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Endorsed by the Nigeria Olympic Committee THE INDUSTRY OF SPORT IN NIGERIA Plays a central role in the lives of many Offers a prospect for the society as a whole. Nothing galvanizes us more than sports. The only national endeavor which every Nigeriansupports without thought to tribal, ethnic, regional or political sentiments. Sport Development in Nigeria Still largely government dominated Corporate involvement in sports is largely Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Hampered by lack of funds for development of the industry Gross underdevelopment of the sports structures required to assure a virile sports sector of the economy.
Reduced to a footnote, with emphasis been placed on participation at events Shortage of capacity in the sector Lack of understanding of the economic potentials in the industry The Annual Sports Industry Programme developed by School of Media and Communications of Pan Atlantic University and Premium Sports Management Services as facilitators Established to build capacity in sport in Nigeria and entrench the foundations of a whole spectrum of support structures and ancillary services to build a virile sports industry in the country KEY OBJECTIVES OF THE PROGRAMME To communicate the place of sports as a driver of economic and national development To build capacity in understanding sports as both entertainment and business To develop and entrench the culture of effective sports management To explore sports as a tool for community development and conflict management To identify skill gaps of sports practitioners and improve capacity in these areas.
To explore viable strategies for optimizing creativity in sports development and communication To engage with the private sector to increase their understanding and capacity to assess the opportunities within the sports industry, with a view to leveraging same to build a vibrant sector of the Nigerian economy Building capacity through a series of workshops targeted at key operators, investors, practitioners and communicators in the sports sector Each workshop is 2 days longResource Persons have been drawn from practitioners in the ancillary sectors of the sports industry locally and internationally Each workshop is based on clearly defined modules designed to provide knowledge in the particular area of sports in focus Each workshop is designed for a specific group of the target focus local and international investors, media practitioners, sports managers, regulatory authorities, content managers, media owners, athletes, medical practitioners, etc.

CHANGING THE GAME - The outlook for Sports as a business.
Date: 11th August 2015
1. The size and scope of the sports industry- The contributions of sports to the economy 2. The Global Sports Economy – Global Impact of Sports 3. Sport in developing countries - Maximizing the impact and effect 4. Contemporary Issues in sports – Sports development strategies 5. Trends in Sports Development in Nigeria An overview of the potentials of the sports industry The role of the private sector in the sports industry 6. The Nigerian Sports Industry Manifesto 2 WORKSHOP
– Developing and maximising the value of the sports tourism business
– Media as a key driver of the sports industry
Date: End of September 2015
Culture and Sports – Developing Tourist destinations and the tourism industry Impact of Sports tourism on urban development Sports Volunteering – Potentials for Social Change and Image Building Sport as Entertainment Sports and global media management in a local context The Media in the sports industry a. Sports media enterprise as a contributor to the sports economy b. Sports content as a driver of the media industry New Media and Sports Development 3 WORKSHOP
BRIDGING THE KNOWLEDGE GAP - Ethical practices and capacity
building in the sports industry
Date: End of October 2015
Maximising the management of Sports Federations as key drivers of sports Communication Strategies as tools for management of sports federations "Life after sports" – Building capacity for retirement from active sports
Mitigating the effects of Illegal practices in sport Ethics and Sports Journalism 4 WORKSHOP
SPORTS AND TECHNOLOGY – The role of technology in the
sports industry
Date: End of November 2015

Technology and Sports Media Content development Broadcast technology Digital Media and Sports Content delivery Impact of Technology in Sports development Research and Development in Sports Medicine Wearable Technology - Research and Development in Sports Kits and Athletes' Development and Management Some corrections:1. Seems like this is not the current edition. The most recent edition which I downloaded from the site to use in the media briefing presentation is different. We had removed Bayo Adekanmbi from invited list and you had adjusted the page to include a small paragraph indicating there will be other invited speakers. I have attached that document for you to see. Please use that as the basis for future amendments. We have also removed Mr Peter Bentley from the Invited list as you would see in the brochure used for the presentation. 2. Please remove Mr Nenad Lalovic from the list of confirmed speakers. Mr Lalovic has to undergo extensive surgery which unfortunately has been scheduled for Engr. Habu Gumel
Kevin Roberts
Dr Larry Izamoje
Dr. Jim Pulcrano
President, Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) Editorial Director, Sport Business Group Chairman / CEO, Brila Sports Group October 9th, so he won'y be able to come in October after all. We would know Executive Director - RM Sports Management, Executive Director and Member of the EMBA Teaching Team Former Technical Director about his replacement by end July or latest first week in August.
Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) IMD Business school, Switzerland 3. If you do these amendments, then you can add Mr Emeka Mba to the invited page.
4. The Official presentation I sent to you is slightly different. I just sent it for reference purposes. Please use the format we have been using since, only amend as per the above comments.
I hope I've made sense.
Chief (Dr.) Patrick Ekeji
Gary Rathbone
Abimbola Ilo
Dele Odugbemi
Footballer, Lecturer, Sports Administrator Founder, Sports News Africa Former Director General, National Sports Commission Managing Director, Integral Limited Former Head of Africa, Supersports.
Managing Director, Media Share Nigeria Mrs. Sally Mbanefo
Director General Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) Dr. Akin Amao
Mitchell Obi
Tunji Adeyinka,
Former Director/ Chief Medical Officer Associate Professor President International Association of Sports Journalists Managing Director National Sports Commission Pan Atlantic University School of Media and Communication Connect Marketing Limited (An Affiliate of Octagon Worldwide Marketing) David Dein
Mr. Godwin Emefiele
Former Vice Chairman of Arsenal FC Central Bank Governor Former Vice Chairman of the Football Association Edwin Moses
Dmitry Chernyshenko
Antonio Zea
Multiple Olympic Gold medallist President and CEO CEO Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Centre, New York Pioneer Chairman, Laureus Sports Academy Global Football Innovation, Adidas Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games .and a host of persons from various sectors of business and sports h a v e b e e n i n v i t e d subject to confirmation of their attendance.
Thimon De Jong
Tom Claes
Mr Emeka Mba
Futurist and Strategic foresight expert Managing Director Director General, Sports app development agency Panenka76 Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) PAN-ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION he School of Media and Communication of the Pan Atlantic University Lagos, evolved directly from the Centre Tfor Media and Communication (CMC) instituted in 2006 in recognition of the critical role of this sector in shaping societal values and cultural life. No less important, the contribution of the creative industries to economic growth and the GDP is gaining recognition as well. Specifically, the establishment of the School of Media and Communication is informed by the aspiration to train professionals in the creative industries who would uphold the highest intellectual, ethical and professional values that promote creativity, critical knowledge, technical perfection, social responsibility, and the spirit of enterprise. The School's programmes will prepare students for careers in the creative industries, in business generally, and in various public and private domains.
The primary goal of the School of Media and Communication is the formation of media and communication professionals, to enable them pursue their calling of service to human cultures with a sense of creativity, skill, knowledge and values. PAU-SMC wishes to contribute through our expertise to the professional excellence of the creative industries in our country and the continent of Africa.
The vision of the School is to be internationally recognized as a prestigious institution offering high quality education in communication and media; to be a reference point for research in Africa, and to be a leading centre of learning globally. It is expected that the level and high standard of the School will influence positively all other faculties of its nature across the country and the African continent.
In view of the fact that Sport is a key part of the Creative Industries, SMC is engaging in this programme in furtherance of its goal and vision to provide knowledge and capacity that will encourage the spirit of enterprise in its participants and contribute to the development of sport as an industry by communicating its potentials to the key PREMIUM SPORTS MANAGEMENT SERVICES remium Sports Management Services is a limited liability company incorporated in 2003 with expertise in PSports Marketing and Management Consultancy Services and engaging in a full line customer engagement offering, leveraging all aspects of marketing and management services to deliver key business benefits to our clients. With a proposition is based on a deep understanding of the drivers of consumer passion and the creation of unusual solutions or cause related activities or user generated content for tapping into these passions, we develop and /or identify existing properties that will meet the pre-agreed business objectives of our clients and work to refine their consumer engagement strategy, optimize brand positioning, key messaging, and strengthen the target consumer bond that is vital to business success using our core competencies in the area of sports.
With key strengths in a clear understanding of the BUSINESS of Sports, the market, future trends, sources of revenue particularly on the international scene and how it affects us, how to tap into the revenue potentials in sports, PSMS has over the past decade shown itself capable of the level of commitment required to add value to client goals and objectives, in terms of knowledge acquisition and manpower development PSMS also possesses a clear understanding of the market potentials to deliver stated goals and objectives, the creativity to develop and market bespoke content, events and programmes to fill any gaps in marketable events and properties, and exploit such to increase revenue from sports management and marketing as well as the knowledge and widespread contacts to deliver on briefs from clients The Management Team is headed by the Managing Director/Chief Executive, Miss Nkechi Obi, 1982 graduate of Chemistry, University of Lagos, with an MBA from the same university (1988). An active sports person, Nkechi has been in management since 1991 as an Administrator in the Nigeria Squash Rackets Federation, serving as Tournament Director, National & International Squash Tournaments (1995-1996), before going into full Sports Marketing in 1998. She was a board member of various Sports Associations and Federations including Lagos State Squash Rackets Association (1991-1993), Lagos State Tennis Association (2003-2007), Nigerian Squash Rackets Federation (1993-1996), and Parasoccer Federation of Nigeria (2013 to date). Nkechi is also currently the Chairperson of Lagos State Parasoccer Association and served as Consultant to the Ministerial Committee on Football Reform in 2011.
Open to corporate organisations, 5 categories of partnership
i n s t i t u t i o n a l i n v e s t o r s a n d
opportunities will be provided organisations, service providers through a comprehensive Institutional Partners Sponsorship Partners communication platform that Supplier Partners will be accessible to all partners and calibrated according to partnership categories Leverage on the programme A comprehensive 6-month Publicity and communication programme. Reach over 1,000 influential decision makers Publicity would ensure high local and - Federation Presidents international visibility for the brands that associate with SPORTSPRO NIGERIA. - Manufacturing companies, etc.
The publicity plan cuts across print, Key into major industry-shaping electronic and digital media.
decisions arising from the programme A full engagement platform on social media for all participants. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Sports accounts for approximately 1% of NEWSPAPER FLICKER FEATURE ARTICLES INTERVIEWS Annual growth rate of 7%, faster than the DIGITAL TEXTS MEDIA growth rate in nearly every country in the world.
Contribution of sports in some instances is BRANDING CREDIT MENTION even higher than the projected growth rate for some economies.
DROPS RADIOTV INTERVIEWS SPORTPRO NIGERIA will serve as a gateway to the development of an industry with a potential of 1.7-2% of the GDP of the country i.e. US$10.2 Billion locally. Who should attend?

Senior executives of Sport federations Sports administrators – coaches, managers, medical officers, etc. Active and retired sports men and women looking to develop alternative career paths in sports administration and management Media owners and managers Content developers and managers Licencing and merchandising organizations and managers Sports research and development practitioners Senior Executives and decision makers in Banking and Financial services Tourism development managers and administrators Sports Events developers and managers Service providers and suppliers to major sports events Why attend?

By attending Sportspro Nigeria, you will network with some of the best known and most respected individuals in the global sports industry. Listen to proven strategies on how to overcome some of the challenges of developing sports as an Invaluable learning opportunity, bringing together experts in key areas of the global sports industry Opportunity to listen and learn from high profile leaders responsible for delivering some of the most challenging projects and innovations in the sports and ancillary services industries Networking breaks included to ensure you gain from the experience of meeting some of sports' greatest Sportspro Nigeria will be held at the Pan Atlantic University Lagos Business School Campus, Lekki , Lagos - an ultra modern facility most conducive for executive management training and learning.
PROFESSOR JAMES T. TSAAIOR FACULTY AND HEAD, MASS MEDIA/WRITING PAU/SMC0816 110 2776 NKECHI NNEKA OBIPROGRAMME DIRECTOR 0803 354 3355Email: [email protected] [email protected] .As we look forward to welcoming you


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