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Spring Into Action Webelos Activity Badges: Sportsman/family Member
This month is a good time to spring into action with outdoor activities such as hikes; sports and games; cleaning up litter along ponds, parks, Some of the purposes of Cub Scouting
or roadsides; or planting trees for improved habitat. Make plaster casts developed through this month's theme
of the animal tracks you find on your hike. Visit and talk with someone who works with wildlife conservation and visit a fish hatchery, zoo, animal friendly Service . Boys wil discover the
shelter, or wildlife sanctuary. As part of your Good Turn for America, take personal rewards of serving other people along food and supplies that they might need. Build birdhouses, birdbaths, and the environment.
feeding stations, or boxes for nesting materials. Do a community service project with your chartered Character Development . Cub Scouts gain
organization to show your positive attitude in doing your best. This would be a good month to work a sense of pride and accomplishment when on the Wildlife Conservation belt loop and pin.
they help others.
This theme is designed to promote char-
acter development by emphasizing these
core values:

The pack meeting this month will inspire boys to want to help others. Hold the meeting outdoors if the weather permits. Appoint the following committees: Positive Attitude . Boys wil see that having
a positive attitude rubs off—it transfers to
Decorations Committee . Make and hang brightly colored posters in the parking lot and the pack
other people.
meeting area. Bal oons would also help families know they are at the right location.
Citizenship . Cub Scouts see that their good
Welcoming Committee . Welcome and direct families to the gathering activity and display areas.
works demonstrate their good citizenship.
Program Committee . Ensure there is a U.S. flag and stand. Determine how much space is needed
for the games and where they wil be played. Secure the needed equipment for each game.
Refreshments Committee . Prepare Fruit Kabobs (page 39) or other refreshments as desired.
As boys are out in the community doing projects, be sure they wear their uniforms to publicize their good Scouting. Leaders should always have the name and contact information for pack leadership Membership Moment to share with those who will ask.
The welcoming committee greets families The assistant Cubmaster leads the audience in as they arrive. Give each person a name tag the Birds Fly icebreaker (page 37).
BefoRe THe MeeTInG
with a "spring" attached (page 37). Direct Cub Welcome and Introductions
All committee members arrive early at the Scouts to the area designated for displaying den Welcome everyone to the spring pack meeting. meeting place to set up. Put up signs directing projects. Explain the What's in the Bag? gather- The committee chair steps forward to thank all families to the meeting place so no one miss- ing activity (page 37).
those who worked to set up activities, decora- es the fun. The decorations committee hangs MAIn PART of THe MeeTInG
tions, and signs so pack families could have a posters and balloons in the parking lot. The opening
great pack meeting. The Cubmaster introduces program committee sets up the U.S. flag for the Conduct the ABC–XYZ opening ceremony any special guests.
opening ceremony and prepares the game area. (page 37). Or select a different ceremony from Song
Set up an area for den displays. The refresh- Cub Scout Ceremonies for Dens and Packs.
The song leader leads the group in "Spring Into ments committee prepares an area to serve the Prayer
Service" (page 37).
refreshments. Be sure adequate hand-washing A preselected Cub Scout gives the A New Den Demonstrations
areas are available.
Beginning prayer (page 37).
Dens show and explain their den projects. Other dens with songs or skits to perform are also 36 PACK MEETING Program Helps – April 2010
scheduled. Inform all dens of their place in the Announcements
schedule to allow them adequate time to gather Announce the plans for the pack's save-the-
their supplies.
birds campaign. Then put on a top hat and announce next month's theme, In the Spotlight. Explain that families are invited to participate in Play Lawnmower Relay (page 38) or other out- a variety show.
door action games selected from the Cub Scout Take care to ensure service projects are age- Leader How-To Book.
appropriate. Things to consider include safety, The Cubmaster shares the Spring Into Action difficulty, accessibility, equipment needed, and Cubmaster's Minute (page 38).
length of time required to complete the project. The Cubmaster conducts the Signs of Spring See the Cub Scout Leader Book for more infor- advancement ceremony (page 38). Or select a Closing
mation on service projects.
different recognition ceremony from Cub Scout A preselected Cub Scout comes forward and Ceremonies for Dens and Packs.
gives the Happiness closing thought (page 38).
CUB SCOUT 1: A is for Action—Take care to keep Ceremonies, Games, SonG: SPRInG InTo SeRvICe
the world around us at its best.
Tune: "This Old Man" CUB SCOUT 2: B is for Beauty—We are blessed This Cub Scout, number one— SPRInG nAMe TAG
with the beauty of nature al around us.
Rest assured he'll get things done.
Materials: Purchased name tags or precut CUB SCOUT 3: C is for Citizenship—Practice Chorus (sing after each verse): 2-by-3-inch rectangles of cardstock, prepared good citizenship by caring about the appearance With a knick-knack, paddy-whack, of our neighborhoods and towns.
Give this Scout a chore; To make the "spring": Cut chenille stems in half. CUB SCOUT 4: X is the unknown factor. What will This he'll do and ask for more.
Wind them tightly around a pencil. Pull off.
happen if we don't work together to preserve our This Cub Scout, number two— To assemble: Punch a hole in the corner of the environment? He will do odd jobs for you … name tag and hook the end of the chenille stem CUB SCOUT 5: Y is for You! It is up to you to set This Cub Scout, number three— through the hole. The stem will dangle down the example for others.
Busy as a worker bee … and look like a spring.
CUB SCOUT 6: Z is for Zest—Go about your This Cub Scout, number four— GATHeRInG ACTIvITy:
projects with zest and enthusiasm. Walk Picks up toys, then sweeps the floor … WHAT'S In THe BAG?
hand in hand with Mother Nature; she will be Preparation: Print one letter of the word SPRING This Cub Scout, number five— your friend.
on six paper bags (one letter per bag). Place Mows the lawn 'cuz he has drive … CUBMASTER: Please stand and repeat the an object that begins with that letter in the This Cub Scout, number six— Pledge of Allegiance.
appropriate bag. String up the bags so they spell Learning how to get things fixed … SPRING. Prepare worksheets with the letters PRAyeR: A neW BeGInnInG
This Cub Scout, number seven— S-P-R-I-N-G written vertically down the page.
We are thankful for this new season. We're Serving others is like heaven … thankful for the rain and for the sun. We're Participants feel each object through the bag thankful for a new beginning. Amen.
This Cub Scout, number eight— and, without looking inside, write down on the Helping others is just great! … worksheet what they think is in each bag after ICeBReAKeR: BIRDS fLy
the appropriate letter.
The audience stands, placing hands on hips. This Cub Scout, number nine— The leader says that various animals "fly." For He's so helpful all the time … oPenInG CeReMony: ABC–xyz
example: "Ducks fly," "pigeons fly," "pigs fly," Materials: U.S. flag; cards with A, B, C, X, Y, and This Cub Scout, number 10— "butterflies fly," "horses fly," etc. Players make Z with words and lines written on back Get some sleep, then start again.
flying motions with their elbows if the animal Personnel: Cubmaster and six Cub Scouts (each does indeed fly. They remain motionless if the boy displays his letter as he recites his line) animal does not fly. When anyone makes false CUBMASTER: To study nature is to learn about motions, the leader has them sit down. To con-our environment and how we can protect and fuse them, the leader should call names rapidly preserve it now and for the future.
and move his elbows every time.
PACK MEETING Program Helps – April 2010 37
helping other people is just one way that you Cub Scouts show the world that you care and Pair boys up. One are good citizens. I thank you and salute you. boy in each pair be- (Give the Cub Scout salute.) CLoSInG THoUGHT: HAPPIneSS
mower by walking Baden-Powel said, "The real way to get happi- on his hands while ness is by giving out happiness to other people." the other holds his That's a good thing to remember this year, the legs as they race to 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America.
a turning line and CLoSInG CeReMony: SMALL SeeDS
back. The second CUBMASTER: Thomas Jefferson made the pair repeats the ac- following observations about how to have a tion, and so on until CUBMASTER: Trees al around us are showing the successful and productive life.
everyone has raced.
signs of spring. They're beginning to be covered CUB SCOUT 1: Never put off till tomorrow what with leaves. The Cub Scouts in our pack are you can do today.
Equipment: Garbage bag for each team of boys; beginning to show signs of advancement. They are assorted litter items such as newspapers, junk earning awards and advancing in rank.
CUB SCOUT 2: Never trouble another for what mail envelopes, crumpled fast-food bags, rinsed you can do yourself.
(One at a time, call up each boy who is receiving soda bottles or cans, etc., placed randomly on an award. It is appropriate to have his parents CUB SCOUT 3: Never spend your money before the playing field come up, too. Have the Cub Scout attach a leaf you have earned it.
Form equal-sized teams. The first boy on each to the tree for each award he receives.) CUB SCOUT 4: Never buy what you do not want team runs to pick up an item and places it in his because it is cheap.
ADvAnCeMenT CeReMony:
team's bag. He runs back and touches the next BIRD'S neST
CUB SCOUT 5: Honesty is the first chapter in the boy, who runs to pick up an item, etc. Continue Equipment: Construct a model bird nest by book of wisdom.
until all items are picked up. The team with the shaping modeling clay around the outside of a CUB SCOUT 6: We never repent of having eaten most litter items in its bag is the winner.
shallow round pan. (Check your local thrift store too little.
Water the flowers
for a pan, or use a disposable pan.) Press grass CUB SCOUT 7: Nothing is troublesome that we Equipment: For each team, a paper cup and or straw on the rim of the nest. Lay additional do willingly.
two buckets—one filled with water, the straw in the interior and place advancements CUB SCOUT 8: Whenever you do a thing, act as other with artificial flowers. (This bucket has a inside the nest.
if all the world were watching.
pre-determined target "fill" line for the water CUBMASTER: We are springing into action this CUB SCOUT 9: Always take hold of things by the month, and one of our pack projects is to build smooth handle.
Form equal-sized teams. Boys on each team line things that help the birds. When birds first start CUB SCOUT 10: When angry, count to ten before up side by side. Place the water-filled buckets out, they begin in the family nest, just as a Cub you speak; if very angry, a hundred.
near the first boys; place the flower buckets Scout starts with a family. Then the birds ven-near the last boys. The first boy on each team ture out on their own a little bit at a time, just CUBMASTER: Smal seeds, like these smal obser-dips his cup into the bucket of water. He passes as Cub Scouts do. Finally, when they're ready, vations, grow into great trees. Think of how strong the cup to the next boy, who passes it on to the they leave and are independent. While it may we would be if we included a few of these seed next, and so on. The last boy pours the water seem far off for you, you have shown your inde- principles in our lives. I chal enge you to pick one of into the bucket with flowers. After emptying the pendence and accomplishments this month by these seeds and plant it in your life. Just as spring cup, he runs to the beginning of the line with completing achievements and electives. We are is a growing season, these ideals wil grow as you the empty cup, dips it into the water bucket, and proud to present the following awards.
practice them. Good night, Cub Scouts.
repeats passing it down the line. Continue until (Pull awards from the model nest. Call up boys APPLAUSeS
the water level reaches the predetermined line.
and their parents to receive them.) Human Spring Applause . Crouch down and
ADvAnCeMenT CeReMony:
jump up. Repeat several times. Each time say, CUBMASTeR'S MInUTe:
"Boing, boing, boing." SPRInG InTo ACTIon
Equipment: Tree branch set in can of sand, This April, our purpose is to spring into action, Rainstorm Applause . Start by gently patting
gravel, or plaster of Paris; green paper leaves not to get more exercise (although this is a good knees alternately to simulate light rain. Increase with awards attached; tape benefit), not simply to make us happy (although the noise by patting harder, then switch to this is usually a result), but to spring into action clapping; begin slowly and increase to a heavy for others. Cleaning up litter, planting trees, or rainstorm. Then gradual y decrease the hand clap- 38 PACK MEETING Program Helps – April 2010
ping and final y return to patting the knees softer What did the ant say to the giraffe? High, there!and softer until the storm is over.
What did the wolf say to the other wolf? Howl Get special
Action Applause . Explain that you're going to put are ya?
100th Anniversary
some action into this applause. Bring hands in front What did one horse say to another? Hi, neigh-bor. Program Helps at
of you and demonstrate a clap, with the bot om hand RefReSHMenTS: fRUIT KABoBS
paral el to the ground, palm up. To clap, slap the other Ingredients: Fruit chunks such as pineapple, hand on the palm while sliding it forward. Then thrust apples, oranges; wooden skewers that top hand forward and high into the air.
Cut apples and oranges into chunks. Put fruit on skewers and serve.
What did one penguin say to another? Have an ice day.
What did one owl say to another? Yoo-whoo! April Pack Program Page: GooD TURn foR AMeRICA
The pack trainer conducts Unit Leadership Spring Into Action Your pack can join together to organize a "Save Enhancement No. 15, Youth Protection (Cub Scout the Birds" campaign by building and donating Leader Book). Leaders should understand that this ACADeMICS AnD SPoRTS PRoGRAM
bird feeders, birdbaths, and birdhouses. Contact Unit Leadership Enhancement does not take the place of Youth Protection training. Choose another Cub Scout Academics
a local aviary or animal sanctuary to learn what Unit Leadership Enhancement if desired. Select a Wildlife Conservation . Protecting wildlife is will fill the greatest need.
topic for next month that meets your pack's needs.
important. Earning the Wildlife Conservation BSA ReSoURCeS HIGHLIGHT
belt loop and pin will be interesting and infor- Informed Consent Agreement . Whenever the LooKInG AHeAD
mative to Cub Scouts. For those Cub Scouts who den wil be meeting in a location other than the The summer camping season is just around the
did not complete it earlier in the year, this is a designated meeting site, an Informed Consent corner. Appoint a pack representative to coor-
good time to revisit this award.
Agreement should be obtained. This is a security dinate the pack involvement in Cub Scout day camp and resident camp and to be knowledge- Cub Scout Sports
measure to inform the parents where their son will able about the forms, fees, dates, etc.
Gymnastics . Just as there needs to be a balance be during the den meeting. The agreement can
in nature, having good balance is helpful to be found in Appendix 1, "Resources, Forms, and Make plans now for your pack campout. Pack
excel in gymnastics. This is a good time to try Applications," in the Cub Scout Leader Book.
camping requires that at least one leader in gymnastics if you haven't before. Cub Scouts PACK LeADeRS' PLAnnInG MeeTInG
attendance has completed BALOO (Basic Adult may earn the Gymnastics belt loop and pin.
Pack leaders meet a week or two before the Leader Outdoor Orientation). Contact your local council to see when this training wil be offered.
Golf . It's spring and time to get outside and April pack meeting to check final details and
enjoy it! Learning to play golf is a fun outdoor plan den and pack activities for May. Consider PACK TRAIneR HIGHLIGHTS
activity that can continue through the coming the following:
Evaluate the number of leaders who have months. Begin by earning the Golf belt loop. • Will the April pack meeting be held outdoors? completed BALOO training. Encourage several Boys who really enjoy this sport may choose to Will it be held in a location different from the leaders to complete this orientation. Make earn the Golf pin.
usual place? Have necessary arrangements plans to carpool to the next Cub Scout DID yoU KnoW?
been made for the new location? Do you have leader roundtable.
April Is youth Protection Month
a "plan B" location for inclement weather? April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. • Do families know about the new location? Every pack position has an award that recognizes The Boy Scouts of America has designated April Assign a committee member to prepare invi- the training and accomplishments of each leader. as Youth Protection Month for councils and units.
tations with the location's address. Give the Cub Scouts delight in seeing that their leaders are earning awards right alongside them.
A training inventory should be made to ensure invitations to den leaders to distribute.
that all registered unit leaders have taken Youth • Will you play games? Do you have the needed Review the training requirements for earning Protection training. Other interested adults may personnel to run the games, or do you need to these awards. Which training courses do your also take this very important training.
recruit family members to help? leaders need? See the Cub Scout Leader Book for requirements.
Youth Protection training is available online Discuss the pack's plans for a Good Turn. Plan some-
at http://olc .scouting .org/info/ypt .html and thing special to do as a pack to "Save the Birds."
When an award is earned, be sure it is presented on a DVD called Youth Protection Guidelines: May's theme is In the Spotlight. Families wil be in a meaningful ceremony at your pack meeting.
Training for Volunteer Leaders and Parents, invited to participate in the pack talent show. Be sure BSA No. AV-09DVD01.
den leaders encourage active family participation.
PACK MEETING Program Helps – April 2010 39
Spring Into Action TIGeR CUB Den MeeTInGS
Each Tiger Cub and his adult partner should attend all meetings as a team. Dens may meet in the evening or on weekends.
SeConD WeeK
The Tiger Cub den leader shares leadership with a Tiger Cub adult partner.
This team should review plans before each meeting and check the equipment needed.
BefoRe THe
Have a U.S. flag and Have a U.S. flag and Call the Go See It destination Host team writes a thank-you equipment for Mini Spring materials for a Pinecone to confirm arrangements, note to the destination of last Sports Event.
Bird Feeder.
times, fees, etc.
week's Go See It.
Den leader may collect dues.
Den leader checks boys' books for completed advancement requirements and records them on Den Advancement Chart.
Boys record own advancement on den doodle, if den has one.
Tiger Cub host team gathers Lead Tiger Cubs and together Tiger Cubs and adult adult partners in the partners. Find out who is play- Birds Fly game.
ing a spring sport (basebal , swimming, tennis, etc.), what position, personal best, etc.
Salute the U.S. flag; recite Salute the U.S. flag. Recite the Pledge of Allegiance. the Outdoor Code (Cub Scout Take a Go See It to a nature Give the Cub Scout sign and center or pond (Achievement
recite the Cub Scout Promise.
5G; Elective 31)
Tiger Cubs share their Discuss the real meaning experiences about the sports behind the Outdoor Code.
they enjoy playing.
Take a Go See It to a wildlife Participate in the monthly sanctuary or park.
Go outside for a Mini Spring Tiger Cubs and adult partners pack meeting by sharing Sports Event.
make Pinecone Bird Feeders At the end of the trip, lead information about the bird (Elective 32). Different
a reflecting discussion with feeders made.
seeds/nuts/foods will attract boys and adult partners about Tiger Cubs and adult partners birds. Use the seeds/nuts their outing.
sign the thank-you note.
that will attract feathered friends in your locale.
A Tiger Cub Immediate Recognition bead may be presented for participation Talk about Earth Day, April 22, The Go See It leader discusses and completion of and the Go See It to a local details of next week's trip: nature center, pond, wildlife time, meeting place, transpor- sanctuary, or park.
tation, what Tiger Cubs and adult partners should wear, and what to expect.
Tiger Cubs form a Living Tiger Cub teams form a circle Circle and recite the Law of and do the grand howl (Cub Scout Ceremonies for Dens and Packs). This week's shared leadership team reviews the meeting.
The den leader should meet briefly with the Tiger Cub and adult partner who will share leadership at the next den meeting.
Den leader files local tour Talk to Tiger Cub team in Den leader fills out Den Den leader mails permit with local council charge of the next month. Offer Advancement Report for the thank-you note.
service center for resources or ideas as needed.
pack leaders' meeting.
Go See It outing.
74 TIGER CUB Program Helps – April 2010
Advancement possibilities highlighted this month: Achievement 5G, Electives 31, 32
Enjoy the promise of spring! Tiger Cubs wil see new growth in nature and have fun outdoors on their Go See It this month to a nature center, wildlife
sanctuary, or park. Continue the interest in flight—a trip to a bird center wil al ow the boys to meet local bird-watchers who can describe the varied
lives of the birds in your area. Take a hike to see different birds in action, flying, feeding, and nesting. Find bird tracks at the water's edge. You may see
migratory birds on their routes. Boys wil get ready for the more active life of springtime by participating in a den sporting event.
an animal that doesn't fly, or he fails to immediate- The night before the den meeting, use a rake and Materials: Brown paper, markers or crayons, ly flap for one that does, he must take a step back. your hands to smooth a 3-foot circle of bare earth. masking tape, tape measure, stopwatch, pen/ The leader may try to confuse the players by Then wet it thoroughly. Scatter birdseed in the pencil, recording sheets flapping his or her arms for animals that don't fly center. By early morning the next day, clear bird Before starting the events, warm up with while remaining motionless for those that do.
tracks should be showing—and probably tracks of cats and dogs, too. You may be able to produce The winner is the player closest to the leader bird tracks that your Tiger Cubs can cast in plaster 1 . Standing High Jump . "Spring" like a gazel e. after a specified time.
by the method explained in the "Crafts" section Each Tiger Cub makes a high mark on paper Inchworm Races
of the Cub Scout Leader How-To Book.
while standing, then at the top of his jump. Materials: Strips of paper, 1 by 6 inches; Record the distance between marks.
outdoorsy Kim's Game
transparent tape, pennies, straws Materials: Blanket or cloth, slips of paper, 2 . Standing Long Jump . Tiger Cubs "spring" Cut a 1-by-6-inch strip of paper; tape a penny to pencils, and 10 items from nature (stick, rock,
like frogs. Record the distance between the each end. To race, blow through a straw to make blade of grass, clover, moss, leaf, tree bark, takeoff line and the landing site of the closest the "inchworm" move. Tiger Cubs and partners can pinecone, rosebud, flower petal, etc.) race individual y, or hold a relay race by den teams.
Spread the 10 items on a table and cover with 3 . Running Long Jump . Boys repeat the stand- Measuring Worm Race
a blanket. Tiger Cubs gather around the table. ing long jump, but run a short distance (8 feet) Players lie on their stomachs at the starting line. Lift the blanket for one minute and al ow the before jumping.
On signal, they draw their legs up under their bod- Tiger Cubs to observe. Cover the items after the 4 . 20-yard Dash . Tiger Cubs "spring into action," ies and fal forward again on their hands. Continue minute is up. Then have the Tiger Cubs list the
running as fast as they can. Record the time.
moving inchworm-style to the finish line.
items, from memory, on slips of paper.
Encourage Tiger Cubs to take their charts home Quarter Relay
Give al the boys a special treat like "Ants on a and post them on a bul etin board or their Form two teams. The captain from each team Log" for doing their best in this game.
refrigerator door.
stands about 20 feet from the head of the line. Ants on a Log
PIneCone BIRD feeDeRS
Each captain has one quarter. He holds out his Ingredients: Celery sticks, peanut butter or cream closed hands in front of him.
cheese, and raisins or dried cranberries Materials: Pinecones (found or bought), peanut The first boy in each team runs up to the captain Fil the hol ow side of celery sticks with peanut butter, birdseed/nuts/food of your choice, wax and taps the hand that he thinks the quarter is in. If butter or cream cheese. Add raisins for "ants" or paper, string he guesses the correct hand, he runs back and tags dried cranberries for "red ants." the next boy in line, who does the same thing. If he Caution: Be aware of any peanut al ergies of taps the wrong hand, he must rejoin the line and Give an extra-special treat to any Tiger Cub who
Tiger Cubs or adult partners.
try again. The first team to finish wins.
correctly lists al 10 nature items.
Fol ow the instructions in the Tiger Cub Handbook Passing Practice
to make pinecone bird feeders.
Remember: Be sure to find Materials: Flying disks, rope, string, large plastic out about allergies before hoops or coat hangers formed into wire rings, poles preparing this treat. Birds fly
Tie a rope between two poles inserted into the Al players stand with hands on hips with the ground. Tie a string to hoops or rings, suspend leader in front. In succession, the leader cal s out them from the rope, and have the boys try sailing the name of an animal and the word "fly"; e.g., flying disks through them. If a disk is not available, "robins fly," "pigs fly," "ducks fly," "horses fly," staple together two heavy-duty paper plates.
"spiders fly." If the animal does, in fact, fly, the
boys immediately make flapping motions with Tracking Pit
their arms. If a player makes a flapping motion for Equipment: Bare ground, rake, birdseed, water;
plaster of Paris to make casts of tracks (optional) TIGER CUB Program Helps – April 2010 75
Spring Into Action WOlF cub Den meetinGS
Dens may meet after school, in the evening, or on weekends. Review theme pages before planning den meetings.
FiRSt WeeK
SecOnD WeeK
thiRD WeeK
FOuRth WeeK
Den leader, den chief, and denner review plans before each meeting and check equipment needed.
beFORe the
Have supplies for Yoke Puzzle; Have materials for making a Call the destination of your Denner writes thank-you to gather materials for paper- stage for the puppet skit.
outing to confirm arrange- last week's destination.
plate puppets. Reproduce ments, times, fees, etc.
Have materials for Bird's script for opening ceremony. Nests game; have milk cartons Gather poster board and mark- and dowels for Bird Feeders.
ers for Positive Attitude Chart.
Den leader collects dues.
Create a Yoke Puzzle. Collect permission slips.
Boys sign thank-you note or (For instructions, see the Play Body Tag, indoors card for last week's trip, and Cub Scout Leader or outdoors.
Collect permission slips.
for any guest the den had How-To Book, during the weeks before.
"Razzle Dazzle" section.) As a recycling center can be active and noisy, it's important to review the buddy system with the boys and the behavior Conduct the Colors of Three Cub Scouts answer roll with Conduct an outdoor flag cer- expectations for this outing.
opening ceremony.
one activity they can do to emony and give the Pledge of help their community be a Al egiance (Achievement 2e).
better place to live in.
Den leader checks boys' handbooks for completed achievements and electives and records them on Den Advancement Chart.
Boys record own advancement on den doodle, if den has one.
Start a discussion about Discuss with Cub Scouts their Practice the skit to be per- "positive attitude" that responsibility for "friendly formed at the pack meeting. boys can complete with service." Invite a community Finalize the staging details their families. Make a volunteer to share with the and encourage boys to speak Positive Attitude Idea Chart boys some things they can do loudly and clearly. Remind to display at each den to help their community.
boys of the positive attitude meeting this month.
Visit a recycling center chart started earlier At the end of the trip, lead a reflecting discussion Make paper-plate puppets Create a stage for the paper- about how good citizenship Make an easy bird for the "Litterbugs Beware" plate puppet skit. It may be can include taking care of feeder from a milk carton skit (Cub Scout Leader How- elaborate, or as simple as a our neighborhood and the To Book). Practice skit for cloth-covered table. See the environment, leaving things Set the course for, then play presentation at the Cub Scout Leader How-To better than we found them.
the Bird's Nests game.
pack meeting.
Book for ideas.
Denner leads the den in the Sing the first and last verses Denner leads den in reciting Cub Scout Promise.
of "America" (Elective 11a).
the Law of the Pack.
Send home permission slips for outing on THIRD WEEK.
Denner supervises putting away equipment.
Den leader, den chief, and denner review the meeting and check details for the next meeting.
AFteR the
Den leader files local tour Den leader fills out advance- Den leader mails permit with council service ment report for the pack thank-you note.
center for outing planned for leaders' meeting.
Advancement possibilities highlighted this month: Achievements 2e, 7c; Elective 11a
With the coming of spring, Cub Scouts will want to be outdoors. As weather permits, take the activities outside when possible. Encourage outdoor
games and activities. This is a good time to remind boys to continue working on electives toward Arrow Points. Start a Positive Attitude Chart this
month. Add to it during the meetings when you discuss positive attitudes or see boys demonstrating positive attitudes. By the fourth week, the
boys will see their positive attitudes grow and expand.
encourage cub Scout families to work on additional achievements and electives that support this theme, such as:
Achievement 6a, Start a Collection: Complete the Character Connection for Positive Attitude. The general discussion can begin at the den
meeting, but this achievement is to be completed at home with the family.
Achievements 7b and 7d, Your Living World: Family time can be spent learning about ways to protect our world and be of help in your community.
Elective 15c, Grow Something: Boys can start a plant indoors and watch it grow.
OPeninG ceRemOnY:
Form two teams. The first boy runs the route and biRD FeeDeRS
cOlORS OF thRee
tosses a piece of nest-building material into the Choose one of these easy bird feeders to create. Our flag has colors of three.
box. He runs back to touch the next runner, who Simply hollow out an object and leave an For what they stand, we'll see.
delivers his nest-building supplies. The team with opening large enough for birds to have access to The color red is brave and strong, the most materials delivered successful y to each the seed or suet.
Metal feeding
So our freedom will last so long.
nest, within the given time frame, is the winner.
Coffee can or
basket with
The color white is pure as snow, SKit: litteRbuGS beWARe
Like a Cub Scout's heart should grow.
The color blue is true and just; Reproduce the skit from the Cub Scout Leader So do our best, we must.
How-To Book ("Razzle Dazzle" section). You need See our flag, it stands so proud.
two sets of paper-plate puppets in groupings of As Cub Scouts we'll say it loud, "Litterbugs" and "Tidy Bugs." Have pieces of Milk carton
That our flag has colors of three, paper, candy wrappers, etc., that can be picked with dowels
And they mean a lot to me.
Pinecone stuffed
with suet
DiSPlAY A cOllectiOn
pole, and
Materials: White paper plates, pieces of felt,
foam sheets, wiggle eyes, chenille stems, ma- POSitive AttituDe iDeA chARt
Use shoe boxes, egg cartons, shadow boxes, poster terial scraps, pom-poms, markers, staples, glue Materials: Poster board and markers for den board, etc., to make a display for the col ections chart; 8½-by-11-inch paper for personal forms the boys have started. You may also need glue, felt, fabric, scissors, markers, tape, or photo-mounting Create a chart for use at the den meetings this materials. Chal enge the boys to find recycled month. Fill in the top row with the date of your items from which to make their display cases.
den meeting. Fill in the side column with boys' names. As positive ideas are shared or ob- served, have the Cub Scouts fill in the blanks on their personal forms while the denner fills in the The den leader chooses a boy to be "It" by blank on the den's larger version.
touching him. "It" must then place his right hand on the spot where he was touched (arm, chest, Positive Attitude ideas for Our Den
back, ankle, etc.), and in this position he must Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 tag another boy, who becomes the new "It." Using the illustration given, create a set of Daniel Play until all boys have had a chance to be "It." Litterbug puppets that will scatter the litter. Bobby bird's nests
Create a set of Tidy Bug puppets that will clean Henry Materials: Empty boxes; hay, straw, yarn, or other up the litter in the skit. (The Tidy Bug puppets Jose nesting materials should be able to scoop the litter from the stage Jake Preparation: Set up an obstacle course. Deter- with their mouth openings.)mine a route for each team. Place boxes along each route. The boxes represent bird's nests; the straw, yarn, etc., represent items that the mother bird uses in building her nest.
WOLF CUB SCOUtS Program Helps – April 2010 103
Spring Into Action BeAR cUB Den meetinGS
Dens may meet after school, in the evening, or on weekends. Review theme pages before planning den meetings.
FiRSt WeeK
SecOnD WeeK
thiRD WeeK
Den leader, den chief, and denner review plans before each meeting and check equipment needed.
BeFORe the
Gather materials for the Have rope-whipping supplies; Call the destination of your Denner writes thank-you to recycled wastebasket have paper supplies for boys outing to confirm arrange- last week's destination.
project (Cub Scout Leader to start task charts.
ments, times, fees, etc.
Have paint for finishing waste- How-To Book, chapter 2). baskets; help den chief prepare to do Spring Stunts activities.
Den leader collects dues.
Boys tear strips of paper to Collect permission slips.
Boys sign thank-you make wastebaskets.
Have den chief or assistant note or card.
den leader demonstrate how Boys do Spring Stunts.
to whip the ends of a rope (Achievement 22a). Practice Collect permission slips.
until time for the opening.
Confirm you have any supplies that are needed to Den chief leads the Have boys answer rol cal by do the service project.
Give the Cub Scout motto. Cub Scout Promise describing the favorite service Have boys share one example opening ceremony.
project they have worked on in of something they did their the past at church, in Scouting, at best at during the past week.
school, or in the neighborhood.
Den leader checks boys' handbooks for completed achievements and electives and records them on Den Advancement Chart.
Boys record own advancement on den doodle, if den has one.
Review the Spring Into Action Cub Scouts make a chart of Review the job progress charts theme, the pack meeting plans, jobs they can do at home and created two weeks ago for the and service project ideas.
track them for one week Citizenship belt loop to see how Share that the den wil sing (Citizenship belt loop from wel the boys felt they did. Lead a song for the pack meeting; Cub Scout Academics and a discussion on what they felt teach the actions to Sports Program Guide).
they did wel , and ask them for "No Bananas in the Sky" Practice song for pack Take part in a den service ways they could improve.
(Cub Scout Songbook).
project in your neighborhood, community, or senior citizens' Begin work on recycled Play Find the Leader (Cub center (Achievement 6g).
Finish wastebaskets started wastebaskets (Cub Scout Scout Leader How-To Book).
At the end of the trip, lead three weeks ago. Paint and/or Leader How-To Book, a reflecting discussion with decorate them.
chapter 2) to be painted at boys about their outing.
Practice "No Bananas in the Sky" FOURTH WEEK den meeting.
for pack meeting performance.
Sing "No Bananas in the Sky." Form a semicircle around the Den forms around the den chief Send home permission slips den flag and recite the and gives the grand howl in his for outing on THIRD WEEK.
Cub Scout Promise.
honor (Cub Scout Ceremonies for Dens and Packs).
Denner supervises putting away equipment.
Den leader, den chief, and denner review the meeting and check details for the next meeting.
AFteR the
Den leader files local tour Den leader fills out advance- Den leader mails permit with council service ment report for the pack thank-you note.
center for outing planned for leaders' meeting.
Record service hours for the Good Turn for America project.
Advancement possibilities highlighted this month: Achievements 6g, 22a
This month's theme—Spring Into Action—offers a perfect opportunity to help Cub Scouts develop character, develop an attitude of friendly
service, and work on having a positive attitude while exploring the responsibilities of citizenship. The boys will have that experience after they
determine which project might mean the most to them. They might clean up a neighborhood or local park, plant flowers at a community location,
perform a service project for your chartered organization, or give service at a local senior citizens' center. As the boys share leadership and periodi-
cally elect a new denner, use a meaningful ceremony to highlight this leadership opportunity for one of your Cub Scouts.
encourage cub Scout families to work on additional achievements and electives that support this theme, such as:
Achievement 6b, Take Care of Your Planet: Plant a tree in your yard, on the grounds of the group that operates your Cub Scout pack, or in a park or
other public place. This is an opportunity for the family to get involved with Scouting adventures together.
Elective 14a, Landscaping: With an adult, boys help take care of a lawn or flower beds.
Elective 15c, Water and Soil Conservation: Cub Scouts wil find it interesting to see how Mother Nature replenishes after a fire. A burned-out forest
or prairie-fire area in your locale would be an out-of-the-ordinary trip for boys and families.
OPeninG ceRemOnY:
ActiOn SOnGS
thunderous applause. Then bow and exit.
This month at the pack meeting, the Bear Cub tAKe cARe OF YOUR PlAnet
Equipment: U.S. flag Scouts wil perform an action song, "No Bananas (Achievement 6g)
in the Sky," and encourage the audience to fol ow DEN CHIEF: We recently celebrated the 100th Equipment: Work gloves, safety glasses, shovels, along. Help your Cub Scouts be successful: Anniversary of Scouting. The movement started in rakes, trash bags 1907 when Baden-Powel took 21 boys with him 1. Practice. During the month, practice many Boys wil learn about taking care of the world to Brownsea Island, off England's southern coast, times so the boys are familiar with both the around them. What kinds of projects can they for what was to be the world's first Scout camp. It actions and the words of the song.
do? Examples include litter cleanup, school-yard was successful beyond his expectations. From this 2. Have the words. Print out the lyrics for the cleanup, painting at a local park or playground, and beginning, Scouting was organized in America and boys to take home between den meetings.
planting flowers or trees at your chartered organi- in many other countries. Today, there are mil ions zation (al with permission and adult supervision).
of Scouts and Scouters around the world. Time 3. Choreograph the animation. Encourage boys changes many things, but the Scout Promise and to be animated in their actions. For example, SPRinG StUntS
Law have remained as important today as they were it can't Be Done. Tell your friends that you
when pointing to the sky, be sure all boys in the beginning. Please stand, give the Cub Scout can jump backward farther than they can jump use the same arm and point their first finger sign, and repeat with me the Cub Scout Promise. forward, if they do exactly as you do. Prove it by straight up.
Then we wil join in the Pledge of Al egiance.
grasping your toes and hopping backward a few 4. Smile. At first the boys may be worried about inches. When assuming the same position, the ceRemOnY: DenneR electiOn
not knowing the words, but after practice others find they cannot budge.
Elect the denner in your usual manner. When they will be more confident and can smile, the boy is elected, the den leader or den chief Strong Arm. Place your hands so the palms are
smile, smile.
leads this ceremony: against your chest, with the fingers touching in 5. Practice the staging. Know ahead of time such a way that the arms and shoulders form Cub Scout (name) has been elected to represent which side of the front of the room they will a straight line. Your opponent tries to pull your Den (number) as we walk together through the enter on. Line up the boys numerous times so fingers apart by holding your wrists and pulling.
doorway to Scouting adventure. We ask his help they are comfortable knowing who they will as each adventure begins and ends. It will be Kneel and Stand. Have a mat or cushion to
be standing next to.
his duty to open the doorway of each meeting protect the knees. The player stands, toes to a and to be sure the evidence of our adventure 6. Encourage audience participation. One boy line. With his hands clasped behind his back, has been cleared away as the meeting closes.
he attempts to kneel and then rise from the should announce at the beginning of the kneeling position to a standing position without performance that the audience is invited to Cub Scout (name), do you accept this as your unclasping his hands.
responsibility? (Cub Scout answers: "I do.") stand and join in the fun. Demonstrate the
actions so the audience can follow along Stomach hold. The boys lie on their backs with
Then we present you this denner cord as your their fingers interlaced behind their heads. Their "key" to open the doorway for our next (number knees are bent with their feet placed flat on the of meetings he will be denner) adventures.
7. Close it out. When the boys are done, floor. Have the Cub Scouts raise their heads encourage them to linger for a moment to the and arms and shoulders and hold this curled-up position as long as possible. See if the boys can talk while holding this position.
BEAR CUB Program Helps – April 2010 131


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