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Data Sheet
Dragon Medical Practice Edition Speech-enable the
practice's EPR for faster,
more efficient, and profitable
History of Present Il ness, Review How can clinicians efficiently of Systems, Physical Examination, Key benefits
document patient care in their own and Assessment and Plan. – Lets you dictate faster and more words, spending less time typing Dragon Medical Practice Edition accurately than ever before.
or clicking inside their EPR? supports data privacy guidelines, – Lets you dictate anywhere in a critical requirement for any your EPR frees up administration practice concerned with patient By using Dragon® Medical – Saves clinicians 30 minutes or Practice Edition, clinicians— including nurses, nurse Clinicians also save additional – Al ows you to spend more time practitioners, clinician assistants, time by using customised macros with patients.
therapists, and other care to enter frequently dictated text – Al ows clinicians to dictate in their providers—can efficiently navigate with a single voice command. and dictate medical decision Overall, Dragon Medical solutions – Enables faster document making and treatment plans dramatical y reduce the time turnaround times directly into a patient's electronic clinicians spend documenting record. It is designed and priced care—30 minutes or more a day, especial y for smal er practices, to according to a number of studies.
help clinicians accelerate adoption of their chosen EPR.
Dragon Medical Practice Edition lets clinicians navigate many Using Dragon Medical Practice Windows®based EPR systems Edition ensures clinicians using voice commands—three document care more completely times faster than most people can and ‘in their own words.' Clinicians type or click with a mouse.
using an EPR powered by Dragon Medical experience substantial y Dragon Medical Practice greater satisfaction than clinicians Edition runs on a variety of who use the EPR without Dragon hardware, from netbooks to highpowered desktops. The software automatical y detects Dragon Medical Practice Edition hardware resources and sets up is 99% accurate ‘out of the box' the recommended configuration. and includes a complete range of Its stateoftheart technology medical vocabularies. takes advantage of advances in hardware and runs in multiple Dragon Medical Practice Edition threads automatical y when lets clinicians use a narrative multicore hardware is detected, format to dictate the elements to achieve better recognition of a patient encounter where clinicians need to document care in their own words, including the Nuance Healthcare Solutions
Data Sheet
Dragon Medical Practice Edition Dragon Medical Practice Edition
now search medical data via a makes clinicians more efficient.
single command on WebMD®, Key features
Dragon Medical Practice Edition UpToDate®, PubMed®, and – NEW: Dictate, edit and format
lets clinicians dictate faster and ICD10. These commands can in Microsoft® Word, Excel®, more accurately than ever before. be said at any time without even Dragon Medical Practice Edition having an Internet browser open. – NEW: Support for Microsoft®
is over 20% more accurate before These commands combine multi- enrol ment than the previous ple clicks into one fast command – More accurate than ever.
version—meaning that clinicians for the busy clinician. Simply say, Over 20% more accurate than will save time documenting care in "Search UpToDate for Wel butrin previous versions—and over 60% contraindications," and Dragon more accurate than non-medical Medical Practice Edition and Dictate anywhere in the EPR.
UpToDate take you there. – Recognition speed. Dragon
Dragon Medical Practice Edition Medical Practice Edition improves al ows clinicians to dictate any- – Secure patient information.
recognition response time where in an EPR system. Clinicians Dragon Medical Practice Edition no longer have to click back and supports data privacy guidelines – EPR support. Navigate and
forth between information they're to protect patient security and dictate inside EPR software: reviewing and the EPR's dictation History of Present Il ness, Review window. They dictate while of Symptoms, and Assessment reviewing information in Hidden – Improve physician satisfaction.
Mode, which al ows the clinician to Physicians who use Dragon – Medical vocabularies. Includes
place the dictation directly where Medical Practice Edition report vocabularies for over 90 medical he or she wishes.
that it significantly improves their specialty and subspecialties. enjoyment of practicing medi- – Regional accent support.
With Dragon Medical Practice
cine. Dragon Medical Practice Accented speakers get higher Edition, practices can deliver
Edition helps them use their time ‘out-of-the-box' recognition with higher quality care.
more effectively and get home in advanced adaptation techniques Clinicians receive a host of key time for dinner, thus improving and accent-specific acoustic advantages with Dragon Medical physician quality of life.
Practice Edition compared with – Hidden mode. Dictate anywhere
previous versions: Dragon Medical Practice
in the EPR, eliminating navigation Edition yields cost savings and
between EPR screens and the – Spend more time with patients.
notes window.
Increased accuracy means fewer Clinicians enjoy significant cost – Dragon Medical template
errors to correct, which lets reductions and productivity boosts library. Includes library of
clinicians spend more time with when they move from typing, macros for standard notes patients, improving both quality handwriting, or transcription—or and ‘medical normals' by body of care and patient satisfaction.
when they upgrade to Dragon Medical Practice Edition from – Smart configuration.
Dictate in their own words.
previous medical versions or Automatical y detects hardware Dragon Medical's freetext nonmedical solutions: resources. Its state-of-the-art dictation capability supports technology takes advantage of the ‘medical decisionmaking' – Improve practice efficiency
advances in hardware and runs aspects of the note, which gives Eliminate delays by speech- in multiple threads automatically referring physicians and ancil ary enabling the EHR, freeing up when multi-core hardware is providers a clearer and more more resources to focus on the detected, for better recognition detailed patient assessment and patients. Practices that are using Dragon Medical Practice Edition – Recognition analytics.
today are speeding up document – Medical information at their
Automatical y detects poor audio turnaround times and increasing fingertips.
input and alerts the user, offering Dragon Medical Practice Edition advice to remedy the situation offers multiple voice shortcuts and improve accuracy.
for searching medical information – Flexible input. Use your iPhone®
on the web. Clinicians can or Android® devices for speech input!.
Nuance Healthcare Solutions
Data Sheet
Dragon Medical Practice Edition The right solution.
Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the right solution for your clinical setting, as compared with non-medical offerings.
Non-Medical Speech
Comprehensive Medical Vocabulary Library Hidden dictation box Medical formatting rules Compatible with PowerMic® III Medical command sets "The key benefit is that Dragon Medical Practice Edition buys me time in each of my consultations. I gain a minute, I'm less stressed. I actually enjoy Dr Alastair Dickson, General Practitioner, UK Nuance Healthcare Solutions
Data Sheet
Dragon Medical Practice Edition – Support higher quality
Dragon Medical: a leading
and more complete
solution for practicing clinicians.
System Requirements:
documentation. Using Dragon
The Dragon Medical solutions The install process checks that Medical Practice Edition enables family is the leading speech your system meets the minimum quick and easy capture of the recognition solution in healthcare requirements; if they are not met, narrative for a more complete, today. Dragon Medical technology Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3 accurate patient story.
has been chosen by more than will not be instal ed.
180,000 physicians worldwide to – RAM: Minimum: 4 GB for 32-bit
Increase practice volume.
document clinical records and Windows® 7, 8.x, and 10 Faster, more accurate dictate correspondence, making – 4 GB for 64-bit Windows 7, 8.x, response reduces time spent it the most widely used speech 10, and Windows Server® 2008 on documentation, al owing recognition solution for physicians. R2 64-bit, Windows Server 2012, clinicians to see more patients Clinicians may use speech and reducing clinical document commands to navigate and dictate – CPU: Minimum: 2.4 GHz Intel
turnaround times.
clinical notes in most commercial y Dual Core or equivalent AMD available EPRs in a Windows processor with 2 MB processor cache supporting SSE2 instruction set. Faster processors Whether the clinician's country of yield faster performance origin is India, China, Pakistan, – Free hard disk space: 5 GB
UK, the U.S., or Australia, – Supported Operating
Dragon Medical Practice Edition Systems: Windows 7 32-bit and
recognizes his or her speech 64-bit; Windows 8.x 32-bit and patterns because it has heard 64-bit; Windows 10 32-bit and them before.
64-bit; Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit; Windows Server 2012 To learn more about how Nuance can help you improve financial - Internet Explorer 9®, or higher, performance, raise the quality or the current version of of care, and increase clinician Chrome®, or Firefox® for Online satisfaction, please visit - A sound card supporting 16-bit - A DVD-ROM drive for - A Nuance approved microphone. See support. for more information on Bluetooth microphones, recorders, Tablet PCs, and other hardware - An Internet connection for automatic product activation (a quick anonymous process).
Note: Supports Microsoft® Office
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Metagenomic study of single-nucleotide polymorphism within candidate genes associated with type 2 diabetes in an Indian population P.N. Mukhopadhyaya1, A. Acharya1, Y. Chavan1, S.S. Purohit1 and A. Mutha2 1Medical Genetics Division, geneOmbio Technologies, Pashan, Pune, Maharashtra, India2Diabetes Care and Research Foundation, Rasta Peth, Pune,

Microsoft word - advances in veterinary medicine hill rag july 2010.doc

Living Longer and Better: Advances in Veterinary Medicine By Dr. Gary Weitzman The days of a general practice physician coming to your house to treat everything that ails you are over. Frankly, so too are the days of a veterinary generalist. Today, there are as many specialties in veterinary medicine as there are in human medicine and surgery. From cardiology, to ophthalmology, from dermatology to radiation oncology, veterinary medicine has changed dramatically. The James Herriot days which lured us veterinarians into this field are over. Recent advances include stem cell treatments for arthritis, complicated orthopedic repairs that would have been inconceivable a decade ago, limb prosthetics, and medical protocols so sophisticated that they take a team of doctors—and at least a few checkbooks—to administer. Clients, by and large, welcome these changes and even expect veterinary medicine to be equal in sophistication to human medicine. Yet few will happily pay for it. While we expect and accept astronomical fees for human health care, many of us still deeply resent the expenses that stem from providing comprehensive, advanced care for our animals. That's a paradox. And then there's the convenience factor. Remember the daily heartworm tablets? Now, that was inconvenient. Or what about the days of dipping your dog or—Horror!—cat in flea dip? Now we complain because the monthly application of flea medication that is so quickly and easily applied onto one small spot on our pet's neck may not work the full four weeks. We've become accustomed to progress and convenience. Fortunately, veterinary medicine is doing its best to keep up. But to keep up, we veterinarians have had to learn more, continue longer training under huge debt, and seek board certification, like our human physician counterparts. Today's veterinary school graduate is predominantly female, has had at least eight years of post-high school education, and is in debt well into the six figures for her education. Then, there is the year of internship and at least three years of residency training, followed by specialty fellowships and board examinations. That's another half to full decade of training to get through—and pay for. What that means is, we can do so much more for you and your pet than the previous generation of general practice veterinarians could. But as in human medicine, these advances affect the very nature of health care. It's no longer reasonable to expect quick answers from your primary veterinarian. Or a rapid cure. With the scope of today's diagnostic tools and medicinal options, treatments may take time. Not everything we try may work, or even work the same way between one patient and the next. Given today's many advances in veterinary medicine, it should be more understandable than ever that your vet may not be able to diagnose and treat every disease quickly and at a minimal cost. Consider, for a moment, the dental service we offer. These days there are new machines, dental x-rays, and entire dental suites to aid in keeping our best friends' teeth and gums healthy and