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Hippocampal microRNA-132 mediates stress-inducible cognitive deficits through its acetylcholinesterase target G. Shaltiel, M. Hanan, Y. Wolf, S. Barbash, E. Kovalev, S. Shoham & Brain Structure and Function ISSN 1863-2653Brain Struct FunctDOI 10.1007/s00429-011-0376-z Your article is published under the Creative

2006 HFSA Comprehensive Heart Failure Practice Guideline Key Recommendations Adams KF, Lindenfeld J, et al. HFSA 2006 Comprehensive Heart Failure Guideline. J Card Fail 2006;12:e1-e122. HFSA 2006 Comprehensive Heart Failure Practice Guideline Strength of Recommendation Part of routine care  Exceptions should be "Should be considered"

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HANDBUCH FÜR DEN CHARTER-SEGLER Unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Landratten aller Art Bremerstraße 8, 67663 Kaiserslautern An- und Abreise .3 Das Segelrevier .4 Zeitlicher Ablauf des Törns.5 Jeder darf mal .7 Persönliche Ausrüstung .8 Ergänzung der allgemeinen Ausrüstung.9 Schaden oder Verlust an privaten Dingen .10 Da s Bordleben.11

2011 Graduate Research Symposium Abstract Erika Briesacher Eileen Alexander Franklin B. Lebo Jessica Van Meter James C. Redfearn Matthew C. Hudnall Master's Program Justin J. Montemarano Ashlie Louie Sochor Kurtis Eisermann Lisa Regula Meyer Madhabi Majumdar Inoka H. Widanagamage Jennifer Burrell Megan Hendrickson Michael A. Sulak

Signal integration by jnk and p38 mapk pathways in cancer development

Signal integration by JNK and p38 MAPK pathways in cancer developmentErwin F. Wagner and Ángel R. Nebreda Abstract Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) and p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) family members function in a cell context-specific and cell type-specific manner to integrate signals that affect proliferation, differentiation, survival and migration. Consistent with the importance of these events in tumorigenesis, JNK and p38 MAPK signalling is associated with cancers in humans and mice. Studies in mouse models have been essential to better understand how these MAPKs control cancer development, and these models are expected to provide new strategies for the design of improved therapeutic approaches. In this Review we highlight the recent progress made in defining the functions of the JNK and p38 MAPK pathways in different cancers.

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THE WALLS WE CAN'T SEEPublic Policy Lethargy on Women's Political Participation in KenyaA publication in partnership between the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, East and Horn of Africa and the African Women's Studies Center at the University of Nairobi POLICY BRIEF MARCH 2016 Neo-Patrimonialism, Patriarchy and Politics of Women's Representation in Kenya Key Points

THE EPIDEMIOLOGY OF TETRACYCLINE AND CEFTIOFUR RESISTANCE IN COMMENSAL ESCHERICHIA COLI MATTHEW THOMAS MCGOWAN B.S., Kansas State University, 2011 submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree MASTER OF SCIENCE Department of Biomedical Science College of Veterinary Medicine KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY Manhattan, Kansas Dr. H. Morgan Scott

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Design of a prospective, randomized evaluation of an integrated nutrition program Design of a prospective, randomized evaluation of an integrated nutrition program in rural Viet Nam* David R. Marsh, Helena Pachón, Dirk G. Schroeder, Tran Thu Ha, Kirk Dearden, Tran Thi Lang, Nguyen Dhanh Hien, Doan Anh Tuan, Tran Duc Thach, and David Claussenius


Restoring Study 329: efficacy and harms of paroxetine and imipramine in treatment of major depression in adolescenceJoanna Le Noury,1 John M Nardo,2 David Healy,1 Jon Jureidini,3 Melissa Raven,3 Catalin Tufanaru,4 Elia Abi-Jaoude5 1School of Medical Sciences, (HAM-D score ≤8 or ≥50% reduction in baseline HAM-D) Bangor University, Bangor, at acute endpoint. Prespecified secondary outcomes

Zugestellt durch Meine Mitgliedschaft bei Raiffeisen. . Informationen für Mitglieder und Kunden der Raiffeisenbank Korneuburg mit Bankstellen in l Korneuburg: Hauptplatz, Laaer Straße und Stockerauer Straße l Bisamberg l Enzersfeldl Großrußbach l Hagenbrunn l Langenzersdorf l Obergänserndorf l Würnitz

KHYBER MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, PESHAWAR Pharmacokinetic profile of Carbamazepine and valproic acid therapy in management of epilepsies with reference to single nucleotide polymorphisms in EPHX1, SCN1A and SCN2A genes in population of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Principal Investigator: Dr. Niaz Ali

Aquaculture information pack

AQUACULTURE INFORMATION PACK FEBRUARY In this document The Sustainable Inshore SIFT is a Scottish charity (Registered Scottish Charity Number SC042334) founded in 2011 with the aim of achieving the sustainable management of Scotland's inshore waters so that they provide the maximum long term benefits to all coastal communities.


Evaluation of StrepB Carrot Broth™ and LIM Broth for Long Term Storage/Recovery of Group B Streptococcus J.R. DiPersio, J. Beach and L. Define Summa Health System, Akron, OH Background: Group B Streptococcus (GBS) remains Group B Streptococcus (GBS) remains one of the Vaginal/rectal swabs were collected using the BBL CultureSwab™ (dual swab) Collection & Transport System (Becton

DREAM, Bangladesh Page 0 Bangladesh is located in a disaster prone area due to its geographical location in the world. Deltaic formation and location by the coastal side is the reason for more disaster in the area. According to the Global Climate Risk Index, 2010 published by German Watch, an international Research organization that there are 10 most disaster prone countries in the world due to climate change in the world and considering the intensity of loss and damages among these countries Bngladesh is the top most. Looking back to the disaster history of the country it is to be noted about the main devastation of life and properties of the coastal districts caused due to the severe cyclone and tidal surge of 12 November, 1970 and April, 1991.The severe cyclone (Sidre) of November, 2007, severe cyclone (Aila) of 2009 and severe cyclone (Mohasen) of 2013 caused heavy loss of life and properties of those areas also. Besides the coastal districts, the northern districts of Bangladesh are also affected widely by different calamities like cyclone, flood, drought, river erosion, cold wave etc. in each year. It has been creating a negative impact on the total economy in the area as well the whole country. Gaibandha is one of the main natural disaster affected districts of the northern area. Different types of disasters like cyclone, flood, drought, river erosion, cold wave etc are affecting the district each year and as result the normal life being hampered and causing losses of properties. Many people after losing their homesteads, livelihood assets and employment are going out to different districts in search of shelter and employment and forced to live in inhuman condition. The Ministry of Disaster and Relief, Government of Bangladesh under the Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme (CDMP) has initiated a benevolent plan to prepare Disaster Management Plan at District and Upazila level with the participation of all concerned which is considered to be praiseworthy. At the same time the cooperation provided to the Bangladesh Government for preparing the plan by UK Aid, European Union, Norwegian Embassy, Swiss Embassy, Australian Aid and UNDP also deserves praise. On behalf of the Disaster Management Committee we express our gratitude and thanks to the Government of Bangladesh and the development partner organizations for undertaking this type of programme. Our sincere thanks to "Development Research Education and Management (DREAM)" as a coordinating organization who have prepared the disaster plan after collection of different information from the field and incorporating the same in cooperation with the members of the Disaster Management Committee, different officers of the Govt. and Non-govt. organizations. We also express our sincere thanks to the Upazila Nirbahi Officer including officers of the local level Govt. and Non-govt. organizations, all members of the Disaster Management Committee, local elected representatives and the local community people who have provided different information and took active participation in preparing the plan.

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Medication Administration.docx KIFSA Policies and Procedures Policy and Procedure: 23 March 2015 Medication Administration March 2017 Management/Policies & Procedures Number of pages:  Medication Chart Medication Administration Purpose of this Policy The purpose of this policy is to establish a safe, hygienic and effective procedure for the administration of all medication to clients under KIFSA's care. The Policy

MPhil leading to PhD BASIC MEDICAL SCIENCES KHYBER MEDICAL UNIVERSITY IBMS wil be the major hub of international quality academic and research activities in the field of basic medical sciences. To develop the academic faculty, flourish research and technology to international standards to benefit medical institutions and industry which ultimately wil help in the economic growth of the

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LEY Nº 18.045 (1) LEY DE MERCADO DE VALORES Objetivos de la ley, fiscalización y definiciones Artículo 1°.- A las disposiciones de la presente ley queda sometida la oferta pública de valores y sus respectivos mercados e intermediarios, los que comprenden las bolsas de valores, los corredores de bolsa y los agentes de valores; las sociedades anónimas abiertas; los emisores e instrumentos de oferta pública y los mercados secundarios de dichos valores dentro y fuera de las bolsas, aplicándose este cuerpo legal a todas aquellas transacciones de valores que tengan su origen en ofertas públicas de los mismos o que se efectúen con intermediación por parte de corredores o agentes de valores.

January 2013 Medications Requiring Prior Authorization for Medical Necessity Below is a list of medicines by drug class that will not be covered without a prior authorization for medical necessity, effective January 1, 2013. If you continue using one of these drugs after this date without prior approval, you may be required to pay the full cost.