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MS Schippers has now grown into one of the largest suppliers to the professional livestock farming industry in
Europe. We supply agricultural equipment and services to our customers and partners all over the world, from
The Netherlands to South Africa and from Belgium to New Zealand.
The head office of MS Schippers is located in Bladel, The Netherlands. In addition to the head office, we have a centrally located distribution centre in Lommel, Belgium. This warehouse, with an area of 20.000 m², supplies all our branches and foreign partners. More than 250 people are employed within the MS Schippers Group. Commercial activities are taken care of by our representatives, office sales staff and product specialists. We are active in all areas of livestock farming, especially pig, poultry, mink and dairy farming.
MS Schippers is well known in the agriculture sector. We have a specialized and complete range of products and services – which makes MS Schippers the ideal supplier for all types of livestock businesses. MS Schippers' strength lies in the work it performs, developing new products and improving the application of existing products.
Our Export team can offer you knowledge, equipment and guidance in the daily activities on your dairy farm. We would like to give you an overview of our core products for your market.
With knowledge gained over 40 years experience of reproduction in cattle, we can supply everything
you need, and advise as well when necessary. Our catalogue contains a comprehensive source of equipment for pregnancy testing. Training and service can be given on the spot, anywhere in the world.
Many tasks within the intensive livestock farming industry are monotonous and often have to be
performed in less than ideal conditions as far as staff are concerned. Schipmatic is the specialist division within the MS Schippers Group for the automation and mechanisation of labour-intensive processes in the livestock farming industry.
The Coatings Systems divisions of the MS Schippers Group work to the raise the standard of hygiene and
the health status on farms through the use of synthetic floor and wall coatings. After the coatings have been applied to the surfaces in your livestock building, cleaning and maintenance will be much easier. This will lead to improved cleanliness, a pre-requisite for good hygiene, vital to every livestock enterprise. A clean drinking water supply is absolutely necessary for human and animal welfare. This applies
especially to intensive livestock farming, given that it has to produce healthy food for human consumption, in a responsible and efficient way. MS Water Systems can offer you a complete service package to optimize drinking water quality on your farm.
The name says it already: "Complete focus on hygiene". This is the division's only activity. Hygiene-
Focus is a supporting unit for farmers, sales and the food chain as a whole.
The focus on the efficient and error-free collection of animal data, with the aim of sustainable
management in professional livestock farming Even with the most extensive, optimized feed, there are periods when every animal needs to receive
extra vitamins, minerals or other nutrients. With Nutri-Support, we aim to ensure that your animals are given the right supplement at the right time.
Vermin pose a serious threat to your business and are the principal spreader of disease. A firm prevention
plan must be enforced in order to get vermin under control. Agro Pest Control can help you to do this.

Shorten your
1609875 MS Multiscan digital with a mechanical
5.0 MHz Sector Probe
This is a portable handheld scanner with a mechanical 5.0 MHz Sector Probe. It is a compact, light weight multifunctional scanner with excellent image quality. Characteristics MS Multiscan:
• Freeze function• 5.5 Inch TFT display. 256 grey scale• Easy to use• The scanner is delivered in a lockable case complete with battery and recharger.
Universal scanner, also suitable for pigs, sheep and goats.
Scan options: Uterus and Cervix
1609970 MS Linoscan digital
MS Linoscan digital is a lightweight portable linear scanner forveterinary use such as pregnancy detection and other diagnostic applicationson cows and horses. The Probe can be set at different frequencies.
Characteristics of MS Linoscan:
• Excellent image quality from the 6.4" TFT colour LCD• Multi-frequency facility• Full veterinary software• With rectal probe 60 mm, 6.5 Mhz• The scanner is delivered in a lockable case complete with battery and recharger.
Day 35 (30)
Between 60 - 70 days
Linoscan (MS)
Multiscan (LS)
• From 35 days twins can be detected with
the MS and LS.
• 15% of cows pregnant at day 42 have
embryonic mortality
• At 21 days after calving you can use
the LS for:
• Inspection of ovaries
• Inspection of Corpus Luteum.
• Diagnosing cysts
• Diagnosing infections
What does a cow
need to achieve
MS Cow Start Plus
MS Ketoprotect Plus
MS Bovi Support
Effects of
Optimal Lactation Plan
• High negative energy
balance (NEB)
• Milk production
• Abomasal torsions
• Rumen Acidification
• Health
• Ketoses (Acetonaemy)
Positive energy balance
Negative energy balance
Positive energy balance
Negative energy balance

50 gr/day
Dry Cow Bolus
200 ml/day
175 ml/day
Start 50 gr
50 gr/day
Dry Cow Bolus
200 ml/day
175 ml/day
KetoProtect during the dry-period
and start of lactation:
• Stimulates feed intake
• Protects the liver
• Increases energy intake
• Stimulates digestion
• Avoids ketosis
• Restores the electrolyte balance
• Hastens the expulsion of
the afterbirth
• Increases natural resistance
• Cows start eating again more
KetoProtect + Bovi-Support
• Increases fertility
• Stimulates the rumen flora
• Stimulates digestion
• Improves fertility
• Stimulates the rumen flora
• Increases rumen activity
Together with the nutritionists of Nutri Support,
we offer you the Schippers Optimal Lactation
Challenge. We challenge you to improve
your cows' lactation from beginning to end in a
healthy, natural way. The program is based
on recognizing your situation and aiming at
improving quality and performance by
giving your cows the best possible lactation.
We challenge you to discuss this with one of
our advisors to achieve better results this year.
MS Optimal Lactation Plan:
Applying Optimal Lactation Plan will reduceproblems during your cows' lactations.
We challenge you,
This will result in: do you dare to take the challenge?
• More lactations per cow
Contact us and we will tell you
• Reduction in veterinary bills
more about the Optimal
• Improved technical results
• Better fertility
• A more enjoyable working environment
The Optimal Lactation Plan includes the following products:
MS Cow-start
• Increased rumen development
• Increases protein intake
• Re-adjusts the electrolyte
• Excellent (fibre)digestion
• Increases lacto protein in the milk
balance after calving
• Increased feed intake
• Improves rumen activity
• Optimizes the metabolism of calcium
• Prevents rumen acidification
• Hastens the expulsion of the afterbirth
• Improves fertility
• Stimulates liver function
• Stimulates feed intake
• Higher feed efficiency
• Dose: 200 / 175 ml
• Prevents abomasal torsions
• 200 billion yeasts / kg
• Stimulates energy metabolism in
• Dose: 50gr / cow
the liver
• Improves the beginning of lactation
• Dose: 800 g / cow
1508250 MS Mobile drencher manual
The MS Mobile manual drencher is designed for administering fluids (such as MS Cowstart plus) to ruminants. Characteristics of the MS Mobile manual drencher:
• User friendly mobile trolley• Capacity of storage vessel 45 litres• Hand pump op top of the container• 330 cm long nozzle• Nose ring on the probe for simple insertion of the drenching hose• Easy to clean removable container 1. Insert the nozzle
2. Insert fully
4. Job satisfaction for the herdsman
MS Nutrumin Top
Nutrition is of great importance to have a healthy cow with optimum production.
Without balanced nutrition, shortages of certain nutrients will occur, or the wrong
balance between, for example, energy and protein will arise.
To attain a healthy cow with best possible production a number of factors must be considered, but undoubtedly, nutrition is one of the
elements that must be right.
There are also other elements that have a very important role in health, fertility and production: minerals, trace elements and vitamins.
At MS Nutri Support, we want your herd to be as healthy as possible, so we have developed MS Nutrumin Top.
Nutrumin Top contains a number of elements which have proven their efficiency in the past
Macro Minerals such as calcium and phosphorus are two essential elements for the production of milk. In case of a shortage or out of balance diet, the cow will always under-produce. Other minerals such as sodium and potassium play an important role in the hydration balance of the body.
Selenium. It is generally known that Selenium combined with vitamin E has an impact on both fertility and resistance to disease. Other trace elements are active in processes such as fertility, cell division and digestion, .
A high yielding cow will nevertheless still profit from additional vitamins. This to improve fertility (vitamin A and E) or to improve resistance (vitamin A and E) and the milk yield (vitamin D).
Live yeast
To support the rumen and thus optimise the digestion, live yeast is added to MS Nutrumin Top. This ensures the optimum environment in the rumen, so that digestion of fibre is improved MS Nutrumin Top combines all these elements into one mixture and so is an indispensable
part of a balanced diet for your high yielding cows.
Good hoof care is essential for all cattle. Lameness can
adversely affect milk yields and longevity of cows.
MS Schippers offers several products for both the
farmer and the professional hoof trimmer. Our hoof
trimming boxes are known for their reliability, stability
and ease of operation. We can also recommend and
supply a wide range of adhesives, and all the tools you
will need, from a hoof cutter to a hoof knife.
Example of an ideal Hoof Care
Box for a Dairy Farm
Hoof care Box
1 x 0604523

Hoof Care Box Type Al 27
with latching door
1 x 8804604
Electric winch for hind leg
1 x 8804612
Electric winch for belly girdle
1 x 8804613
Set foreleg support with electric
winch (left and right)
1 x 8804614
Holding device gas-sprung for
1 x 8804606
Rotating equipment holder
1 x 8804616
Set of 2 rear fences (left and right)
1 x 8804603
Fastening set to assemble 2
rear fences
Consistent treatment is the
basis of good hoof care
0601120 MS Dermades Plus, 25 kg
0601150 MS Formaline, 22 kg/20 Ltr, 40%

Megades, 21 kg
A foot bath
every 2 weeks
During severe infections
MS Dermades
MS Formaline
MS Megades
Gluing a block
on in seconds
Starter kit Bovibond (A), containing:
With applicator gun, mixer tips, 2-component glue and hoof block (approx. 24 treatments).
The Bovibond applicator will always dispense adhesive in the correct proportions, so you can be sure of good performance every time.
Sets in 30-90 seconds, so the animal will be back on its feet almost immediately. Other similar products can contain toxins, but Bovibond has
no harmful odours, so can safely be used in an enclosed space. Setting is not temperature-dependant, so no need for paint stripper or drier
in cold winter temperatures. Bovibond is supplied in twin-component syringe and is simply dispensed with the special applicator gun. Special
mixer tip ensures proper mixing, and easy application to hoof block. 10-12 applications per tube.
Applicator gun for 2-component glue (B)
2-component glue for hoof blocks, 180 ml (c)
0609995-25 Mixer tip, bag of 25 pieces (D)

Wooden hoof block (E)
0602010 MS Hoofpaste 300 ml
MS Hoofpaste is a special hoof care product for individual treatment. MS Hoofpaste consists
of chelated minerals and supported components which have the following advantages:
• They will ensure that the hoof is in perfect condition
• Resistant to pollution (such as fertilizer)
• Very good adhesion which means that the product will remain on the hoof for longer.
Contain the animal in the hoof care box and trim the hooves as necessary. After treatment you
must clean and dry the hooves. Apply MS Hoofpaste to the interdigital cleft and to the tips of the
claws. Give plenty of lubrication to the hoof. If possible allow the MS Hoofpaste react for a
couple of minutes before releasing the animal.
0602021 Brush for MS Hoofpaste
0602011 MS Hoof fluid 5 litres
MS Hoof fluid is a special hoof care product specially developedto effectively promote healthy hooves. MS Hoof fluid can be used forindividual treatment and for treatment of a complete group of animals by using a low-pressure cleaner.
Use with a low-pressure spray:Tie the animals up to the feeding rack. Spray the hooves and the surrounding floors with water. The better the hooves and floor are cleaned, the better will be the result. Begin by mixing the correct proportions of water and MS Hoof fluid in the low-pressure spray.
Dilute: 50% MS Hoof fluid, 50% water for serious problems.
20% MS Hoof fluid, 80% water for maintenance The right tools for the job
0601286 Pincers, Frank model, extra sharp
Extra sharpened pincers. Double edged.
Smooth nickel steel. Length: 40 cm 0603093 Hoof Cutter with double action
Sturdy double action hoof cutter, requires less effort. Length: 41 cm Hoof Knife VC 315, double edged
Hoof Knife VC 320, right edged
Hoof Knife VC 321, left edged
Extra Sharp. Brown wooden handle. Aesculaap.
Hoof Knife VC 310, right edged
Hoof Knife VC 311, left edged
Standard sharpness, black ebony handle. Aesculaap.
Stay ahead
of Mastitis
MS Golddust
The hygiene powder for a fresh, pleasant
and hygienic climate in the barn
MS Golddust stabilizes hygiene management in the barn and in the animal because:
• It absorbs and retains moisture
• It does not result in a high pH level, so is neutral for the skin. No skin irritations
• The ethereal oils reduce the challenge from germs, which will keep you ahead of mastitis and hoof problems, etc.
• It contains Yucca, known for it's capability to bind ammonia
• MS Golddust contains a mixture of natural components and is therefore absolutely safe for humans, animals and the environment.
• It will not lead to a hard crust (caking) when the moisture is absorbed
• MS Golddust has a cleaning effect on the skin
• Is easy to apply, and produces little dust.
• It has a fresh and pleasant odour
• The essential oils eliminate flies and the dry environment prevents larvae
• MS Golddust promotes breakdown of manure
MS Golddust 20 kg, multi-bucket
2509711-20 MS Golddust 20 x 25 kg, pallet
MS Golddust
2509712-50 MS Golddust 50 x 25 kg, pallet
offers you more
2509870 MS Kiemkill 10 kg
MS Kiemkill is a powdered, oxidizing disinfectant with quick action at low concentrations and a broadmicrobiocidal spectrum. Applicable for the agricultural industries, such as dairy, poultry, pigs and livestock keeping in general. Approved to be used to combat bacteria, yeasts, moulds and viruses in animal housing, related buildings, animal transport and surfaces as well as equipment in agricultural businesses. Water-soluble powder.
Directions for use:
• For disinfection of buildings and materials in agricultural businesses and intensive breeding• For normal use: 0.5% to 1%• For complete disinfection: 1% (moulds 2%)• In solution MS Kiemkill is stable for at least 7 days (no fouling) MS Cow Udder Products
Reliable udder hygiene does not have to be difficult.

The MS Cow Udder program consists of 3 basic products that cater for
3 specific needs; cross contamination, skin care and disinfection.
In the end they all have the same goal: A healthy udder!
Some key points we asked for during development:
• Products should be ready to use, no mixing required
All year round
• They should be reliable active substances
• Applications: routine, ultimate nursing and protection
• They should give year-round cover
The result:
2809857 MS Cow Udder Sepia
Ultimate care: PVP iodine, fantastic skin care and solutions forskin irritations, effective against micro organisms, dip.
2809853 MS Cow Udder Brown
Routine: PVP iodine, use for nursing or prevention, effective against micro organisms, dip or spray. Can also be used on the milking robot!
2809855 MS Cow Udder Block
Protection: PVP iodine, barrier forming and solution for protection against cross contamination, effective against micro organisms, dip Prevent cross contamination!
Udder paper
MS Lavettes Refill
3 layers, 2 rolls
3 refills each of 600 Lavette powdered per 100 pieces
Udder paper for cleaning the udder wet-wipes packed in one box Available in S - XL.
before milking.
2805241 MS Uddercare uddermint excl. hook, 500 ml
MS Uddercare uddermint is a massage gel for promoting blood circulationin muscles and udder tissue and to decrease any swelling of the udder.
MS Topfoam LC
MS Topfoam
MS Car Truck
Acid, 12 kg
LC Alk, 22 kg
Super Cleaner, 22 kg
The outside is a mirror of
the inside
The outside is a mirror of the inside
That can be said about the building, the environment, and the equipment too. You produce ahigh value milk product and you want the image and quality that goes with this. In short:No concessions can be made, it will be clean! Really clean! MS Schippers' foam concept has the answer. Whether for the milking robot, parlour,stalls, your tractor or your car; Schippers offers you the "hand of hygiene" MS Topfoam LC ALK and MS Topfoam LC ACID
Products for cleaning surfaces in every type of milking parlour.
Powerful, long cling soaking agents that offer solutions for all normal soiling in animal accommodation. No environmental contamination, and a workplace to be proud of! MS Car Truck Super Cleaner
Clean and shiny. Not only your car and tractor, but also your milking robot and even your milking parlour will be clean with this quality product. Well deserved "Best in test" by the magazine Profi (Germany). Impressive cleaning power for all surfaces and materials.
MSE Mortar Forte System
for Parlour Floors
A good grip for your cows.
For the floor of your milking parlour and collecting yard, we would recommendthe following do-it-yourself floor systems. Thanks to the their layered structure,these floors withstand pressure, both chemical and mechanical, very well.
So they are very durable and retain their non slip surface. A 2 layer, 3 componentmortar coating with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance. The structureof the mortar ensures that animals always retain their grip on the floor.
These floors are also very easy to keep clean.
• Very good grip
• Rock hard
• Wear resistant
• Resistant to chemicals
• Quick to apply
• Drying time: 24 hours dependent on the
ambient temperature
• Available in 4 colours
MSE Mortar
Forte Rapid System
A 2 layer, 3 component mortar coating system which is hardwearing and resists chemicals. This coating is fully cured andhardened after 4 hours, which makes it ideal for renovatingparlour floors between milkings. The structure of the mortarensures that animals always retain a good grip on the floor.
These floors are also very easy to keep clean.
MS Egalisation Coating
Increase feed intake!

Consequences of a feed alley
in poor condition:
• Tainted feed = less intake =
lower milk production
• Possibility of mould
• More uneaten feed
Advantages of coated feed alley:
• Higher feed intake, an increase of 2 litres milk per cow

per day is possible
• Higher resistance = less problems = better health
• Less mould
• Less uneaten feed

• Higher milk production
• No corrosion of the surface
• Easy to clean
Quick and easy to apply in simple steps
The right
proper Calf Rearing
Calf Luck, 5 kg
Hydro-Tab, 24x2 pieces
MS Ascar - Cocciclean 25 kg
Calf Luck ensures good stomach and intestinal Hydro-tab is a foaming salt tablet based Special disinfectant to protect function in calves. Ideal product for the on an energy-providing carrier. Diluted in against Cryptosporidium, transition from cow's milk to artificial milk, or water it becomes an isotonic solution which Clostridium, bacteria and moulds.
when rehousing animals. Gives young animals will restore the salt balance in animals that Application Rate of the a good start. Combats digestion problems.
become dehydrated. The quick release reconstituted solution of 2-4% is The product contains: Pectins as a protective energy gives the animals a boost and helps layer for the intestine, Feed salts to compensate to cover their daily requirements more for the loss of moisture and salts. Glucose quickly. Very good uptake, thanks to the improves the uptake of feed salts and is a pleasant flavour.
source of energy.
Equipment for Calf Rearing
3 litre Drench bottle
with stainless steel
The 3 litre drench bottle is a hygienic drencher for administering medicines and/or colostrum.
1508201 Calf 3 litre drinking
bottle with teat
This 3 litre drinking bottle is for feeding milk to
calves. It includes a scale. Very easy to clean
and to fill. Novel design including check valve.
1508202 Spare teat for 3L calf
drinking bottle
1509325 MS Electric Milk Warmer
MS Electric Milk Warmer is an electric apparatus for easy warming version also
of calf milk in a bucket. Adjustable thermostat.
MS Calf hutch for the best start
1509925 Calf hutch for 6-8 calves
Dimensions: 3 x 2,4 x 2 metres • Made of polyethylene, shock proof
• UV and frost resistant
• Reflects sunlight
• Fully galvanized fencing
• Easy to clean
Fence door
can also be used
as front door
1509934 Calf Hutch XL
The XL hutch is suitable for rearing twocalves up to 3 months. Made of polyethylene.
Dimensions : 2,2 x 1,30 x 1,5 metres Premium Calf hutch for individual rearing
1509845 Premium Calf hutch
Made of fibreglass mat laminate. Suitable for rearing calves up to 10 weeks old.
The fence can also be tipped over on its hinge for easy cleaning and transporting.
Dimensions of inside lying area: 170 x 100 cmTotal area: 3,35 m² Prevent summer
fly problems
Facts on flies
Within 4 weeks 2 flies can
produce 1,000,000 flies.
To successfully fight against flies you need to work with a combination of resources, aimed at both the fly and the larva. So: fighting the adult fly is
just 15% of the job.
On the Groot-Nieuwenhuijzen farm in Utrecht in
the centre of Holland, the slurry pits in the cattle
sheds are treated early with MS Maggot Death
Plus. Calf- and straw hutches are also treated.
"Thanks to regular use of MS Maggot Death Plus I
am (almost) fly free in the summer. It really gives
my livestock a lot of comfort and rest."
Rat Tail larvae are
afraid that MS Maggot
Death plus will
kill them.
2309945 MS Maggot Death plus, 20 kg, granules
For the control of fly larvae. MS Maggot Death is a growth regulator,which stops the larva maturing by inhibiting the development of its skin.
Application Rate: 250 grams per 10 m². Works for 8 – 10 weeks 2309879 Aza-Fly, 2 kg
Aza-fly is a powerful insecticide for controlling flies, having azamethifos as its activeingredient. Sugar is added as an attractant, as well as tricosene, which is sexuallyattractive. Azametifos is a powerful stomach poison with a very fast reaction time,which is a strong influence limiting the risk of building up resistance. Works well when flies are permethrin resistant. Aza-fly is effective up to 7 weeks.
Application Rate: Mix 500 grams in 500 ml of warm water, and paint the paste on nonporous surfaces. This will treat about 400 m² of floor space.
MS Cy-Fly, 1 litre (12936N)
Zerox, 400 ml
MS Cy-fly is a liquid that is used as a spraying agent to control crawling Very powerful aerosol To combat flying insects insects, flies, darkling beetles and the northern fowl mite in storage areas, in living and working housing and buildings. The active agent in this product is cyfluthrin. MS Cy-fly is mainly for use on non porous substrates.
Dosage: 80 - 100 ml in 10 litres water for 200 m².
Knock down effect not leave
any residue
2309925 MS VB-08
• Active substance imidacloprid
• Effective against stable and house flies
effective substance,
• Apply with low pressure back pack
sprayer in large drops on non-porous
surfaces, walls, beams and frames
Glue Fly Roll
Glue Flytrap
9 x 0,3 metres
6 sheets,
Glue Fly Ribbon
Adhesive ribbon

400 metres on a reel complete
fixtures and brackets
Glue Fly Ribbon
ribbon, 400 meter
2309831 MS Electric Flykiller 2x 18W, stainless steel
MS Flykiller is an electric fly catcher with a power of max. 2 x 18 watts.
It is therefore ideal for the livestock industry.
Lamps not included.
The critical factor
for success
Milk consists of 87% water, and so this is the largest part of your end product. So it will come as no surprise to learn that water is also the most important part of the daily nutrition of your cows. The amount they drink will be reflected straight away on their level of milk production.
Drinking behaviour of milking cows
• 6-10 drinking sessions per day
• Mainly after feeding and milking sessions
• They will intake up to 20 litres per minute
• Preference for clean, sweet-tasting water
It has been proven that when cows have a choice of drinking from a drinking trough or a reservoir with a constant water level, 78% will drink out of the reservoir. They not only drink more often from a reservoir, but they also drink more: on average 17.1 litres compared to 11.1 litres from a drinking trough.
Source: The Netherlands Department of Agriculture
1509907 Pasture drinking trough, oval, 600 litres, ball valve not included
1509908 Pasture drinking trough, oval, 1000 litres, ball valve not included
1509909 Ball valve for pasture drinking trough

Made of high quality PE. There is an opening for fitting the optional ball valve and a drain. The rim is specially strengthened towithstand damage, which often occurs with a hollow inner or outer edge. It also ensures no residues will be left after cleaning. Test results show these troughs to be very resistant to damage, particularly in the "tractor wheel dent test". They are delivered without the ball-valve.
Water, the "forgotten" nutrient!
Di-o-Clean®: is a product which is supplied as a two-component kit, which reacts when
mixed together. The mixed solution is ready for use after 3 hours. The solution itself has a Di-o-Clean
shelf life of 30 days after preparation. Di-O-Clean offers a unique, advanced means of generating 99.9% pure Chlorine Dioxide in a 0.3% solution, without by-products of any kind • Disinfect water lines and drinking water:
it eliminates germs of all kinds, bacteria, fungi and viruses
• Removes the biofilm, the organic matter adhering to the inside of pipes
• Reduces the iron and manganese scaling
• pH neutral
• Free from taste and odour

The Di-o-Clean product consists of two components (A+B), that are delivered separately. Mix the two components with water in a container. Once mixed, the product becomes Chlorine Dioxide. Apply continuously to the drinking lines with a dosing pump.
Application Rate:
• Cleaning stage 330 ml/1000 L
• Maintenance stage 50 ml/1000 L
2506011-COMP-A Di-o-clean Liquid, compound A, 10 L.
2506011-COMP-B Di-o-clean Liquid, compound B, 10 L.
2506009-COMP-A Di-o-clean Liquid, compound A, 20 L.
2506009-COMP-B Di-o-clean Liquid, compound B, 20 L.

4309501 Dioxide pump 5 m3 per hour
4309502 Dioxide pump 10 m3 per hour
Dioxide pump 50 to 330 ml/m3 Be sure of your drinking water quality.
Reduce the disease risk on your farm,
MS Wetfeed
Acid Biotics
Rotting grass or corn silage can easily occur.
To avoid it, you can use: • Acids:
Advantage: In the short term a significant decrease in pH Disadvantage: Expensive and dangerous for man and machine • Acid salts:
Advantage: Safer in use Disadvantage: Takes longer to achieve the desired result • Lactic acid bacteria (MS Wetfeed Acid Biotics)
Characteristics of MS Wetfeed Acid Biotic:
• Combines the advantages of acids and salts without the disadvantages
• Safe to use; no risk of corrosion
• Lower cost than acids or salts
• Lowers the pH in silage thanks to the production of lactic acids
• Protects against fermentation thanks to the production of a limited amount of acetic acid
• Optimum aerobic and anaerobic stability of silage
• Natural process of acidification
Apply 1 litre of solution (4g MS Wetfeed Acid Biotics per litre of water per 1.000 kg of silage feed).
• Higher nett energy value
• Less mould
• Higher digestible protein value
3400050 Protective silo cover 8 x 10 metres
3400051 Protective silo cover 12 x 10 metres

Protective silo cover 15 x 10 metres
These extra heavy silo covers are specially made of 100% quality PE (HDPE). Thiscombination of the latest manufacturing techniques, with every seam welded,and our quality guarantee ensures a strong silo cover. It is UV resistant with a 10 years manufacturer's guarantee and so you can be sure of a long life.
Sandbag per 50 pcs. 120x27 cm, woven

The Sandbag is suitable for holding down of silo covers. With stitched seams.
3400065 Ratchet Tie-Down
Straps, 10m green
Metal wall plug, M16
3400066 Ratchet Tie-Down
for mounting eyebolt
Straps, 12m Green
Tie-Wrap 4,8 X 368 mm (100 Pcs)
3400073 Eye bolt M16 to secure
Ratchet Tie-Down
Straps, 15m Green
Small selection from our
1509915 MS Hay Rack With Roof
The MS hay rack is a galvanized feed rack with tombstones. Square, with 12 feeding places. Complete with adjustable roof and feed bin.
Dimensions: 200 x 200 cm • 65% polyester, 35% cotton• Concealed press-stud fastening• 2 side pockets• 2 trouser pockets• 2 breast pockets with flap 4207049 Brushes Nylon, Red, 28 cm
• Elastic waist • Press-studs in cuffs• Back pocket 4207980 Floor squeegee double rubber 100 cm
Available in blue, • Double blades sizes 46 to 64.
• Galvanised metal backing • 100 cmHandle not included 4207075 Plastic slurry squeegee, 35 cm
• Made of hardened polyethelene• 35 cm wide• The plastic makes the squeegee light, flexible and Purofort boot S5 green
Handle not included. • Colour green• Light weight 4205704 Broom handle, 180 cm, dia. 28 mm
• Broom handle, 180 cm, dia. 28 mm • Handle for broom, floor squeegee and slurry squeegee.
Available in sizes 37 to 48.
Mini-Milker Single Cow
Wheelbarrow, 330 Litres
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Protocolo para el Abordajede la Fibromialgia en elámbito de la atención primaria delSistema de Salud de Aragón ycriterios para su derivación a laatención especializada Departamento de Salud y Consumo COORDINACIÓN DEL DOCUMENTO Javier Marzo AranaMédico de Atención PrimariaDirección General de Planificación y Aseguramiento

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