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Instruction manual& guarantee Lithium Battery& Stock mount illuminator module with anti-recoilclamp Kit Components
1 x Camera module
1 x LCD screen & illuminator module
1 x Scope clamp 1 inch
1 x Scope clamp 30mm
2 x Scope sleeve
1 x Lithium battery
1 x Stock Mount Pouch
1 x Lithium Ion Battery charger
1 x Carry case
1 x Pack of anti-glare filters
1 x Spare fuse
1 x Anti-recoil Clamp
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Guarantee card
Please read all the instructions and safety information carefully before using the NiteSite product.
Kit contents
Equipment set up
Camera module focusing
Lens flare and lens coatings
External ancillary equipment
Maintenance & service
Frequently asked questions
Safety information and disposal
Battery safety information
Contact details, guarantee terms & conditions
Technical Information
LCD Screen and Illuminator module.
On/off switch with four infra-red (IR) illuminator intensity settings.
Infra-red protective lens cover.
3.5" LCD screen.
Male three pin jack plug connecting cable

NS50 Camera Module (Only Provided with the NS50 Kit and is only sold from in the UK)
Black & white infra-red (IR) camera 0.5 lux.
Visibility up to 50 yards in darkness with the illuminator on maximum intensity.
Video and audio output to an external recording device or monitor, via the 3.5mm four pin
socket. 480TVL 1/3 Sony CCD PAL 4:3 Ratio
12 volt DC power supply socket.
LCD screen and illuminator power socket.
NS200 Camera Module (Only Provided with the NS200 Kit)
Colour infra-red (IR) camera 0.01 lux.
Visibility up to 200 yards in darkness with the illuminator on maximum intensity.
Video and audio output to an external recording device or monitor, via the 3.5mm four pin
socket (VID). 550 TVL 1/3 Sony CCD PAL 4:3 Ratio
12 volt DC power supply socket.
LCD screen and illuminator power socket (NS)
Never connect the LCD screen and illuminator module to any other equipment only use the
NiteSite camera modules. Failure to do so will result in damage to the NiteSite equipment
and will invalidate the guarantee.
11.1volt battery 4800mA Lithium ion polymer. The battery will last on full illumination power
approximately four to five hours. The battery pack has an internal 2 amp rated fuse.
Battery Charger
12 volt lithium Ion charger with charging indicator, the red light indicates the battery is
charging. The green light indicates the battery is fully charged. The battery when fully
discharged will take 8 -10 hours to fully charge . Disconnect the battery from the charger
when charging is complete.

Set up overview
LCD screen on/off & illuminator intensity Scope sleeve switch illuminator module NS200 illustrated LCD screen &illuminator connecting cable Rifle & scope(not supplied) Battery with stockmount pouch Power supplycable Clamp Fixing
illuminator module Locate the keywayinto the clamp "T" slot One inch or 30mm diameter to suit scope size

Equipment set up
Step 1)
Fully charge the battery before using the NiteSite.
Step 2) Fix the LCD Screen and illuminator module to the scope. (Fig:3)
I) Check the size of the scope tube and select the appropriate clamp from the
NiteSite kit. (1 inch or 30mm)
II) Remove the fixing bolt and knob from the clamp. Open up the clamp and
slide over the scope tube. Then replace the fixing bolt and knob leaving loose.
III) Slide the LCD Screen illuminator module into the clamp "T" slot then tighten
the knob until the LCD screen and illuminator module is secure. Check that
the LCD screen is facing the eye piece. (fig: 2)
IV) Do not over tighten the clamp as this may cause strain damage to the clamp.
Step 3) Select a rubber sleeve to suit your scope, and place onto the scope eye piece. Push
the camera module into the end of the sleeve.
Step 4) Connect the power supply cable and the LCD screen & illuminator module into
back of the camera module. (fig: 4) I) Plug the LCD screen & illuminator module connecting cable into the socket
on the rear of the camera module (NS socket)
II) Connect the DC power cable to the centre socket on the rear of the
camera module.
Step 5) Turn selector switch to the first position located on top of the LCD screen &
illuminator module (fig: 2 page 3 & fig: 9 page 7). The LCD screen is on, and will display an image of what is visible through the rifle scope. See page 7 for full details of the intensity control settings.
Camera Module Connections NS50 Camera Module Audio & video optionalout put (VID) Plug in the DC power supply cable Plug in the LCD screen & illuminator connecting cable (NS)

Lens ¼ turnsto focusUse index finger to turn the lens Visible abrasive lens ring Use index finger to turn the lens Offer camera to the sleeve checking for clarity of the reticule Ensure reticule is in focus Equipment set up Continued; Focusing the camera module
Step 6)
The NS50 and NS200 camera modules will require adjustment prior to use. This
will guarantee that the scope reticule is perfectly in focus when viewed on the LCD screen (fig: 8). The focal distance is factory set to 400mm which covers most scopes focal length. This will allow focus to be achieved within a couple of turns anticlockwise. After following steps 1- 5.
I) With the LCD screen in the on position, by turning the intensity switch to
position 1 shown on page 7. (fig: 9) Check that the scope reticule is in focus. If
adjustment is required remove the camera from the sleeve. (fig: 7)
II) Turn the lens 1/4 turn anticlockwise with your index finger. (fig: 6) Place the
camera back into the sleeve. Check that the reticule on the LCD screen is in focus.
If not repeat this process until focus is achieved. (fig: 8)
Once focus of the reticule is complete the NiteSite equipment is ready for use. Should the NiteSite equipment be used on a different rifle and scope then re-focusing may be required.
The NiteSite product must be used adopting a "heads up" shooting position. Please
ensure the camera module, when fitted to the scope, is clear of the facial area as the
recoil on some rifles may result in the camera module impacting the face.

Focusing the camera module will be achieved within two or three anticlockwise revolutions
of the lens. Continuing to turn the lens more than 10 full revolutions anticlockwise will result
in the lens coming out from the lens mount and can be difficult to replace .
Anti-recoil clamp
The anti-recoil clamp will prevent the LCD screen & illuminator module from sliding out of
the clamp ‘T' slot through recoil. Once the scope clamp is fitted, place the anti-recoil clamp
over the scope clamp. Put the scope clamp bolt in place, passing it through the anti-recoil
clamp slot. Place the LCD screen and illuminator fixing keyway, into the scope clamp ‘T' slot
(fig: 13). Once in place slide the anti-recoil clamp upwards to cover the ‘T' slot (fig 12). Once
in place tighten the scope clamp nut until secure. Do not over tighten!
Push up into place to cover the ‘T' slot Anti-recoil clamp correctly positioned covering the ‘T' slot Operating instructions
Now that the NiteSite equipment is ready for use turn the LCD screen on/off and illuminator
intensity, switch located on the top of the LCD screen & illuminator module, to position 1
(fig 9, 10 & 2)
Position 1
This is for daylight use. In this position there is no infra-red illumination emitted from the
infra-red illuminator module.
Position 2-5
By turning the intensity switch to position 2, will turn on the infra-red illuminator module to
the lowest infra-red intensity setting. This is recommended for night vision use. The infra-
red intensity settings are increased through positions 3, 4, and maximum at position 5. The
LCD screen will switch off briefly between infra-red intensity settings as the power to the
screen is interrupted between the switch operations. (Up to 2 seconds)
LCD screen on/off and illuminator intensity switch settings
Position 1
Position 2
LCD screen on and
infra-red illuminator low
Position 3
Position 4
Position 5
LCD screen on and LCD screen on and LCD screen on and infra-red infra-red illuminator medium
infra-red illuminator high
illuminator maximum Note
The NiteSite camera module is always on when the DC power lead is connected. The DC
power lead should be unplugged from the camera module when the NiteSite equipment is
not in use. Failure to do so will continue to discharge the battery even with the intensity
switch in the off position.
LCD screen glare
If during use you find the LCD screen glare too bright, adjust the intensity switch to a lower
setting. This will reduce glare considerably when using the equipment at closer ranges.
Alternatively use the LCD screen anti-glare filters to reduce glare. A pack of 5 filters are
included in the NiteSite kit which can be placed on the LCD screen to suit you.
Lens Flare
Flare is the term used to describe a plume or a haze that can appear on the image of the
LCD screen. This is caused by objects directly in front of the rifle scope and illuminator.
Object such as a moderator/silencer or an iron sight, can aid the infra-red light emitted from
the illuminator, to reflect back into the scope causing flare. Rifles with long barrels give a
higher chance of causing flare. To reduce flare you should:
1. Use a sun shade on the front of the scope.
2. Add a none reflective coating or material to the moderator /silencer and barrel or if possible use a smaller diameter moderator.
3. Remove the front site (foresite).
4. Use higher scope mounts.
Lens flare can reduce the achievable night vision capability of the NiteSite equipment.
Lens Coatings
The NiteSite system functions, in night vision mode, with the use of infra-red light emitted
from the front of the infra-red illuminator at the front of the module. The NiteSite system
relies on the camera module receiving as much infra-red light through the scope, in
darkness as possible. Some scope manufacturers have a coating that reduces infra-red
light passing through the scope optic. This coating improves the image visibility at low light
levels. The NiteSite system is not as effective with scope lenses that have such coatings.
Always check the scope manufacturers instruction details prior to fitting the NiteSite to
ensure you get the best results from our product. For further information please contact our
customer services.
Infra-red light illumination Reflected infra-red light returning presented on the to the IR camera can be reduced due to some scope optic coatings Harmful emitted infra-red
light output. NEVER look
directly into the illuminator.
See page 12 safety notes

LCD screen & illuminator Module Screen on/off and infra-red illuminator intensity switch External equipment
Video & audio connecting cable
The NiteSite NS50 and NS200 camera module's are fitted with a video and audio output
socket. This will enable an external monitor or video capture device to be connected directly
to the NiteSite camera module. (Also shown Fig 4, page 4)
The 3.5mm 4pin socket is only to be used with an audio and video type cable.(AV) (Available
from NiteSite fig: 11)
The camera module has a mono audio signal that is connected to both
audio plugs on the AV cable. A suitable video, or digital capture device, that has a "video in"
function will be suitable to use with the NiteSite camera module. Always check the capture
equipment manufacturers instructions to verify if it is compatible. The NiteSite camera has
an analogue 4:3 ratio PAL output. The pin configurations for the NiteSite vid socket are
shown in fig: 11
Video Pin 2 Ground Pin 3Audio Pin 4 Yellow plug video signal Red plug audio signal White plug audio signal LCD screen & illuminator cable AV cable connected to the camera moduleAV socket (VID) Power supplycable Video or other suitable capture device Maintenance and Service
After each use and during transport store the NiteSite equipment in the carry case provided.
Take care not to damage the connecting cables during use. Short circuiting the battery cables could cause burns and fire.
Always keep the battery in the bag provided. Always fix securely in place during use, utilising the belt holder provided on the battery bag.
Wipe any debris using a soft moist cloth. Do not use cleaning agents of any kind and always disconnect the battery before cleaning the NiteSite equipment.
To get the most out of the NiteSite equipment, keep the infra-red illuminator lens clean and free from debris.
The NiteSite equipment has a one year guarantee. Equipment that is damaged through carelessness may be returned for repair. In such an event please contact our customer services department on the free phone number to arrange the equipments return. There are no serviceable parts in the NiteSite equipment and all repairs must be carried out by a NiteSite service engineer. Failure to do so will invalidate the guarantee The NiteSite equipment is not water proof (only shower proof). Always cover the equipment in rainy conditions. Additional Equipment
Additional or replacement NiteSite kit items can be purchased by contacting our customer
service department.
Intended use
The NiteSite NS50 and NS200 products are add on devices for use with an existing rifle and
scope. They are suitable for use in daylight. During darkness the NiteSite products will
achieve night vision capability of up to 200 yards (NS200) and 50 yards. (NS50)
NiteSite Ltd. Does not bear responsibility for the use of this product in countries or territories
where the law prohibits its use. It is the sole responsibility of the operator to comply with the
laws and regulations of the country or territories where the NiteSite add on devices are
NS50 Model
The NS50 NiteSite product is only sold from the United Kingdom
Frequently asked Questions
I can't get a picture on the LCD Make sure the LCD screen on/off switch is turned to screen? position one (see page 7, fig 9)and your battery is fully charged Still no picture on the LCD Make sure the battery power supply lead is plugged in screen? and make sure the LCD screen & illuminator module is connected. If you have a sealed lead acid battery Check fused battery cable is connected to the battery inside the battery bag. Check the fuse is secure. Lithium ion packs check the built in fuse.
What is the difference between The NS50 has a range of 50 yards and the NS200 has a the NS50 and the NS200? range of up to 200 yards depending on the scope optic being used. The NS200 has a colour camera the NS50 has a black and white camera Why is the NS200 in black and The NS200 camera like the NS50 are infra-red cameras. white in darkness? They can detect in low light levels and total darkness, the infra-red light. This light is emitted from the LED's mounted in front of the LCD screen. The infra-red camera cannot detect the full spectrum of colour in this mode. This is why a white reflective light is detected. Depending on how reflective the objects in view are, will determine how the picture is made up. Light objects give a higher reflection than a non-reflective or a dark object. This results in a black and white picture image on the LCD screen in darkness Is my NiteSite water proof? No the NiteSite is not water proof only shower proof, cover the NiteSite in rainy conditions Can I upgrade my NS50 to an Yes, call the customer services for more details Is the NiteSite light sensitive? No the NiteSite can be used during daylight, even in bright sunlight.
What type of scopes work best You get the very best from the NiteSite system with turn With the NiteSite system collar zoom and front or side parallax focusing and no lens coatings that reduce infra-red light.
My NiteSite NS200 does not give The NiteSite is dependant on the camera receiving as Visibility at night of 200 yards much reflected infra-red light from the illuminator as possible. Some scopes have special coatings that can filter out the infra-red light thus reducing the range of visibility. Always check your scope manufacturers details.
(See page 8 Lens coatings) Is my NiteSite going to work in The NiteSite units have an operating temperature freezing conditions approximately between -20 and 60 degrees centigrade Frequently asked Questions continued
Is the NiteSite unit able to The NiteSite units did not suffer any damage when tested withstand recoil.
with 100 rounds consecutively fired from a range of centre fire rifles up to and including a 0.450 calibre rifle without moderators. Springer air rifles are also suitable. Please use the anti recoil clamp shown on page 6. Guarantee does not cover the NiteSite unit if used on calibers in excess of 0.450 For more Frequently asked questions go to our website at Safety information
CAUTION - Never look directly into the infra-red illuminator(see Fig.10 page 8). The unit
can emit very high concentrated non-visible infra-red light which can be hazardous to the
human eye. Always follow the safety precautions given in IEC 60825-1 and IEC 62471
The Nitesite equipment must be used adopting a heads up shooting position. Failure to do so may result in the camera module impacting the facial area due to the recoil of some rifles.
Persons using the NiteSite equipment under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult.
Do not attempt to make any repairs to the NiteSite equipment as this will void any guarantee and could cause personal injury and may cause further damage to the NiteSite equipment.
Do not store any part of the NiteSite equipment near open flames or other forms of excessive heat. The NiteSite equipment is made of durable ABS plastic and could melt and catch fire.
Working safely with NiteSite equipment is only possible when following the manufacturers instructions contained in this booklet.
NiteSite users should comply with all gun law and adhere to safe working practices.
General Disposal
UK: Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste. Separate
disposal facilities exist. For your nearest facilities, please contact your local authority for
Battery Disposal
Dispose of batteries in an environmentally friendly way.
Certain regions may regulate the disposal of batteries. Please consult your local authority.
In EC countries batteries must be recycled according to guideline 91/157/EEC
Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
Safety Information
To prevent potential leakage, overheating, or explosion of the battery please be advised
of the following precautions
90 degree connector& battery supplycable WARNING1 Only use the NiteSite recommended Lithium Ion battery charger.
2 Do not dispose of the battery into an open fire 3 Do not immerse in water or salt water, always store in a cool dry environment, away from any metal objects such as pins, nails, keys, jewellery, coins etc.
4 Do not leave near a heat source, such as a fire or heater.
5 Do not connect the battery directly to an electrical socket outlet.
6 Do not short out the battery cables or trap the cable causing a short circuit.
7 Do not transport the battery with any metal objects described in No.38 Do not strike or throw against hard surfaces.
9 Do not pierce the battery with a nail or sharp object.
CAUTION!1 Do not use or leave the battery pack in very high temperature ( for example, in strong direct sunlight or in a vehicle in extremely hot weather) Otherwise it can overheat and self combust or its performance will degenerate and its service life will be shortened.
2 Do not use in a location where static electricity is evident or the safety circuitry may be damaged.
3 In case the battery electrolyte gets into the eyes due to leakage do NOT rub the eyes! Rinse with copious amounts of clean water and seek medical attention immediately. Failure to do so may result in permanent damage to the eyes or loss of sight.
4 If the battery gives off an odour, generates heat, becomes mis-shaped, or abnormal during use, recharging or in storage, immediately remove the battery pack and place the it in a contained vessel such as a metal box5 Incase the battery connector is contaminated with debris of any kind during use clean with a dry cloth. Otherwise power failure may occur due to a poor connection from the battery to the NiteSite or to the battery charger.
6 Do not use abrasives or solvents to clean the connector plug or battery case. 7 Be aware that discarded batteries may catch fire so all ways tape over the battery terminals before disposal.
8 Do not take the battery case apart or tamper with the battery pack NiteSite on line
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Contact Customer Service
Customer Service
NiteSite Ltd
Unit 13 West Lane
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Stamford Bridge
York, YO41 1HS
United Kingdom
Phone 0800 612 9098 UK & Northern Ireland only
Outside the UK & Ireland +44 (0) 1759 377235
Fax +44 (0)1759 371929
E: [email protected]
Office hours Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm GMT Guarantee
Your 1 year guarantee - help us to help you
Your new NiteSite equipment comes with a 12 month guarantee protecting you against electrical and
mechanical breakdown. Please see terms and conditions below.
It is important to register the purchase of your product in order to ensure that you receive prompt and
efficient assistance in the event of it requiring attention during the guarantee period.
Important : You must register within 30 days to validate the guarantee
NiteSite guarantee conditions
We at NiteSite undertake that if within 12 months of the date of purchase the NiteSite equipment or any
part thereof is proved to be defective by reason only of fault of workmanship or materials, we will, at our
discretion repair or replace the same FREE OF ANY CHARGE for labour, materials on condition that:
1)You are the original purchaser and not an assignee or subsequent purchaser of the equipment. 2)The
product has been used in accordance with the manufacturers operating and maintenance instructions.
3)The product has not been serviced, maintained, repaired, taken apart or tampered with by any
persons not authorised by NiteSite. 4) All service work under this guarantee must be undertaken by the
NiteSite customer service department . 5) Any product or defective part replaced shall become the
property of NiteSite. Please Note! A) this guarantee is in addition to your statutory and other legal
rights. B) NiteSite will return product by courier within 14 days of receipt. C) The company's liability
under this warranty is limited to the said repairs or replacement and shall under no circumstances
extend to any financial losses alleged to have been suffered by the claimant. D) In the event of repairs
or replacement being made under the terms of this warranty in the circumstances where the opinion of
the company the defect has not been caused by the company's materials or workmanship then the
company reserves the right to charge the claimant at its current hourly rates and list prices in respect of
any employees time and any replacement parts. E) No authority has been given to any person, firm or
company, to vary the terms of this warranty.
The guarantee does not cover the following: 1) Damage resulting from transportation. 2) Damage
resulting from improper use or neglect. 3) Consequential damage resulting from unauthorised repair


Microsoft word - coma04final.doc

CLINICAL VIGNETTE An 18-year-old woman with medically intractable seizures An 18-year-old woman presented for evaluation of seizures that were not controlled by medical therapy. At the age of 6 months she was hospitalized with a fever and seizures, and was reported to have encephalitis. She lost motor and language developmental milestones, but these were gradually regained and she was treated for a year with phenobarbital and was without recurrent seizures. The phenobarbital was tapered at age 2 but at the age of 6 years she again experienced seizures, which occurred at low frequency until puberty, when the seizure frequency increased to two to three per day. The seizures were characterized by an initial aura of tightness in the head and chest and sweaty palms, followed by impaired consciousness, lip smacking, hand rubbing, and unresponsiveness. During a seizure she was unable to talk but could hear, and could not fully process information. She was treated with a variety of anticonvulsants, including phenobarbital, carbamazepine, phenytoin, valproate, and lamotrigine without significant success in seizure control. Her medical history was otherwise unremarkable. There was no family history of seizures. Physical Examination: Vital signs: normal. Bedside mental status examination: no significant abnormalities. Neuropsychological testing: full-scale IQ of 97, performance IQ of 97 and a verbal IQ of 96; mild difficulty acquiring certain types of information and some difficulty with uncued recall. Speech: normal. Cranial nerves: normal with only minimal, unsustained nystagmus on lateral gaze. Motor and sensory examinations: normal. Muscle stretch reflexes: normal. Coordination and gait: normal. Stop and Consider: What is the classification of her seizures according to the International Classification of Seizures? How should she be treated at this point? Laboratory Findings: CBC, serum chemistries with liver and renal functions, PT, PTT, ESR: normal. MRI: see figure, shows left hippocampal atrophy and increased T2 signal. Interictal EEG: left temporal sharp and slow wave activity suggestive of left temporal onset of seizures. Continuous video-EEG monitoring: several seizures captured. EEG, see figure, next page, shows left mesial temporal (EFO) onset. Interictal positron emission tomography (PET) scan: hypometabolism of the left temporal lobe. Diagnosis: Medically intractable partial complex seizures associated with hippocampal atrophy.

Microsoft word - titelseite

Themen u.a. Medizin: Soziale Ecke: Freifahrten Fortbildungswochenende in Freckenhorst Psychologie: Die vier Gesichter des Rheumaschmerzes Station: Sommerprogramm geLENKig 3. Quartal 2011 Nr. 56 Mädels unter sich in Freckenhorst EINE ZEITSCHRIFT DES BUNDESVERBANDES