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FROM THE PRINCIPAL Tena koutou katoa Nga mihi nui ki a koutou She will be a great loss to us. However, this is a new challenge Welcome back to Term 3. We finished which she is looking forward to. RJHS will be a better place for last term on a wonderful note thanks having her wonderful qualities, skills and abundant energy. Ms to the Bugsy Malone production and the Mead-Johnstone who has coordinated the Gateway programme numerous medals won at the Culinary will also be leaving to pursue her dream of running her own Fair as well as an innovative Health and cafe. She has served us with her great organisational skills and Wellbeing Week led by Erena Calder- positive attitude and she is a great example of having courage to Hawkins. We have some very talented and embrace new opportunites. We wish them both every success. creative young women in our community. Term 3 is a busy term in schools. Please support your I am currently in Wellington at the daughter by helping her stay focused on her learning. Catholic Principals Conference. It has been an opportunity to dig deeper into the Pope's Encyclical Laudato Si'. Many have referred to it as his ‘green' Encyclical but Dates to Diary
Pope Francis makes it very clear it is a social justice document. It is certainly confronting with human dignity placed firmly at August 2015
its centre. The natural world is a sacred community and to 3 - 7 August
Freedom Week
become alienated from it risks destitution in all that makes us human. Time to reflect on how we can be better stewards of our 3 - 7 August
Maths Week
natural world. We can, of course, start with ourselves and make 10 - 14 August
some simple changes and not continue with business as usual! 10 - 14 August
International Languages Week
Clearly an ethics of ecology would support our 13 August
compassionate care. A challenge and an opportunity! Term 3 has started with Arts Week and more themed weeks will be celebrated: Te Wiki o Te Reo, Cultural Diversity and Language Cybersafety and BYOD Week to follow. We appreciate our senior leaders who gather many At the start of the year the school introduced Bring Your Own volunteers to provide learning opportunities and plenty of fun. Device (BYOD). Many students have taken this opportunity to use On a lesser note, parents would have received a bill for this resource to enhance their learning. However, some students attendance dues and donations. We appreciate full payment so have been using this privilege to access inappropriate sites such that much of what has been described above can continue and as SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram etc via apps that specialise in our students can benefit from the range of extra opportunities avoiding firewalls. This is in breach of the Cybersafety Rules (A that come at a cost above and beyond government funding. copy is in the School Diary) that every student and parent signed In addition, there are ongoing costs associated with the likes upon enrolling at Sacred Heart. If a student has been found of sports, trips and subject costs. These are ‘user pays'. in inappropriate sites their access to the school internet will If you would like your daughter to participate in these be automatically suspended. Inappropriate use of technology areas, then there are costs and charges that must be paid in also involves taking photographs or other digital recordings of advance. If you are experiencing genuine financial hardship, other people and posting them on the web without permission. please contact my PA so we can discuss a payment plan. This breaches the privacy laws. It is strongly recommended that Finally, we say farewall to two members of staff over the parents read the material on the Netsafe website (http://www.
next few days. Mrs Silcock has secured a leadership position at to help your daughter to navigate safely in the Rototuna Junior High School. world of technology.
Our Vision Statement
Sacred Heart Girls' College educates and inspires young women to be confident, connected, Catholic, learners for life; committed
to excellence, ready to serve, to challenge and to shape the future.
We live the virtues of Faith, Hope and Justice.
Our charism is expressed through Communion, Contemplation, Mission.
College News Issue 8 August 2015

Welcome to our Learning Staff Updates
Community in which we aspire
to be the best that we can be in
• It is with sadness that we will farewell Mrs Silcock. Mrs Silcock has been a member of the Technology Faculty and all that we do.
presently Head of that team. She leaves after 8 years at the College and moves on to a new position at the newest Whāia te iti kahurangi ki te
school in Hamilton, Rototuna Junior High School. We wish tūohu koe me he maunga teitei
her every success.
Aim for the highest cloud so
that if you miss it, you will hit a
• Ms Mead-Johnstone is also leaving to take up "an offer she simply couldn't resist any longer" - to embark upon the journey of owning her own Cafe. Ms Mead-Johnstone is passionate about the hospitality industry and although her Deputy Principal
Learning at Sacred Heart Gateway students and work placement connections will miss Learning & Teaching
her, we know that it won't be long before we see Ms Mead- High achievement always takes place Johnstone operating her own cafe.
in the framework of high expectation. -Charles Kettering • We say good bye to Mrs Albu. Mrs Albu has been on leave this year in Australia and has found a permanent teaching At Sacred Heart Girls' College The Learning Committee places an position at a Catholic boys' school in Melbourne. We thank emphasis on the learning and personal improvements of students. Mrs Albu for her contribution to the Arts Faculty and wish We value the hard work students put into their learning and their her well in Australia.
individual successes. This is shown as students learning to gain knowledge rather than just strictly for results.
• Many thanks must go to Mrs Shakeela who in Term 2 undertook As a way of recognising this, The Learning Committee continued the role as Acting Deputy Principal whilst Mrs Stobie took with last year's initiative of acknowledging students with leave. Mrs Shakeela made a very smooth transition into Learning Recognition Certificates. This year we added other this role and equally back into her Maths classes in Term 3. dimensions: one of the main changes was in the criteria for the certificate. We did this because it was really important to the • Welcome back Mrs Stobie and thanks Mrs Shakeela for her Committee that the students understood what specific aspect contributions to the Senior Leadership Team.
of their learning was being recognised. We based the criteria on • Welcome to Mrs Hartwell in the Science Dept. Mrs Hartwell ‘a student who shows devotion to her learning'. This means that is a Biology and General Science teacher with previous Head the student is invested in her learning beyond the final grade and of Dept and University experience. She is presently teaching works hard to do the best they can do.
classes for Mrs Cox who is expected to return later this term.
We also split up the Learning Recognition Certificates into House colours and gave out the certificates during CCM time.
• Congratulations to Mrs Anke Richmond who has been One idea we retained from last year was the personalised awarded the Mark Williams Award - a $200 gift for her comments attached to the certificates from the teachers. It intiative in organising French chat to native speakers as a is really encouraging to know when teachers appreciate the means of strengthening students' opportunities to use their dedication you have shown to your learning and that your extra work does not go unnoticed.
When all of this was put together we ended up with over six • Congratulations also to Mr Brian Kendrick - as the NZGS wrote - hundred Learning Recognition Certificates.
"It is with the greatest of pleasure that I write to These Learning Recognition Certificates and learning in general congratulate you on being awarded , by the New Zealand would not have been possible without the amazing teachers at Geographical Society (NZGS), the Distinguished Service Sacred Heart Girls' College. As a token of our appreciation for all Award in recognition of the work you have contributed that the teachers do, we also organised with the help of some of to the Waikato Branch of the Society, the work you have our Sacred Heart star bakers, individually wrapped biscuits and undertaken in your capacity as a member of the NZ Board a platter of biscuits for all of our support staff.
of Geography Teachers, and to the teaching of geography in Finally, as learning is a journey and one which begins well before the Waikato (including your work in developing professional any student arrives at SHGC, we were able to take a platter of development courses, curriculum development and baking across to the staffroom of one of our largest contributing assessment) for over 40 years".
schools as a way of acknowledging the contribution that their staff have made to many of our learners.
Hannah Franicevic and Charlotte Gordon The time is coming for our young students to flex their muscles Deputy Head Students and Ambassadors For Learning with problem solving. During Week Three, we will be holding Maths competitions to celebrate Maths Week.
Let me introduce you and your daughter to P.S. - yes, Post
Waimaths Competition School. A place that offers weekly opportunities to for your
On the 13th of August, we will be sending three teams to the daughter to stretch her learning muscles, to fuel her think
Waimaths Competition to pit their problem solving ability tank and to collaborate with others. Watch this space for a
against all the schools in the greater Waikato area. Students Week 3 launch!
will also be offered the chance of entering a poster and video competition. Prizes are awarded on the Waimaths Competition PS - Tune into notices for more
night in the Pavilion in Garden Place.
College News Issue 8, August 2015 Duke Of Edinburgh Gold Tramp In April, the Elite Gold Duke of Once again Year 12 and 13 Catering Edinburgh girls packed enthusiasm and Hospitiality students took up and laughter along with three days' the challenge and entered the worth of clothes, food and tramping Waikato Culinary Fare Competition. gear into backpacks to bring with us After many weeks of designing to the Kaimais.
and practicing recipes the girls Due to a laidback attitude in our were ready to compete. It planning, we didn't expect too was so good that Sacred Heart much of a challenge. Boy, were we took away the 1st prize in the prestigious team challenge. wrong. The first day included, but was not limited to, almost vertical climbs, steep and rickety ladders and intense rain like we had never seen before. Making fun of each other, good food Melissa and Seana will be competing in the National Competition and our constant singing were the only forms of comfort that in Auckland on the 28th August and we wish them well.
kept us sane. And also my father's very typical and predictable From the 27 entries Sacred Heart were awarded 17 medals.
However, the next morning things were looking up when we Gold and Overall Category Winner - woke to Dad cooking bacon and eggs in our cosy hut and to a Melissa Petrin, Cupcake Entry.
beautiful sunrise. The day was wonderfully clear, and the lovely little streams, our packed lunches and our many laughs kept the Overall Category Winner - spirits cheerful. That night we talked around a campfire and Lucy Nola, Pie Category.
slept in squashed tents.
On the last day we had beautiful views for miles. Despite the Silver - Yasmin Pepper, Briana Kneebone, Ralita Jackson great distance still to walk, our enthusiasm only increased. We and Seana Crosby.
thought of the Maccas that awaited us, and quickened our pace. Arriving at the Wairere Falls was truly a highlight, as three days Bronze -Brittany Cunnington, Portia Matthews, Ashleigh of tiresome walking were rewarded with a breath-taking sight Sargent, Zara Brown, Seana Crosby, Isabel and joy of seeing the car that would deliever us home.
Cossey, Kayla Petersen, Lucy Nola (two) and By Emily Sopers.
Ashleigh O'Connor.
Gold Girls: Elise Tilsley, Georgia Whelan, Amelia Fransen, Sacha Raman and Elysia Overwater (absent).
Senior French Class Trip to New Caledonia Mr Chivers and Mr Corson invited our Drum Corps to support the On the last Friday of Term Two eight French students from the military Sunset and Retreat ceremony at Morrinsville Cenotaph senior French class, along with Mrs Cooper and Mrs Richmond, during the Gallipoli Centenary Commemorations. Through this left Auckland Airport and flew to Noumea to experience a week performance the Drum Corps experienced first-hand what it was filled with French culture, food and nice warm weather! Five of like to be part of a military parade.
the seven nights were spent with host families, with the The combined Drum Corps of St John's College and Sacred Heart underlying goal to speak, Girls' College comprises Luis Boyd, Aldrich Cecilio, Dominic understand and embrace Flanagan, Gerus Haika, Teagan King, Felix Minhinnick, Jacob the French language in as Moorhouse, Kellie Petrin, Daunte Tamaki and Tyrell Tamaki. The many ways as possible. The Drum Corps currently has some positions to be filled – bass drum, host families were incredibly cymbals and snare drum.
patient, generous and giving Those interested should contact Mr Glen Parr.
of their time and because of this, many of us were sad Sacred Heart/St John's Choir to leave them, even after The Sacred Heart/St John's Choir got a Highly Commended at spending such a short time together.
The Big Sing two weeks ago at St Peters for the Waikato/BOP Other highlights of the trip included spending a day at an idyllic area under Mrs Tankersley.
island, Phare Amedee; seeing turtles and multiple types of fish while snorkelling and visiting the aquarium; spending a day at the Venue: Sacred Heart Girls' local school where we went to classes and spent time with the students at a nearby zoo; catching up with old New Calendonian Fundrasing for St John's College 2015 ‘God & War' friends and exploring the town centre; eating large quantities of Social Science Trip to Europe baguettes and crossiants, as well as other French cuisine; going Thursday 20th August - 7.00pm to Creipac, a French language school, where we were able to Tickets Only $20.00 increase our understanding of the language and culture.
Tickets available from Fundraising Although the week flew by extremely fast, there were many fun Members or phone Cathie Baker 021 and wonderful times shared together which we will continue to relive and remember! Online Tickets @ Eventfinder and search Dave Upfold By Jemma McClymont As seen on TV3's Campbell Live FROM THE GUIDANCE COUNSELLOR Subject Selection Reports for senior students were sent out at the end of Term Two. Here are some tips to help you make a decision about what school subjects Assessment WeekWeek 6 (24-28 August) is Assessment Course Information Booklet Week for senior students. The Read this booklet carefully. Ask majority of subjects will run questions and talk to Mrs Pascoe and practice examinations which are your subject teachers.
an important opportunity for students to gauge their progress Think about your abilities and against the national standard. interests at school Practice assessments are based Which subjects are you good at? Which Deputy Principal
on the requirements for the subjects have you enjoyed studying? external examinations and indicate Which do you dislike and why? Are you to students those areas where a good writer, good with numbers, a they need to focus to improve practical person? before the final examinations in November. The results from these examinations may also be required as evidence if your How will your choices affect your future? daughter needs to apply for a derived grade due to unforseen Think about how your subject choice will affect your future circumstances at the time of her external exams.
career options and/or your future tertiary training options. Find out what secondary subjects are recommended for career Some subjects will use Assessment Week to offer further choices which interests you. assessment opportunities, others will use the time to undertake internal assessments. Students will be given a copy of the examination timetable next term and the timetable will also be Keep your career options open published on the school website. Students in Years 11-13 will be If you're unsure about your career, try to study a wide on study leave during Assessment Week and are only required at range of subjects at school. This will provide you with more school when they have an examination scheduled.
options later on. Each subject choice should have a purpose. Many of the universities have open days - all this Subject Choices for 2016 information is available from the Career Centre. All students currently in Years 9-12 will be issued with information regarding subject choices for 2016. Students are required to The school Careers Advisor, Mrs Pascoe, is also available to help return their Option Choice forms to the Student Centre by Friday with subject option choice and course selection. She is available 21 August. To help students and their parents understand NCEA Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by appointment or as a drop and various subject requirements, an information evening will in centre at lunchtimes on these days.
be held on Thursday 13 August at 7.00 pm.
Remember - Don't put off making a decision. Gather information, ask questions and seek advice if needed.
Fees Payment Dates
NZQA Exam fees $76.70 Option Evening
Thursday 13th August - 7pm
School Hall
Year 13 students are busy working out their options for 2016. This includes applying for halls of residence and tertiary courses at university or polytechnic, taking a gap year or leaving for the world of work. Thankfully, there is help available. This includes: 1st XI Hockey would like to acknowledge &
• Liaison visits from all the major universities and polytechnics thank their 2015 sponsors:
to help with course selection and advice.
• - a website which provides information about all major universities.
New World Te Rapa • - information about student loans and allowances.
Gurnell Harrison Lawyers • Breakout - a school based website which lists all scholarships.
Southern Star Caravans • Mrs Pascoe is available lunchtimes Tuesday and Thursday.
Mackrell Murcott Chartered Accountants Bettle and Associates Petroleum Services Harringtons Menswear College News Issue 8, August 2015 Examination Timetable Term 3
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Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Effects in Response to Red Bull Consumption Combined With Mental Stress Erik Konrad Grasser, PhD, MD, Abdul G. Dulloo, PhD, and Jean-Pierre Montani, MD The sale of energy drinks is often accompanied by a comprehensive and intense marketingwith claims of benefits during periods of mental stress. As it has been shown that Red Bullnegatively impacts human hemodynamics at rest, we investigated the cardiovascular andcerebrovascular consequences when Red Bull is combined with mental stress. In a randomizedcross-over study, 20 young healthy humans ingested either 355 ml of a can Red Bull or waterand underwent 80 minutes after the respective drink a mental arithmetic test for 5 minutes.Continuous cardiovascular and cerebrovascular recordings were performed for 20 minutesbefore and up to 90 minutes after drink ingestion. Measurements included beat-to-beat bloodpressure (BP), heart rate, stroke volume, and cerebral blood flow velocity. Red Bull increasedsystolic BP (D7 mm Hg), diastolic BP (D4 mm Hg), and heart rate (D7 beats/min), whereaswater drinking had no significant effects. Cerebral blood flow velocity decreased more inresponse to Red Bull than to water (L9 vs L3 cm/s, p <0.005). Additional mental stressfurther increased both systolic BP and diastolic BP (D3 mm Hg, p <0.05) and heart rate(D13 beats/min, p <0.005) in response to Red Bull; similar increases were also observed afterwater ingestion. In combination, Red Bull and mental stress increased systolic BP by about10 mm Hg, diastolic BP by 7 mm Hg, and heart rate by 20 beats/min and decreased cerebralblood flow velocity by L7 cm/s. In conclusion, the combination of Red Bull and mental stressimpose a cumulative cardiovascular load and reduces cerebral blood flow even under a mentalchallenge.

Metab Brain Dis (2010) 25:369–374DOI 10.1007/s11011-010-9218-6 Changes in regional brain volumes in social anxiety disorderfollowing 12 weeks of treatment with escitalopram Naseema Cassimjee & Jean-Pierre Fouche & Michael Burnett & Christine Lochner &James Warwick & Patrick Dupont & Dan J. Stein & Karen J. Cloete & Paul D. Carey Received: 23 April 2010 / Accepted: 24 August 2010 / Published online: 10 November 2010