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Owners manual, singulair 960 and tnt.p65

The Singulair system is the finest equipment available Singulair tanks are reinforced precast concrete, manufactured and utilizes the most up-to-date wastewater treatment by the licensed Norweco distributor. Internal walls and baffles technology. It is a sound investment that protects you and are cast-in-place to insure uniformity and maximum strength.
the environment. Please take the time to familiarize Risers and access covers are either heavy duty plastic or yourself with the contents of this manual.
concrete construction. All components within the systemthat will contact the wastewater are constructed entirely of HOW THE SINGULAIR® SYSTEM WORKS
molded plastic, stainless steel or rubber.
Developed to serve homes and small businesses beyond The Singulair aerator is powered by a 1725 RPM, 115 volt, the reach of city sewers, the Singulair system employs the 60 hertz, single-phase, fractional horsepower motor. It is extended aeration process. Similar to the treatment method the only electrically powered component in the Singulair used by most municipal system. The aerator wastewater treatment has been designed facilities, this process specifically for use in the involves a natural, Singulair system. It biological breakdown of costs less to operate the organic matter in and consumes fewer kilowatt hours ofelectricity than most Wastewater enters the major appliances.
pretreatment chamberwhere anaerobic Singulair aerators are supplied with a Service combines with the Pro control center with effects of gravity to MCD technology. The precondition the waste NEMA rated control before it flows into the center contains a power aeration chamber. Once switch and time clock in the aeration chamber, that control aerator aerobic bacteria utilize operation. The local the organic matter in distributor's name, the wastewater to address and telephone biologically convert the number are displayed on waste into stable the control center cover.
substances. Following aeration, flow is transferred to the All system controls and necessary owner information are clarification chamber where the effects of gravity settle out conveniently located at your fingertips.
biologically active material. The Bio-Static sludge return,located in the clarification chamber, creates hydraulic Non-mechanical flow equalization and final filtration is currents that gently transfer settled particles back to the accomplished within the Singulair tank by the Bio-Kinetic aeration chamber. As clarified liquids pass through system. This revolutionary device is installed in the the Bio-Kinetic system, they are filtered, settled and clarification chamber and connected to the system outlet.
flow equalized. As a result, complete pretreatment, Optional chlorination and dechlorination may be included in aeration, clarification and final filtration are assured. The the Bio-Kinetic system if required. All Singulair components Singulair system reliably protects you, your property and work together to assure complete pretreatment, aeration, the environment.
clarification and final filtration.
Rivaling the performance of the most advanced wastewater The aerator has been specifically designed for use in the treatment plants in the world, the Singulair system complies Singulair system and includes special alloy and molded with USEPA wastewater treatment guidelines for secondary plastic parts to prolong aerator life. Aerator bearings are treatment systems and meets all requirements of NSF/ANSI pre-lubricated and sealed. Singulair aerators are installed Standard 40. In ecologically sensitive areas, the most in a concrete mounting casting above the aeration chamber.
stringent effluent standards are 10 mg/L CBOD and 10 mg/L Fresh air enters the aerator through four intake ports located TSS. Rated Class I after successfully completing the 7 under the aerator handle. The air is drawn down the hollow month Standard 40 test protocol, the Model 960 system aspirator shaft where it is introduced below the liquid surface.
averaged effluent of 6 mg/L CBOD and 10 mg/L TSS. The Only the molded plastic aspirator and the lower portion of Model TNT system averaged effluent of 4 mg/L CBOD, the stainless steel aspirator shaft are submerged.
9 mg/L TSS and 12 mg/L Total Nitrogen and met allrequirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 245.
The aerator is not designed to run under water and willautomatically shut off if a high water condition occurs. If the liquid rises to the level of the foam restrictor, the controlcenter will shut off power to the aerator. Next, an automatic The Singulair system is designed to treat only domestic diagnostic sequence begins, as outlined in the section titled wastewater. Domestic wastewater is defined as the waste "Service Pro Control Center".
generated from a typical residence. This includes flowsoriginating from: bathtubs, clothes washers, dishwashers,drinking fountains, water coolers, food grinders, kitchensinks, lavatories, mop basins, service sinks, shower stalls,sinks, wash sinks, water closets and whirlpool baths. Whilethe use of bio-degradable detergents is recommended, theSingulair system has been designed to handle anyreasonable amount of bathroom, kitchen or laundry waste.
However, some care should be exercised to insure that non-biodegradable and/or toxic materials are not disposed of viathe domestic wastewater plumbing. Do not use the plumbingsystem for disposal of lint, cooking grease, scouring pads,diapers, sanitary napkins, cotton balls, cotton swabs,cleaning rags, dental floss, strings, cigarette filters, rubberor plastic products, paints and thinning agents, gasoline,motor oil, drain cleaners or other harsh chemicals. Theseitems could plug portions of the plumbing and/or adverselyaffect system performance. Never connect roofing downspouts, footer drains, sump pump piping, garage andbasement floor drains or water softener backwash to thedomestic wastewater plumbing or the treatment system.
Water softener backwash will interfere with biologicaltreatment and must be disposed of separately.
Each Singulair aerator is a precision engineered electro-mechanical device. Do not remove it from its installedposition. Do not attempt any type of repair. Contact your Each Singulair control center must be wired to a dedicated Singulair service provider if service is needed. Unauthorized 115 VAC, single-phase circuit at the main electrical service tampering or repair will void important provisions of the limited panel. A 15 amp circuit is recommended (10 amp minimum).
warranty and exchange program.
A pictorial wiring diagram is provided inside the control centerenclosure. All electrical work must be performed in FRESH AIR VENTING SYSTEM
accordance with the requirements of the National ElectricalCode and all applicable local codes. Electrical connections An aerator vent assembly is cast into the concrete access should be made only by a qualified electrician following proper cover above each aerator. The vent assembly supplies fresh procedures and using safe tools.
air to the aerator, which is drawn through the aspiratorand into the wastewater. Finished landscaping should be CAUTION: Any time service is required, first shut off
maintained six inches below the top of the vented access the dedicated circuit breaker in the main electrical
cover and graded to drain runoff away from the cover. Do not service panel. Next, shut off the power switch in the
allow plants, shrubbery, mulch or landscaping of any type Singulair control center. Failure to do so could result
to restrict the flow of air to the vent assembly or obstruct the in personal injury or equipment damage.
access cover.
NOTE: The control center regularly communicates with the
Service Pro monitoring center using your telephone line or
an internet connection. If the control center is using the
telephone line when you attempt to place a call, a high pitched
digital communication signal will be heard. Hang up all
telephones sharing the line and wait a few seconds. This
will automatically disconnect the control center and make
the line available for use.
Each Bio-Static sludge return is installed in the aeration/clarification chamber wall. Aeration chamber hydrauliccurrents enter the sludge return(s) and transfer solids fromthe clarification chamber back to the aeration chamber foradditional treatment. The Bio-Static sludge returnaccomplishes resuspension and return of settled solidswithout disturbing the contents of the clarification chamber.
Prewired controls are supplied in a sealed NEMA rated Bio-Kinetic systems provide non-mechanical flow enclosure for your safety and the protection of components equalization through all plant processes. The Bio-Kinetic and wiring. The controls should be located so the alarm system contains 3 separate filtration zones, 8 independent light can be seen and the audible alarm heard, while settling zones, optional chlorination and dechlorination tablet minimizing exposure to harsh weather or conditions that feed systems and serves as its own chlorine contact might prevent routine access. If an issue with the aerator is chamber. When used with Blue Crystal disinfecting tablets, detected, the red alarm light will flash and the control center the performance of the Bio-Kinetic system as a chlorination will attempt to restart the aerator every five minutes for two device is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 46, Section 11. All hours. For an open motor or under current condition, the components are manufactured from plastic or rubber. Your alarm light will display two short flashes followed by a pause.
service provider has the necessary training, tools and For an over current condition, the alarm light will flash evenly.
equipment for removal and cleaning. If your Bio-Kinetic If the aerator does not restart after two hours, the audible system is in need of service, contact your service provider.
alarm will sound. To silence the audible alarm and attempt During each semi-annual service inspection, your service to restart the aerator, push the reset button. If the alarm provider will remove and clean the Bio-Kinetic system or condition is not resolved, the audible alarm will be silenced replace it with a unit from their service stock.
for 48 hours, but the alarm light will continue to flash. In thiscase, contact your service provider. Model 960 systemsare supplied with a time clock adjustable in five minuteincrements up to continuous run. This clock is factory presetto run 30 minutes per hour and should only be adjusted byan authorized Singulair service provider. Model TNT systemsare supplied with a non-adjustable time clock.
An optional Service Pro MCD control center is available for
use with the Singulair system. Designed to connect to a
standard telephone line or internet connection, this control
center provides MONITORING, COMPLIANCE and
DIAGNOSTIC functions complete with telemetry for
communication with the Service Pro monitoring center. Once
your Service Pro MCD control center is connected to a
telephone line or internet connection, commissioned, and
covered by a remote monitoring agreement, your service
provider will be immediately notified of any alarm condition.
The Service Pro monitoring center will automatically log the
time and date of alarm conditions, as well as service
performed, and store them in your system history record for
viewing at
The patented design of the Bio-Kinetic system provides In environmentally sensitive areas, environmental regulations non-mechanical flow equalization for the Singulair may require the use of Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination tablets.
wastewater treatment plant. Equalization reduces incoming Manufactured as an efficient and dependable means to hydraulic surges (e.g. typical shower of 10 minutes duration, chemically neutralize both free and combined chlorine, bathtub discharge of 5 minutes duration, clothes washer Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination tablets provide consistent discharge of 2 minutes duration and dishwasher discharge reduction or elimination of chlorine residual without of 2 minutes duration) throughout the system. The flow unnecessarily reducing the level of dissolved oxygen in the equalization provided by the Bio-Kinetic system causes treatment system effluent. Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination wastewater to be held upstream of the final outlet during tablets utilize a unique chemical mixture for chlorine hydraulic surges, which preserves treatment integrity and reduction and environmental protection. As liquid passes enhances system operation. The actual rate of equalization through the final discharge zone of the Bio-Kinetic system, varies and depends upon specific loading patterns and the the flow contacts the installed Bio-Neutralizer tablets and duration of each flow surge. At the design loading pattern residual chlorine is removed from the system effluent. A used during the NSF/ANSI Standard 40 performance fully charged Bio-Neutralizer feed tube will last an average evaluation, the Singulair system equalizes all flow an average of six months. During each semi-annual inspection, your of 48%. As a result, hydraulic surges and periods of high Singulair service provider will check system operation, the wastewater flow are automatically reduced to protect the rate of tablet consumption and install tablets during routine environment and all treatment plant processes on a demand use, as needed, basis.
CAUTION: Bio-Neutralizer tablets or feed tubes should
not be mixed with Blue Crystal tablets. Do not handle
the tablets or feed tubes without first carefully reading
the product container label, MSDS information and the

If local regulations require, an initial supply of Blue Crystal handling and storage instructions. For additional
disinfecting tablets will be placed in the Bio-Kinetic system information about Bio-Neutralizer tablets contact your
chlorine feed tube(s) at system start-up. Specifically Singulair service provider.
formulated for use in the Singulair system, Blue Crystaldisinfecting tablets provide efficient and reliable disinfection NO OWNER MAINTENANCE
when effluent chlorination is desirable. Manufactured fromcalcium hypochlorite, Blue Crystal disinfecting tablets The Singulair system is inspected and serviced by a local, provide effective, economical bacteria killing power. Liquid factory-trained service provider, therefore, no owner entering the Bio-Kinetic system contacts the installed Blue maintenance is required during the warranty period. The Crystal disinfecting tablets, just downstream of the Singulair system does not require pumping as often as a equalization ports. A fully charged feed tube will last an septic tank. Under normal use only the pretreatment average of six months. During each semi-annual inspection, chamber should be pumped. How often pumping is your Singulair service provider will check system operation, necessary depends on system use. The local Singulair the rate of tablet consumption and install tablets during service provider will inspect the aeration chamber contents routine service inspections.
and plant effluent at six month intervals to determine if thepretreatment chamber is discharging excessive solids. Every NOTE: USEPA guidelines state "On the average, satisfactory
three years, the pretreatment chamber should be inspected.
disinfection of secondary wastewater effluent can be obtained The pretreatment chamber will normally require pumping at when the chlorine residual is 0.5 ppm after 15 minutes three to five year intervals. Contact your local service provider contact." Retention time must comply with the controlling prior to tank pumping for complete information on removal of equipment, access to individual chambers, coordination ofservices and proper disposal of tank contents. A tank CAUTION: The improper handling of Blue Crystal tablets
pumping service licensed by the local regulatory agency may cause personal injury or property damage. Keep
must be used for removal and disposal of tank contents.
out of the reach of children and do not allow the tablets
The tank pumper should consult with local authorities to or feed tube to contact skin, eyes, or clothing. Tablets
determine the proper disposal method.
may be fatal if swallowed and tablet dust is irritating to
the eyes, nose and throat. Do not handle the tablets or

If a period of intermittent use, or an extended period of feed tubes without first carefully reading the product
non-use of the Singulair system is anticipated, contact your container label, MSDS information and the handling
Singulair service provider for instructions. Your service and storage instructions. Mixing of chemicals may cause
provider has comprehensive Singulair service instructions a violent reaction leading to fire or explosion. For
and has been factory-trained in troubleshooting procedures.
additional information about Blue Crystal tablets contact
Contact your service provider if you require service or your Singulair service provider.
information regarding tank pumping.
Semi-annual service inspections, at six month intervals for the first two years of system operation, are provided by your localNorweco distributor and are included in the original purchase price of the Singulair system. Costs for travel and labor are notcharged to the owner. During an inspection, each mechanical aerator, Bio-Kinetic system and other plant components areserviced as outlined in the Singulair Product Manual. After the initial two year service program is completed, the local serviceprovider will provide continued service at the owner's option. The service program should be renewed by the owner to insuremaximum system performance.
Ask your Singulair service provider about a renewable service contract. If you allow service coverage to expire, you can stillobtain the professional assistance of a factory-trained technician. However, these special service calls will be performed on atime and materials basis. Professional service is important to proper system operation and should not be allowed to lapse. Besure to consider the advantages of a renewable service contract.
The Singulair service provider will perform the following services during each service inspection:  Check aerator operation  Inspect outlet coupling  Check aerator power consumption  Install a clean Bio-Kinetic system  Check aerator air delivery  Fill Blue Crystal feed tube  Clean stainless steel aspirator shaft  Fill Bio-Neutralizer feed tube  Clean aspirator tip  Inspect effluent quality  Clean fresh air vent in concrete cover  Inspect outlet line  Inspect aeration chamber contents  Inspect ground water relief point  Check operation of control center  Inspect effluent disposal system  Adjust time clock when required  Complete 3-part service record  Remove the Bio-Kinetic system  Hang owner's record on front door  Scrape the clarification chamber  Enter record into
 Inspect the Bio-Static sludge return  Mail health department notification

A Warranty Registration Card was included with the Model The Singulair aerator enjoys the distinction of being 206C aerator before it was shipped from the factory. If this the only aerator on the market today backed by a lifetime card has not been returned to Norweco, complete and mail warranty and exchange program. Each Singulair it immediately. If it is not returned within thirty days of the aerator, Service Pro control center, Bio-Kinetic installation date, the three year limited warranty and lifetime system and any other components manufactured by aerator exchange program will begin on the date of Norweco, are warranted to be free from defects in material component shipment from the factory.
and workmanship, under normal use and service, for aperiod of three years from the date of purchase. The Remove the aerator model number and serial number record three year limited warranty is included in the original card and store it in a safe location with this Owner's Manual purchase price of every Singulair system. The for future reference. If it is necessary to call your service comprehensive aerator exchange program offers provider for service, make note of the information on the Singulair owners a lifetime of protection. Owners with a control center data plate and the aerator serial number before Singulair system may exchange any aerator of any age calling. Warranty and service records are cross-indexed by for a replacement unit at a prorated cost. If the Singulair owner name, aerator serial number or control center serial aerator or Service Pro control center fails, do not use or number. Supplying the aerator serial number and control dismantle the unit. The local, licensed distributor has center serial number with the service request will give the detailed warranty and exchange information and should service provider a ready reference so that changes in system be contacted for service or replacement instructions.
ownership will not delay service.
For your convenience, record your access information here:
User name:
For your reference, please document service performed on the following chart: DISTRIBUTED LOCALLY BY:
NORWALK, OHIO, USA 44857-1156
TELEPHONE (419) 668-4471
FAX (419) 663-5440

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