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In almost 20 years supplying the Irish beautyindustry La Crème Distribution has been to Anesi Cosmeceutical Skincare
Aqua Vital NEW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
the fore in product and service innovation.
From our range of advanced quality beauty care products to market leading servicelevels we are constantly looking for ways to enhance our customers business. This catalogue introduces you to the Anesi cosmeceutical skincare range, including DNA
Cronologie, Stem C³ and Aqua Vital that will
change how your Salon provides skincare treatments. You will also find fantastic offers across the Depileve range and get an
overview of the wide range of products available through our telephone or online ordering systems. Visit our website
for the most complete range of products available under our market leading brands, consumables and furniture. We provide weekly online offers exclusively to our
customers so visit us online or find us on
Crisnail Manicure and Nailcare
Facebook to avail of even more competitive
prices and great offers on products and We hope that you find this product referenceguide useful. It is a selection of the entire range you will find on our website. Contact us
Hygiene and Disposables . . . . . . . . . . . 26 online or by telephone for more information
and the assurance that you are ordering the best quality products in the market deliveredwith the service levels that have made La Crème Distribution the beauty care professionals choice. We look forward to hearing from you.
The team at La Crème Distribution Terms
• All prices exclude V.A.T.
• FREE Delivery on product orders over €100 net
• Delivery Charge of €6.95 on product orders under
• Next Day Delivery if order is placed before 12 noon• See our website for our full terms and conditions Lo Call 1850 411088

Cosmeceutical - the future of advanced skincare
La Creme Distribution are delighted to announce the arrival of the cosmeceutical skincare range
from Anesi. This next wave of skincare treatments will introduce your customers to cosmeceutical beauty care and the most advanced developments in the area of skin ageing. Cosmeceuticals will revolutionise treatments of your customers major skin concerns such as pigmentation, sun damage, red veins, capillary damage and ageing. Your salon can now access major skincare advances without significant financial investment. Your customers can avail of treatments using the most advanced ingredients available.
What Salons wanted and what Anesi delivers
• Access to next generation skincare treatments • Skincare innovation for your salon at a low cost • No Minimum orders • Ability to incorporate new products into your existing skincare line • Products that deliver exactly what they promise to your client • Use professional treatment product without requirement to buy retail products • Cost effective high end treatments

Aqua Vital Hydra-Detox LineA New level of moisturisation with THREE DIMENSIONAL HYDRATION.
Using 3D Hydra Acqua Polarsome (APS), a new micro technology complex that achieves acontrolled and sustained release of polarised water, Anesi can now achieve hydration in threevital areas: the cell, the deep layers of the skin and the Stratum Corneum.
AQUA VITAL has been formulated to achieve a global deep hydration and detoxification for all skintypes, also perfect as a first step for any further specific treatment. The wide range allows theprofessional to combine different cosmetics in order to personalize treatments according to ageand specific skin conditions.
Démaquillante Aqua Vital
Mousse Radiance Aqua Vital
This emulsion removes impurities and Cleansing gel that forms a light and makeup from the skin while starting soft mousse when in contact with a cellular detoxification process to water for a deep skin cleansing.
achieve a deep hygiene. Discover asoft, elastic radiant skin.
500 ml • AAVMR500
500 ml • AAVDM500
200 ml • AAVMR200 11.95
200 ml • AAVDM200
RRP: 23.90
RRP: 23.90
Lotion Aqua Vital
Exfoliant Aqua Vital
Toning lotion for all skin types. Completes New generation exfoliating cream that the skin's cleansing process with a combines the peeling action on the skin refreshing sensation and contributing surface with Jojoba micro particles to the 3D moisturization. and with the Celldetox® detoxifying effect for an effective skin renovation.
500 ml • AAVLA500
200 ml • AAVEA200 14.95
200 ml • AAVLA200
50 ml • AAVEA050 RRP: 23.90
RRP: 19.00
Lotion Désincrustante Aqua Vital
Fine powder with pineapple This lotion helps comedone extraction stem extract rich in proteolytic on all skin types, even the most fragile.
enzymes for an oxygenation 500 ml • AAVLD500 and deep peeling of the skin.
500 gr • AAVPE500
Gel Oxygénant Aqua Vital
Huile Soie Confort
Unique gel that oxygenates, protects, Gel-Oil texture, extremely rich in nourishes and stimulates collagen and protective and nourishing vegetable elastin production for all skin types. This ingredients such as Safflower and Gel can be used as a mask and is 100% Avocado. Apply after exfoliation to oil-free. Can also be used with beauty reduce redness and irritation. equipment such as an ultrasonic Box of 12 sachets x 5 ml.
200 ml • AAVGO200 21.50
Lo-Call 1850 411088 Aqua Vital Hydra-Detox Line Complexe Aqua Vital
Mineral-rich concentrate Sea Emulsified mask with a refreshing Water and 3 Hydra APS, gel texture also acting as a making it a true elixir decongestant. Optimizes the of hydration. Box of penetration of active ingredients 12 ampoules x 5 ml contained in the Complexe Aqua Vital. Box of 12 sachets x 25 ml.
Masque Vitalité Aqua Vital
Masque Aqua Vital
Rich in minerals, vitamins and ultra-hydrating An authentic hydration bath thanks to active ingredients. Immediately provides the innovative polarized water active suppleness and comfort making the skin more ingredient. Brings luminosity and elastic, luminous and younger. An ideal mask unifies the skin's tone for a softer feel.
for mature skins thanks to its regenerating,revitalizing and protecting properties.
50 ml • AAVMA050
200 ml • AAVMV200 RRP: 19.00
Sérum Aqua Vital
Crème Aqua Vital
Maximum cellular detox concentration and unprecedented Cosmeceutical cream that provides an intensive moisture in three dimensions that creates a unique hydration in three dimensions, quenching the cellular water reservoir making the skin skin's thirst from skin cells within to the radiant, healthy and luminous from within.
surface layers. Its formula includes 3D Hydra APS and Celldetox® complex.
125 ml • AAVSA125
200 ml • AAVCA200
30 ml • AAVSA030 14.50
50 ml • AAVCA050
RRP: 29.00
RRP: 33.00
Crème Confort Aqua Vital
Crème Haute Protection
Eliminates the sensation of tightness and renders a 24 hour High protection suntan cream to hydration increasing elasticity and radiance, by prevent premature skin ageing due to combining nutrients and 3D polarized water, UVA and UVB rays. Its light texture and which prolong its action throughout the day.
formula enriched with Licorice and 200 ml • AAVCC200 Kawa Kawa extracts allow application 14.50
even on the most delicate skins.
50 ml • AAVCC050 200 ml • AAVCH200 14.95
RRP: 29.90
Dermo Peel Expert Coffret
A natural alternative to Dermo-abrasion. This treatment
specifically treats dull, wrinkled, scarred and pigment
marked skin through accelerated exfoliation. Dermo Peel
Expert produces a double action, working mechanically
and biologically with visible results right from the first
session. The treatment uses the benefits of marine
plankton, Pineapple Stem Cells, Epidermal Growth
Factors and Allantoin for a clear, matt skin.
DNAToday's cosmeceutical research has made very important advances in the area of skin ageing. One of thelatest contributions is the study of cellular DNA. All cells contain DNA in its nucleus. They store the dataneeded so that when reproduced, the new cell is identical to the previous one.
Anesi laboratories have developed an exclusive professional salon treatment, DNA CRONOLOGIE, basedon the ability of DNA strands to promote cellular renewal from within and protecting the cell's own DNA. Cell-EGF
Bio-Tech regeneration
boosting formula with
Epidermal Growth Factors
(EGF). Dramatically stimulates
cellular activity, regenerating High technology DNA filaments based formula which boosts the skin the skin surface. Also used by renovation from the inside and protects the cell DNA. It also prevents burns units in major hospitals the development of future damages responsible for accelerating the around the world for skin aging process. With Natural Moisturizing Factor and collagen renewal. Apply before the precursors for obtaining a firmer, stimulated, protected and Anesi treatment cream for repaired skin with less visible wrinkles. 50 ml retail jar.
best results. 30 ml serum bottle.
RRP: 48.00
RRP: 48.00
Coffret DNA Cronologie
Professional treatment kit containing DNA Filaments gel, DNA Crystal mask, Cell-EGF serum and DNA Cronologie cream, all packed in single use sachets. Contains 4 treatments.
Lo-Call 1850 411088 STEM C3 is an exclusive salon treatment incorporating Plant Stem cell technology that reverses chronological ageing and delays deterioration of essential skin cells by acting on fibroblasts and stimulating collagen formation. Vitamin C has been added in 3 phases to protect against free radical formation, moisturize and lightly whiten the skin surface.
Stem C3 Emulsion
Plant Stem cell technology incorporated in a
luscious emulsion that reverses chronological
ageing and delays deterioration of essential skin
cells. Formulated with 3 active ingredients that
have Vitamin C to act on free radicals and
produce an intensive moisturisation of the skin surface. Remove make up and apply daily onclean face and neck avoiding the eye contour. 50 ml retail jar.
RRP: 48.00
Coffret Stem C3
Professional treatment kit containing Stem C³ mask and activator, Stem C³
concentrate, Stem C³ emulsion and Cell-EGF serum, all packed in single
use sachets. Contains 4 treatments.
These Anesi cosmeceutical treatments,
DNA and Stem C³, can be incorporated

into any skincare range that your Salon
is currently using, making it an ideal

way for your Salon to take the step into
the world of cosmeceutical skincare
without significant financial investment
or re-training. The treatments use the
most advanced ingredients available,
while being extremely easy to apply.
The packaging of the products is also
state of the art – each product is packed
in single use sachets, maximising the
freshness and effectiveness of the
active ingredients, while eliminating
the inconvenience and expense of
keeping several bottles of product
open in the Salon.

Waxing and Hydration Systems
Why Choose Depileve?
Worlds number 1 waxing system used in over 90 countriesMarket Leader through Product Innovation Used by over 1000 salons throughout Ireland What makes Depileve products stand out from the crowd?
• No sticky residue from the waxes
• Perfect for sensitive clients
• Widest range of waxes to cater for all skin types and techniques
• Thinner consistency gives you more treatments per tin. More treatments = More Profit
• Re-formulated before and after products including the unbelievable DermoBalance pre-wax
spray with Menthol and Castor Oil New for 2011
Addiction - superior hand and body lotions
With argan oil, known as liquid gold from the Sahara desert, used for its high content of Vitamin Eand essential fatty acids to combat skin ageing and dryness. Also includes a vegetable blend ofAlmond, wheat germ, and Hazel nut with additional sun filters. Don't forget to check out, a website we built to promote Depileve to yourcustomers. Contact us about a free listing for you in the salon locator. Pearl Rosin
Azulene Cream Rosin
The perfect wax for delicate facial Gently removes hairs leaving the Non-irritating cream wax with and body areas.
skin feel smooth and soft.
Azulene for sensitive skins.
Olive Oil Rosin
Natural Pine Rosin
Crystal Marine Rosin Free
Smooth olive oil formula with The original all purpose wax for New, rosin free formula with marine minimal stickiness ideal for dry normal skin.
collagen to minimise irritations for and tanned skins.
even the most sensitive skins.
Bronze Wax
Special formula with
salicylic acid and
ginseng to prevent
ingrown hairs.
CALL US ON 1850 411088 FOR
Natural Pine
Bronze wax
Petal Rosin
Rosin Free
normal skin.
ingrown hairs.
sensitive skins.
Spa Rosin
Natural Pine Rosin
minimal stickiness ideal for dry and for sensitive and normal skin.
tanned skins.
devitalised skins.
Natural Pine
The original all
40gr Body Applicator
80gr Cartridge Roller
normal skin.
100gr Roller Head
100gr Roller Head.
80gr Roller Head.
40gr Facial Applicator
Natural Pine
Olive Oil Rosin
Pearl Rosin
Cream Rosin
normal skin.
sensitive skins.
tanned skins.
Lo-Call 1850 411088 Traditional Waxes Karite 1kg
Rich, creamy consistency
Macadamia Pearls 500gr
perfect for delicate skins Enriched with Macadamia Oil needing extra care.
for a soothing and softeningeffect in a great new pearl 11.95
Olive 1kg
Pink Rose Petal 1kg
Smooth olive oil formula Soothing action and soft with minimal stickiness pull makes it the perfect ideal for dry and choice for sensitive tanned skins.
500gr Karite Film Pearls
800gr Monoi Film
Formulated with Pure Shea Strip-less disposable wax Butter with a soft, gentle ideally suited to larger pull, perfect for delicate 800gr/400gr Intimate Film
Strip-less disposable wax for intimate areas with low
melting point, short drying time
500gr 3G Bronze Film
and gentle pull.
Special formula with
800gr • DWIW0800 salicylic acid and ginseng 14.60
to prevent ingrown hairs.
400gr • DWIW0400 DermoBalance Lotion 220 ml
Pre Base Gel 500 ml
New pre wax spray with Menthol Alcohol-free formula which and Castor Oil, leaving the skin cleans and improves the perfectly clean for a perfect pull. adherence of the wax. WithHammamelis and Oats extract.
Apply it before traditional and disposable waxing with strips. Milk Cleanser 500 ml
Oil Cleanser 350 ml
Post-depilatory cream Water soluble Azulene oil to be removes any wax residue and used after hair removal to gently softens and moisturizes remove any wax residue and the skin after waxing.
soften the skin. Enriched with Enriched with Calendula and Oat Extract.
Soothing Cream 200 ml
Vitalderm pH 200 ml
Apply after hair removal when After wax cream that balances any allergic or inflammatory the pH of the skin and avoids reaction occurs. Evens skin the appearance of redness or tone and reduces redness in most sensitive areas. Apply athick layer and leave for skin to absorb. Enriched with Camomile and Aloe Vera.
10 Lo-Call 1850 411088 Gold Concentrate 20 x 10 ml
Hair growth inhibitor serum for
salon use.
Gold Concentrate 3 x 10 ml
Depil Mousse 200 ml
Hair growth inhibitor serum for Dual action hair growth inhibitor retail sale.
mousse formulated to refresh andrevitalise tired legs.
RRP each: 14.85
RRP: 19.50
Intimate Folisan 6 x 10 ml
Perfect retail size and format to prevent
ingrown hairs after all waxing.
Pack 6 x 10 ml • DWIF0006
Folisan 150 ml
RRP each: 6.95
Prevents ingrown hairs and folliculitis.
Perfect for men and women.
RRP: 16.50
100 Facial Spatulas
100 Body Spatulas
100 Body Strips PLUS
100 Facial Strips
400 Body Strips Depilbox
High quality 100gr non-woven strips.
High quality 100gr non-woven strips 400 Pre-cut 80gr strips in a practical for small body areas.
85 metre Epilating Roll
50 Collar Rings
85 metre roll of 80gr non-woven Vital hygiene accessory keeps your Easy Clean 1 litre
strip in a practical dispenser box.
wax warmer free from drips and spills.
Citrus equipment cleaner.
With 4 drawers, six shelves anda built-in waste bin.
40 x 37 x 88cms.
For removing the excess wax from Flat base try
the spatula and easily removing thecan when finished. Stainless steel finish for a clean and hygienic look.
Packed 2 to a carton.
12 Lo-Call 1850 411088 Depileve 800gr Kit and Warmer THE COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES• Neo Wax Warmer 800 gr • Body Strips (100) • Natural Pine Rosin wax 800 gr • Facial Strips (100) • Wax Can Holder (1) • Pre Base Gel 200 ml • Collar Rings (50) • Milk Cleanser 200 ml Professional Kit 800 gr
• Body Spatulas (25) • Easy Clean 220 ml • Facial Spatulas (25) 800gr Neo Wax Warmer
Thermostat controlled with 360 degree heating element for afast, even melting of the wax.
800gr Black Warmer Insert
Use for melting traditional or filmwaxes to allow for multiple uses ofthe warmer.
Depileve Paraffins Deep Moisturizing Peach Paraffin
Antioxidant Lavender Essential Oil Paraffin
A delicate peach scented paraffin that replenishes the skin's 100% natural paraffin, enriched with extracts of Lavender optimum moisturizing levels for long lasting hydration, thanks and Vitamin E, moisturises and purifies the skin layers to Vitamin E and peach oil. Sold only in a 2.7 kilo box thanks to its intense antiseptic action. Sold only in a 2.7 kilo containing 6x450 gr packs.
box containing 6x450 gr packs.
Energizing Tea Tree Oil Paraffin
Milk and Honey Paraffin
Tea Tree Oil is well known for its antiseptic properties and This new paraffin enriched with milk peptides has a relaxing protects the skin while leaving your client's feet refreshed.
aroma and a surprising texture. Their regenerative, soft and Sold only in a 2.7 kilo box containing 6x450 gr packs.
protective effects have an immediate action on the skin. Soldonly in a 2.7 kilo box containing 6x450 gr packs.
Milk and Honey Facial Paraffin
New low melting point paraffin specially formulated for facial The ideal alternative for skin hydration in awkward areas treatments. Enriched with Milk peptides and Vitamin E for a (knees, elbows.). Also great for clients that are sensitive to smoother and deeply moisturized skin protected against heat or in the summer when it is too hot for a paraffin dip.
14 Lo-Call 1850 411088 Paraffin Cosmetics Dermo Peel
Collagen Elastin Plus
Exfoliating gel-cream with Non-greasy luscious emulsion, spheres of Jojoba. It does not enriched with collagen and elastin, need rinsing and does not leave for deep moisturizing. Keeps skin a residue. It prepares the skin soft and supple. Apply before for receiving the actives from the paraffin dip and recommend it to treatment. Massage until sphere your clients for home use. Depilève Hydrate A.H.A.
Dermo Spray
Hand cream of quick absorption enriched Antiseptic cleanser used to clean with vegetable AHA's. It deeply nourishes the hands before the paraffin dip.
skin favouring its regeneration Use it regularly to keep your and keeping it young and soft. paraffin clean for a longer time.
220 ml spray bottle.
200 ml • DPCH200
75 ml • DPCH075
RRP 75 ml: 5.40
Milk and Honey Peeling
Milk and Honey Emulsion
New natural exfoliating product with Milk, New moisturising cream with Milk Honey and Apricot spheres that removes and Honey which activates the skin the impurities and dead cells by enzymes in charge of the stimulating the regeneration of the skin maintenance of the protective skin surface. It leaves a soft and silky skin barrier and its hydric balance.
prepared for receiving all the moisturising and nutritive ingredients to be applied. It 500 ml • DPMHE500 does not need rinsing. Tube of 200 ml.
Addiction Line
Fall in the addictive temptation of luscious aromas and wrap your skin in rich hydration with the new hand and body
lotions ADDICTION. Formulated with Argan Oil, the Gold Liquid from the Sahara desert, rich in natural Vitamin E that
deeply moisturizes the skin to prevent dryness and wrinkle formation. Includes a vegetable blend of Almond, Wheat
Germ and Hazel nut oils that pamper the skin with velvety smoothness. This rich emulsion also has a sun filter to
protect the skin against sun exposure. Available in 3 delicate aromas that have an all day lasting effect.
Try it and be Addicted!
400 ml bottle.
400 ml bottle.
RRP: 23.95
RRP: 23.95
400 ml bottle.
Contains 6x400 ml bottles and3x200 ml testers with counter- top display.
RRP: 23.95
Gauze Mask
Mittens and Boots
100% cotton. Essential for Made of plush cotton and lined. With adjustable applying the facial paraffin.
Velcro closure. Can be warmed in the towel warmer. Pack of 50 pre-cut facialmasks.
Mittens (pair) • DPMI0002
Boots (pair) • DPBO0002
Plastic Liners
New Bio-Degradable plastic. They offer an
Para Clean
occlusive effect and preserve the cleanliness of Use to remove paraffin from the boots and mittens. Essential for the warmer, floors, table tops and manicure and pedicure moisturising treatments.
trolley. 220 ml bottle.
Box containing 100 units.
Thin soft bristled brush lasts longer than others. Ideal for paraffin treatments.
DPFB0001 • 3.80
Base with rollers
Base with ultra-resistant plastic
rollers to safely place the warmer With 4 drawers, six shelves and and offer a pedicure service at any a built-in waste bin. 40 x 37 x part of the centre. (Warmer not included). Size: 60 x 64 cm.
Flat base try
16 Lo-Call 1850 411088 THE COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES • 220ml Dermo Spray• Professional Paraffin warmer • 200ml Collagen Elastin plus • Pair of Terry cloth mittens • 220ml Para Clean • Pair of Terry cloth booties• 100 protector Bags Choose any paraffin you like.
Universal Paraffin Kit
Then you simply add the desired paraffin with the usual code: Peach, Tropical, Tea Tree and Lavender. Milk and Honey Facial Paraffin Kit
THE COMPLETE KITINCLUDES• Facial paraffin warmer with lid • Gauze masks (50) • Disposable Headband (3) • Milk and Honey Facial Paraffin • Collar Rings (50) • Collagen Elastin Plus 200 ml • Wax Can Holder (2) Velona Electrolysis Aloe Vera Hydrate
Refreshing and regenerating gel that
instantly decongests and soothes
irritated skin after any type of
Bottle 500 ml with pump • VAV0500
Display 9 tubes of 50 ml • VAV050X9
RRP each: 5.40
Colours the hair follicle, helping the electrologist to
Total 30 SPF
find it easier and faster while ensuring High Protection.
a more efficient needle insertion. Moisturising cream with Bottle of 10 ml.
SPF 30. Tube of 50 ml.
RRP: 13.50
Musk Rose Oil
Folisan 150 ml
Prevents ingrown hairs 100% natural essential oil to and folliculitis. Perfect heal and rejuvenate the skin for men and women.
after electrolysis. 15 ml bottlewith dropper.
RRP: 16.50
RRP: 19.50
Velona Make-Up
Natural covering make-up for all skin types. Its soothing and decongestive action makes it the first make-up which
can be applied after electrolysis. It evens the skin tone. With SPF 15. Available in 3 tones.
RRP: 21.50
RRP: 21.50
RRP: 21.50
18 Lo-Call 1850 411088 Velona Electrolysis Insulated disposable needles
Stainless steel disposable needles
Made with a new polymer that provides a high dielectric Medical grade stainless steel, low in carbon and nickel.
power and a higher electric and thermal insulation. 30 units in a box.
30 units in a box.
F 2 steel needles
F 5 steel needles
F 2 insulated needles
F 5 insulated needles
F 3 steel needles
F 3 insulated needles
F 4 steel needles
F 4 insulated needles
Gold disposable needles
Disposable needle box
Use for sensitive areas or sinsitive skins to avoid skin Practical container to dispose the reactions. 30 units in a box.
electrolysis needles safely and correctly.
F 2 gold needles
F 5 gold needles
F 3 gold needles
Velona Ergonomic Tweezers
Ergonomic tweezers which perfectly adapt to the hand of the beautician.
F 4 gold needles
Velona pillow set
Punched Precise Tweezers
Professional electrologists will appreciate these Diamond, anti-allergic and polished tip for maximum practical anatomic pillow, designed to provide accuracy. Available with narrow or wide tip. comfort. Made with soft, easy to clean material.
Narrow tip • VTWEEZERT Wide tip • VTWEEZERW 95.00
Large square
Long round anatomic
Short round anatomic
54 x 32 x 60 cm.
30 cm de length x ø10 cm.
45 cm de length x ø10 cm.
Small square
33 x 22 x 60 cm.
Gel Revolution Polishes
• Applies like a polish
• Lasts like a gel
• Quick drying
• No chipping, peeling or fading
• Easily removed in minutes without
damaging the nail • Extra-Large 14ml bottle – TWICE the • Works with LED and UV lamps• No Minimum Order Trendy Mauve
Light Red
Classic Red
CPGRTM01 • 18.95
CPGRLR02 • 18.95
CPGRCR03 • 18.95
CPGRMR04 • 18.95
Dark Fuchsia
Glam Maroon
Dark Brown
CPGRDF05 • 18.95
CPGRGM06 • 18.95
CPGRDB07 • 18.95
Blue Black
CPGRMB08 • 18.95
CPGRBB09 • 18.95
CPGRPD10 • 18.95
Perfectly cleans and prepares the Apply a very thin layer before the nail to receive the Gel Revolution Gel revolution polish for a perfect Base/Shine. 10 ml bottle.
base, and a normal layer after the the Gel Revolution polish for a perfect polish in 10 minutes finish. 15 ml bottle.
the natural nail.
Extra large 400 mlbottle.
20 Lo-Call 1850 411088 Baby French
For a perfect French Manicure. Includes 3 polishes and an
Ultra Shine Top Coat in 3.5 ml mini-bottles:
• Nail lacquer nº 100 French Pink• Nail lacquer nº 102 French White• Nail lacquer nº 103 French Kiss• Ultra Shine Top Coat CPBF0001
RRP: 9.95
Baby Gourmet
With the exclusive Gourmet colours: Raspberry, Chocolate,
Wine… Bon Appetit! 4 polishes in 3.5 ml mini-bottles:
• Nail lacquer nº 151 Raspberry • Nail lacquer nº 152 Hot Chocolate • Nail lacquer nº 153 Red Wine• Nail lacquer nº 154 Red Currant CPBG0001
RRP: 9.95
Baby Classic
Always fashionable, classic colours. Includes 3 polishes and
an Ultra Shine Top Coat in 3.5 ml mini-bottles:
• Nail lacquer nº 153 Red Wine• Nail lacquer nº 157 Dark Red• Nail lacquer nº 159 Sunlight• Ultra Shine Top Coat CPBC0001
RRP: 9.95
Baby Metallic
Special Edition in Silver and Gold. 2 polishes in 3.5 ml mini-
• Nail lacquer Dark Gold• Nail lacquer Fashion Silver CPBM0001
RRP: 7.95
Crisnail Nail Polishes nº 102 French White
nº 182 Colombian White
nº 164 Transparent White
nº 167 Crystal White
CPFW0014 • 3.50
CPCOW182 • 3.50
CPTW0164 • 3.50
CPCW0167 • 3.50
nº 177 Exotic Pink
nº 159 Sunlight
nº 184 Perfect French
nº 160 Intense Pink
CPEP0177 • 3.50
CPCSL0159 • 3.50
CPPF0184 • 3.50
CPIP0160 • 3.50
nº 100 French Pink
nº 103 French Kiss nº 172 Luminous Beige Glitter nº 101 French Beige
nº 180 Colombian Pink
CPFP0014 • 3.50
CPFK0014 • 3.50
CPLB0172 • 3.50
CPFB0014 • 3.50
CPCOP180 • 3.50
nº 142 Liz Spirit
nº 126 I'm a Lady
nº 121 Baby Pink
nº 125 1 Skin
CPLS0014 • 3.50
CPIL0014 • 3.50
CPBP0014 • 3.50
CP1S0014 • 3.50
nº 120 Off White
nº 104 Sweet Cotton
nº 117 Engaged
CPOW0014 • 3.50
CPSC0104 • 3.50
CPEN0014 • 3.50
nº 165 Passion Red
nº 146 Toxic Red
nº 151 Raspberry Glitter
nº 169 Perfection
CPPAR165 • 3.50
CPTR0014 • 3.50
CPRA0014 • 3.50
CPPE0169 • 3.50
nº 170 Trendy Metallic
nº 127 Perfect Red
nº 147 Real Red
nº 157 Dark Red
CPTRE170 • 3.50
CPPR0014 • 3.50
CPRR0014 • 3.50
CPDR0157 • 3.50
nº 155 Red Summer
nº 166 Classic Red
nº 156 Metallic Red
nº 186 Glossy Red Metallic
CPRS0155 • 3.50
CPCR0166 • 3.50
CPMR0156 • 3.50
CPGR0186 • 3.50
22 Lo-Call 1850 411088 Crisnail Nail Polishes nº 173 Blues Red
Crisnail Colour Chart
nº 137 Coral Glam Metallic nº 132 Hot Glamour
CPCG0014 • 3.50
CPHG0014 • 3.50
CPBR0173 • 3.50
nº 112 Tanned Sun
nº 152 Hot Chocolate
nº 176 Mahogany Brown
nº 128 Spicy Craze
CPTS0014 • 3.50
CPHC0014 • 3.50
CPMB0176 • 3.50
CPSPC014 • 3.50
nº 162 Glamorous Chocolate
nº 168 Elegant Brown
nº 171 Jazz Brown
nº 190 Studio Brown
CPGC0162 • 3.50
CPEB0168 • 3.50
CPJB0171 • 3.50
CPSBR190 • 3.50
nº 154 Red Currant Metallic nº 163 Metallic Cherry
nº 179 Love Cherry Metallic
nº 153 Red Wine
CPRC0014 • 3.50
CPMC0163 • 3.50
CPLC0179 • 3.50
CPRW0014 • 3.50
nº 181 Prune Metallic
nº 185 Dark Violet
nº 187 Metal Violet
nº 189 Cassis Night
nº 188 Sexy Mauve
CPPRU181 • 3.50
CPDV0185 • 3.50
CPMV0187 • 3.50
CPCN0189 • 3.50
CPSM0188 • 3.50
nº 149 Cheeky Lolita
nº 148 Teenager Sheer
nº 158 Wonderful Fuchsia
nº 175 Brazilian Purple
CPCL0149 • 3.50
CPTE0148 • 3.50
CPWF0158 • 3.50
CPBPU175 • 3.50
nº 150 Bubble Glitter
nº 183 Blue is Blue
nº 161 Glossy Black
nº 174 Blue Black
CPBG0150 • 3.50
CPBB0183 • 3.50
CPGB0161 • 3.50
CPBBL174 • 3.50
Marine Drops
Soluble salts with Calendula,
Lemon and Seaweeds. They The softest exfoliation with whiten and clean the nails at grains of Sugar Cane and the same time as relaxing the Mango, Aloe Vera and client. Bottle with 28 units.
Almonds for an extrahydration. Tube of 200 ml.
Mango Cuticle Oil
Concentrated oil with Mango
Mango Cuticle Oil
seed, rich in Vitamins A and E.
It nourishes, moisturises Useful and elegant and revitalises cuticles by display stand with 9 stimulating the growth of roll on bottles of 10 ml the nail. Bottle with dropper perfect for retail.
RRP: 4.50 each
Silk Grape Oil
Rejuvenating oil which It strengthens and hardens neutralises free radicals the nails thanks to its thanks to its antioxydating, Horsetail and Olive Oil based protective and nutritive power formula. Bottle of 15 ml. with of the essences of the Grape, Sesame, Apricot and Wheat.
Bottle of 30 ml. with spray.
24 Lo-Call 1850 411088 Treatment Products Diamond Base Coat
Nail Force Strengthener
Nail Force Conditioner
Protective base with With Calcium and Wheat Provides flexibility and diamond powder and proteins to strengthen protects the nail from UV filters. 14 ml the keratin of the nail. cracking and peeling.
14 ml bottle.
14 ml bottle.
Total Care
Ultra Shine Top Coat
French Manicure Top Coat
New complete care New quick dry coat with Brightens the white on with Calcium, Soy more shine that adds a the French Manicure.
long lasting protection.
14 ml bottle.
14 ml bottle.
14 ml bottle.
Express Dry Oil
Silk Filler
Revolutionary oil to dry It evens the surface of Acetone-free formula and fix nail polish in the nails with grooves to touch up damaged or furrows leaving it 14 ml bottle.
uniform and flexible. polish. 14 ml bottle.
14 ml bottle.
Aloe Polish Remover
Remover with acetone
Polish remover without It quickly eliminates nail acetone made with polish respecting the extremely soft solvents, natural nail. Enriched Aloe Vera and Oats.
with Lavender and aminoacids.
1 litre • CBAPR1000
1 litre • CBLPR1000
250 ml • CBAPR250
250 ml • CBLPR250
Cuticle Off
Gel with Aloe Vera that eliminates
dead skin from the cuticles at thesame time it moisturises, nourishes MANICURE PRODUCTS, INCLUDING NAIL
and softens them. Bottle of 75 ml FILES, IMPLEMENTS ETC. SEE OUR WEBSITE
with dropper.
Hygiene and Sterilization Tool Clean
Rinse-free sanitising Moisturizing hand soap Highly concentrated gel with Vitamin E.
formulated to deeply cleanser to sanitize all 500ml bottle with cleanse your hands.
tools and instruments.
Use with water and Bottle of 500 ml.
rinse. Bottle of 500 ml.
Implement Cleaning Set
Steril box
Special set to immerse your tools This unit uses ultraviolet rays for Glass Bead Sterilizer in the Tool Clean and water ideal for sterilizing 139.00
Glass Beads for Sterilizer
Disposables for the Salon Osmotic film roll
Muslin Wrapping Roll
15 cm x 300 metre roll, Muslin roll stretchable to 10 m. An Bag containing 200 units of 8x10 cm.
economical alternative to the Anesi Bandages. Washable and reusable.
Dimensions: 10m x 10cm.
Disposable pedicure towel
Disposable manicure towel
Square cotton pads
Size: 40 x 50 cm. Special towel with ecological Bag of 500 units of 5 x 5 cm.
Box with 50 units.
cellulose. Size: 25 x 50 cm. Box containing 50 units.
Adjustable Bed Cover
In resistant cellulose.
Waterproof plastic sheets, ideal for Size: 98 x 200 cm. body wraps and fangotherapy Size: 200 x 180 cm. Pack of 30 units.
26 Lo-Call 1850 411088 Disposables for the Therapist Finger Cots
Made in latex they perfectly Hygiene and security for adapt to your finger to you and your client. guarantee a perfect hygiene.
Box of 100 units.
100 units per box.
and large. Protect yourself and your client from any contamination.
100 pieces per box.
Latex • BSSLGL100 Vinyl • BSSVGL100 Disposables for the Client Made of cellulose and elastic Protects the hair in artificial for a perfect adjustment.
tanning sessions and facial White headband. 100 units In white cellulose. Box containing Disposable
Made of soft blue Woman Tanga
Men Tanga
marine cellulose. Fits all sizes. Made of soft blue marine containing 96 units 25.95
Disposable Open Slippers
Fits all sizes. Made of waterproof One size. Specially made to keep the boots always clean and and non-slip rubbers. Perfect for provide maximum hygiene to your customer. White color. all floors, even with water. White 10 pairs per box.
slippers. 20 pairs per box.
Disposable Closed Slippers
Fits all sizes. Rubber waterproof
and non-slip sole. Upper part
made of cellulose. White
slippers. 20 pairs per box.
2 Body bed
3 Body bed
Comes with face-hole and With face-hole, removable arms, paper roll holder as standard. 2 storage drawers and rail Dimensions: 63x78x184 cms.
shelf as standard. Dimensions: 63x76x183 cms.
Stool without backrest
Saddle stool
Chair with backrest
Adjustable in height from 40 to 58 cm.
Chair with ergonomic An excellent tool for working propelled elevation Height is adjusted by gas from 40 to 75.00
Nika 3 tier trolley with drawer
Nika 3 tier trolley
Easy to open drawer and Metallic structure lacquered in white. Includes protection Dimensions: 65.5x68x42 cms.
bars to prevent products from spilling out.
Dimensions: 65.5x68x42 cms.
Depilève's Trolley
With 4 drawers, six shelves and a
built-in waste bin. 40x37x88 cms.
Flat base try
Velona 3 tier trolley with drawer
Higher and narrower, ideal for 25.95
placing equipment on top.
Dimensions: 52.5x83x36 cms.
28 Lo-Call 1850 411088 Refectocil Eyelash Tinting
Professional eyelash and eyebrow tints. 15 ml tube.
No. 1 Black
No.3 Natural Brown
No.3.1 Light Brown
Tints any hair colour in Very dark, good coverage Ideal for light blonde and blonde a deep, pure black.
enhances colour depth.
with intense depth of colour.
hair giving a very natural look.
Oxidant Liquid 3% (10 vol)
Stabilised developer
liquid for Refectocil
Oxidant Cream 3%
tints. 50 ml bottle.
Quickly and gentlyremoves tint spots Stabilised developercream for Refectocil on the skin. 100 ml tints. 100 ml bottle.
Eye Liner Brush
Protect your client's eyelids with these pre-cut papers.
Perfect for applying tint.
Mascara Brush
Perfect for applying
eyelash tint.
Glass Godet
Perfect for mixing eyelash tint.


27209001es 1.29

Diario Oficial de las Comunidades Europeas (Actos cuya publicación es una condición para su aplicabilidad) REGLAMENTO (CE) No 993/2001 DE LA COMISIÓN de 4 de mayo de 2001 que modifica el Reglamento (CEE) no 2454/93 por el que se fijan determinadas disposiciones de aplicación del Reglamento (CEE) no 2913/92 del Consejo por el que se aprueba el Código aduanero (Texto pertinente a efectos del EEE)


REGLAMENTO VETERINARIO REGLAMENTO VETERINARIO RFHE REGLAMENTO VETERINARIO PREÁMBULO Este Reglamento Veterinario entrará en vigor en el momento de su aprobación por la Comisión Directiva del Consejo Superior de Deportes. A partir de esta fecha todas las ediciones y documentos oficiales publicados anteriormente sobre esta materia se consideran sin validez. Este Reglamento Veterinario (RV) debe leerse conjuntamente con los Estatutos, el Reglamento General, los Reglamentos de las diversas disciplinas y el Reglamento Disciplinario.