a delightful receive the amount of daylight and natural colour we need The practitioner will relax you into your space, passing on to stay balanced.
a few simple techniques to help you choose your bottles correctly. This is always easier than you think it's going to This motivational session can be a wonderful catalyst in We know that energy vibrates at different frequencies be! You will find yourself naturally gravitating towards the helping you to develop an awareness of your true needs. and we recognise these different frequencies of energy colours that you need, not necessarily the ones that you The colours you choose will help you to realise what as experiences such as colour, light and sound. All healing like, or think that you are going to choose.
challenges and obstacles might be holding you back in life modalities aim to introduce universal energy into the being and identify significant areas in your life that you might to restore balance. Aura-Soma is a system of working with You are asked to intuitively choose four bottles in order need support with.
universal energy through the medium which we know as of preference. This selection reflects your current circumstances and your needs. Your colour therapist will You have the opportunity to apply the colour products to take you through one bottle at a time, interpreting the the body, the aura and into your environment. This activity The different colours resonate with different thoughts, meaning behind each bottle and how it relates to your life. creates mindfulness of personal space and the products emotions and physical matter (parts of the body). Colour The colours tell you a story of the true you, helping you to introduce the frequencies of energy necessary for balance has its own language, with each colour meaning something understand yourself on a deeper level.
and strength. As your energetic protection becomes different. When a chosen colour is applied to an energy stronger you will feel more supported and gain new centre (chakra) on the body, it gives off a sympathetic It will become evident during the session that the meaning direction. You can re-discover your natural strengths and resonance, replenishing the energetic wavelengths behind these colours is a clear reflection of your ‘Self' as talents and your enthusiasm for life. This understanding of urgently needed to restore balance on all levels of the you are at the time of the consultation. You simply are the and support in how to hold your energetic protection and being, balancing the body's equilibrium. Continued use colours you choose! Therefore the bottles that you select balance will help you improve all your relationships.
will then start to nourish you mentally and emotionally convey heartfelt messages back to you. Your therapist will and allow your vitality to build and keep building.
help you to identify the therapeutic use of specific colours After the analysis of your selected colours, you are likely for you and how they can be incorporated into your life.
to feel inspired and motivated about your journey ahead. Aura-Soma also offers you a diagnostic opportunity as well It can help you to recognise your personal power, reach as a set of tools to address any imbalances which are found. The colour products include an equilibrium bottle, your potential and gain new insights into your life. Aura- The interpretation of your bottle choice can prove to be pomander, quintessence and air conditioner. You will have Soma helps you to learn to truly appreciate yourself and very revealing and thought provoking, yielding in depth the opportunity to purchase your colour recommendation be true to yourself and honour your own needs.
information about who you really are, how you really at the end of the consultation and a simple regime can be feel, what you really think and what is going on for you formulated so you can continue the therapy at home as By introducing Aura-Soma into your life therapeutically, in your world. The practitioner will help you understand part of a daily programme which will support you through you can re-balance and revitalise your energy in more ways your colour choices and help you identify where you need than you could imagine. The daily use of these beautiful to be going in life. Your intuitive self will automatically products helps you to replace lost colour and light energy know what colours to choose and any specific colours it During your consultation you have the option to have it from lack of sunlight. They will cleanse your living needs to heal itself. With each colour giving out a different recorded or to make notes, as a lot of detailed information environment with positive energy, bring the balance back frequency and message they will touch you on the physical, will be revealed.
to the chakras that are depleted the most and strengthen mental, emotional and spiritual levels of your being.
and reinforce your personal energy field, improving your overall health, well-being and vitality!


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GUIDELINE FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF HIV INFECTION IN PEOPLE WITH HAEMOPHILIA Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors' Disclaimer This document is a general guide to appropriate practice, to be followed subject to the clinician's expert judgement and the patient's preference in each individual case. The guidelines are designed to provide information to assist decision-

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome The Practice Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Birmingham, Alabama This Educational Bulletin discusses the pathophysiology, risk factors, clinical features, and management and pre-vention associated with ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). (Fertil Steril 2008;90:S188–93. 2008 byAmerican Society for Reproductive Medicine.)