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Shohei Juku Aikido Canada
September, 2005. Number 9
Continuing On With Renewed Energy
The short summer went by so quickly. How was everyone's summer? Did you all enjoy plenty of sunshine? The weather isbeginning to show a touch of autumn as we see the leaves around us changing. Autumn. In this season, there is a Japanese song that I always think about and often find myself singing. "Momiji (Maples)" Aki no yuuhi ni teruyama momiji Koimo usuimo kazuaru nakaniMatsu wo irodoru kaede ya tsuta waYama no fumoto no susomoyou (Fiery red are maples,Spreading over the mountains,Gleaming in the sunshine,Dark and light in autumn tints,Red and yellow maples, and evergreens so tall,Brocades of nature, charming is the fall.) There are a lot of major disasters happening around the world now. Every day many people are losing their lives as aresult of them. What can each of us do as a member of society during such a difficult time? As always I believe we canlearn to have a greater appreciation of the blessings of Mother nature and we can also make every effort to be kind tonature, animals, and the people around us. "Like a spring wind, treat others with gentleness. Like an autumn frost, treat yourself with severity" In the past I received these words from Suganuma-sensei and lately I think about them again.

Letters from members
The night wind has been cooling down as we pass theBon festival. The warmness of the blanket also was a Thank you for the summer greeting card! It was very nice feeling especially during the past few days.
nice to hear from you.
The time I spent in Canada was truly a treasure to me.
We had a baby boy! Meeting Tama-sensei, learning about Suganuma-sensei,and practicing with the wonderful Aikido members; it's Every day goes by so fast with diaper changing and because of this valuable time there that I was blessed feeding. I am still at a loss whenever he doesn't stop crying. But when I watch his sleeping face I feel veryhappy and content and at the same time I have a strong When I didn't know how to handle Shion and when I sense of wanting to protect him from any problems in wasn't happy with Sun's help, I tried Ten-kan. As I held Shion I started to feel relaxed and began to see myself,who I couldn't see well earlier. Aikido is great. I once There seems to be a lot of war-related stories around again realize that. Aikido is not about a martial art but this time of the year. Every time I hear and see those about a way of living your lives. Right now I can not sad stories I strongly hope the world will never again attend classes but my heart is at Trout Lake practicing. be a place where my son has to go to war. What can Ido right now to ensure this? As a new mother, my life is The seminar season is coming soon. I imagine you will busy right now but I seriously think about this. I'm not a get busier but please take care of yourself. I wish you politician but I would like to at least be able to express It is really hot here! I miss the nice cool Vancouver It seems the lives of your Aikido members are Excerpts from "Hoboseifuu" by Morito
changing. I would like to visit you very soon, and bring Suganuma (page 8-9)
my son, Shion.
Please send my best regards to your husband and Sho- "Men of today know everything yet they are too ignorant about themselves." By Arnold Toynbee I will stay fit and keep working hard! Sometimes we say "Look how he dresses despite his age!" or "How foolish of him at his age to do such athing.".
It is easy for us to observe and criticize others but whenit comes to ourselves it is difficult to do the same. There is a saying, "One man's fault is another's lesson".
At the entrance of a Zen temple we often see signs thatsay "Kyakkashouko" or "Kankyakuka". These words simply mean to place your shoes neatly asyou look down on your feet. But it also implies to lookupon ourselves before criticizing others.
This reminds me of our Aikido founder MoriheiUeshiba Sensei who used to say "Aikido is a martial artof self improvement". Health information about muscle soreness
muscles feel, take the next day off or go at a very slow and how to treat pulled muscles
pace. Do not attempt another intense workout until thesoreness has gone away completely. Most competitiveathletes exercise at low intensity during recovery, rather 1) What causes Muscle Soreness? than taking days off; this makes their muscles morefibrous and resistant to injury. If you're not interested in Your muscles should feel sore on some of the days competing, you can take one or more days off until after you exercise. If you go out and jog the same two your muscles feel fresh again.
miles at the same pace, day after day, you will neverbecome faster, stronger or have greater endurance. If 2)What's the best way to treat a pulled muscle? you stop lifting weights when your muscles just start toburn, you won't feel sore on the next day and you will Muscle pulls are a hazard of exercising. The immediate not become stronger. All improvement in any muscle treatment is RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression and function comes from stressing and recovering. On one Elevation. Stop exercising immediately, apply an ice day, you go out and exercise hard enough to make your bag wrapped in a towel on the injured part, wrap a muscles burn during exercise. The burning is a sign that bandage loosely over the ice bag, and raise the injured you are damaging your muscles. On the next day, your part above the heart. Remove the ice after 15 minutes muscles feel sore because they are damaged and need and reapply it once an hour for the first few hours.
time to recover. Scientists call this DOMS, delayed After a few days of rest, you can start a program of onset muscle soreness.
massage and stretching.
It takes at least eight hours to feel this type of soreness.
The only drugs that have been shown to help heal You finish a workout and feel great; then you get up the muscles are anabolic steroids or beta agonist asthma next morning and your exercised muscles feel sore. We medications such as clenbutarol or albuterol. Anabolic used to think that next-day muscle soreness was caused steroids can have dangerous side effects and are illegal.
by a buildup of lactic acid in muscles, but now we Clenbutarol and albuterol appear to be safe in the low know that lactic acid has nothing to do with it. Next- doses that are required to hasten muscle healing, but day muscle soreness is caused by damage to the muscle have not been approved by the FDA for this purpose in fibers themselves. Muscle biopsies taken on the day the United States. You can take pain medicines such as after hard exercise show bleeding and disruption of the ibuprofen, but they do not speed healing. They may z-band filaments that hold muscle fibers together as make matters worse if you mask the pain that warns they slide over each other during a contraction.
you not to use the injured muscle. Cortisone-typeinjections block pain and reduce swelling, but they may Nobody really knows how these hard bouts make actually delay healing. The most effective treatment is muscles stronger, but the most likely theory depends on rest. You should not exercise that part of your body the fact that hard exercise damages muscle fibers. Then until you can do it without feeling pain. When you other cells release chemicals called cytokines that cause return to the activity that caused the injury, start out at inflammation characterized by soreness (pain), reduced intensity and duration, then gradually work increased blood flow to the injured fibers (redness), back up to your normal program. Stop immediately if and increased flow of fluid into the damaged area you feel pain.
(swelling). The damaged muscle cells release tissuegrowth factors to heal the damaged muscle fibers, andif the athlete allows the muscle soreness to disappear ealthy Recipe : Ar
tichoke-Wild Rice Salad
before exercising intensely again, muscle fibers becomelarger and increase in number by splitting to form new 1 16-ounce can black beans, drained and rinsed fibers. If the athlete does not wait until the soreness 2 cups cooked wild rice goes away before exercising intensely again, the fibers 2 6-ounce jars of marinated artichoke hearts, drained can be torn, the athlete becomes injured, and the 1 red bell pepper, chopped muscles weaken.
1 small sweet onion, chopped1/2 cup chopped cilantro or flat parsley Next-day muscle soreness should be used as a guide to 1 teaspoon chile powder training, whatever your sport. On one day, go out and pinch cayenne, to taste exercise right up to the burn, back off when your muscles really start to burn, then pick up the pace again and exercise to the burn. Do this exercise-to-the-burnand recover until your muscles start to feel stiff, and Combine all ingredients and chill.
then stop the workout. Depending on how sore your

Aikido Humor
1. Please pay the monthly fee in the first week of the Regular Dojo schedule starts month at the front desk of the Trout Lake Centre. Ifyou are going to drop-in, please show your receipt Saturday Kids Class starts to the instructor each time you drop-in before theclass begins.
October 28 – 30 Uchideshi Seminar at Nikkei Center (Mr. Katsuhiko Suganuma) 2. If you arrive late to the class, please do the stretching exercises before starting keiko. Pleasemake sure to do this especially during cold weather Annual Membership Fee
We have started collecting this year's yearly 3. If you are planning to miss classes for a long period membership fees in January, 2005. For those who still of time due to the sickness, trip, moving, transfer haven't paid, please do so asap. $50/yr (To Mike Boyle etc., please let us know in advance.
or myself) Thank you. 4. We are always looking for various articles. The topics can be anything including Aikido, friends,work, and hobby. Our dojo newsletter welcomeseveryone's input.


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